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 Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING]

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Commando Chicklet [EPIC]

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Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING] Empty
PostSubject: Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING]   Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING] I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2012 8:46 am

Hey there, welcome to the Fantasica forums! We hope you look around, join, trade, enjoy the community, and spread the word! This post is going to outline a few rules and policies but also act as a reference for various parts around the forum. Read this post to find out what we have and what to keep in mind!

  • Forum rules are same as elsewhere -- no harassment, no spamming, no posting of lewd images, etcetera.
  • We are a friendly community and would like to keep arguments & flaming down to a minimum. If you are found being aggressive, argumentative, or insulting to another user, you may be warned or temporarily suspended.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to attempting to trade Fantasica Luna, cards, or items for any non-Fantasica currency (real-life, trading for stuff in other games, and so on). Users found doing this will be banned from the forum on the spot. If there is evidence linking you to this outside of the forums, this can result in bans as well.
  • Anyone found to have scammed another user (if, for example, there is evidence of you keeping someone's card from an 'album trade') will be permanently banned from the forums.
  • The trading center has its own set of rules. Read them before posting a thread there! (Especially keep in mind the one-thread-per-member rule.)

Hey, where'd my post go?
Sometimes you'll post a thread, and when you next check, it's missing!
  • It may have been moved or merged into a more appropriate subforum or thread. While a moderator or administrator may PM you about where to find it, that is not always the case. To find your thread or posts, go to your profile --> statistics --> find all messages/topics written by the user.
  • The thread may have been completely removed. While you may not be able to see it, it still exists for recordkeeping/conflict-resolving purposes!

Forum Resources:
Following is a list of our sub-forums and important links in each.

Forum Updates
This forum serves as an announcement sub-forum for all things to do with this forum. Previous announcements are also there.
  • The Rankings Membership Information thread outlines how to get into the Five-Star or Six-Star Membership groups!
Fantasica Encyclopedia
This forum serves as a place for in-depth guides to be posted. Check it out for some really useful information! Especially of note are:
  • Getting Started in Fantasica (without spending money) guide, which is a must-read if you've just joined Fantasica,
  • The Fantasica Hero/Monster List, which is a spreadsheet with stats and values for all released (and some non-released) cards,
  • General Tips/FAQ community collaborative thread, which has many random tips and questions that players often ask when they are new.
Current Events
This forum has one thread per each Fantasica event so that users may discuss and compile information.
  • The current event is It Came from Halloween.
New Members
Whether new to Fantasica, the forums, or both, introduce yourself here!

Trading Center
Our forum for Fantasica trading!
  • It's really important you read the trading center rules before you post a thread!
  • Also read this post on avoiding getting scammed.
  • This post is a list of known scammers. (*NEW*)
  • If you want to check the value of a trade or a card, ask in our price check thread.
  • Lastly, check out the forum's Middlemen Service if you want to securely conduct a large trade.
Game Discussion
The forum for discussing all things game-related (that are not part of a current event).
  • If you have a simple question that doesn't warrant a whole thread, or that you think has been answered frequently, check the FAQs -- Got questions? Ask here! sticky.
  • If you want to look for allies, do it in this thread.
General Chat
Anything not related to Fantasica may be discussed here!

Event Arena
Our forum sometimes hosts its own events! When one is ongoing, you can go to the Event Arena for rules, contestants, and prizes information.
  • The current event is taking place in Mansion of Crows.

Questions, suggestions, complaints? Feel free to get in contact with your administrators Crowex and clocksprocket, or your moderators beltane-flames, JackNABox, and pnoytroi.

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Commando Chicklet [EPIC]

Join date : 2012-08-17
Posts : 1395

Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING]   Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING] I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2012 1:23 pm

Update 10/4/12: Mansion of Crows is now open! Trick or treat!
Update 10/9/12: Added mention of new moderators and updated some basic rules. Please read!
Update 10/27/12: Added mention of the new "scammer list" sticky in trading center!

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Forum Policies & Information [10/27] [READ ME BEFORE POSTING]
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