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 [Guide] A Beginners Guide to Auctions!

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PostSubject: [Guide] A Beginners Guide to Auctions!    Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:42 am

-=Auctioning Guide=-

Hello Fellow Fanta Players!

Here is a short, but comprehensive guide to the world of auctioning. It will be spilt into two sections, one for Bidders, and one for Auctioneers. Before going further, let’s take a look at what are auctions in Fanta, and the different forms of them.

What are Auctions? Why bother going/having them?

Just like in the real world, auction happens in real time, and people bid on a specific item, in Fanta’s case, a card, until the Auctioneer calls ‘SOLD’. It’s quite exciting and fast pace, especially when there is this card that you REAAALLY want. But why bother going to one? First off, you might find that card at auctions are generally below market value, which means you can get a great deal!

But why are Auctioneers holding auctions if they are losing value on their cards? There can be a variety of reasons for this. They can have too many cards to sell, which becomes a very long and drawn out process if merchants was to sell it one by one. But the real reason is that auctions are the quickest way to convert your cards into pure TE/Pot (or whatever currency the Auctioneer uses, which we will get to later).

Different Forms of Auctions

This guide will mainly focus on in-game auctions, but auctions can be held through different mediums. The most common auctions are held right through Fanta on the Auctioneers profile page, where different players bid for the leader card. However, there are forum auctions as well, where you post on the thread of the forum the price for the item you wish to bid, and OP will update the main post as he receives the bids. I have also heard of auctions using 3rd party chat programs such as kik and line, but I have personally never attended one of those. In theory, those works exactly as they would as in-game Fanta auction.

Let me know of any additional info that you think I should include, and I will update accordingly! Thanks and enjoy!

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] A Beginners Guide to Auctions!    Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:42 am

A Guide for Bidders/Auction Goers

Alright, so you found an Auction on the RCR and would like to attend, so what’s next?

Getting to/from the Auction

As Fanta isn’t really exactly built around the auction in mind, we have to do a work around. This is call linking. Once you arrive at the Auctioneer’s page, leave a simple message like ‘link’ or ‘link pls’, and in return, they will post on your wall shortly. Why do we have to do this? It’s because Fanta does not reload the Auctioneer page where all the bids are happening, so you would have to switch between your page and the Auctioneer page to see all the bids.

Also, you might be provided ‘secondary links’. These are exactly the same thing as it provides you with a link to the Auctioneer page through another person’s profile. This usually happens when it’s a large and popular auction where the Auctioneer don’t have enough time to link everyone.

Placing Bids

So you found a card you like, and you want to place a bid. This is the simple step, just put your bid as a message for the Auctioneer, and send away! Be careful though, because once placed, it is generally accepted that you will honour the bid (unless there was some large error, like placing 1000 bid instead of 100, in which case you should quickly correct). Also, you cannot bet cards (other than Goddess if the Auctioneer allows it) as their value differs and it’s hard to give it a firm value.

Monsters can also be auctioned, but since they cannot be set as leader, the Auctioneer usually puts up a 1* or 2* as a place holder, and put the information of the monster as his welcome message so everyone knows what they are bidding on.

Winning a Bid

So you won your card, Congratz! Now what? Two things can happen. One, the Auctioneer asks you to OT, which means ‘Open Trade’, in which you send your payment to the Auctioneer and he will reply with your card. The other thing is that the Auctioneer will send you the card, and you return the payment. Either way, check the goods and make sure it’s what you bid for! Once that’s been done, confirm the trade and enjoy your new card!

General Tips and Etiquette *Important*

1)***Always honor your bid***
• Nothing pisses off the auctioneer more than you placing a bid, especially THE winning bid, and saying that you cancel it because someone offered you cheaper while you are bidding. NO NO NO. JUST DON’T DO IT. You are wasting everyone’s time and the auctioneer’s effort. You might even end up being banned/blacklisted by the auctioneer as well.

2) Keep chatting/advertising to a minimum.
• As the auctioneer walls is for bids, try not chat about things that is not in relation to the current auction. You are being inconsiderate and you will get blacklisted by the auctioneer if you keep it up.
• Some auctions do allow advertisements, but try to do it in between breaks, or keep at a minimum. And if the auctioneer asks you to stop, STOP.

3) Know your prices
• Nothing would suck more if you actually over-paid at an auction, which can happen. Know the price of a card beforehand by asking for a PC from allies or on the forum, and set a cap for yourself. Try not to get caught up in a bidding war because of pride.

4) Know the unit
• Always check first what level is the unit. It’s pretty bad when you won the bid only to find out that the card is fresh instead of mlb like you thought! You can see it through the extended profile view by tapping on upper part of the screen. Want something clarified like if the unit is level-breaked? Ask! Auctioneers will gladly answer your questions if it’s related to the auction.

5) Currency
• Most Auctioneers place their ratio on their banner, and it can change depending on the Auctioneer. Doesn’t seem fair? Ask the Auctioneer to change it, but if he doesn’t, that’s his choice as it’s his auction. Don’t like it? Just leave as there is no point in arguing with them. Besides, if you don’t think its fair, I’m sure there are others who are thinking the same thing…

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] A Beginners Guide to Auctions!    Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] A Beginners Guide to Auctions!    

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[Guide] A Beginners Guide to Auctions!
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