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 Price Manupulation?

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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:11 am

cliffbiram wrote:
Quote :
And there you are.  If the price you set is reasonable, someone will buy.  If the buyer thinks they can do better, wish them luck and let them know you'll be around if they change their mind.
Exactly lol
When I sell something sometimes buyer says "my ally said I can buy this 100te not 120te" then I tell them "tell ur ally to find the person who selling at 100te and buy from that person >.<"
Oh well, Im just hoping at least there's no "price manipulation", while market is already crushed so bad T.T

By the way,guys please delete units if it's sold, don't leave as "80TE/SOLD" I dont understand the purpose of this type of posts.. it just look suspicious lol
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:24 am

egghead88 wrote:
What I am seeing nowadays is dropping down of almost every cards price. I guess TEs are now extemely rare since too many of them were spent on last Events. But I think that shouldn't make cards cheaper. When the cards get cheaper and market corrupts because of it, the game itself will be done.

The rarity and high prices of high ranked and rare cards were the detonators for the fun of Fantasica, but when those values extinct, there will be no future for this game. That is what I am worrying right now.

And the Fantasitrade website is involuntarily accelerating this crisis. I read the thread from the maker of the website and appreciated much for the reason that he made the website. But the problem is there is no credibility and it's convenience. Anyone can use it for free, anything goes for free too.

Hope the website could be connected to individual's fanta accounts so that only the units that a seller has can be uploaded for sale.
Well, you are seeing a couple things here. For one thing, a currencey deflation. TE and Pots are more valuable, because tradeable ones are hard to come by other than buying them. Also, people who bought packs like crazy didn't have to buy pots for last event (as an example) because of the Pot (p) included with the packs. So wasn't as much need to buy TE or Pots.

Add to the fact that lots of bought packs injects a lot of new cards into circulation, and the percieved value of 6* and 5* units have dropped significantly due to 7* cards and just as importantly, bosses and encounters tuned for 7* units (5* teams didn't have a prayer in the last event of killing bigger bosses with any kind of efficiency).

So, the market is where it is because of ALL of those factors.
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:15 am

I'm posting the cards I sell both here and on Fantasitrade, and I have to say that the site provides great help at both selling and buying stuff, since ingame support for trading is extremely poor and the forums are much less convenient in terms of searching for specific cards and comparing prices.

There're indeed some issues with fake prices popping up from time to time, but the solution is simple - if you are offered a trade which is not to your liking, do not accept it. Nobody can force you to sell lower than you want. And if other people do, than the price automatically isn't fake anymore.

Regarding older rank rewards dropping in price though, it's a confirmed fact, and it's funny to see complaints now that cards like Harthi and Valafar should cost 2.5-3.5k because someone spent that much to get them, since I owned both of those through ranking and was selling at 1.5k day 1 and was being called out on overpricing my stuff on this very same forum. Whether cards go really high in price, or really low in price - there're always people who complain.
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:52 am

I lol at this post.
I asked some of my allies about alsiel and they said eww (they really don't like the art).
They value her the same way the they value tania.
IE i don't think alsiel is manipulation but more as the sellers are getting desperate.

Other then that i use fantatrade all the time. it's very good if you look carefully.
IE if you know the market and look at the past trades carefully. (However i must admit there is some manipulation there but more towards over valuing cards then under valuing them)

EDIT: i'm not bashing alsiel just saying shes going to be hard to sell
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:53 am

There was a time when we had some issues with price manipulation on Fantasitrade but I have implemented many features to help prevent this, including reputations, reporting users, and banning by email/IP Address, and I think the problem has mostly been solved. If you see someone who you think is manipulating prices, click the report button and explain and they get investigated, simple as that.

As for prices dropping, that's just the nature of these games. When there were no 7*s, 6* cards were worth much more, once 7*'s started getting released they started to drop, and the new 7*s were extremely expensive, now that there are more and more 7*s, the price for each one is going down because they aren't as rare/unusual.

To Lightgod89:
You can blame fantasitrade that your card isn't worth a much as it used to be, but as you said yourself "With 7* flooding the market, you'll soon see 6* dropping to 5* price and 5* dropping to 4* price these days."

This idea is the reason prices are dropping, not FantasiTrade. It sucks to see the value of your cards drop, but that's just what happens when new cool and rare cards come out that people want, the value of older cool/rare cards will drop. This is nothing unexpected, people were speculating months before the first 7*s were released (and before Fantasitrade existed) that the prices of 6*s were going to shoot down as a result.
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:26 am

Kgst, Obviously I am not blaming that website for the price drop. It is just a contributing factor to the bad market. And i am not talking about my units but the market generally. You have to trade smart. And I don't keep much 6* so it doesn't sucks. Card values will always drop but te doesn't. The best way is to sell for te which is what many people would wanna do. I currently hold 10 7* and is selling them.

Just a simple illustration. The new borage is now around 500te maybe? U sell her pure now and you might get 2 of her few months down the road with that same 500te.
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:55 am

lightgod89 wrote:

Just a simple illustration. The new borage is now around 500te maybe? U sell her pure now and you might get 2 of her few months down the road with that same 500te.
actually, I saw a new Borage get traded for an elizabeth 7* so go figure... demand is hard to predict and it fluctuates with time, which was essentially what you were saying.
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:01 am

Skullypower wrote:
Fantasitrade website is the place u manipulate the price
When ppl want to buy something cheap ask friend or ally to post cheap price on the website
then tell the seller " I saw that card is being sold @ XXX" so make them sell cheaper..
also I hate to see ppl's post with Firesale Price and sold (ie. Coral 80TE/SOLD) like what the F?
If it's sold why post there? to show ppl it was sold cheap? so they can buy back cheaper?
maybe not even sold sometimes, just to post like that to lower down price?
I dont even know anymore -.-

I set my price and that's my price
I dont care about " fantasitrade shows XXXte for that card, then go buy from them
I do not want to be manipulated anymore, making me so angry Evil or Very Mad
I'll be honest with you, when i research around the net, i get annoyed when people simply mentioned "sold" without the price. I always love to see what price it got sold for. =P
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PostSubject: Re: Price Manupulation?   

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Price Manupulation?
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