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 Ranks F.A.Q

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PostSubject: Ranks F.A.Q   Ranks F.A.Q I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2012 12:12 pm

What are ranks?
Ranks are simply names or phrases that can be seen under your username that show up if you have a certain amount of posts or have done fairly well in an event.

What type of ranks are there?
There is a set of standard ranks given to members that slowly changes based on the number of posts they have. There will be several sets of ranks available during different seasons or events.

What is the most wanted rank?
Depending on posts, you can get six stars under your name after posting 300 times. For events, you'll want to strive to get a rank with the word [LEGENDARY] right after it. This is a rank that will never be given out again and will be unique to every event, so only one will ever be given out.

Will ranks add color to my name?
Ranks will not add color to your forum name, to do that you must qualify for the "Five Star Members Club" or the "Six Stars Members Club" or any other "Club" that may appear in the future.

Can I have more than one rank?
Depending on if you manage to get more than one rank, you may switch ranks by asking either me, Crowex or Clocksprocket. You may switch ranks only once a day. You may not have any more than one rank per event, but you can have multiple ranks from different events.

What is the full legend of ranks?*
The full legend of ranks will be as follows;

1. [LEGENDARY] Only one of these will given in an event unless otherwise stated. the rarest of all ranks, they are Event unique ranks, never obtainable again.

2. [Rare] Only 2 to 4 of these will be given out in an event, these are also Event unique and will never be obtainable again.

3. [Retired] A rank that was once obtainable during a season or for the general public, but is now unobtainable.

4. [SPECIAL] A rank that is enabled for donating to a Forum Event. It may also be unique to a season.

*Legend of ranks may change at any time.
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Ranks F.A.Q
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