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 <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 10:09 am

Lol, a personal diary that I really enjoy to be honest. You are a good writer!

If only I can put you into the 'Writer' group... lols

<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Revamp11
<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 N3d

<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 GIF8

What are you looking at? Razz

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The Prince of Ra

The Prince of Ra

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 2:59 am

KuroStar wrote:
Lol, a personal diary that I really enjoy to be honest. You are a good writer!

If only I can put you into the 'Writer' group... lols

 Laughing finally someone comment like this....
i appreciate vaatigam diary, look good  Smile 
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2014 1:07 pm

30-04-2014: Event updates

With the current Legion event near its end, and my friend's wedding coming soon, i've decided to make the event update and the diary entry on the following day (May 1st's a holiday here ^_^ )

Flowers of War - Legion Event :

As for my future plans, i will not be ranking on the following events due to my friend's bachelor party & wedding on the upcoming Saturdays. Losing a day and a half (the half day is for the hangover) would severely hamper my progress, so i'll only focus on a pot-themed event once i reach the 200 or so count.

The exception is the following Gift Event that, should it occur on June/July, will be of great importance to me. I'll explain this in better detail in the future, but i'll advance the following: if you're planning to rank in the upcoming Gift Event, it would be wise to contact me from today onwards Wink

OOC note:

EDIT: Due to the heavy ranking during the gift event, i'll only be able to work on the next entry during wednsday of May 14th. My apologies  Sad

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 9:15 am

A caged flower

The ruined tiles scrolled across the floor as we ran through the corridors. We ran across the ocasional sentries, struck down by either Apsara's arrows or Ninja's blades.

As i ran alongside Coral, the morning's memories flashed through my mind - the elf's theft, the bruises from the Golem (along with any broken ribs that may yet reveal their pain), Euphemia's words ... the third human within the Ruins of Old.

I just dearly hope that she's among the slaves. It would make our mission much easier.

A tight turn to the right revealed several wooden cages in a vast space with various waste around, from rotten food to wooden bowls. The dryads , with humanoid shapes like Arger and Amor, were incarcerated in terrible conditions, many showing signs of illness and poor eating.

Their state shocked me. If they were suppose to be slaves, at least they should be fed enough to work. But some of them seemed unable to even carry a log.

"The poor things!" While Gjb knew they weren't human, their state could make any person with a decent heart wince.

"Impossible!" - Wisdom wasn't believing the sight before him - "How could they abuse them in such a short time..."

"Slaves?" - Ninja was also infuriated - "More like prisioners in care of beasts."

"Saddly, with all the rumors i've heard..." - my mind wanted to speak its piece as well - "... their slavery could be also counted as one. Someone's lying to hold everything in check."

"The question is, who?" - Edwin's expression wasn't moved. It looked like a daily sight to him.

"Everyone, focus on freeing a cage! We must free them quickly."

We seperated so we could free as many slaves as possible. Wisdom and i approached one of the cages. As my sword struck the chains holding it down from the weakened wood, Wisdom spoke in their tongue, enticing them to leave their cages. Most of them had human clothes, while some had vines and large leaves for cover.

As Wisdom approached another cage, i raced to a single cage that was seperated from the others. I watched the dryad as i opened the door by force: she was in better conditions than the rest, her green and white clothes barely damaged. Her cloak was also the same, waved and shaped like the petals of a purple flower.

As i opened the door and reached her head by the side, she regained conciousness, as if she was daydreaming. Her light purple hair rised, giving way to crimson eyes, as clear as jewels.

"Are you alright?" - I didn't knew if that girl, or dryad, knew our tongue, yet i took the chance.

"Al...right?" - the girl looked at me, dazed yet firmed, and slowly nodded.

I'm glad she knew our language, if even a bit of it. I only noticed Wisdom behind me when he spoke.

"Flores! You're alright!"

"Wisdom..." - she replied with her eyes still focused on mine. It seemed that, while her body was okay, her mind wasn't on its best.

"Oh dear." - Wisdom soon found her condition - "What have they done to you? Where's your sword?"

She showed feeble as i stood her up, her body almost lifeless. Her words seemed dragged out of her mouth: "Tortured... Chama ... taken."

"Chama?" - i asked.

"Her sword." - replied Wisdom while looking around - "It's a part of her. When me and Cherche were imprisoned here, the sword was placed nearby, though out of her reach."

As i tried to ask where could Chama be, Apsara shouted to everyone: "We've got company!"

As i turned towards the western exits: a man clad in  brown chainmail was blocking the path alongside a woman, wearing armor only on her legs and wielding three swords. As i took a better look, she was actually wielding two swords...

... while a pair of huge, magical arms behind her was holding on the third one, bigger than her own body:

Optional Soundtrack:

The man pointed at me, action to which the woman smiled with an evil grin. Her sprint was expected, but her speed wasn't - dodging her would force me to drop down Flores, but luckly Closer's surprise entrance from above made her step backwards and halt the attack.

"Last chance - walk away, or suffer." His speech was roughened, his whole body ready for battle.

"Bring aid, master." - The swordswoman readied her swords while her master reached his waist.

I knew he was going to summon reinforcements, so i had to call for help as well - "Coral, Nadine! To me!" - Holding Flores prevents me from fighting, so i had to count on my Heroes, which responded in due haste. Apsara joined our group, and Wisdom seemed also ready.

"Are you sure?" - I asked him.

"As long as i have cover, my magic will also help."

The opponent threw several cards foward, doing what i feared that he would: "Heroes, come forth and vanquish my enemies!"

The 4 cards began materializing into our opponents...

...an armored walking beast with a crimson shield...:

...a winged demon...:

... a lancer wearing a draconic weapon ...:

...and a necromancer fully clad in black.:

"I'll make this quick." - the lancer charged foward. Closer sprinted to intercept her, both lances clashing in a violent motion. Both danced while exchainging moves, from blade swipes to quick thrusts, awaiting for the other to make a false step.

"Nadine, suport them!" - Her hair waved across the gust when she moved in, only to halt when the beast shielded his comrade. Nadine awnsered the interception with a sword blow, hitting the shield once more.

"Your efforts are futile." - a huge claw sweeped from behind the shield, striking Nadine as she was too slow to move away. - "Yet, you'll make a fine distraction."

Nadine's eyes brimmed with fury her sword engulfed by flames - "Fine!" -, striking the lion once more.

Seeing an opening, the black woman bypassed the conflicts, her eyes set on the slaves once more. Coral stood in her path.

Both exchanged challenging glances, and Coral quickly made the first move. Her sword was ealisy parried by the gargantuan blade, stepping back from a cross slash.

"What's the matter, too many swords for you?" - her opponent was toying with her frustration.

Coral replied with a sigh. She thrusted her sword unto the ground, coral growing around her.

"Fancy shields won't save you!" - The three swords clashed through the shield, yet revealing the newly formed barrier.

"Viola! Find her above!" - yelled the swordswoman.

As the demon took flight, i commanded Apsara: "Take her wings down!"

"Right!" Her volley of arrows was fast, making her flying target lose focus on Coral's location.

"Adolph! Let's flank the archer!" - yelled Viola.

"With pleasure..." - i've completely forgot about the necromancer - "Death Waves!" As he swinged his scythe, waves of dark energy were fired on Apsara, whom dogged with some difficulty. The demon released an unintelligible word, firing arrow tips of black magic from her spear.

As the ranged fight occurred, Nadine and the lion were still exchanging blows next to the coral forest that Coral raised while fighting with her opponent. I could hear the mocking yells of the girl inside the artificial bush. I knew that Coral was trying to wear out her opponent, but the mechanical arms seem to not require stamina.

As Nadine dodged another claw swipe, she heard Coral's voice from within: "Get in, Nadine!"

She jumped to a close branch and entered the forest, and the lion followed with an angry roar: "You will not hide form me!"

I then watched as Apsara had her troubles, her chances of being hit increasing with each gang attack. I turned to Wisdom, still in his position: "They need one more to even the numbers. Help them, Wisdom!"

"I am helping - i've almost got it!" - Wisdom was indeed focusing on some sort of spell.

"Got what?"

"Her mind pattern."

Then i turned to see who was he studying - the dragon lancer.

"Got her!" - his words were soon followed by a magical release - "NERVE STRIKE!"

In the next instant, the lancer girl shrieked in pain, making Closer step back in surprise. Her hands dropped the lance and grasped her head, as if affected by a heavy headache.

"Closer!" - i saw then that he had a window of opportunity - "Strike the Necromancer!"

He didn't even turned to me, blinking out of sight in that very moment. I could see the faint glimpes of his black armor quickly catching up to Adolph. By the time he found out he was being targetted, he saw Closer's spear thrusting through from his right shoulder.

"GAAARGH!" - he tried to respond to Closer, but the spear was quickly yielded back and struck his head with the blunted back. Adolph fell unconcious, and the summoning magic that brought him sent him quickly back to where he was summoned from.

"What?!?" - Viola was caught by surprise as she watched her ally dissapear.

Apsara noticed the split second that her opponent gave her with the distraction, and loosened a quick arrow towards her left wing. The hit was a success, and Viola lost control of her flight. Her clumsy descent ended on hitting a frail wall, which collapsed and crumbled unto her. The returning spell's flash could be seen from outside of the rubble.

As i saw that we were winning the battle, an explosion of flame occurred within the forest. A second later, the armored lion was pushed outside of the coral forest, with Coral following him.

The beast didn't had his shield, probably lost within the forest. His wounds and bruises suggest that Coral and Nadine switched opponents and took advantage of the terrain.

"You, you trickster." - He seemed to be on his last strenghts - "Your cowardly tactics shame the warrior's code."

"Say what you will, i'm not a warrior." - Coral was determined to end his resistance.

The lion charged in a last brutal offensive, his roar fiercer than ever. Coral placed her sword firmly from her back, preparing a final blow.

And as the lion leaped towards her, she released her attack: "Tidal Slash!"

And as she swept her sword in a powerfull slash, the corals i was expecting were unleashed as a water arc instead. The brute wave struck the beast, knocking him back to the ground.

A second fire explosion was heard within the forest, crumbling what was left of it. Nadine was in a bad shape, but worser still was her new opponent, full of burns and one of her magical arms melted.

"You charged in without consideration, and that made your loss." - the proud voice of Nadine echoed alongside the churning whispers of the sorrounding flames.

"I...I was stronger...d-damn you...." - the black warrior lost her conciousness with her last words.

Both of them were warped back to where they came, as the summoning magic deemed them too weak to continue. Nadine stumble backwards, her elbows preventing her back from also hitting the ground.

Our final opponent, the lancer, seemed to have recovered from her condition. When she came to herself, she saw that she was the only Heroine left.

"Master, we need to regroup with the others!"

His master didn't anwser - he quickly turned around and ran. She soon followed him.

Closer and the others were starting to give chase, but i detained them: "Wait! We also need to regroup!"

Closer loosened out of his battle stance, while everyone else helped freeing the remaining prisioners. Closer and I, with Flores by my side, gazed at the corridor where our foe ran through, while Wisdom tended Nadine's wounds.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

"Are you holding well?" - I knew Nadine has taken worse blows than the ones she had, but a part of me was really concerned to the point of asking.

"I'll be well. Won't be able to help you on more than this though."

"She's right, Sir Vaatigam." - said Wisdom as he stood up, his healing spell done - "We'll need to head to the storage room, as the medicine there could help everyone here."

"So you've been there before?"

"Forced to carry heavy things from there only a few times, but i'm still familiar with the path."

Gjb and Ninja approached us from the cages. It seems that every prisioner has been freed.

"Good job there, Vaati."

"It's Vaatigam, Gjb!"

"The Chosen that ran may return with reinforcements though." - warned Ninja - "What's our next move?"

"Myself and Gjb will go to the storage room along with some Heroes. Ninja, can you take care of the prisioners while we're out?"

"I'll do my best."

"Right." - I confirmed - "Wisdom, lead us quickly, please."

We followed Wisdom as he ventured to the same corridor where the Chosen once was, along with Closer,Mercena and Theodora. Taking a last glace at Flores before turning to the front, my mind hopes for us to find Chama.

Writer's notes:

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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 6:54 pm

Curious as to why you don't just use an external program (Microsoft Word, etc) to write your work-in-progress entries? Seems a lot better than making the post and editing it as you write it.

Besides, you can't possibly expect me not to peak when you write "please, don't peak"  Razz 
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2014 6:56 am

19-05-2014: Diary update

It's been a busy life, really. A great friend of mine married another dear friend i knew; Some classes are doing great, and others not so great; My boyscout group had a big camping trip and later on an important ceremony; my small sister has a greater respect for me than before (though she still hates my hugs...).

I write the diary on leisure times - times where i can get the peace and the inspiration to write. With all the important things that have gotten into these recent days, those times were really scarce. There was one time where i had such a chance, but then the PC froze and made me start all over... GRRRR!

As Amasuro has suggested, i could simply use Microsoft Word and save my work little by little. I might consider it, but i've preferred writting directly into the forums because i enjoyed the absence of restraints - it made me feel "free" enough to think and write.

If the need to save my job becomes greater than the freedom that i feel while writting directly, i'll do the switch to Word. Until then, if you encounter another "Under Construction" sign - fight your temptations   Razz  

As i'm 5 events behind schedule, i'll focus on a few today, leaving the others for the next update. I'll leave just a reminder - the latest entry is now finished; once you see its scope, you'll maybe understand why it took too long Wink

The Flying Fortress of Fiends - Panel event:

Flowers of War - Legion event:

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2014 5:59 am

26-05-2014: Event Update (cont.)

Monster Maidens - Popularity event:

The Wildest West - Gift Event:

Towers of Fate - Tower Event:
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 5:21 am

29-05-2014: Catching up to speed

Today i have time to finally catch up with more late events, which is a good thing. As the School Daze event is almost here, i'll be bringing up some events that i didn't talk about, along with another diary entry. Will take a while until all events are done, so please be patient ^_^

3rd Awakening:

Rise of the Champion - Training event :

Demon's Tower Revisited - TE Tower event :

Pumpkin Surprise

I felt my ears being pierced by the sudden blasts from the cannons with the ruins. Everytime i heard a bang, my heart skipped a beat, wondering if that shot would have been destined to hit us.

I tried to control my emotions as the five of us followed Wisdom through the ruined complex. His sprint halted sometimes, his mind trying to remember the right path. I feared that he could get a wrong turn, yet he seemed confident when his memory returned.

We arrived at a larger squared structure which seemed to be repaired from the natural erosion that if suffered through its longevity. The ceeling was made with wood planks and cloth covered the entrance.

"Here we are!" - Wisdom felt relieved - "I knew i still remembered."

"It does look repaired enough to store food and supplies." - Closer then turned to our backs, scouting the perimiter for possible guards.

As i was about to speak, a female screech was heard from inside the building. the fact that the voice was recently familiar raised my concerns.

"Something's happening inside!" - said Mercena as she unsheathes her sword, all while Theodora lunged herself inside. Mercenna grunted for being too slow - "Grr! Wait for me!"

I was the next to last as Closer watched our backs, and i found the sight quite odd: several tables with various goods and surprising oversized fruits and vegetables were next to the walls, while several armed men laid on the ground, as if suddenly struck by a surprise attack. The only one standing was the lancer we just faced a moment ago, her hands holding the head of her uncounscious Chosen.

"Master! What happened? Wake up! SPEAK TO ME!" - her wailing over her sleeping master has caught us all unaware - how did he fell like the rest.

We shifted from surprised to hesitant as the girl noticed us and took her lance, completely confused about her situation.

Things got even more confused when a quick jolt of pain made her yell again, and her hand right after went to behind her right shoulder - only to reveal a dart.

Her gasped expression became numbled as she started to fell towards the ground. Closer caught her before her head landed on a loosed rock.

