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 The Darkest Day of the Light [Event]

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The Darkest Day of the Light [Event] Empty
PostSubject: The Darkest Day of the Light [Event]   The Darkest Day of the Light [Event] I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2012 3:31 am

The Darkest Day of the Light


It's a dark, foggy, cloudy day. As I walk on the coast where the lighthouse stands I couldn't help but notice how quiet it is. Not a soul in sight, which is unusual considering any other time I walk here I always see the crew of the lighthouse, working on it, making sure it stays in top shape. I think to myself "What ever happened to the crew of the lighthouse?" So I keep walking... still no one. I now get supspicious about where the crew is. I decide to head over to Jack's house, the leader of the crew. Once I arrive there I knock on the door his daughter Emily opens the door she says "oh hello there Dean, shouldn't you be in school?" "No the teenagers like me get the day off", I said to her. "Oh okay", she replied. "Is your father here Emily?" I asked her. "No but my mother is here, I'll go get her." "Why hello Dean, how are you doing today? " "I'm good, how are you doing Sarah?" "I'm doing good as well." She says. "I was wondering if you knew how I could get a hold of Jack? I didn't see him working on the lighthouse." " I actually haven't heard from him since he left for work this morning. She says.
"Hmm well if you hear from him let me know, okay?" "Will do." She says.

I now decide to check on Jack's right hand man Frank. As I walk down the street I look up at the sky, still cloudy and foggy, cold as well. About an hour has passed since I was on the coast, so I think I might go back to the lighthouse after I check on Frank. I arrive at Frank's doorstep, I knock... but there is no answer. So I'm making my way back to the lighthouse as I hear sirens going off in the distance behind me. I stand still and turn around expecting to listen to the sirens get closer. As the police cars fly past me I notice that they are headed towards Brian's house he is a crew worker, the town drunk. Brian is almost always getting into trouble. He's always causing bar fights, and stealing liquor from stores. But when it comes to working on the lighthouse he has to be the most focused man there. It's weird i guess but maybe he just really like the job or something.

So I think to myself "What did he do this time?" Since he is always getting into trouble I decide to mind my own business and not worry about what he did. I'm about half of a mile away from the lighthouse when I think to myself "Why were the so many cops at Brain's house? There is usually only one or two cops who go there, but this time I had to have seen at least seven police cars go there. Something bad must have happened to him". I start walking back to his house, and before I know it I'm jogging. Then another police car and an ambulance drive past me. Now I am running full speed. I finally get there and I ask one of the cops whats going on and he responds "There is a homicide case here kid, Brian has been murdered."


I cannot fathom the fact that Brain was murdered, yeah he was a drunk and had a lot of enemies but murder? Who would do this to him? I am now worried about Jack and Frank there are a few others to the crew to but they are very quiet I don't even know there names. So I am now going to the lighthouse like I originally planned to do. I never did go inside the lighthouse so I've decided that that is where I'm going once I get there.

I finally arrive inside the lighthouse I don't see anyone as soon as I walk in but I go up a few levels and I find Frank fixing up some wires. There are so many thing I want to ask him so I go up to him and say "Hey Frank do you know what's going on lately?" He jumps, I must have startled him. "Oh Dean you scared the hell out of me man." "Sorry my bad." I said to him. "And what do you mean do I know what's going on?" He asks. "Frank, no one knows where Jack is I haven't seen any of the other members of the crew and..." I hesitate to say that Brian was killed, because I am still trying to believe it myself. "And what?" Said Frank anxiously. "Frank, Brian is dead." "What?!" Said Frank. "He was murdered apparently I don't really know what happened since the police kicked me out of the yard." I said to him.
"Well maybe we should try to find Jack then, have you gone to his house?" "Frank like I said no one knows where he is I even checked his house and asked his family, but they haven't heard from him." "Well have you checked his happy place?" He says. " What? His happy place?" I asked completely confused. " Yeah his happy place I am the only he told about it, he goes there when he just wants to get away and be by himself, but I don't think he'll mind us dropping by considering whats going on right now." He said. "Okay lets go."

