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 Keeper of the Light [Event]

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PostSubject: Keeper of the Light [Event]   Keeper of the Light [Event] I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2012 11:45 pm

Keeper Of The Light

Journal Entry, October 30th, 6:30.
It was a densely fogged morning on our boat. How far from shore could we be? The water was calm, but with all the fog we couldn't see past a few feet. We've begun rowing against the tide towards this dim light in the southwestern distance. With our motor broken, it will take us a few hours to reach whatever this light is.

It's now 10:30 and the fog is starting to lift. I've tried several times to contact anybody with our radio... no reply. Reina's tired from rowing. I'll go take over, we're almost there.

It's 12:15 and I'm starving. We've reached land, this light seems to be coming from a lighthouse further down the shoreline. I wonder if anyone lives there... maybe they have food.

We've rested up... I think it's around 16:00 by now. We've tied the boat up to a large rock on the shore. It should be anchored just fine. We set out toward the eerie lighthouse in hopes of finding someone... anyone...

The lighthouse seems to be empty. There's evidence someone used to frequent here, but no more. I've noticed an ID card laying on the floor with what seems to be spilled ink all over it. I can't make out the name. What happened here? Why is nobody around?

"Would you put that damn thing down and help me out here!?"

"Sorry... It's a habit. I have to write things down in case something happens to us."

"Enough with that! We're going to find people! We're going to find food! We're going to live! Now stop writing journal entries and start helping me build a fire. There's some sticks along the shore. Gather some up before it starts to rain on us."

"Okay okay..."

"Why does she always have to shout? She's not the same girl I married. She's changed. Oops, maybe I should stop talking to myself, she might hear me... I'm back! This should be enough. Right hun?"

"Should be. Let's grab the rods and maybe catch some dinner. Hey! Stop that! Leave that damn journal here! We need to worry about ourselves first. You can write when we've caught some fish!"

Journal Entry Oct 30th, 20:00.
One fish was all we were able to catch. At least we've had something to eat. We've decided to stay in the lighthouse overnight and then make a trip inland to see if there are any roads around. I'll assess the situation in the morning.

For now, this ends Journal Entry Oct 30th.

A knock at the wooden door wakes the couple in the middle of the night. Reina gets up and runs to the door hoping someone has come to save them. She couldn't be more wrong. As she swings the door open a gigantic faceless shadow appears to swoop through her body. She screams and collapses to the ground. The young man has fled to the stairs to escape the shadow! It pursues while calling out to him in Reinas voice

"Don't run... I wont hurt you... I love you... Come back downstairs and rest..."

The man is not fooled by this poltergeist's taunts. Now at the top of the lighthouse, he notices the bulb is at its limits and could burn out any moment. Struggling to try and turn the light toward the shadow in hopes of administering its demise, the bulb breaks and the shadow disappears into the pitch black darkness that now surrounds the entire tower.

In every direction the man hears more calls of his beloved Reina. With what seems to be a brief moment of pause, he is able to write one final Journal entry. Unable to see his writing it's scribbled across an entire page.

JE Oct31

The lighthouse is cursed! My wife, and soul mate Reina fell victim to a large shadow-like monster. I too am about to be taken... It's pitch black and it's calling to me in her voice. I fear the worst. I just wish that if anybody finds this journal, to destroy the lighthouse! Do not let anybody else fall into oblivion by stepping through it's doors!

My name is (The scribble is unreadable)

JE Oct31... Goodb...

Struck in the back by the figure, he throws the journal down the trap door and It lands at the bottom of the stairs in-front of the wooden door. Within moments of it landing, a deathly howl comes from the man... alas, it was not heard by anyone.

A year has gone by now. It's cold, foggy, and looks like it may rain at any moment.
Two girls hiking along a weather beaten path come to a clearing and find themselves at the coast. A tattered boat appears in wreck at the shoreline, still tied to a giant rock.

One girl notices the lighthouse and wants to adventure to the top. Upon opening the door, they're amazed at the wide open space at the base of the lighthouse. A few steps in and they notice a book on the floor, with a page marked in it. They pick it up and start to read it as they climb the stairs to the top. As they reach the top, and the end of the final entry, a large wind rushes past them and the door slams shut at the bottom... Chills run up their spines and the girls both open their mouths to scream... but it was too late.

Moments later, a soft whispering maniacal laugh echoes through the lighthouse, and the journal falls in-front of the door once again...


I hope you enjoyed my story! This is an original piece, and I'm glad I've been able to share it with you all for this event. This story is for this event only, and not to be used elsewhere.

I retain all rights to my intellectual property.
© 2012 Arcitima
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PostSubject: Re: Keeper of the Light [Event]   Keeper of the Light [Event] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 8:26 pm

Nice story, I liked the whole creepy paranormal vibe plus the character was cool with his journal and all that.
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Keeper of the Light [Event]
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