"Come out, assailant!" - Closer knew there was someone else inside - "We're also enemies to the ones you knocked out!"

"Noisy bunch!" - the female voice echoed within the room - "I know that - Closer's with you."

"Senti?" - Wisdom did knew her too from the way eh responded - "Is that you?"

"Yes, silly, i'm here. Is the way clear?"

"It is clear, Senti. You took down the last sentries."

"Great. I was starting to wonder when would they stop coming."

Hustled movements got our atention towards the huge pumpkin in the corner: the upper part opened up like a lid, from wherein a girl jumped out, garned in a light outfits with tones of brown, beige and dark green. Her hair bandana featured a smaller pumpkin like the one she leaped out of.

"Senti's the name. Stealth is my game." :

"Yes, we noticed that." - Theodora's words had sarcasm all over them.

"How long have you been in here?" - asked Wisdom.

"Ever since the cannons started firing like crazy. What's happening outside? A war?"

"Something like that." - i quickly replied - "we're trying to take the dryads out of here, but one of them needs a special sword to regain her..."

"Chama. Yes, i know. I've hid it ever since they've confiscated the thing." - it seemed she knew the importance of the sword to Flores - "I've hid it behind the pumpkin."

At the end of her response she leaped back to the top of the opened pumpkin, retrieving a blade from behind it - a flamberge, a somewhat large sword with a spiked blade made from crimson steel, or whatever name the dryads gave to that red-colored metal.

"Will you carry Chama with us? Flores needs it desperatly." - Wisdom pleaded to her to come with us.

"I'll blow my cover... fine, i'll go. Her health comes first anyway."

"Hold on, something's coming." - Theodora warned us about the flapping sounds that came from outside. A human with wings came in, but luckly her sight was familiar -it was Armure.

"Armure! I'm glad to see you!" - i spoke right away to avoid a unnecessary conflict.

"Vaatigam?" - she was quite puzzled to see me - "Didn't you land outside with Cynthia?"

"I did, but i came in to free the slaves."

"I heard the brief report from one of my squad. Nice to know it was you who freed them. How did you got in?"

"Long story, but for now we'll focus on driving them out. Can i ask for your suport, Armure?"

"The south flank is currently our best bet, but i'll need help in disabling the cannons and warn the outer armies about the opening. Can you help us, Vaatigam?"

"I think my fellow Chosen Gjb here is the best for that plan." - i shifted the request to her. If Armure carried me alone, i'd be dead weight since my Hero cards were stolen back at WoodHeart.

"Me? You sure?" - she turned at me, noticing my quick blink - "Sigh... if you say so."

"Good. The rest of us will carry Chama back to Flores and protect the slaves until there's a chance to free them out of this warzone."

We all left the building, Armure's wings unfolding in the open. She took Gjb in her arms and flied up, landing a ruined wall.

"May you be successful, Vaatigam. Things are going grim everywhere."

"I'll do my best. And be careful, both of you."

We went seperate ways, each with our own agenda.
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 04, 2014 10:51 am

04-06-2014: Show me your stars, and i'll tell your name

There are probably 5 or 6 more episodes towards the end of this arc, of which i am relieved to end.

While we're on the third arc, i've made the story development through the entire tale, which will span a minimum of seven arcs, excluding specials along the way.

While a moderate part of the world already set in stone (the two largest kingdoms already detailed in some fashion, or at least their capitols), i still haven't set much of the lore in stone, like the difference between ranks in the units (you know, the number of stars). As for the names of the ranks, i did came up with a name for each of them, according to their status, power and number.

While they'll be revealed in an episode after this arc, i'll leave them within this spoiler for future references (and i did forgot a name or two, so leaving something written will help my memory lapses).

SPOILERS - Open at your own risk (don't blame me if your resolve is too weak) :

The Fallen Country - Guild event:

School Daze - Popularity event(under construction):

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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2014 7:26 am

11-06-2014: Renewed Vigor

The slaver grounds changed a lot during the time we were away. Some of the wooden gates had been positioned as barricades to protect the center of the room, leaving a way to the path that leads back to the underground tunnel from where we came from. New corpses were scattered around one of the entrances - it seems that they had a quick skirmish while we were gone.

Such an organized defense couldn't be made with the state that my units were. Most likely by Ninja's Heroes. Yet, when we came closer while passing Apsara's watchful guard, i've let Ninja ask first.

"What happened to Gjb?" - his question was predictable.

"Helping an ally of mine with the cannons. Once they're out of our way, we'll have an escape route to the south."

"Great. Our position will soon be compromised. The first assault was weak, but i fear for harder foes."

"Sorry to make you exert in such a way." - My apologize seemed hollowed, but i've relied a lot on Ninja's help many times while being a Chosen.

"It's alright. You just need to grow stronger. Then i know you'll cover me likewise." - His veteran smile was a reassuring sight.

Senti approached us with Flores' flamberge: "Where's Flores? She needs her sword."

Ninja didn't asked for her identity: "Follow me."

All the dryads were in a small plain of cloth and beast skin, likely gathered from the slave cages. Flores was alongside Nadine, with Lumiere checking on their health. Her condition was slightly better, yet she retained her pale look, while Nadine had cloth bandages on her arms and her right leg.

"Excuse us, Lady Lumiere." - she bowed while letting Ninja kneel next to the dryad.

The dryad recognized the sword from a distance, her faint voice requesting Chama's return - "Please... give her..."

Senti passed the flamberge uncerimoniously to Ninja, who took it with his hands and gave it to Flores as if it was an offer.

"I return to you your honor, friend."

In the moment that her hand gripped the hilt, the crimson blade began to shine forth his red hue with bigger vigor. She standed up little by little as flames came forth from her sword to lick her body, healing her wounds. what surprised me was that, as the wounds healed, flowers began to bloom on her legs and waist. Her eyes gained a deeper color, confirming her rejuvenation.
She slowly swinged her sword, flames following her without jumping out to bite living or unliving matter. As if the flames were being controlled by her renewed will.

She finally halted, her posture more regal than before:

As she lowered her sword's tip to the ground, her speech, still limited, had a better tone: "Thank you."

"You're welcome." - i replied.

Suddenly, she turned to the path where we came, her eyes sharpened with a willing focus: "The link..." - her feet started to move - "Inside..."

Ninja quickly rose to stand in her way: "You've just recently recovered. You can't go on your own."

"I must..." - she raised Chama's tip towards Ninja - "...the cries..."

The pieces joined in my mind. She could feel the link to Hartwood's core. Even if she's not the human girl Euphemia warned me of, she could lead me to who i seek.

"Ninja, let me escort her. We'll bring a small party to avoid detection and find what she seeks."

Ninja looked at me with doubtful eyes: "You sure?"

I attempted to regain his confidence: "Count on it."

"I'll keep guarding the dryads until the path is safe then. Be carefull." - With his last words said, Ninja moved out of Flores way.

"Don't worry about your sisters." - said Senti - "I'll watch them for you."

A quick glance from Flores expressed gratitude towards Senti, and then loosened a word in my direction: "Come..."

Coral came to my side: "Should i go with you this time."

"Yes, you and Wisdom. Just the necessary."

"If you say so." - Wisdom confirmed that he was willing to follow us.

Flores allowed the three of us to follow her with a nod. Her feet quickly began to carry her through the route, yet a tremor was felt from another side.

Suddenly, a fierce rumble made me turn backwards, as it felt from behind. A man wearing the same mail outfit as the first one that i challenged came forth from a different section... yet, he was wearing a more spiked, brutal look than the first. The knight that was accompanying him was even more dreadful: black, horned armor that seemed impossible to pierce, a blood-colored cape, and a grey steed that gave the same fiendish feeling as his master, sporting the same armor as he.

His sight was an omen of evil intent...:

"I've got this! Get out of here!" - While the speech was meant for me, Ninja was facing his opponent, his hand reaching his card pouch while everyone else was assuming a defensive position.

I quickly looked to the front to catch Flores and the others, hoping that Ninja can defend the dryads against such an omnious enemy.

Writter's note:
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19-06-2014: Musical announcement

Some might wonder as why my diary entries were still kept to a minimum, despite having announced my vacations.

As a boyscout, i've met several people from various industries, including a soprano singer from a mixed choir. After some friendly talk, she invited me to a practice session of her choir.

The position i was given made me really happy:

After the practice, the mastro tested my voice because one of the most experienced tenors who i was practicing with suggested me to be a bass (for those interested, there are 4 categories in the mixed choir - the female sopranos, the low bass, the striking tenors and the high alto). And while my voice did had a deep accent, suited of a bass, my vocal cords couldn't reach the lowest notes, which placed me as a final tenor.

What i enjoyed the most was that the maestro did heard my voice within the tenor group (almost as a lyric tenor, whose voice is strong enough to do so), and said that it was a beautifull one. My friend grinned as her head was next to my shoulder, and i returned the grin ^_^

So i guess i won't be that free after all. I'll try to update the events i've attended and see if i can write another entry today.

The Girl from Nowhere - Training Event:

Under the Pale Moonlight - Panel Event:

Theater of the Gods - Legion Battle Event:

Turtle Island Trouble - Board Event:

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26-06-2014: War within

As i caught up with the small group, my hand leaned towards a ruined pillar as i quickly gave my lungs the air they desperatly needed. I gave my mind the thought that more running will probably be on its way, and my feet seemed itching for another fast pace.

My ears have ignored the frantic sounds for a long time now, but this small break made me realize how powerfull they were getting. It seems that troops are entering the Ruins of Old, most likely in direct contact with the slavers (i don't even know if they're slavers by this point, but my mind seems too tired to think on alternatives).

As i turned my head foward, my sight caught Flores slightly turning her head around our surroundings, most likely attempting to find the link that's jeopardizing the forest's heart.

"Yonder." Flores pointed the direction with her spare hand. The other gripped Chama with a harder conviction.

My ears caught cries of rage and turmoil in the same direction.

"There's a battle being waged on the way. Should we find a way around?" - I hoped that she would listen to some sense.

"Meager." - A wierd word, yet not the one i wanted to hear.

"We'll have to be ready to sprint through the scene then. Give us time to prepare ourselves."

"Be brief."

I focused my willpower towards my hand, hoping that i can still control my inner power after all the latest events. Luckly, i felt the surge rushing towards it - a blue hue enveloped my hand as a sphere of magic took form within my hand. The Magna Generator seemed stable to hurl projectiles for self-defense.

"Magi powers?" - Wisdom staggered. "I didn't knew you could tap to magic."

"This magic is borrowed, Wisdom." - i replied - "An Heroine flows her power to my body so that i can easily conjure magical attacks." - Even with my own magical powers surfacing forth more often, i tend to use her magic instead as to prevent an uncontrollable burst.

Coral knew about it too, but she didn't comment on the issue. Instead, she took a deep breath as her coral sword's red hue grew in intensity.

Wisdom sighed with a deep breath, preparing himself for the sprint as well.

We all charged foward, following Flores' sudden dash.

Optional soundtrack:

The battlefield was a confusion of men, women and beast, struggling for domination over the other side. Mounted cavalry exchanged sword strikes. Arrows flew on the skies right above our heads. Fireballs met with an ear-shattering boom.

As we ran through the bloody battlefield, both sides awnsered by instinct to our presence.

A blue-donned knight riding a golden armored horse charged us from the left...:

...while a flying humanoid, resembling an eagle, knocked an arrow from our right:

I launched an orb from my generator, engulfing the arrow in a fast blast, while Flores outpowered the knight with a slash from her flamberge, the flames pushing the knight away with a potent slam.

The archer prepared another arrow to throw at us, yet dodged some sort of lightning that came from the ground. I could see the one responsible for such powerfull strike...

... a swift archer clad in a green cloak:

Our flying persuer gave up the chase, focusing on the threat that strove to bring it down. Arrows pinned the ground while lightning surfaced from the ground level, both attacks missing their elusive marks.

We continued to rush through the place, with Wisdom's spells mind-breaking incoming rogues and Flores's flames swatting larger threats aside. Coral watched our backs with ocasional coral walls, while my projectiles countered threats from the air.

We seemed to be reaching the other side, but a sudden force-wave passed through our side, taking the four of us by surprise. A pair of fighters ingulfed in deep combat tackled the ruins next to our targetted corridor, smashing debris to the point of making a stone barricade that barred our path.

As i turned to them, i noticed their intent wasn't to intercept us - their actions were merely colateral damage of their collosal bout, where hand and feet clashed to the point of shaking the entire battlefield.

I instantly recognized the beared man with ebon pants and the crimsom-dressed girl. Few did not knew their feats of unstoppable might through martial prowess.

Bajardo's fists trembled the earth...:

...and Patear's kicks threw waves of unstopping winds:

If we stay around for too long a wind wave of a missfired punch will be the death of us.

I panicked: "Coral, do you have a way to remove the debris?"

Luckly, her stress was smaller: "No, i'll make a detour around it."

Her hands plunged the sword to the ground, allowing her to summon a vast stream of red coral. The stream stretched itself to the other side of a wall to the left of the debris, making a bridge to move out of the battlefield.

"Hurry, before Patear's wind waves break it!" - Wisdom nailed the reason, as Patear began a flurry of wind waves against his opponent, who parried them with fierce punches. One of the deflected waves will surely hit the bridge in time, so we made a faster sprint to cross the bridge before the strike.

The expected wave finally hit the bridge, which began to crumble due to the lack of ground support. A group jump threw us into safety within the wall's other side, dampening the sounds of battle.

I caught Coral before we hit the ground, rolling over till our movement halted. Flores and Wisdom landed on their own, yet Wisdom used a magic trick to diminish his weight and slowly land without a fuss. If only i could do such trick as well.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

"Thanks, Vaatigam." I nodded to reply to her gratitude.

I stood up while dusting out my lower armor from the recent jump. After helping Coral  get up as well, i turned to Flores, slowly getting on her knees as she recovered from the fall.

"Flores, can you still sense where we need to go?"

She pointed towards a stone ramp that went to higher grounds. I offered her help in getting up, but she simply stood up from the ground for herself, my open hand idly waiting for nothing.

I sighed as we moved up the ramp, following Flores' instinct with a slower, yet steady pace.

Author's notes:

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02-07-2014: One whole year!

By the time i write this, a full year has already passed since i decided to write Fantasica's fiction diary. 6 pages containing a year-worthwhile casual writting.

It's really been quite a journey, one that i plan to continue. However, i did note that while i had 7 or so arcs planned, i'm taking almost a year to write the current one. And something tells me that Fantasica isn't going to carry on THAT long.

So, i've decided to make myself free of all plans and attempt to do a full arc on this month, and a total of two or even three on both July and August.

I've not yet placed a linear plan to carry this, but i'm very eager to continue this fiction and carry it to the end before things get out of hand. I've had a lot of positive feedback from my works over the year and i plan to make this story one from start to finish. The main plot has been lined out, from the main characters involved to the events which envelops them.

To carry this out, i'm planning to use some game elements, so i'm currently looking for someone who can create card templates from 1* to 7*, including both units and monsters. If you have such skill, or know someone who has such, please let me know. I'll be trying to focus more on my diary this summer, so that you can read it on your smartphone while taking a sunbath on the beach Wink

Closer to the source

Our group started to climb a large stone ramp as Flores' steps were steadier towards finding our goal. The climb was really exausting, but as i continue to watch our sorroundings, it started to make sense - we were reaching the main building of the Ruins of Old through the main entrance, most likely where the largest products were taken from while it was a active black powder factory. The sounds of battle were present all around us, yet they were faint due to our distance from the ground level.

"Wait!" Wisdom quickly halted our progression. Flores was caught flat-footed, as her trance to find the source was deep.

"What?" Her red eyes threw an unapproving glare to the scholar.

"I'm sensing something dire. Give me a minute."

He quickly flowed his hands through the air with precise movements and a supporting chant, creating a globe made of holy energy. The power i felt within was one not of power, but one of insight, like when i enhance my eyes with Eagle Eye.