So Frank and I are walking to Jack's "happy place" but we walk by one of the other crew members house on the way. So we both are going to go up to his door to see if he is home. But then once Frank and I are about twenty feet away from the door, a giant explosion goes off blowing the entire house away, also blowing Frank and myself on our backs. The air is smokey and I cant see or breathe because of it, nor can I hear because of the explosion. I try to find Frank I find him about five yards from where I landed he's been knocked out from the explosion I drag him away from the smokey air and burning ground of what use to be a crew members house. I got my hearing back now and I am away from the smoke and can breathe now, I notice more sirens are coming " Yes! The cops and hopefully an ambulance for Frank."

There are several cops, ambulances and fire trucks that come to us. Frank has regained consciences and is getting oxygen from the ambulance, meanwhile I'm getting interrogated by the police, I told them everything and they already know that there is a connection between the murders, that how both the guys that died today have been a part of the lighthouse crew. Then the cop tells me that two other members were murdered by another explosion at the same time. I panic and start to think about Jack. If he was one of the other two, and if so did his family die too? I think to myself "Poor little Emily, she's only four years old." But then I think "What am I thinking? I'm not even sure if Jack was one of the other two crew members."

I ask the cop, "Who were the other two crew workers?" He says, "Robert Dully and Mark Fuemin." I cant help but feel relieved to hear that Jack wasn't one of the other two crew workers, since him and I are close. But still I feel bad for Robert and Mark, even though I did not know them it is still sad. Me and Frank were finally aloud to leave the crime scene, so we are now going to Jack's happy place.

We're walking, it's cold and extremely dark since it is night time now. We arrive at the happy place it is an old cabin that has a great view of the lighthouse. We find Jack just sitting there doing nothing, I guess he really just didn't want to think about anything at that moment. So Frank and I fill him in on whats happened. Jack just sits there not really knowing what to say. the first thing he says is "That's awful but shouldn't we be with the cops for protection if everyone else in our crew is dead?" "Good point." I say. All three of us rush to leave the cabin when all of the sudden we hear someone coming in.
It's Robert Dully


Robert is now in the cabin and he looks completely fine no scratches not marks no dirt from fire smoke or anything like that. Frank jumps up and says "Robert?! I though you died!" Robert puts his hands behind his back pulls a gun out and says "You were supposed to." Then he shot Frank through the brain. Jack barely has time to say "Wait!" before Robert killed him too, but Robert didn't care, he shot Jack right then and there, that's when I pick up the wooden chair that Jack was sitting on and threw it at Robert, he gets knocked to the ground and he dropped his weapon so I sprint to it pick up and aim it at him and then I ask "Why?! How?!" He smiles at me, "Well first off I did this because I'm sick of everyone worshiping Jack! I want to be special! I work a million times harder then he ever did! But no everyone likes Jack, no one even notices me. "So you killed them? Your psychotic! I say to him. "Maybe I am, but what are going to do kill me? You don't have the balls to do that." He said. "No I'm not gonna kill you, I'm gonna turn you in to the police! Death would be the easy way out for you and I want you to suffer now! I tell him in a quiet but angry voice. "Get up" I said "We're going to take you to jail."

So we walk back past the lighthouse and past the blown up houses, I have the gun pointed at the back of Roberts head the whole time. We walked into the city to the police department it took hours its dawn by the time we get there. We walk into the police department as I'm yelling "Arrest this man! He killed all of them! But then I think about how I'm the one with the gun pointed at someone assumed dead, not to mention I'm in a police department. There are tons of cops yelling and pointing their guns at me. I put my hands up and put the gun down. Both Robert and I were taken in to custody but once I explained what happened I was realeased from custody and Robert was sentanced to death for what he did. A few months have passed since we had to deal with court first. I find myself walking on the coast once again, still dark and foggy as ever, I stop walking once I'm under the lighthouse and I realize that I'll be haunted by what happened in this city for the rest of my life. and then I say to myself aloud "I guess that all this has answered my question, "Whatever happened to the crew of the lighthouse?"

The End

Hey I hope you enjoyed the story I know it's not all that good but it was the very first thing that I ever wrote, and I appreciate writing for the Fantasica Event.

Congrats to whoever wins this event!

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The Darkest Day of the Light [Event]
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