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 Fantasica Fan Game/Parody!

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PostSubject: Fantasica Fan Game/Parody!   Sat May 31, 2014 10:10 pm

So I'm a college student and I had some programming homework to do ... and I decided to have some fun with it! The assignment was to create some sort of virtual pet game on the windows console. So, instead of doing the assignment properly like I should have, I based the game scenario on the current Fantasica event School Daze:

Quote :
Lepre, Mao, and Cane need cherries to cheer them up against the demons! You have 10 cherries to start with and gain an additional 5 each day. If a girl's love level goes to zero or below, they will hate you! Be careful! Their love level decreases by 3 each day. Try to get their love level to over 15 by day 10!

The source code, in C++, is included in the spoiler-thingy below. I haven't uploaded an executable and I probably won't because everyone would think it's a virus. You can compile the code by downloading any free C++ compiler/IDE out there. You can also search for an online compiler and copypasta the code, but it won't support any user input.

Sample output:
Source code:

Copypasting the code made the indentations disappear ... and I was too lazy to change it.
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Fantasica Fan Game/Parody!
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