"Flores, you take a look first." - he placed the orb in front of her, so that she could see what Wisdom was sensing.

Her negative glance quickly changed to a suprised one - "Chains?!?"

"Correct." - he stated as he passed the orb to Coral- "These were the chains that i felt all along. I was feeling their lingering energy around the Ruins of Old, but i didn't knew about them at the time. After what happened at Vaatigam's camp, i now know the reason."

Coral also showed surprise, and upon my turn, i was also speechless - purplish red chains, slender yet shinning vibrantly. It's amazing how only the most sensible could detect their activity.

"Most likely what Closer sensed when facing Haine." - i remarked.

"Haine?!?" - Flores' grip quickly caught the mail patch in front of my neck - "Speak!"

Her anger was visible from her crimson eyes, if the strenght from her hand wasn't proof enough. Coral and Wisdom were about to stop her, but my opened hand stopped them from charging in. I kept my calm while explaning what transpired before: "Haine attacked Wisdom outside the Ruins of Old, who was along with Cherche, Amor and Arger." - Her eyes fell into disbelief, yet i continued. - "While we rescued them, one of my soldiers sensed that the chains were controlling her, so we created a fance to halt their advance while we escaped from her. Trust me, we didn't harmed Haine!"

Flores was still infuriated, but her hand has lessened its grip, and she slowly lowered me back to the ground. I took care into not falling backwards, down the stone ramp. It could have been a serious fall.

"How?" - Flores wouldn't believe that report, and yet i felt her trust in my words, which caused her conflict.

"Whether you believe it or not, i think these chains are coming from where you're sensing the link. Maybe whatever is controlling Haine might be near the source, so i bet that we'll find out along the way."

"True." Flores looked up to the top of the stone ladder, where the factory's entrance could be seen, along with the chains, sprouting from within as i looked once again through the orb.

Coral was sighing in relief as she turned her head, but what she caught up by coincidence made her warn us: "Everyone, look over there!"

Wisdom and I turned to Coral's side, to the third highest platform to the right of the ruins. Gjb was standing next to the edge of the platform.

"What is Chosen Gjb doing there?" - Wisdom was as surprised as i am.

Flores wasn't interested in seeing her, yet she didn't went up, staying with us out of sheer curiosity. As Gjb scouted the field in front of her, she suddenly gave signal to whoever was inside the dome behind her.

Optional soundtrack:

A large iron barrel started to come forth from within the dome. As it fully left the dome, i identified it as a cannon, being pushed towards Gjb's location. Armure was among the men of her batalion pushing the cannon, and comming behind them was a girl wearing a white dress with blue ornaments, most probably a mage, as she seemed to be invoking a spell while following them.

The reson why i didn't identify the cannon as one was due to the yellow spot popping in and out of the cannon hole. I couldn't recognize it until they stopped the cannon next to the plateau's edge, where the spot finally showed itself to bigger detail. I gasped due to the real identity of whatever was inside the cannon.

The yellow spot was a head...

...Orlando's head!:

"Orlando?!?" - Coral was as astonished as i was. - "What is he doing here? Is he stuck inside the cannon?"

I dared not to speak any details, for my mind has joined the pieces of what was on Gjb's mind, most known for her out-of-this-world plans that have many times turned the outcome of countless battles, and this was one of them. I recognized the girl clad in white and blue that came with them - i've met her during the Masquerade, as an innocent woman expert in shielding magic.

She was Muriel, the Lady in White:

"Please, Gjb..." - my mind begged - "...don't do what i think you're scheming."

Muriel made a swift hand motion, which quickly summoned a white aura around Orlando's head. I couldn't hear her voice, but my eyes followed the syllables that were part of her ever-apologizing demeanor: "I'm sorry, dear Hero. I really am!"

I noticed Orlando's head shaking furiously inside the iron barrel, the white hues of the shield moving with him as well. I saw Armure's embarrasing face as she held a torch next to the bottom of the cannon, sparks quickly appearing as she withdrew the torch back to her side.

"Is she..." - Coral was still oblivious as to what was happening down there.

"No..." - Wisdom had an idea, but i gave no leaks as to the real scenario we were watching.

Gjb turned again to the front, and with her hand pointing out towards the horizon, she shouted a word that we all were able to hear from here: "FIRE!!!"

In the following split second, the cannon blasted out Orlando towards the sky. His screams of terror were inhuman, beyond recognition, as he soared through the skies. I felt my jaw slowly dropping down out of pure disbelief as the Hero's bubble shield made an arc that finally hit one of the allied army's tents, collapsing down to the ground.

Our group was motionless, amazed at the insanity that we just witnessed. Only Flores, who didn't knew Orlando at all, fell to her side, laughing uncontrollably while punching the ground in a worthless attempt to control her outburst.

I slowly covered my face with both my hands in pure shame, as i heard Gjb's cackle of victory while still pointing towards the horizon.

"Well done, Gjb." - My voice was slightly baffled by my hands. - "You've trully outdone yourself this time."

"Will... will Orlando be okay?" - Coral was concerned with her old sparring partner.

"The mage on their group shielded him before he was fired." - I sighed as i removed my hands from the face. - "She wouldn't waste her guinea pig that easily."

"Guinea pig?" - Coral was still unfamiliar with that term.

"It's best that you don't learn the meaning for now, lady Coral." - Wisdom backed me up, for my relief - "Let's just pretend that we didn't see what we just saw and move onwards.

I lowered my hand to grab Flores' armpit and slowly got her on her feet. - "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes." - Her laughing spree appeared to have finally waned. - "Good laugh."

The four of us sighed together (Flores was due to relief though) as we continue going up the ramp, avoiding the demonic chains along the way, until we reached the entered. The three entered immediately, while i still took some time to watch the amazing view from above. My eyes viewed the war effort made from afar, a mess of smoke, dust and screams, until i've once again found the ruined tent where Orlando landed.

"Eagle Eye!" - i focused my sight for a few seconds, hoping to find any sign of Orlando within the site.

My left eye caught a pair of soldiers steadily carrying him on a cloth gurney out of the ruined tent. My lungs vented out in relief, now that i knew that he was alright.

"Oh dear..." - i thought to myself as i went inside the building - "...i hope this doesn't happen again. Ever, ever again."

*** End of Soundtrack ***

Writter's notes:
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04-07-2014: Chain of Command

Optional soundtrack:

Avoiding the accursed chains as we delved deep within the factory was not an easy feat. Wisdom had to focus on maintaining several orbs of insight magic, and we had to cover many inches of the way as we progressed. I do not blame him - when using Eagle Eye, i also had to focus magic on both of my eyes at once. The difference is that, while i exerted control over two small spheres within my eyes, he was stabilizing 4 orbs larger than a closed fist. I guess that's where he excels at.

Such cover over our footing allowed us to look around with better detail. Even if ancient age has erased the factory's insides, various stone works informed us of the zone's use: the storage room's wide space and stone compartments, the main workroom's assembly platforms and the cantine's cooking sections. Some looked as if they could still be used, if not for the moss and the vines and the little, shiny fungi populating everywhere. Oh, and the chains too.

As we delved further, the sunlight got dimmer and dimmer. A few cracks in the walls and such gave away some help to our eyes from the outdoors. Still, Wisdom's orbs and Flores' flaming sword were our main source of light. None of us also dared to speak unless it was really needed - we were venturing near our enemy's operation center, and talking would just expand the radius of attention that we were emitting.

As we took a turn around a stone wall, a large source of light caught our attention, and we followed it to find any clues. We arrived to a great hall, cleared of most moss and inner structures, while the chains were scattered next to the walls, some of them climbing up a few of the 6 collumns next to the center. A rather large hole from a corner of the room brings a small beam of sunlight, which, reflected by the chains and the fungi, gives medium illumination to the whole dome-like room.

As we entered the dome, we noticed that there was someone standing next to a ruined wall, near the middle of the room. Her red scarf shielded her small body and her white cap from our eyes until we distinguished its difference from the chain's glowing color. Interesting enough, her clothes were made rather to conceal intimate parts of the body rather than the entirety of it. As if to allow better movements for her mellee fighting style, denounced by the star-shaped knuckles still present on both her hands.

She was standing in place, likely waiting for orders:

As we approached the center, the young girl noticed us and turned to meet our faces. Yet her own clear blue eyes showed no sign of life, staying unconcious while standing up with her eyes open - a stance that would creep out any unprepared person.

"Look out, everyone." - i raised my arm to prevent anyone going ahead of me - "She seems to be mind-controlled."

A quick, taunting voice echoed from above: "You are quite right... darling."

Just as we were surprised by the voice, another surprise came from behind us - the demon chains began to move on their own, their power increasing to the point that they began to be viewed by the naked eye. Some near the furthest pilar began to move up and down, and a body began to come from above to the ground while taking a ride from the chains.

While she had a humanoid body, almost fully naked if not for her light crimson armaments, her other traits showed demonic influence: red hair waving like living flame, small brown horns pointing out of her forehead, a hellish gaze that could make any feeble human tremble. Her figure brought my memory back to the days of my young studies, where history gave mentions to some of tour kingdom's oldest foes, when the Crimson Moon threatened humanity.

And she was one of the worst of them...

...Vermelho, Demon of the Dark:

"And to think that such a powerfull demon still lives to this day, outside of human control." - Wisdom also knows about the records of the Doomsday Tower.

"What do you mean, Wisdom?" - Coral's demeanor, while ready for battle, showed hints of confusion, probably due to being unaware of the foe while we were.

"The whole world was threatened to be engulfed in demon rule during the Crimson Moon, but Humanity was able to defeat the demon invasion with fated help." - I hoped my explanation cleared out Coral's doubts.

"I've sensed the Crimson Moon within the ocean depths, but i never knew it brought forth demons." - Coral was indeed surprised by the revelation - "I guess the sea inhabitants owe humans their survival then."

"Why the need to relive the past?" - Vermelho's feet reached the ground with unholy grace - "While i mourned the fall of my dear Mother, i've moved along with my fate."

"Does that fate includes binding Heroes with your chains?" - I replied back while drawing my sword, as this time i had nothing to phisically hold me back.

"Such is what my mistress commands. It is also their fault for being unable to fight my will."

I could theorize that her mistress was a Chosen. Yet, considering Ianov's efforts, only noble Chosen have been appointed during the last years. Even if his efforts were evil, there was still some good in them, which meant that there wouldn't be any faulty Chosen, or any in direct league with demons.

"The controled Heroes and Chosen are also part of her scheme. Am i correct?"

"Oh, so you have resources to match up with your charm." - her demeanor was both threatening and childish, as if she was having fun with our presence - "I'll ask her if i can keep you once you're dealt with."

The child by her side gave a quick jump to stand in our way. Even with her size, her agility was still within boundaries of good training. However, in a sudden move my arm was lowered by Flores, who approached her with a careless approach.

"Wait, lady Flores!" - Wisdom's warning was too little, and it seemed to be too late.

"Move..." - i couldn't see Flores' eyes, but her glare might have been quite the frightening sight, just as he applied preassure on the girl with her left hand - "...or i ground you."

In the following second, she grabbed Flores arm with her single left hand and threw her in an arc above her small body to the ground with an earh-shaking slam, which my feet couldn't believe the shock that they just felt. Flores' face was both in pain and in stagger from such volatile response. She did, however, spot the incoming punch with her right fist, which she dodged in a split second. The fist struck the earth with inhuman strenght, creating a crater as big as the collumn's base.

"Whoa!" - My mouth couldn't hold up the surprise caused by the demon's guardian. Everyone was shaken by her demonstration.

"You think that power can overwhelm my chains' influence? The influence of the Dark?!?"

Optional Soundtrack:

She cackled with a voice both human and inhuman as she swirled her chains in a golden whirlwind, and replied with a cold voice: "Power is an illusion... absolute power is a seemless illusion."

The controlled girl then proceed to strike Flores with an array of blows as fast as thunder. A few were dodged by the dryad's fluid movements, while the most precise ones were parried with Chama.

"I'm coming!" Coral was fast to react to aid Flores, her sword almost hitting her target. The child then responded with a swift uppercut, parried by Coral's sword. It still threw her into the air, landing on a ruined wall.

As she watched her weapon, she gasped: "A crack?!?"

She quickly imbued her sword with her inner powers. I could feel her leaning on our Vow's power to strenghten her weapon.

"Wisdom, Vaatigam. Knock out the demon. We'll keep her guard busy!" - she yelled as she jumped back to the fray.

"Right!" - I charged towards Vermelho with a quick sprint - "Cover me, Wisdom!"

"Alright!" - Wisdom exclaimed as he lended me his aid with a spell - "Nimble Mind!"

In a flash, i felt my mind more focused, having a greater depth from my sorroundings. It's as if he enhanced my mind instead of striking it.

"Let's have fun, then!" - Vermelho replied to my charge with a whip strike with her golden chain, the purple tip flying towards me. I could sense the strike with precision, jumping over it like a child's linen rope.

This spell is amazing! I've got to ask Wisdom about it later!

My sword was parried by Vermelho's second blade. Even though she was quite older than me, our strenght was evenly matched. As if she relied on sorcery rather than brute strenght.

"I see your muscles are feeble as mine. Fufufuu..." Even if her taunt was insulting her as well, she didn't seem to care. Neither did i.

"I have other strenghts. TRUE BLADE!"

My sword gained a powerfull blue hue, which caught Vermelho's attention. As she gave a backstep for cover, i jumped foward for a downward strike. It only flew through air, as her jump to the left was quicker.

"Demonic Lash!"

The demon summoned a pair of dark circles, from which sprung forth more demonic chains like the ones around the dome's walls. A whip strike from above almost laid a hit on me, landing instead on the ground with a molten swish, leaving a searing scar on the ground.

"Can you handle 3 chains at once, dear?" - She believed to have the upper hand with her new arsenal.

I replied with another question: "Can you handle a Nerve Strike?"

She didn't understood the question with a curious glance, but my bet was right on the money. Wisdom's inactivity was in fact a spell focus, which struck her to the point of bending a knee.

I moved quickly to take her down, but as my sword approached her with deadly speed, she could still speak after the mental attack: "My minion will play with you."

My sword was parried by a wooden spear, its magical defence halting my advance. As i looked to the combantant who came forth, i was surprised by her identity...

"...HAINE!" :

Soundtrack Switch:

I gave a quick jump backwards as i avoided her swirling spear, its blade almost scratching my neck on every time it passed through my side.

A second, more powerfull jump placed me in safety. I couldn't believe she was this nearby.

As i wonder what other forces she could summon, Flores stepped between me and Haine.

"Haine!" - Flores was really desperate to see her on the other side - "Stop! NOW!"

"She won't hear you, Flores. The demon's controlling her senses. We need to take her down."

Her gaze quickly crossed my eyes with dooming intent.

"The demon! Not the dryad!"

She quickly turned her head to the front. "Haine is mine. Go?"

I looked to the right to check on Coral - fortunatly, her coral spells are confusing the young girl's movements. Our Vow is giving her strenght to slowly overcome her opponent, and i felt a quick relief from it. I searched within me for an extra boost from my own Vow, which was granted with a feeling that spreaded quickly over my body. Coral smiled while still facing her opponent, which meant that she felt the connection and is supporting me, even while facing a different battle.

"Right!" - i replied as i turned ahead and assisted Flores' charge.

Vermelho ran backwards for breathing space as she commanded her new minion: "Kill them! Ignore your life and slice them with all you have!"

Haine responded as she swirled her spear, shadowy magic enveloping the whirls above her head.

Flores replied with her own fire magic: "Fire Flow!"

Her horizontal slash with Chama summoned forth flames that moved with her swing, not only countering Haine's charging strike, but also protecting me from the shadows as i passed through Haine's left side.

My sword met Vermelho's blade a second time.

