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 It's hot..

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PostSubject: It's hot..   It's hot.. I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 08, 2012 11:52 am

It's always hot. You can feel that right in your bones. As you make yourself walk through the crowded streets you hear a whisper from your side. There's someone standing in a dark alley.

"Hey, come here..."

It sounds muffled, but high like a squeak. turn to see a short man in a hood. You can't see all his features but you can see his eyes. They look yellow, as if he might be sick. You almost instantly turn away and start walking. You can still hear his voice following you.

"Come on... you'll like this..."

You turn around. It seems like no one else can hear him but you. You start to make your way past other people towards the alley. The short man turns away. you step up the pace and walk faster towards the alley. It's dark and humid. You feel your skin break out in to goosebumps. You walk a good ten feet in to the alley and the little man turns around. He whispers. It's so fine you have to concentrate to hear him.

"Take this... for riches..."

Before, you couldn't see his face. But here, in the dark, it's like his eyes cast it's own light. Where his nose should be there is a long snout. A thick, shiny black ball sits at the end. He looks more like a rat than a man now. His teeth are short and thick. You can hear the noise they make when he talks.

"Go on... I won't bite..."

His mouth opens wide to show all his teeth. Small drops of thick drool fall to the floor. In his hand is a piece of paper. You reach out and quickly take it.

"Good child... I'll see you sooner than you think...."

Without another word, the thing turns and begins to walk away deeper in to the alley. You try to talk but you feel weak. You can see his tail hanging down. You turn away and stumble out of the alley. You feel your heart beat fast. You look down at the paper. It's a lottery ticket. It has a few places to scratch off but the main thing that grabs your attention is the words on it.

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It's hot..
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