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 How would you guys rate this game compare to all the other card games?

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PostSubject: Re: How would you guys rate this game compare to all the other card games?   Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:53 pm

Last one for now!

D.O.T. (Defender of Texel)
I downloaded this because one lonely little post mentioned it on a different forum. That's literally exactly how I downloaded Fantasica, so it's worth mentioning. Right now this is like, my little baby. I really like it.

* There is no trading, and so far, allies have appeared to be pretty useless. So there is not much going on socially as far as I can see.
* Because of no trading, you're on your own once again. However, it's possible to eventually fuse together rares/epics, and you can get them from regular "builds" if you're really lucky, without spending any money. There's also items you get every day for free which you can use.
* The event right now has a special event "raid build," and the first pull was just $1 before going to the regular pricing scheme. Builds that cost $$ offer at least rares, with occasional epics.
* The game is being actively worked on...


Artstyle: Pixel people! Anything from humans wielding various weapons, to demons, to lizards and dragons, etc. I think it's pretty charming. There's also, uhh, flavor text. Which I find hilarious to read because it sounds very antiquated, so imagining translators translating it from Japan (or wherever the game came from ) amuses me a lot.

Gameplay: You put 9 fighters in a 3x3 grid. Then you face up against opponents (ether 3 opponents, or one big boss) and swipe to make 3 rows that will then damage the opposing team. At the same time, the opposing team is damaging you as well, and there are HP / speed / defense etc values that come into play. There are also various skills.

Units level up / get experience through fusing. The rarities are: common, uncommon, rare, epic (I call it elite, though -- and I think there is a legendary category, although no legendaries exist yet). You can fuse the same units to level them up to the next level (for example, if you fuse 6 commons together, they will evolve into an uncommon. Then if you fuse 6 of those uncommons together, you will get a rare). Each self-fusion also increases the level cap. You can also buy various weapons/items that augment your fighters' stats.

Strategy comes in deciding which units to place where on the grid, along with which rows to pick first when attacking kind of thing.

You get full energy every 5h, and full battle points every 1.5h. So this game is a lot slower, but therefore also more chill, than Fantasica. Every day you log in you get free items to use to compete (such as items that restore some energy, battle points, or your fighters' health), so that's nice.

Social: Allies are, well, pretty useless, from what I can tell. You can have 20, and there doesn't appear to be a way to increase that cap. Even worse, if you have 20/20 allies, I believe people stop being able to search for your profile. People do have walls you can post on, but for the most part, apart from people in the top leaderboards, there doesn't appear to be any real reason to post on individuals' walls, and it's a bit clunky to do anyway.
There is also no trading whatsoever. Once again, I think this is a pro/con. You can't get rid of useless fighters or anything else, but your team is basically based on whatever you've managed to scrounge up.

Events: I've been around for several. There was a PVP event, in which you randomly got to PVP as you journeyed onwards. If you beat three people in a row, you'd get points and occasionally prizes. The more of a winning streak you had, the more points you got, but the harder the people you were facing were.
There was an event where each day, a different "dungeon" was opened. If you had certain fighters, they would get a 200% (EDGE) bonus to their stats. Completing various levels of the dungeon and succeeding in battles got you points there as well. So if you had a lot of units, you could set up different teams each day to take advantage of the EDGE bonus, etc.
The event right now is a "mob" raid. Every 12h you are put into a new "mob" full of about 20 other people, and you earn points by gaining them in special missions or by killing or attacking bosses. The team with the most points at the end of each 12h gets a rare and some other stuff as a reward, but the losing team gets a consolation prize. You also get a bit of an extra prize for being one of the top 3 point earners in your mob.
For each of these events, as you hit certain point thresholds you could get prizes, such as extra fighters or items. In some cases, if you got high enough, you can get rares.

So from what I've seen, there's been a decent variety of events. Some events will give EDGE to units that you already have, some events have special new units that are useful in that event (the mob raid event has "raid units" that get anywhere from 200% to 300% bonus to their stats depending on their rarity).

I mentioned in the pros/cons section that the game is "actively being worked on." The developers seem to love to post a lot of messages in-game about whatever is going on. Half the time though, this means they change things up in an event a few days in (usually it's adding extra rewards, or something, but occasionally they do change rules and such which might be annoying if you're trying to compete). They have changed some UI/quality of life things as well, so at least it seems like they are working on the game. Recently they asked on facebook which fighter people would like as a referral reward, and implemented that one a few days later, haha.

$$$$: I've spent literally $2 on this game so far. I think if you want to compete and get like, <50 ranking, you may need to spend money on good fighters and items, but other than that I've been having fun collecting stuff on my own. What I liked was how this new event has its own "raid build," and the first build cost $1 (instead of $3 or more). That guarantees you a "rare" fighter, and plenty of people got an elite instead. The chance to get an elite for the current build is 20%. If you play long enough, you can build up your own rares / elites from the drops you get from journeying around.

Overall, I like D.O.T. because it's pretty cute and it doesn't require a huge time investment (as mentioned earlier, energy recharges every 5h, and battle points every 1.5h). You can also get a good team just by playing the game normally and not spending any money.

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PostSubject: Re: How would you guys rate this game compare to all the other card games?   Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:01 pm


The others I've played are Marvel and Rage of Bahamut and I don't like how they're laid out compared to Fantasica.

Wait, D.O.T. counts?

Fantasica reminds me of Final Fantasy.
D.O.T. reminds me of Pokemon.

I can't decide between the two! D:
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How would you guys rate this game compare to all the other card games?
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