"I won't miss this time!"

"You're damn persistent!" - her other tip whipped from above, this time grazing my spare arm. The wound stung my body, but my resolve threw it foward, hitting her abdomen with an horizontal slash.

The wound wasn't deep, yet the shriek was of high pitch.

"DAMN YOU!" - her whip responded with her fury. My sword parried the blow, but the power pushed me back.

I didn't noticed her magical chains, but a quick glance around while searching them saw them attempting to hit Wisdom. His robe was sliced all around, yet there were no serious injuries on him. I believe that he'll do fine, as long as i hurry with Vermelho's defeat.

As i turned back to the demon, i saw her face filled with a very infuriated teeth grind. My gut told me that things were going to get serious.

"I CANNOT LOSE!" - her fury filled the dome - "BOTH OF YOU, KILL HIM! NOW!!!"

I was looking towards Haine and the girl, anticipating their change of target. Yet their notice didn't shift.

Then a thought blitzed my mind: two more minions?!?

Soundtrack Switch:

A quick roll saved my back from two swords that plunged from above, piercing the ground as i regained my defensive stance.

As i looked at the new assailants, my face was quickly pale with astonishment. I couldn't believe who my new opponents were.

One was Dherota's Chosen...

...Kreuz, i think... :

...but the other was...


...Annette :

"ANNETTE!" - i slapped my mouth to hide the word, but it already ventured out.

Vermelho grinned at her new discovery.

"You know..." - the sense of victory was written all over her - "...i remember this part though."

With a snap of her fingers, both Annette and Kreuz flung themselves at me. Their moves were reckless and full of openings, but such was expected, as Vermelho was counting that i couldn't retaliate against them.

I dodged and parried every attack, but two crazed foes were outspeeding me. Little by little my body was gaining grazed wounds.

"My Mother loved me for tearing apart the hearts of humanity, because i knew how to break them best."

I knew where this was going. I had to respond and take both of them out, yet my heart was holding my blade from doing so as i kept dodging and parrying fatal blows.

Her chain weapon was leaned on her shoulder as she continued:

"I remember the part when a man controlled by my chains kills his own love, and then, after i break my hold on them for a while, weep at their soulmate's corpse for a good while, before i took over their broken mind once more."

My mind was feeling despair, yet something else started to build on my heart.

"I drink their tears, be them man or women, and then saviour their lost hearts. This feeling of despair is what i thrive for... live for... and i have to thank you humans for that."

It wasn't hope, it wasn't valor.

"And then, when i kill their family and release them, again and again with each of their kin slain. The cycle of never-ending depair..."

It wasn't resolve, it wasn't righteousness.

"...a true bliss for my lips to drink upon! YA-HA-HA-HAAA!!"

It was rage.

My body countered Kreuz's in a lock while i parried a blow from Annette. By the time i noticed, it was too late - i was open.

"And this girl's cycle starts with YOU!"

Vermelho loosened forth a whip from her chain upon me, a direct hit with no way out. The mail armor withheld the fatal part, yet the sheer power threw my body away, the horizontal wound gushing blood as i rolled to a halt.

My pain was beyond words, yet my being did not scream. Vermelho's words have made their move within me.


The rage increased as my body slowly got up from the ground. I could feel the light strain of blood leaving my chest, yet even higher were the arcs of power that were moving in and out of my body. Arcs of orange fury which my eyes could see, yet cared little for.


The enchantment on my sword slowly returned to my hand, harnessing power within my grasp. My spare hand also gained an orange hue of its own, its power screaming to be unleashed.


And then i felt my body in full unison - one single, raging purpose.


I charged towards Annette, my full being bent on releasing her from her captor. Vermelho gasped at my sprint, not knowing she wasn't my target.

"Kill him! Forget the pity, just KILL HIM!!!"

Kreuz jumped foward, her sword and spear unleashed without restraints. My hands clashed with both of them, uninjured as the magic imbued in them made their skin harder than enchanted steel.

A powerfull kick from below met Kreuz's side, throwing her to the chains next to the dome's thick stone wall. My body then turned and faced Annette, who was charging towards me with ill intent.


The hue enveloping my right hand was shaped into a sword, clashing against Annette's. My eyes fell into direct contact with hers, seeing the void feelings that she carried. My left hand punched her in the gut, its sheer power immobilizing her.

"What... what are you doing?!?" - Vermelho was expecting me to move in on her, and yet she saw me holding her.

I focused on Annette's back, seeing the point where the chains were connected to her.

And delivered a swift strike on the chains with my right hand.


Vermelho's shriek proved that striking the chains directly would cause harm to her mental link on her prisioners. I didn't care how she could leave such a weak spot out in the open, delivering a second strike. A second scream ensued, and i saw a faint crack on the chain.

"KILL HIM!!!!"

Kreuz emerged from her fall site with an inhuman jump towards my neck. My left hand quickly placed Annette on her knees and countered her advance with an energy sphere that threw her back to the wall with a thunderous boom.

Vermelho was my second assailant, this time from the right.


Her golden weapon gained a fiery hue, raining down on me like a whip of steel and fire.

My right hand awnsered with a slash of its own. The slash not only halted her final assault - it shattered her chain weapon, causing a fiery explosion on her face.

Her clumsy body hit the floor. Burning scars have joined the wound on her torso.

I saw her getting on her feet, at which i replied with my right hand holding the unholy chain, the energy blade causing sparks from shredding the chain. Vermelho's face was getting filled with pain as my hand kept the pressure on her mental link to Annette.

And then both my rage and my mental judgement spoke in unison: "Never..."

The word was spread around the entire dome, despite its low tone.

The second word, however, wasn't low in volume.


And the grip closed on the chain, its blade causing a clean cut on it, releasing Annette from her grasp.

The sheer power from my strike flowed through the chain like an electric shok. Vermelho bended in a twisted arc of pain, feeling the full power of said shock in her mind.

The spark spread around the remaining chains like an electric plague, contaminating its original red hue with an orange glow, until every chain was colored orange.

And on the following second...

... the chains were instantly desintegrated.

The thunderous bzzzzt was heard even from beyond the walls of the factory, reaching every corner and soul that Vermelho has taken hold over in the Ruins of Old.

***** End of Soundtrack *****

I could feel Haine and the young girl's sudden fall to the ground, free from the demon's control. I could even feel Annette's body, held by my left harm, gaining peace as it leaned to my wounded chest.

None of this mattered to me.

What my eyes were instead watching was the blank stare in Vermelho's eyes. She first slowly fell on her knees, drool begining to slowly leave from her mouth's corner. Afterwards, her left shoulder hit the floor.

I felt my rage subsiding, giving way to fatigue and pain.

My body and Annette leaned against each other in perfect peace.

Writter's note:

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07-07-2014: Auction in the works

I'm glad to announce that i've managed to reach the bottom of my inbox, having fed all the non-event 4* while making maxxed 5* for later use.

It's nice to see many units that i've won during my early days in Fanta. While many familiar faces are still around, others that i haven't use are still there too, making unnecessary space.

Therefore, to ease my inbox, i'll be making an EU auction in the near future.

Since most of you know that i'm a light-spender, i'll be mostly auctioning 4* and 5*, either from past events, Series, or other limited events (such as Awakening).

For this first auction, i'll be trying out a lower cast: 10 4*, 10 5*, and 2 to 4 6*, all neately arranged throughout the auction.

I was planning to make such auction around 10 AM Fanta time (that's 6 PM in my city's clock). If you have auction tips to give, suggestions to ask or any other feedback, you're welcomed to contact me via KIK, LINE, a PM from these auctions, or simply leaving a question on my in-game wall.

Here's to hoping that my first auction goes well and that at least a few get a card they like ^_^

The Savage Peaks - Guild Event:

Piercing the Veil - Training event:

Fair Wheather Friends - Gifting event:

Climb into the Light - Panel Event:
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14-07-2014: Flames of the past

"Vaatigam!" - My head turned towards the shout. Coral was mildly bruised, with a staggered walk due to the severe injury on her right leg.

Wisdom was in a better shape, though he didn't had an empowered brawler as an opponent.

"I'm glad you made it, Sir. Allow me." - He took Annette from my side and slowly leaned her against the closest pillar, starting his healing chants. Coral helped me stand up with her kind arms.

"Is it over, Vaatigam?" - asked Coral - "It seems that the echoes of war outside are diminishing.

"I think my hearing isn't as sensitive as yours, Coral, but considering that the chains were shattered, i think several battles within the Ruins of Old may have ended."

My head turned to Flores, who was placing Haine on a corner, next to one of the dome's exits. The way she caressed her friend's cheek showed relief, but also a deep anger...

I kinda feel the same as her. Whoever ordered to emprison her sisters and use some as battle fodder will have a bad time with her.

She stood up once Haine was in a safe position, and took a quick look at us. Her eyes had a hint of urgency. Defeating Vermelho may have shattered the mind control, but not the link to Hartwood's core.

And she sprinted out towards the exit, ignoring us completely.

"Flores!" - Wisdom couldn't stop her due to his healing spell. He couldn't even leave his spot.

"Let her go. We'll catch with her once Annette regains her consciousness." - Even if Flores was pivotal to our sucess inside the factory, i couldn't let our group fall apart. Right now, tending to the victims of the demonic chains, as well as making sure that Vermelho does not flee the scene so easily, are our best options. And considering others will indeed be free due to our efforts, the outside forces will have less foes to take care of and aid us.

A sudden noise caught our attention. A clash of steel on steel, originating from the alley that Flores stormed through.

"Someone caught up with Flores on her path." - Coral's words weren't strangers to everyone's mind.

What did caught us off-guard was the sudden toss of Flores' body back to the dome. Her floral dress was teared in rags, covered with what seemed to be a purple fluid. Its ammount was minor, but scattered all over her torso.

"Wait, Coral!" - Wisdom warned her about the danger - "That's leeching poison. The assailant's draining her power with it."

He was right. Whatever scarce blows the opponent has dealt to Flores in the short time they've met, they were effective to the point of completely undermine her tenacity.

The iron sabatons' steps were heard, their pace fast and relentless. The warrior showed his terrific visage upon the dome's lights, terrifying my sight.

Even now, i remember Bernard's words of advice about this... this menace fully clad in black, damned steel, armed with a hundred ways to inflict the pain he thrives upon.

"A menace who takes no sides and feels no mercy. His presence meant undeniable rivers of blood flowing through any battlefield. Even careless Chosen who could summon him would eventually fall prey to his fist of dark iron and corrupted gold."

"The Devour of Souls has a name feared by the entire kingdom..."

"...Reimund."  :

Optional Soundtrack:

"No. Not him." - i felt my fear conflicting with my body - "Not here, damn it. Not now!"

"What do we do?" - Coral was staggered by Reimund's power - "We can´t face him like this!"

Reimund closed in on us with demonic speed. Flores tried to stand up in response to his movement, yet when he reached her side she still had her torso bended. His fist met her face with a powerfull impact, purple poison covering her face as she fell to the ground once more, barely moving her body.

"We shouldn't be facing him at all!" - i stood in Reimund's path, my whole body aching in pain yet ready to defend the crippled behind me - "Take whomever you can and run! Call for help from outside. RUN!"

"I can't leave you, Vaati!" - Coral was getting desperate.

"You're not leaving me, Coral! You're getting Gjb!" - I flooded my sword with whatever chaotic powers i still had left from my enrage - "CHAOS BLADE!"

I started to ignore Coral and Wisdom, delivering a slash from my upper right. His arm blocked the blow, yet the strenght forced him to halt his march, taking a slightly withdrawn stance.

He wasn't expecting my strenght to be that high. If i can finish him before he gets serious, i may be able to bring him down.

My hopes were crushed as his right hand savagely met my left shoulder. Its pressure staggered my whole body. The purple poison that grasped my shoulder quickly delivered its pain to my nerves, like a huge leech with a fiery mouth.

My mind was still staggered when the second blow came - the cold, dark steel reached my right eye, its blow bringing my head to the ground.

What started as a purple haze over my right eye quickly turned into a full darkness.

*** End of Soundtrack ***



















... the pain...











... it cringes your being, yet it's proof that you still live.

Optional soundtrack:

I felt the dragging over the cold, rocky floor, and yet my mind found itself, a faded shape of myself, pinned to a dark ground; a prison of molten poison, with a black, endless ceiling.

The intensity of it urges me to moan in pain, yet i felt no breath in my lungs.

As if my soul was split from my body, the poison of the dark menace keeping my will in check.

The dragging stopped.

I felt a grip over my neck, placing me on my kneels. Yet i already was on my kneels, my faded eyes seeking no way out, simply staring through the thick purple walls.

"... ... ...remember him... you?"

My ears heard the female voice, filled with dread and hostility. Yet my mind could not care less, lost in its trance of fake, poisonous limbo.

I felt the grip loosening. I still felt ...

... i couldn't describe it. My mind was as dull as my void lips.

"... Chosen ... ... ... ... his face ... ... memories?"

Her words were void and full at the same time. Words that i could hear from my body meant nothing to my soul's senses.

"... life ... within my ... . One ... ... ... twists ... ... ."

A conversation seemed to take place, yet all i could hear was one side.

As if it mattered to my shattered self.

"So ... ... once. Who ... ... Herald ... ... ."

I felt my head tightened. As if a merciless hand was forcing itself on me.

"Talk ...! ... ... friend dies."

Dies... the void within me, and the pain i feel ... am i dead? Living? Undead, even?

Yet i could hear the other side. No words, yet i felt a response.

A sobbing response.

I saw tears dropping through the poisonous walls, attempting to set me free. For nothing.

I saw memories of my past through the tears... dancing with Arger... facing Ianov... talking with Luccia within the prison... eating alongside Colbert...

Even my older memories arose... seeing Hydria's grace for the first time... meeting Coral under the sea... saving nobles at the Masquerade... hearing the masterpiece of Rapture beneath the stars...

... exploring the lands...

... holding the Chosen Sword for the first time ...

... visiting my parents' grave ...

... training with Jordan...

... and then ... blank tears. None showed my oldest past. They were blurred, but why ... i couldn't say.

As if my soul was lost up to that time. I held no memories. No memories at all.


And then...

...i heard a voice.


The word rang through my soul like a gargantuan gong. My inner soul began to manifest itself, a crimson light sprouting from my mind and spreading through my entire body.

The light left through my legs to the dark ground, creating cracks of flame that spread forth, reaching the poison walls. They climbed against the current, evaporating the blank tears, revealing their memories.

Men. Women. Dwarves. Houses. Smiles. All were incredibly familiar, yet none sprang forth a name. Or an event. They were all part of me.

The cracks went upwards, filling the walls with flames to the infinity.

*** End Soundtrack ***

And then everything bursted out in flames. Living, yet harmless flames.

The scene all around me changed. A room made of wood, all lighted up in raging flames.

My body was shrunk. As if i was much, much younger.

My younger hand grasped something rugged. Leather. I looked upwards - i was grabbing my foster father's pants.

And then i watched foward. There he was.

The stranger with orange garments. The flames that obey his will. And the girl on her shoulder.


They connected. My heart felt the sting of pain, of despair. The girl became a vivid memory of joy and bliss, and her adbuction brought terror to my heart.

Jordan yelled to the man: "But why, damn it? WHY?!?"

The child began yelling, her fear even greater than mine: "No! PLEASE! Not my dad! PLEASE!"

It all came back to me. The stranger slowly raised his right arm. "In the end,..." his words stating the inevitable attack.

As terror began to cover my heart, something else pushed it away. My heart didn't want to yield to fear, bringing within something more powerfull.

"Don't give in!" - said a voice from within, strange yet familiar at the same time - "Rescue your friend. You have the power!"

And both spoke at the same time.

"...chaos change us all."

The stranger fired his ball of fire towards us. Myself and Jordan were pushed towards the wall, which was broken by the attack.

Yet, as Jordan continued to fall, i was kept airborne.

My own flames kept my juvinile body afloat, my fear being conquered by the anger of the stranger stealing my best friend away. My mind was completely dominated by its rage as my orange flames consumed the crimson ones that engulfed the house.

And suddenly, my lungs shouted out a powerfull roar, stating my will's intent:


Optional Soundtrack:

The flames around me began to focus unto my body, forming an armor of fire as i charged foward against the stranger. My hands began to form two fiery gauntlets, ready to reduce my enemy to ashes.

My right punch was parried by the opponent's hand, yet the sheer force pushed us out of the flame-engulfed cottage and into the dark blue sky. The stranger jumped out of my thrust, both of us ending floating above the village.

His magic conjured an array of orange orbs, all flying swiftly towards me. One after another, i punched each and every orb, shattering them into sparks of pure fire. With each strike i gave, my will began to sprout fireballs from my hands as well. The fist flurry escalated to a show of fireball gattlings, each bent to stop the other. Stray projectiles flew towards the village, and the cottages began to burst into flames, turning the ground way below us into a sea of flames.

My rage began to increase my fire rate, higher and higher as my teeth grinded harder and harder. The disadvantage was passed to my foe, parrying with his right hand while his left one held my friend over his shoulder.

"Please! STOP!" - Her screams were filled with fear from the fiery display among us. Yet it did not stop me; it only fueled my rage.

Until one of the fireballs struck my opponent in the face, losing his grip over Melissa.

"YAAAAAH!" - Her despair grew as she fell towards the barrened floor.

My body was propelled by the flames towards the falling girl, as if a shooting star was about to strike upon the land. With each passing second our distance was getting increasingly short.

I streched my hand towards her, my flames itching to hold her as well. She streched her arm towards me as well, though her face was pale with fright.

Suddenly, a faster star bypassed me by my right - my opponent's flames were much more organized and efficent, catching her before i did.

I yelled with all of my heart's fury, closing my opened hand to a fist with thirst for the stranger's blood.

To my surprise, the stranger halted, balancing Melissa back unto his shoulder. My fury targetted his head as he awaited me, his eyes locking up unto mine.

I met against him in a blazing speed, but his quick moves managed to instead dodge me and catch my arm. He used my speed to whirl my body around him in a whirlwind of flames, lighting up the blue sky in deep red. He increased my speed with his own effort, up to the point ot firing me against the ground with a speed thrice as faster as when we met.

My body met the ground with an impact so great that my flames bursted out in a fiery tsunami all around me, which engulfed the entire village. The last buildings that were still safe from the fires have become victims of the wild elements that raged from our battle.

I felt my body crushed by the impact. My roars of pain and rage filled the village, even louder than all the flames combined. And yet, i could still have a minor control over my body, like if i was severely bruised rather than totally wrecked.

The stranger landed next to the crater of my landing, which had the radius of two of maybe three wooden houses. Melissa was on her shoulder, paralyzed with fear.

I stood up, my flames flying upwards with every muscle that made the effort to raise my ached body.

"Please, stop this!" Melissa was frightened, yet she wanted the nightmare to stop. The entire village is in chaos, with no sign of any living villager.

As i faced my enemy, he fired a claw of fire straight to my chest. The feeling was painfull, as if a gauntlet of steel was attempting to pierce my body and shread my heart.


The pain was unbearable, but the fury reached an equal height. My mind was beyond reasoning, focused on destroying that which wishes to do me harm. And suddenly, a clik loosened in my mind. Not one of surrender, or of death.

It was one of release.


My soul bursted out in an inferno of flames. The stranger, Melissa, the village. Everything was consumed by my outrage's nova attack. No deep blue, no brown, no teal... all was orange, burning orange. Even my eyes were blinded by the fire's ever-shinning red.

My lungs continued to roar as i unleashed the fires within me with to signs of ending. Engulfing everything in pure orange.

As if i wished to consume everything down to ash!


I felt my neck being embraced, yet my fury wasn't swayed. I felt the love of a dear friend attempting to confort me, and i still couldn't stop myself!

"Please Dan, stop your rage! PLEASE!"

And still flames kept bursting out, my mind in a complete rampage while my mouth unleashed my deepest feelings of anger.

Until it was silenced with a kiss.

I felt the calm embrace of the lips that holded mine with peace, begging to calm down and stop my maddeness. No words, no pleas - just a pure emotion of love.

I felt my mind finally soothing to the arms around me. Only then did i noticed how soft they were, how... familiar they were. My mind became lucid, my flames calmed down, and i regained my conciousness.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

The shinning red gave way to a flashing yellow, advent of the sun's hot embrace.

Little by little, a shade of bright beige shielded my eyes from the sun. The face had tones of orange all around, which waved a fresh aroma through my nostrils.

I felt my left hand touching the cold ground, while my right one felt a kind hand.

The winds whispered their calm to my ears, soothing my wounds with their slightly chilled touch. And then i felt the warm embrace of the girl that was holding my body on her lap.

"Wha..." - my mouth tried to spoke, but a gentle finger landed upon it.

"It's alright, Dan. You're safe. I'm safe."

The voice ringed in my mind, which felt like a huge lock was opened, and my memory could remember my sweet friend's name.


"Yes, Daniel." - her voice was as sweet as honey - "It's me..."

I've felt a gentle touch on my forehead. Another forehead.

"I'm with you now. Be at ease."

And a soft kiss on my forehead filled my mind with peace as i fell asleep in peace. A kind, warm peace.

Writter's note:

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15-07-2014: My first auction

There's a lot of commotion going inside of me. The second Raising event is finally coming towards the EU servers.

And ever since the bitter taste that the second event left me with, i've gathered power. I was able to obtain several monsters from Dice events, 2 of them being 7* monsters, and my units are also looking pretty good.

I have some leftover funds that i can use to purchase event items. I have hundreds of P Te to use on my allies' battles. I have a good batch of Potions, both P and tradable.

All i now need is a bit of good fate, in the form of an EU 6* or better.

Might i remember you guys, that over my entire game experience in fanta, now a bit more than a full year, i've only had 1 draw of an EU of rarity 6* or higher - Coral - in an event where i even didn't rank at all. On my two most serious events where i ranked, both major EUs were given to me, rather than getting them through luck.

Many times have i asked for a 6* or even a 7* out of the 0,01% pool of luck, yet they were all slight in jest. Yet, this time i'm really serious. I want to settle the score with the past and score big in this event.

Yet, i feel that i'll need a few more funds to get ahead. And hence the auction.

My very first auction will feature 4* & 5* from many events which i took part of, as well as several 6* to give a bigger impact to the auction.

As for numbers, i'm not sure. Yet i'll explain the rules during the auction if needed.

For now, i'd like to help my dear viewers to spread the word about the auction that will happen tomorrow (July 16th), at 8 AM FT (Fanta Time).

If you'd like to help and get a few rare units while at it, feel free to join ^_^
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18-07-2014: Raising event!

And so begins my 5th ranking attempt in Fanta, this time going for the top, the "crème de la crème" : the 8*.

This time, though, i'm facing a lot of adversities: limited number of 8* (counting between 15 and 25, while Gregory had 60 at the time), serious competition (most veteran rankers are also hyped about the event), luck factor with event units (drawing a 7*/8*, or getting a 6* through trading), schedule dependency (if the event has more than 4 days, my resources won't suffice).

Still, i'm optimistic. I believe i can go far with the help of many. Saddly i had to make room for ranking allies, so the inactive ones had to go (they were notified with consideration though).

Hoping that everything goes well. If i do manage to win a 8*, be it the EU or the ranking one, i'll never again rank for high positions, focusing on enjoying my cards, make some oddities within the game, and attempt to get my "utopian" unit.

Also, this time i'll be adding an extra touch to my event analysis. Hope you enjoy them better now Wink

Cradle of Heaven - Training event:

Star Crossing - Popularity event:

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22-07-2014 - Raising event results

So the raising event has reached its end. After 4 days of almost no life, a relaxating rest is in order, while also amassing Te and Pots for a future endeavor.

Time to bring the latest two events into daylight. Once i have the time, that is.

The Price of Magic - Legion Event:

The Gift of Water - Raising Event:

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24-07-2014: The awakening

I opened my eyes once more, after a deep sleep. I couldn't remember what i dreamed - my mind was too stunned to memorize anything.

The white i thought to be from my tired eyes was in fact the ceeling, confirming its existence as the sun shined a bit upon the white rock. I felt the restrictions over my body shortly after - bandages and medical clay were making sure i wouldn't recklessly move.

As i slowly moved my head to the right, i felt the pillow below me, caressing my neck and motivating my head's slow movement. My eyes regained their strenght, able to identify the person sitting next to me, with its regal armor, blue-hilted sword, and greyish orange hair.

Never have i felt happier in my life upon seeing my foster father's smile.

"Carefull, Dan."

Dan. It's been a long time since Jordan called me by my real nickname. Maybe it's because i was confined to this bed, my life at risk of being whisked away. When what you love the most is in danger, one would always skip all formalities.

"Hi... dad."

His hand slowly reached my forehead, clean as my hair was strapped beneath the bandage on my head.

I regained the strenght to ask: "How... long?"

"Ten days, my son. You've been sleeping for ten days. We were so worried with you."


I slowly turned my head to the other side. A small head was sleeping next to the border of the bead. While her face was turning the other way, the purple hair from her ponytails gave me her identity.

I smiled upon knowing that Patate was safe after the ordeal in Woodheart.

"Your daughter took care of you way longer than me, always by your side."

I quickly turned back to Jordan. She was't my daughter, she was a nymph.

But a rough finger stood halted my lips.

"I jest, boy. I know she's not your daughter." - he leaned back to his chair - "but the way she cared for you while you were sleeping...any person would reach that idea."

He grinned at me, and i grinned back.

Then i took the initiative to change the subject: "The Ruins of Old... what happened, Jordan?"

He took a deep breath as his eyes met the ground, and awnsered with a heavy burden: "A lot of stuff, Vaatigam. A whole messy lot."

He looked back at me, and reassured me: "But do not worry. Everyone's safe. The slaves were rescued, Annette, those controlled by Vermelho. Things got fixed as you slept."


His eyes then fought against his emotions: "And..."

I knew how Jordan often kept fighting against his emotions. He was a general within the kingdom, so showing pity or saddness, or even any sort of tears, would be bad to his standing.

Yet, he couldn't control the tears that slowly ran out of his eyes. Tears of joy, more than anything else.

"...she was found, Daniel."

Then it came to me.

"They've found her inside the factory."

The orange hair. The warm arms. The reassuring voice.

"Alongside your dorment body, waiting for rescue."

He could no longer keep his inner self in check. His head leaned on mine, the tears moisting the bandages on my head.

"She was defending you, as you saved her from death."

My mind then brought out the word that returned from my infancy, as if something that was hidden finally came into light.


"Yes, Daniel." - the words were full of emotion - "After so long. Even now, i still cry. I always believed, up to the day i found her by your side, still sleeping. And now... you're also back.

A cheerfull voice came from behind Jordan, mixed with giggles: "Oh, Daddy. Put yourself together!"

Jordan's face regained his joy as he turned aside to the one who called him. I leaned in his direction as well.

I rememebered the orange smooth hair which embraced me before. The dress was an immense beauty of green in all of its shades. More so were her eyes, filled with a deep veridian hope that was, at last, fulfilled.

Even if she was way older than before, i still remembered her...

... the feisty, yet kind, Melissa:

As she approached us, i felt a long-lost joy finally found. A happy memory, trapped within the deepest shadows, finally free from the shady grip.


"I wonder how we'll be once i grow up, Mel."
"Well, i don't know, Daniel. Maybe for better. Maybe for worse."
"I hope you never change. I like you the way you are right now."
"Hehe... thanks a lot."


And as her hand touched my chin, i thought back all the times we'd talked growing up. Never had i imagined she would grow into the woman that stood before me.

"You've... you've changed." - it were all the words that could have left my body.

She awnsered with another giggle.

"I'm still the same person, silly. You're the one that's changed!"

And she joined her father, next to the other side of my head.

"Thanks for being brave for me." - She said, as a tear left her left eye.

As both stood at my side, Patate still sleeping while leaned to the bed, felt that all of my long-lost memories returned after that blurry nightmare. The times i've spent with uncle Jordan and dear Melissa while mom and dad were away.

It felt...

... as if i've gained my family back.

My tears joined the group, all slowly dripping away in happy unison.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

Writer's notes:

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28-07-2014: Moba's timing perfection

The Noble Court - Colosseum event:

The Starlit March - Guild Event:

A lot to ponder

*It's been quite a while since i've written within these pages. I'll be honest - i wasn't expecting that coming to Hartwood would change my life... in a lot of ways.*

*It turns out that the place where i was being healed was Woodheart's royal mansion. Claudette has given me the best of her rooms for myself and the entourage that followed me - Nadine, Annette, Flores and, surprisingly enough, Orlando.*

*Nadine had recieved several bruises and a few broken bones, but Lumiere had given her first aid healing at the Ruins of Old, so she just needed to be stabilized before returning to her unit. Annette didn't had any mental injury despite the mind control, which relieved my aching muscles from worrying about her. Flores survived Reimund's poisonous blows, thanks for her own body's defenses. Note to self - plant poisons do little effect on dryads.*

*Orlando, however, was in a worser condition, thanks to Gjb's idea of shooting him out of a cannon. Turns out he had to give verbal suggestions to the commanders belowm and while Muriel did shield him before firing, the damage was more intense on the upper torso part...*

*...of course it was! The poor guy landed with his head on the tent. Why, Gjb? Why do you have the craziest ideas at the worst moments.*

*Speaking of which, Gjb and Ninja are still within Woodheart. Their efforts allowed them entry into the city, besides Jordan, who was already, to my dismay, an aquaintance of Queen Claudette. Still today they await in the city, as part of Jordan's escort once he leaves the city. I think he moved a finger or two to make sure they could help with me. I'll have to buy him a drink once we're at home.*

*Euphemia also stood around Heartwood before returning to the wilds. She gave me back my card deck, with all the cards accounted for. She feared for me once she found them hidden in a room within the Nature's Court. I told her and Claudette about what happened, and Claudette grew concerned, for only a certain group of creatues could disguise themselves as elves.*

*Dark elves.*

*The episode was made a secret among the three of us, though the presence of dark elves would only be passed to those in charge of the city's security, such as Armure and Fang.*

*This made me expect the worst. Dark elves, demons, weapons of war. While the Crimson Moon passed long ago, efforts to keep the chaos that flooded with it still afloat are being done as we recover.*

*Because the ones who were responsible, even Vermelho and Reimund, weren't found. They whisked away when the factory was destroyed.*

*Destroyed by my unconscious rage.*

*Melissa was held captive by their commander, a woman clad in black who yielded swords, fire and blood as her weapons of war. She wanted the dryad's secrets, even if it meant killing the forest's heart with help of the dark elves' black nature magic.*

*She always resisted, despite the torture made on her body and spirit. Until they brought me to her presence, my body easily dragged by Reimund, since my spirit was locked within.*

*She was about to yield when my mind snapped and got out of control. Even mindless, the female commander and Reimund couldn't stand a chance against my pure rage. Melissa took the chance given by the chaos to sever the dark link to Hartwood's heart and save the forest.*

*Yet, out of nowhere, i exploded in a nova of fiery stars that bursted out of the factory, destroying everything that was above in waves of unchained magic. If she wasn't able to soothe my spirit, i would have most likely destroyed the Ruins of Old and all who were fighting near.*

*At least it made both sides of the war making a truce and evacuate the ruins before the ruins exploded. Which didn't happened, to the dryads' relief.*

*And now, i'm finally alongside Melissa, but my memories brought even bigger uncertainties. Who...*

The knocks struck the door with a steady tempo.

"Who is it?" - I asked with a loud voice. I didn't felt pain from the shout. I guess i'm almost fully healed.

"It's me, sir Vaatigam." - a familiar voice came, and the one i was expecting the most.

"Come in, Annette!"

The door wasn't as massive as Claudette's throne room, so it was opened by a human hand like a regular one.

Annette came in, fully dressed in her usual battle suit. Melissa was right behind her, wearing her green dress.

"Are you feeling well, sir?" - Both her concern and her joy were completely mixed in that question.

"I should be asking you that, Annette." - i gave a smirk to relief her of the stress - "You made us all worry."

"Yes, i..." - Annette's pace was somewhat clumsy while she approached the bed alongside Mel - "... i wasn't expecting my mind to be taking. I..."

"There's no need to apologize, Annette. Nobody could forsaw that coming. I'm glad you're safe. And let's leave it at that. Deal?"

It was Annette's turn to smirk: "Deal."

Mel decided to bring her news to me: "Well, with that said, we came to warn you that we'll leave in a few days, as the elves believe you'll need just one more day of rest."

"Thanks for the notice, Melissa."

Annette's words were quick: "Melissa? Isn't her name Melone?"

"What?" - i got caught up by her confusion as well.

Mel gave a quick laugh, and replied: "Sorry, Daniel. I didn't told you about the name the dryads gave me. Quite nice, isn't it?"

"Yeah, Mel." - my mind quickly turned to the reminder - "Oh, and Melone, my name's Vaatigam now. I'm a Chosen now, remember?"

"Oh, right. Sorry, Vaati."

"It's Vaatigam. V-..."

"I've heard it. If you give nicknames to your friends, you should respect the nickname they give you as well."

I blushed. Her six year old argument is still strong. Annette giggled form Melone's triumph.

A blue shadow appeared from the door. Coral entered the room as well.

"Vaatigam, Annette!" - she still didn't saw me awake, so her words carried the feelings from our absence. - "It's good to see both of you awake."

"Coral!" - both met in a joyfull hug.

Mel took her time until they finished the hug: "Greetings, Coral. My name's Melone."

"Likewise." - Coral bowed before her as well.

"So i've heard the news." - Coral's smile was heart-warming- "It means that tomorrow we'll see Arger becoming the Maiden after all."

"Maiden?" - i asked.

"Oh, i just learned it this morning - while all dryads have difference in power and stature, the Maiden is the one who oversees and watch over their people."

Melone further explained: "It's like the title of Queen, but while it doesn't have any power in itself, it brings respect on her decisions."

"That means it still have some degree of power, even if purely social." - i corrected her.

She slinged her index finger from her thump right at my nose.

"Ouch! Hey!"

"You were always the wise guy, "sir" Vaatigam."

"I'm the older one, am i?"

Annette and Coral smiled at our bickering, though i could feel Coral's jealousy, hidden among her eyes.

A fourth visitor arrived at the door as well.

"Oh! Flores!" - Melone was quite happy with her appearance.

"I brought her with me." - explained Coral - "She wanted to see Vaatigam dearly."

"Vaati..." - Flores' speech, while lacking in words, was brimmed with anxiety.

"I'm alright, Flores!" - i waved with a smile - "And it's Vaatigam."

She quickly approached the bed, - she was always straight to the point, after all - and her hand met mine.

"Vaatigam..." - her words still had an heavy emotion within.

"Flores?" - Melone asked - "Are you feeling well? I know you're recovered from the poison, but do you still feel alright?"

Flores didn't heard Mel's question. Her eyes were fixed on mine with such devotion that i found it startling. At the Ruins of Old, she didn't cared much for me, yet now... what changed in her, i wonder?

"Warm..." - her word was audible while she grasped my hand harder.

Her chest met mine, and she rubbed her forehead on mine in a split second.

Gasps filled the room.

"FLORES?!?" - Melone and Coral grabbed Flores by her arms, her faces still printed with surprise.

As she was being hold, she said it again: "Warm...beautifull flame."

Melone was startled by Flores' words. Even as her words were void of air, i could read her lips: "She saw."

"Coral, please take Flores back to her room." - Melone's speech was swift - "She still needs rest."

"S-sure." - Flores didn't made any restraint against Coral's actions - "But what was she doing?"

"Trust me, just take her away."

As Coral took Flores out of the room, both myself and Annette had no strenght to check our chins.

"What did she..." - Annette asked Melone. Yet she gave no awnser.

Something tells me i'm doing a mistake, but still: "A kiss."

Both Melone and Annette turned to me in disbelief, although such disbelief had a different reason on each of them: "WHAT?!?"

"Forehead touching counts as kissing in dryad culture. And yes, Melone - i've learned a few things about dryads during my stay here."

"She... kissed you?" - Annette was quite puzzled.

"And what do you mean "she saw", Melone?"

Melone was now also puzzled: "Wha..."

"Please, explain us. Annette is a safe person to trust. Believe me."

Melone looked at Annette with uncertainty, then sighed as she explained: "Flores is the Rebirth Tree. Her fire burns the old and gives room for new trees to grow. No other dryad has control over fire as she."

She still hesitated a bit before she continued: "As the sole dryad who controls fire, she's mostly lonely and neglected, as her duty is not the most innocent by dryad standards. So, when she saw you unleashing your powers that destroyed the ruins, bright as the fire that she wields, i think she... i think she became infatuated of you. As if you were her soulmate."

Melone's explanation ringed true, up to the point of understanding her being, including the lack of words that Flores uses. Annette, however, felt even more surprise about what she heard.

"So... you've unleashed your flames once again."

Just like when i saved her at the Wastes: "Yes... i did."

She leaned to the wall, trying to amnage her words on this complicated matter. Melone's expression shows that she believes that Annette knows of my "potential" as well.

"When you faced Count Ianov, i felt the flames, though they were still in your control. But, to think that the destruction at the Ruins of Old was your doing."

My gut had to gain strenght before asking: "How much was destroyed?"

"The main factory at the center. A complete rubble. It was only a glimpse before i slept again, but i still remember it."

Melone holded Annette's hands: "Now you know why this must be kept a secret."

"I know." - she replied - "While i owe my life to Vaatigam and his allied Chosen during the Battle of the Wastes, i also made my duty to be sure that such wouldn't happen again."

"Then i hope we can work together. I don't know what happened back then, and i don't mind not knowing, but Vaatigam will need help controling this power."

I felt both flushed for Melone's concern. While we just met a few days after what seemed an eternity away, her friendship for me is still strong as in the days of young.

"I will." - Annette's head slowly nodded along with her words.

"Thanks, both of you." - i had to express my feelings at that time - "i should be the one looking out for the world, but instead i'm hiding secrets while the ones that i'm supposed to protect are doing such instead."

Melone's eyes were amazingly captivating, going nicely along with her wide smile - "We'll talk with dad concerning the departure, and assisting Arger's cerimony. In the meantime, rest. We'll have a lot to do later on."

She slowly walked towards the door, her dress swaying with her steps.

When she left the room, Annette took a deep breath.

"Quite a lot to ponder, is it?"

I replied with a sigh: "I wish i didn't had this power in the first place."

She tried to confort my courage: "Our falls and flaws are what trim our character, Vaati. If you didn't had such untamed power, i wouldn't be alive today, would i?"

"That's be a pity to the world... to lose someone like you."

Annette was caught flat-footed by the compliment.

I continued: "I know our kingdom's laws forbid chosen form having relations with the Heroes they ally with, as the Vow can only be made if the hearts aren't joined already."

Annette knew of that. Chosen had the suport of everyone, but couldn't have children if they wished to continue as still.

"Yet, i cannot turn the feelings that brought me to where i am now, and those whose lives i've changed with my beliefs."

I felt a hand over my hair: "Coral and i were already hard enough, was it?"

My heart told me to be honest:"...yes."

My head felt a soft kiss from above.

"Just make sure you keep your heart in check. It is as reckless as the brain if not tempered."

"Thanks, Annette."

"Anytime. I'll be following Melone now."

Annette raised her hand from my head and headed towards the door.

"Vaatigam, please don't write these things in your diary. Someone could read it."

Her hand reached the door's handle, slowly closing the door.

"Can't make any promises there. Cya later."

As Annette closed the door, i continued my writting.

*...was the stranger which i fought against as an infant? Was he culprit for my parents' death? And why do i have this power within me, each time becoming more dangerous? Even Hydria volunteered to disguise my powers by allowing me to drink from her powerfull water. Yet, fate conspire to make me more dependant of this power.*

*I just hope i can control it. For everyone's sake. Coral, Annette, Nadine. Vicente, Renald, Bernard. Arger, Flores and Melone.*

*Either i control this fire to shine as a beacon to all, or it'll burn everything i loved to the ground.*

*Just like my hometown...*

Writter's notes:
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05-08-2014: The Maiden's Reality

*The Maiden cerimony took place at dawn, within the Nature's Court. The main arena has changed since its last trial - the barren ground has given life to fertile grass and pockets of yellow flowers. A few private words with Euphemia have revealed that my shoulderpad alone wasn't good enough to confort Patate, so she filled the whole arena with luxurious green to allow her a better rest within her element.*

*Claudette also approved the new change, vowing that she would do her best to avoid blood upon these new grounds.*

*The cerimony was quite simple - a clear blue flower was bestowed upon her right hand, female cheers erupting from the dryad people as she recieved the responsibility.  And when she gave her speech, such cheers were turned into gasps of uncertainty. Indeed, her words will change the way of the world. I decided to keep them in my diary, as a reminder of what my actions have indeed caused here.*


"Thank you, everyone, for puting my faith in me."

"A lot have changed the wodden world where we live. Our people has lost their greater benefactors, and their location is uncertain. Yet worry not, for Amor has told me they still breathe in our world."

"As we wait for them, i cannot sit idle while i assure that they still have a people to return to."

"Our home was thrashed, violated due to promise of treasure and power. And i will not allow it to be tarnished a second time."

"The rogue humans have dispersed. Some reatreated with their masters, several met their end within the Ruins of Old, others still live within our prisons, awaiting their fair trials."

"Yet the secrets they looked for, the power they desired, still linger within our borders. Others could come to search them, even steal and kill for their gain."

"Such will never happen again ... for i'll make sure there is no wealth that they could find within our lands."

"As for the treasures of gold and gems, along with other artifacts of valor - they will be dispersed among humans and elves that are capable of taking them out of Hartwood. The individuals will be handpicked by a jury consisting of Queen Claudette, the defender Fang, myself and General Jordan. Lady Cherche will avail the riches and distribute them according to our decisions to those we choose."

"My second will target the most powerful secret that was hidden within the Ruins of Old: the Black Powder. There are many entities that will kill entire villages for secrets, which happened with our own. Thus, i've decided that the best way to deal with such problem is to destroy the secret."

"And no, i don't mean destroying it physically - the black powder comes from the earth, and thus such secret can be rediscovered in another age, causing more untold suffering and anguish. What i wish to destroy is the secrecy of itself, so that no more desire can hover over our lands. Captain Alias and Captain Gideon will spread the secret to other lands in exchange of wealth, allowing the recovery of the human settlements that were victims of these events."

"While many tremble at its warfare potential, i see a way in which it can prove to all the people in the world that the Black Powder has the promise of a greater good."

"For such, Queen Claudette will hold a celebration within these very grounds. Tonight i will show how the Black Powder can become a blessing to the land, rather than a curse that has frightened our nights."

"Please everyone. Elves, humans, dryads. Quell your hatred and give yourselves a chance to make peace towards all."


*During that day, all the fortunes that were hidden within dryad lands were given to those who showed no aggression, or wished to help the war's recovery. A few parties that were mainly neutral also had a share, such as Merio's mercenary group. Mercena was really over the moon for recieving a whole pot of gold just for herself. I believe she earned it - while striving for riches, she always chosed the most noble cause.*

*The jury was incredibly peacefull. Most arguments between them were settled with rational thinking and agreedable terms. And the friction which i was the most worried about - between Fang and my foster father - was almost non-existent. He later told me why though: "Imagine all the right actions that you'd want for a human settlement. You then replace the "human" word with the "elf" word. If you show reasonal respect towards a worthy person's motives, they'll respect you back." *

*And to be honest, the only one which they forced their terms upon ... was myself. I was fine without taking any compensations, as peace between human and elves was a reward good enough for me, but they shoved 20 bars of gold - 20 BIG bars of SOLID gold, mind you - to two wagons with my home as destiny. Even Coral gasped at the loading site...*

*Alias and Gideon made preparations to sell the Black Powder towards nearby civilizations, while also preparing the "positive demonstration" that Arger had in mind. Agatha and Cyrus also aided the efforts on the two distint fronts, each on their area of expertise.*

*In the end, all was impressively done by sunset... and the celebration started as the moon watched us from the night sky.*


I was dazzled. I could hold half a dozen of beverages before i could start feeling light, yet Gideon showed no signs of giving up after ten of them. The drinks he chose weren't light as well - quite the heavy stuff. And the way he was exagerating my tale after he heard it from Queen Claudette... well, it's too late trying to avoid attention now.

"And with hish full magical power he fhew a fhousand of swords against the colossal Golem, unable to make hish stand against the mighty Vaati!"

"That's Vaatigam, mind you. Hic! ... VAATIGAM!" - i knew i should have stopped at the eigth mug.

Jordan, however, was happily hearing how his protégé earned the trust of the elves. Ever since Melone joined his side, his behaviour shifted towards optimism considerably. I'd feel that too, if i had spent around ten years looking for my daughter.

Also, all the humans felt awe as they heard his story, including Robert, Merio and Mercena. Vicente was also present, though his smirks were about how much Gideon was exagerating from the truth.

"And then his all-mighty Leader drove his hammer right unto the Golem's core, all mushcles in unishon. WHAAAAM!"- the belch quickly after didn't help quieting him down one bit - "And so down went the Golem, nofhing more than dusht!"

He raised his eleventh mug: "A cheer for Vaatigam, last ruler of the Nature's Court! HEAR HEAR!"

His soldiers, full of brew in their veins, also replied: "HEAR HEAR!!!"

A sharp voice came from behind our table: "He didn't exactly won the Trial of Acceptance, Gideon."

I wasn't light enough to confuse someone's identity yet, and i was not expecting to see Fang showing up on our happy corner.

"Who cares, high defender? Your judgement is partial on thish one. He did scold you right after, eh?"

The men laughed at the notice. Fang ignored the laughter.

"If you had enough fun from me now, i'll take Sir Vaatigam to Arger. She requested his presence."

Fang, addressing me as Sir?!? I wasn't expecting that. Not at all.

"No. I do not allow you to take the star of our table away!"

"YEAH!" - said his sailors.

The men who were with me at my former camp replied even harder: "HELL YEAH!"

Jordan decided to aid Fang in letting me go: "Gideon, don't forget that he also saved the slaves you guys missed. Arger also wants some..." - that pause was disconforting though - "...quality time with her hero."

"Oooooooooooooh." - so many were the voices that i mustered all my forces to remain neutral. The blood was itching to pump through my cheeks.

"Then why didn't ya said so, Vaatigam. Go on then, have fun with the girl. You deserve it." - a heavy tap landered on my shoulder as he met me - "But, next time, bring me the Leader who smashed the Golem with your help. I'd love to arm wrestle with him!"

"HEAR HEAR!" - the public was still noisy.

"As a matter of fact," - Fang countered, smirking with his thoughts - "said Leader is alongside me, who came to say hello to General Jordan."

All the eyes of the table turned as Fang came to my side, leaving the young, childish Patate open for all to see.

"Hi all!" - her greetings were as cheerfull as ever, which prompted the laughing strike that landed on every single drunken man on the table. Gideon suffered the biggest attack.

"Was this girl the one to wreck the Golem that i took down with both my hands?!? AHAHAHA!" - the laughter forced the veteran to lean on the table, both hands holding the wood - "You're quite the laugh, girl."

Fang didn't said a thing. Instead, he smiled as Patate considered Gideon's remark a challenge, meanwhile signalling me to quickly meet him.

"Wanna see?" - she quickly responded as she brought up her hammer from behind, preparing a full swing. I stood up and rushed towards Fang to avoid the incoming surprise.

"Hammer Time!"

The clear side of the hammer struck Gideon on his butcheeks. The blow was strong enough to make Gideon dive to the table and slide through the long wooden course. Men fell off their chairs in surprise as the man passed through them. By the time he stopped, both his arms raised to reveal an apple, stuck on the man's mouth.

Only Jordan laughed from the comical scene, his voice louder than all the previous laughs combined.

Gideon spit out the apple instantly: "Why you little gnat!" - his feet stomped the grass together, both dirty with mead - "I'M GONNA TICKLE YA TO DEATH!"

Patate ran through the tables to gain distance from Gideon, away from both myself and Fang.

While i believe that something from Fang changed, i wasn't strong enough to ask. I'd sound as if i was geniually drunk. Even with my unpolite posture, i still had conciousness over my words, or at least a big part of it.

"I... asked Patate to forgive me." - Probably about his attempt to take her life, undefended.

"What did she say?" - i took a deep breath as i looked up to the starry sky. To lift my head from the drunken haze.

"She said you had to be the one forgiving me, since she was in your care."

"I think..." - damn you mind, stay upright, i want to say something important!

"... i think she already forgave you. She just wants the two of us to go along."

"I thought so." - said Fang, still with the same posture. I couldn't tell without feeling his mind whether he was asking for a pardon or not.

"I guess my pride clouded my judgement on that single moment. Yet..."

"You had your reasons." - i didn't want to meddle in this, as it would only bring personal demons -"And i think i was clouding mine at that time as well."

"What do you mean?"

"I didn't knew nothing about the Trial of Acceptance. I simply gave my all."

"So... you tried to hide your ignorance?"

"Clouding my feelings, just like yours."

And suddenly, Fang yapped a quick cackle. I grinned at the situation as well - none of us was fully right at that time, and still acted like we were the envoys of our races, striking each other with our beliefs.

"So we're accomplices in a way, then?" - remarked Fang.

"Quite the odd alliance, indeed." - his feelings were the same as i... akward and with lack of response.

Suddenly, Fang reached his hand toward me: "Then shall we represent each other our best, from now on?"

I awnsered with my hand, performing the handshake: "May we be the most truthful."

Fang started: "I am Fang, sworn defender of Hartwood. My arrow is the bite that defends the pack, and my pride the tip of retribution."

I awnsered: "My name is Vaatigam, Chosen by Rover the 4th. I aim to represent Silversong by my best ability, and to honor my human kingdom."

We both smiled at each other. I waited for the best time to speak my word.

"Sounds fair enough."
"Sounds fair enough."

In the end, we both did. Our laughter reached the dryad table, as Arger and Amor quickly turned to us.

"Vaati! I'm glad you're all better and laughing." - Amor's eyes were full of optimism, as they ever were.

I tossed out a fake cough: "Vaatigam, please."

"He takes pride on his Chosen name, Amor." - Arger slowly raised from her seat, approaching me in a kind manner - "You should call him in its fullest."

"Should i take my leave, Maiden?" - asked Fang, with his manners towards his now-superior held in check.

"Yes. Thank you."

As Fang went back to his table, Amor also rose up, and Flores also jumped out of her seat.

"I need to ask you something, Vaatigam." - Arger's words were bold, as if looking foward to issue a challenge.

"Ask away, my Maiden." - i awnsered as both Flores and Amor arrived.

"Before you stand three souls, each of them touched by yours in an unique way. And our culture only allows one of us to bond with you. What do you plan to do regarding this, Chosen?"

I knew the troubles that i brought unto myself. I touched Arger during the fireplace and after my sleep. I touched Amor during the dream we both had, and i touched Flores with my mindless display at the Ruins of Old ... something that wasn't my initiative entirely, but still...

"To be honest..." - i let my tongue linger a bit, to make sure it makes the right effect - "... i don't believe that there is any chance for any bond at all between us, saddly. Each of us has our own responsabilities, too apart to make a vow as deep as marriage - that's the name humans call this vow."

The three dryads looked to each other, knowing that what i said was trully accurate. Arger was the Maiden now, and taking care of her dryad people was her new duty. Amor had to find a way to reach Algeria through her dreams. And Flores was, most probably, one of the most powerful dryads among their people, and should she leave them, things could get dire.

"True." - Flores was the first to admit.

"Such is our sad reality." - Arger was the second one.

I turned to Amor, awaiting her response.

She closed her eyes, her arms holding her heart for an awnser.

"There's a way." - she replied.

I was looking foward for this way.

Then i noticed the Soul Sparks leaving her body, starting to swirl around her in the fated, predetermined path that i instantly recognized. The unusual rainbow pattern quickly encircled her in their full, lightning glory, until all the sparks converged into her hand, taking the shape of the item that makes the link between the Chosen and his Heroes...

...the Hero Card:

Both Flores and Arger gasped. "Why?" - they both asked.

"Because, while reality cannot always follow what we want..." - her eyes locked on mine with a loving devotion - "...we can always dream on the possibilities that we can have. And sometimes, said dreams can become reality too. You know that more than anyone, Arger."

"Yes..." - Arger admitted - "...even though this makes us more of his servants rather than his equals."

"Love." - Flores' single word touched Arger.

"Yes. That i feel to all who i trust within my deck." - i replied to both of them, as i recieved Amor's card - "And i promise i'll use them well."

Flores and Arger looked to each other once more, with a defeated smile on their faces. And both released their Soul Sparks, dancing through the nearby tables and around the four of us like a free rainbow. Until they landed on their hands...

...creating their own Hero Cards:

"Promise you'll take good care of us." - asked Arger.

"Please." - Flores took part of Arger's plea.

They knew i wouldn't break their trust, yet i felt this was something they didn't do that often. So i replied with my honesty: "You can count on me."

And so i've added the three new cards to my deck.

"But before you leave tomorrow..." - spoke Arger -"...could you come with the three of us?"

I followed them as they leaded me through the corridors within the Nature's Court, away from the party at the center. I saw a bit more sober, so going up the ladders wasn't a hassle. The path was familiar, lighted up by the safefire braziers, and when we reached our destiny, i figured out why - it was the royal balcony at the Court. Though empty, there was a large pile of feather pillows and silk sheets layed in the ground.

"Could we be together on this last night? Before you leave?" - Amor asked with the sweetest voice i ever heard from her.

"Why have you brought me here, then?" - i asked.

"So we could see the best the Black Powder has to offer." - Arger hustled into the pile with a childish dive - "Come, join in."

Amor quickly followed. Flores was the only one that stood by my side, her arms holding mine, as if she'd go where i'd go. I sighed with a smile as we joined the other two in the soft pile.

I quickly became sorrounded by the three, each caressing a part of my body. I felt it as a bit of a three-way struggle, but that was the smallest inconvinience, where the soft hands and gentle touches left my mind in peace.

All they wanted was for me to stay with them for a night there. My eyes locked the majesty of the stars, shinning the night from above.

Suddenly, a burst within the eternal night echoed forth, dozens of green stars dancing out of a single point with a distant boom. I have never seen anything as majestic like it. Suddenly, red stars imploded, and so did yellow and orange ones. Lots and lots of peaceful booms were heard from the night sky, its beauty increased a hundred times more with the amazing display that our eyes were blessed to see.

Amor and Flores were also absorved by the sight: "Beautifull..." - the word came really slow from their mouths in unison, proof of their surprise. My hands caressed the both of them, letting them absorve both my warmth and the new lights in the sky.

Arger came closer to me before speaking softly: "I've asked Gideon and Alias to change the name of the powder... to a more fitting one with the Rainbow Stars that they can provide to the night."

"And what did you suggest?" - i replied with the same tone.

Her forehead met mine before she awnsered: "Night Powder."

"A beautifull name, from a beautifull mind." - i remarked softly.

She smiled: "So you do have a preference."

"Shhhh...." - my lips locked hers with a smooth touch. Then, after i released her, both our heads stood together as we turned them again to the night sky to enjoy the show.

This is a special night that i decided to never write in my diary. The things that followed were too magical to take note of. It was our only night together, and such memory should be etched in our minds, not in a book.

I'll let any curious readers imagine for themselves how i've spent the night. They have enough freedom for it.

Editor's notes:
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08-08-2014: Summer Holidays!

Tonight i'll be going to my summer home in the mountains. To enjoy the fresh air, the nice folk, the fresh pool ... all part of enjoyable holidays Razz

Yet this won't mean that i'll avoid duties. I have a list of things that i'll be doing when my mind is better capable to work, and the diary notes which i'm planning to write to keep the story and its characters more cohesive is one of them, though not the most important. The most important is the archive of the works i've done in a library i've been working on for my boyscout group.

While my parents have ordered a network antenna to catch the free online connection currently avainable on the village (at least for the next 4 years), there isn't a strong connection there right now, so my diary work and gameplay at Fantasica will be limited. Though i'm interested to see what new eventwill arrive at the US servers soon.
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22-08-2014: Vacation update

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a good time.

As i'm writting this, i have quite the lovely scenery: mountains painted with lush green, a clear pool by my side, a large tree above, providing me with shade, and a white garden table to place my laptop.

While my parents' summer house is deep in the mountains, near the border with our neighbour country, a couple of net technicians have installed an antenna connected to the village's internet station at one of the mountains' peak. So i'll not be using my smartphone's MBs on the internet that much.

And i'm glad that happened, because the recent events were quite the grind rush. A HELLISH grind rush.

When i started writting this diary, i thought about statying my thoughts on the events as they came and go, each taking around a week or two. But when events are rushed in to the point of having two heavy events going on just in three days... well, i tend to miss stuff.

So, while i'll try to talk about as many events as i can, i will not cover every event. Maybe i'll mention an event on another one's talk because of my experiences, but i won't promise much.

Mobage are stepping up a lot in the US server, dishing out events and their event packs in quick (and rediculous, might i add) sucession to earn faster money. I feel at peace that i'm on this event rather for the gameplay and the company while i play (the forums also have kind players around Very Happy ), rather than the hoarding factor. Because if so... i'd probably be lone gone after seeing so many units pass through, with not enough money to even catch units that i'd like to get.

Before moving on, i'd like to report that while i was away, i've increased my army considerably.

Not one, not two, but THREE 7* units:

The Stranger

*We reached Hartwood's edge three days after that beautiful night, having caught a glimpse of the Edge of Stone a pair of miles before reaching the forest's end. The vestiges of my army's previous stay here were scarce, yet visible to the trained eye. The passing army's trampling march left tracks through the grounds to give further proof that humans did indeed enter and left Hartwood.*

*What my eye also caught, as i followed the tail's army towards our destination, was a slim elf wearing a familiar red cuirass, watching our final steps out of the forest's edge and into the open fields. He was probably escorting us while hidden within the trees' canopies. While his disdain did gained a bit of restraint towards humans, his grudge would take more time to heal.*

*I waved my hand in secret, hoping that Fang would also reply as a fellow defender. Instead, he used a horn to signal our exit towards the forest's center. The bellow was ancient, with enough power to reach the entire forest.*

*The wave only came a bit after. Duty over camaraderie, it seems.*

My mount showed no fatigue as the last day of the four-day journey to the Stone Roses Keep was reaching its end. Considering that our march was indeed slow, as our unit was one of the most peacefull ones heading back home, i'm surprised that i didn't need to change steads on the way.

I decided to make better use of his remaining energy and compelled my mount to gallop foward, towards the head of the march, where Jordan was leading for me.

"General." - I called for him by his rank.

Halting his march, his head quickly turned: "Speak, Lieutenant."

"I need you to follow me, sir. There's something that i need to report in private."

Jordan prepared his steed for a quick gallop: "Lead the way, Vaatigam."

We got seperated from the unit as the horses took us up a small mountain. The road ended on a well with a view over the keep, with a busy village to the south: Stoneshire, home of the kingdom's best stonemasons.

Jordan was familiar with this hill. It's where we made private reunions. Just the two of us, exchanging thoughts and plans that couldn't even be spoken within the Stone Roses Keep.

He dismounted in peace, making sure the horse was tranquil before admiring the view. I joined him by his side, waiting until i could speak about my regained memories.

But where to start? I still couldn't remember much. I had some memories, but not everything was still lucid.


"...the Stranger." - my mouth slipped that last part.

Jordan's head still looked foward: "What do you remember, son?"

"I... i charged at him when he blasted us out of our home. I... i tried to save Melissa."

He nodded. Such act brought relief to my heart.

"You did indeed remember."

"Was he... involved with my parent's deaths?" - my head turned to meet his right eye.

"He never admitted such." - i could feel a heavy past lifting from his mind - "His power brought fire to the entire cottage, standing between me and your parent's room. I could never tell, yet..."

"... you saw death in his eyes."

"Not death, Vaatigam. Conviction." - Jordan's eyes started to fill with rage - "He threw all of this talk about this ..." - he took his time remembering, as if digging up a painful memory - "...Chaos... molding our lives. As if we had no control over our fates."

I looked to the village below. It's true that we can't control everything - birth, nature, instincts, death. A forest fire coming from the mountains could easily sweep the village if nobody was alert. Anything could happen.

"And yet you told me i did kill my parents." - i held my instincts in check. Let my foster father explain his omission - "That i killed everyone in my village."

"The latter is true - you were out of yourself, all of your... magic... focused on killing Mel's kidnapper."

"I did?" - i closed my eyes, trying to bring back the memories again. They were blurred, yet the fire was present everywhere, as if it consumed everything.

"Only five have survived the flames that engulfed that night. You and me and Melone as well. Another young girl from the village, and a rough dwarf."

My mind wasn't dominated by the tragedy. I already had control over it. There was something i felt besides beaten regret... hope.

"There were others besides the three of us?"

"You'll remember them soon enough. If your memory is indeed being released from the turmoils of that night, it'll come to you eventually."

My thoughts then came up towards my consequences. Jordan never appointed me as guilty for the massacre. He told me this "half-truth" in secret before i'd take the Chosen Sword, and never paid the consequences.

"Now that i remember trully being the culprit of the vilage's demise... will you take me to justice."

"You were trying to protect Mel. The Stranger's the one to blame."

"But to blame me for my parents' death..."

"Would you chase the Stranger?" - Jordan interrupted me in a flash - "You would indeed chase him to the corners of the world, giving in to your anger and ignite the fire within you again. And this time, i wouldn't be able to save you."

His eyes met the ground to his left: "Just like i couldn't save your parents."

His words did ring true - my feelings are the result of humility towards my blame, having focused on repenting what i did. Had i start the chase, i'd be a slave to my rage, and probably lose my way like the Stranger.

"There's a difference between a noble act with evil intent and an evil act with noble intent." - i replied to my foster father - "You did taught me that."

"Will you forgive me for the lie, my son?"

My awnser was instant: "I will... father."

We hugged each other, both holding on our tears.

Jordan turned to his horse, as i headed towards mine.I dared to ask: "Was there any search for the Stranger, father? Or were them fruitless?"

"All searches were in vain, as we never managed to locate neither him nor my daughter." - he sat on the saddle with a quiet landing - "I was hoping she'd told me more about the Stranger."

"Why didn't she?" - i found it odd, as i ensured my confort upon my steed's saddle. Why would she defend her captor?

"She wasn't still safe about telling it, so i'll escort her to Silversong once you're settled."

"Sounds good to me." - i concluded.

"And Vaatigam?"

"Yes, Jordan."

"Promise me you won't chase the Stranger if you find information about him. I want this to me a chase in unison, not a one-man vendetta."

"I understand. Will be even easier with you by my side."

Both our horses began moving down the trail, back to our unit.

"Hence the request. This Stranger is a force that nobody at the time could measure from the caused devastation. Though they didn't knew it was a combined effort, mostly done by your untamed powers."

I tried no to brag. Who would brag for the death of their closed ones?

"So, what is our plan in the meantime?"

Jordan looked at me as our unit was visible across the trees.

"We'll address your powers, Vaatigam. You'll have to train your powers properly."

I nodded. This power within me is volatile - finding a way to control it would help my odds in the future.

"Any ideas?" - i dared to ask.

Jordan smiled: "I know a few who might help. You'll see."

As his grin widdened, i began to shudder. WHO was he thinking of?...

Author's words:
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02-09-2014: Heroes

*These last days have been quite relaxxing, comparing the calm rythm within the Roses Keep to the frenetic running within the Ruins of Old.*

*Most of the gold we brought was used to reinforce the armament and some weakened structures within the keep, while our stockpiles are quite full to endure the incoming winter. A few perks were also added, like comfortable sheets for the dormitories and better cooking utensils for the kitchen. Only a fifth of the gold remained after all the remodelling, which, after taking a tenth of the gold to store for emergencies, was distributed to all citizens of Stoneshire as an incentive to improve the trust of the people.*

*Renald saw such move as a "sad, yet necessary move" from our part. I ordered Camile, in secrecy, to make sure that none of the given gold would end up on his hands. Even if he's changed, a schemer will always be a schemer, and the sudden burst of gold within the economy would give him enough temptations to become the scoundrel he once was.*

*Saddly Jordan and Melone aren't present. Melone was taken to Silversong to serve as a witness to reinforce Jordan's report, along with carrying information about her captors...and the Stranger.*

*In the meantime, Cherche stood with us within the keep as a tutor, aiding Bernard with his lessons. And sometimes, she even takes the main role during a session. Like the one about the various types of Heroes that exist in our kingdom.*

Our meeting room became once more the scheduled place for another session. Various chairs were spread around one of the oval table's half, and i was the first to arrive at the room. Most likely Cherche will be teaching us, as ever since her missunderstanding with Bernard within the keep's new library have given her a restriction by the scholar himself.

While i understand his reasons, i dislike her classes for a whole different reason...

"Hi, Vaati!" - a familiarly cheerfull voice came from the room's entrance.

Patate has been quite lively as our youngest member of the family. She doesn't need any training, as nymphs, according to Bernard, can't enhance their physical atributes through practice. Either they have the power, or they don't.

I smiled at her, since there were other ways to increase a nymph's strenght, like my late experience within the Nature's Court.

"Good morning, Patate. Ready for today's class?"

Her white dress swayed as she moved foward: "Yup, and i've brought company too."

Shortly her words, two other girls walked inside the room to Patate's side. The first girl was wearing her usual crimson dress and her beige cap. The second girl was still using her faithful desert garments.

"Fasti. Arena. Glad to have both of you here today." - i greeted them with a rigid salutation.

Fasti's stance was a bit quirky, like her normal demeanor: "Good morning, Lieutenant!"

"Thank you for the honor." - Arena's salute had a bit more respect, as the keep was still strange to her.

"You don't need to be so uptight towards Vaati, Arena. He's nice."

From what i've heard, Arena still had some issues about getting along with others. Fasti, however, was different. She liked having Arena around, not only for good company, but also as someone to spar against in ranged duels. Both of them had an amazing relation that tilted a lot between friendship and rivalry.

"There is no need for a strick mood here, Arena. Be at ease."

"Thanks." - Arena's posture took a calmer attitude.

The four of us took a place at the table, though we stood in pairs as Patate prefered my side, and the two girls wanted to stay side by side. Others began to enter and take a chair: Renald, Annette, Nadine and Lumiere. Two younger residents from Stoneshire also came to attend the class: Rupen, the son of the wealthiest family in the village, whose golden hair and green eyes won the admiration of the village's maidens, wearing a green shirt with dark blue pants; and Schmidt, a down-to-earth girl, with a tomboy attitude that made her into a blacksmith's apprentice, and none would say that place wasn't meant for her, for her hair carried the crimson strenght of the flames she is learning to convey unto her work. Both her light vest and her shorts were made of reinforced leather - the most common of their village.

...the last person to enter, however, was a fresh sight to everyone. A knight wearing a combination of a light dress and steel parts, which gave her a sight both elegant and fearful.

It was also a surprise to all, as she was the only knight in Jordan's detachement to voluntarily remain within our keep. Some say she enjoyed staying at the Stone Roses' Keep, others whispered that she rather prefered Closer's rigorous training.

No matter the true motive of her decision, it was my honor...

...to have Paris, the Cerulean Knight, with us:

"Greetings, sir Vaatigam." - she made a hasty salute before taking the last seat at the table.

"Greetings, Paris." - i awnsered - "I thought attending these classes was not of your preference."

"I came by request of the tutor herself." - That last word confirmed Cherche's presence.

"Do you know when she'll arrive?" - I asked.

Suddenly, the door behind us was closed by the last person to be expected.

"No need to ask, dear sir."

I turned to see who closed the door - Cherche was the culprit behind the startle. Her black clothes and red cape were trimmed to the best elegance possible.

"Are all the eleven guests present for today's session?"

Patate started to count us, until she replied to her question: "Yes, teacher!"

"Great!" - remarked Cherche - "Let us begin then."

Optional soundtrack:

In that single moment, Cherche retrieved a baton from somewhere beneath her cloak. Its pristine white color was acompanied by a blue gem and pink wings, ending on a golden point. As she weaved the baton in a circular fashion with her right arm, the tip began to release deep blue sparks that bagan to motion towards the empty space in front of the meeting table. There, they began to form a thin, floating object... a sort of deep blue board.

Patate and Arena gazed to the magic in awe. All others have seen her trick in previous classes. While i did see it before as well, it did bring a smile to my face. If only my classes as an infant had such a sight.

"Today's class will be one focused towards our Lieutenant." - her words brought surprise to my eyes - "We will be talking about Heroes and the various names we give to them."

Patate raised her arm: "Aren't they all named Heroes, teacher?"

"Yes, Patate, you are right. However..." - her quick turn towards the floating board swayed her cloak up to her back's level - "...Chosen need to know at a glance the apropriate level of strenght of the Hero they will summon. A wrong move and a Chosen could bring peril to the soldiers be brings forth. Isn't that correct, sir?"

I nodded at her question. Every word she spoke was accurate.

"Now about the various Hero classes."

As she reached the board, her baton's tip began to exude white dust. Her right arm then reached for the board, leaving the white dust as she made a drawing upon the board from the baton's magical dust.

The drawing began to trim itself until it resembled a man wearing a standard set of clothes, though the sleevless coat and the large, circular hat were out of the ordinary. The rifle that appeared on his arms reminded me of one of my first heroes...

...William, the Hunter:

As the drawing came to an end, she quickly turned to met our eyes.

"The first class is the Commoner. The standard, unknown fighters. Every living being without any advanced skill are known as commoners. Armored humans, dwarves, fairies and basic monsters - they all are commoners."

She performed a quick thrust towards the picture's bottom. Spare white dust took the form of a star.

"They all possess this star, proof that they can be summoned in battle by chosen. Commoners will defend their lands with the help of Chosen, but bringing them to violent battles is considered a folly."

Lumiere lifted her arm as she spoke: "But then why giving them a star, if stronger monsters can take them down?"

"It's up to the Chosen to decide to place them aside and use stronger Heroes to battle the enemy, such as the next class."

Cherche once again used her baton as a drawing instrument, changing William's image to a different character. The man turned into a girl with a simple dress and a magical staff at her hands.

It reminded me of Notte:

Once she was done, Cherche made another short thrust next to the single star. A second star appeared to the right of the first one. She took a few steps back to let us see the image in its whole.

"The Expert. When you delve unto a professional trade, be it fighting, magic, medicine, diplomacy or some other skill that allows you to be more resourcefull, you'll become an expert, earning your second star through your efforts."

She took a slow breath before continuing: "Experts are regularly used in common battles against the weakest of monsters, though a few can have a good strategic use in more advanced battles."

She threw a quick question as she turned to the table: "Know of any Expert that you might have met during your travels?" - her lips closed with an anxious smile.

Rupen awnsered: "Well, my father knew a soldier from Imperius."

"Imperius?!?" - Schimdt unterrupted - "You mean the capital?"

"Please, Schimdt!" - Cherche's baton struck three slow times on her side of the table - "Ask for your turn."

Schmidt spoke no more. She didn't even bothered to raise her arm, waiting for Rupen to finish: "Dominique, i believe."

"If you say so, Rupen. Experts work within all places, and Chosen have no troubles in finding several to request assistance."

Her arm arced around her once more, this time in a more roughed swing, swinging her breasts to the point of causing me an erotic goosebump... the reason why I, while not having anything against her, despise her classes. How can a teacher lecture classes with a solid academic knowledge while having heavily enticing traits, not to mention the right clothes that back up her alluring stances?

With the ocasional blinks that she threw me over her classes, i wonder if she really wants to lower my conduct...

I couldn't focus on her work, so when she was done i saw a sort of priest in long clothing. Three stars below the image show the next rank.

I'd wage on Julian, as his robe is very similar:

"The Master. Should someone dive even further into his skills and obtain even greater knowledge or training, earning even more experience in his craft, he or she will eventually master it. While vast power or immense magic can earn you the third star, being a renown surgeon who knows his way around the body or a wise elder who knows the ways of culture and the human behavior, up to predicting possible outcomes, are also Masters in Fantasica's world."

Cherche continued, leaning against the magical board: "Chosen will yield Masters with pride, as they're a step towards their progress. One should not feel embarrassment when using a Master for a Leader - most, if not all, of the Chosen worldwide have used a Master as their main suport in their early days."

Those words indeed brought such memories: Niel, the Blue Wizard, was my first Master. His hawk was quite the reliable scout, and taught me ways on how to peacefully end conflicts.

Her next magic drawing had four stars below and was more familiar - a long-haired woman wearing a tight plate suit and wearing a broadsword that was aflamed. Or at least that's what i could understand from the picture.

"It's you, Nadine!" - exclaimed Patate as she pointed with excitement, confirming my insight. Her head leaned to her left for a while, before nodding approvingly.

"Erhem!..." - Cherche's voluntary cough made Patate regain her manners back.

"And so we arrive at the average term. Masters that have succesfully earned a spot in history by either saving the day, or been part of an event that changed history enough to earn a place in the commoner's lips, will become Heroes and recieve the fourth star." - her pause was larger this time, allowing us to sink the information into our minds - "People with less knowledge of of how powerfull/well-known a figure is up to the 6th star, they treat him/her as a Hero/Heroine. On the 7th star and beyond, they'll earn a special recognition of their own."

I raised my hand for a request to speak. Upon Cherche's nod, i stood up and continued: "Every Chosen will have an Hero or two who identifies himself, or herself, with, and while he may grow in power and wealth, his respect for those who helped him reach such height will never be forgotten."

"Speaking from experience, Lieuntenant?"

"Yes, teacher." - My response was as swift as i sat back on my chair.

"Well, moving on - to the three highest ranks."

Her sudden moves once again juggled her voluptuous features. I sighed, focusing more on the drawing rather than her body. The drawings depicted a muscular man with a nuded torso and spiky hair, with cloth tails around his waist and fiece gloves covering his hands. The five stars below him shone brighter than the previous ones.

Most likely Lev, the Fists of Fury:

After filling her lungs, Cherche continued her calm presentation: "Heroes that either undergo special training to bolster their might (or magic) to participate in more than one history-changing moment will be called Champions by those who know what they contributed to the world. A Master engineer who learns by herself how to improve her own methods beyond normal means can become a Champion, as Heroes who gave a shinning example of honor or selflessness can recieve unwanted fame up and become one as well." - Annette came to my mind as she finish the setence.

A brief silence tingled the room before she continued: "It is in this category that divine, hell-bent or overnatural gifts appear. Possessing the first Champion is normally the first goal of a young Chosen. Earning one's trust is not impossible, but it is also not so easy. Should your determination allow you to have a Champion on your side, you're on the right path to become a powerfull Chosen."

"Klavier..." - though words came out of my mouth, they did not by my intent. While her focus wasn't bent on fighting, she was a mover of hearts and swayer of minds. The corner of my eye caught my card pouch, wondering how is she faring nowadays.

As my mind regained its attention back on the class, i noticed nobody heard what i spoke. I don't if i should feel relieved, but Cherche carried on, finishing her magic arts. This time, a beautifull knight wearing a battle dress, covered with gleaming plates, appeared on the board. Six stars were in a perfect line, enforcing the suggestion that the person depicted by the magic is quite the omnious character.

"Paris, dear..." - said Cherche with a curious look - "Do you know about the Highlanders?"

Paris wasn't moved by the way Cherche made her image in a beautiful way. Instead, she slowly rose from her chair, giving a slow response:

"A Hero that recieves an ever greater gift from his patron, or a Champion that follows a perilous journey to master one's self to the limits, will earn the much desired six stars and become a Highlander, one of the most powerfull soldiers of our known world."

Cherche gave an approging smile while Paris continued: "While the number of Highlanders has increased over the years, their requirements are still among the hardest, such that one almost cannot overcome without outwordly aid. Being open to all possibilities, the Highlanders have changed History time and again by merely being present in the events that unfurled through the path of time."

And she sat while concluding: "A Chosen who finds a Highlander on their journey can consider being among the veterans of Fantasica, as they're the fruit of their effort, patience and determination."

"You're quite correct, Paris!" - Cherche - "However, my research brought other higher ranks to light for us to consider. Perhaps three more."

As my mind pondered which three would she be talking about, her magical dance gave way to another drawing, this time less detailed. A girl with a beautiful battle dress and some kind of bird was the result of her lesser work. The seventh star that appeared below gave way to a higher rank.

"Legends are just that - legends whose lives changed society in whole, either through changing the land, dominating worlds of light or darkness, dominate the most hostile of lands, or just marking their generations with the feats they've done. Nobody can earn the 7th star by normal or magical means. You are born with the potential given by either Light, or you obtain untold power from the Darkness, or a blessing of Fate changes your being to one whose tale will be told from generation to generation."

As Cherche continued her lecture, i tried to recognize the woman in the board. It was very familiar to me, but my mind couldn't pick up the identical pieces.

My efforts kept me focussing on the picture, up to the point of not noticing the door opening behind me.

The loud female voice did awaken me from my thought trance: "Hey! I'm not that ugly!"

As i turned back, both me and Cherche spoke the same words at the same time, although for different reasonw: "I beg your pardon?"

Yet i was staggered by surprise from the visitor, to the point of falling off my seat. Not only was the girl someone i was never expecting to show up by surprise, but she was also featuring all the missing links from my mind.

The tales, the charms, the adventures, the legends... all of one fabled warrior!


"Oh, sorry to scare you, Lieutenant!" - her salute had a striking smile - "I am Edea, and i brought you tidings and company."

I rose to meet her with with an equal smile behind my greeting gesture: "You are welcomed here, Warrior of Legend. I'll be honest, i wasn't expecting your visit."

"Nor you should" - she replied -"i came under secret orders from your favorite general."

"I see." - i felt her presence conforting me. Not only was she awe-inspiring, she was also kind in her gestures. I was expecting Legends to be battle-hardened, or even extremely driven by some purpose. Yet, she behave like a respectful, young girl.

"Cherche, you'll have to excuse me, but i have surprise guests to attend. Hope you don't mind."

"Go if you must, don't worry. I can give you the topics after class."

"Great. I'll be back when i can." - my attention turned to Edea - "I'll follow you outside, milady."

"No need to be formal. Just call me Edea."

Both of us exited the room, heading towards the frontal garden.

** End of Soundtrack **

Author's words:

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