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 <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015

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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 18, 2014 8:52 pm

18-01-2014: The majesty of WoodHeart (part 2)

As we travelled through the dirt road, i took some time to examine the elven houses next to us. It was a really strange arcitecture: it seemed that the trees were mostly their homes, with stone structures molding around the tree. On a side i could see a house which had the walls next to its tree partially demolished, as if the house was being rebuilt to acomodate the tree's growth.

"Do the elves always raise their homes apart as the trees grow?"

"It's a hard labor, yes." the guide anwsered "But since all alves know how hard it is to rebuilt a home to protect the tree, everyone helps where they can, reducing the labor for everyone. Children help as well to learn the ropes."

"It's quite the sense of comunity." I comented with a smile. " Humans only do that if the other side offers income."

"Our income is the promise of help in the future. Our pride in helping other elves is one of the greatest in this world."

"Don't you extend that courtesy to other races as well, such as the dryads?" I wanted to see his response to such question. Maybe i could have some insight as to why didn't they directly helped the dryads.

"Ask that to the Queen." Replied the guide.

And a smart reply it was.

We were finally next to the eternus, where a bigger stone mansion was built next to the ancient tree. I was amazed by how big was the mansion, half the height of High Castle. The fact that it had to be rebuilt made me more amazed on how well it was rebuilt. It seemed as if... the very stones were molded. The edges of the mansion were round, and a few pillars supporting the building had loops, impossible to craft through human hands.

"Geomancy?" I asked out loud.

"You know the crafts, human?" The guide was surprised with my question.

"I've met a few Geomancers. Now i understand the mansion's beauty." Geomancy was the magic of molding earth. Some could work with granite and quartz as if it was clay. Geomancer masons are rare, as most tend on the offensive use of earth as a weapon rather than the building essence of the craft.

As we went up the small stone stair ladder, the guards saluted us with a stance change, and claimed: "The Ice Maiden has arrived! She brings dryads and an envoy from the human kingdom!"

Just as he finished speaking, the mansion's basalt doors door opened slowly, probably enchanted to open upon commands.

The guide did not entered the mansion with us - one of the guards was taking us in his stead to their Queen through the dark halls. I could catch glimpses of the statues and paitings along the the grey walls, but there wasn't enough moonlight to allow a pristine view.

We climbed the granite stairway to the second floor: a hall with wall braziers close to each other, made of stone and brimming, much to my dismay, with dim teal flames.

"What are those flames?" I asked.

"They're safefires, made from crystals that ignite after being infused with mana. They allow us the light and warmth of a fire without burning our fellow trees."

These elves are really resourcefull, with various ways to prevent from using wood. Stone molding, magic fires made out of crystals... their culture is very kind to the environment.

The guard stopped next to a pair of clay doors, etched with some of the same crystals on the braziers. However, these seemed to be fueled with only a minimal amount of magic, as they only had a dim shine rather than the intensity i've felt in the halls.

"Please open this door. The Queen is awaiting you with her counselors."

Finally, we are going to meet the Elven Queen. Maybe she'll talk more about the strife regarding the dryads.

Author's words:
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 10:59 am

22-01-2014: Valley of the Djinn update

Ah, i feel so much better from the cold i had. A throat half-inflamed, a running nose, a heavy head. No wonder i was so tempted to not continue writting.

And when i returned to my diary, i found a surprise: three thousand views. I thank everyone for you time in reading my diary. It amkes me go on and continue the story.

Speaking of which, i've decided to give this arc much more detail than the previous others, because rushing along to catch up other events could lower the quality of my writting. At least that is what i'm thinking at the moment.

Enough rambling about myself. I still have to talk about the Guild event.

Valley of the Djinn update (it's a long one, take care):
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 27, 2014 10:43 am

27-01-2014: Little Shack of Horrors update

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a good Guild event. We're gonna have a Panel event, which means that we can relax from the battle's strains.

Valley of the Djinn - closure:

Little Shack of Horrors update:
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 29, 2014 8:25 am

29-01-2014: Meeting the Queen

The door's crystals began to glow brighter by the second, until they reached around half the warmth that i've felt before. The doors began to open with a slow yet annoying "creek", unveilling the royal room.

While the party entered with slow steps, i began admiring the division: two thirds were within the mansion while the last third was a balcony towards the outside, with darkened blue silk as curtains; the eastern side had a large bed and a closet that were both made of marble; the western section had a wide gneiss table, with pillars around it having extensions as seats to it; the center part of the room had a red carpet that extended from the entrance to the throne, made from a geomancy mix of teal crystals and white quartz, shinning from the moonlight that enters the room. A small part of the light is blocked by a royal suit of iron armor that seems to defend it.

To the right of the throne was an elf who emited a light slightly dimmer than the throne. What caused the light was both her large ponytails and her silk dress, both mixed with deep blue and pink. She was adorned with diamond decorations and a blue staff with a golden joint. On the left was another elven woman with a less glamorous look: a larger, purple dress along with flower brooches and a wooden staff, with a small teal crystal hanging from its headpiece, and her eyes were as deep brown as her long, loose hair.

They seem to be the counselors:

And upon the throne rests their Queen, easy to admire due to the throne's illumination: her crown had a shine as golden as her majestic, curly hair, and while not making a contrast with her throne, her crimson garments and the blue sheath of her hand sword gave away her royal identity, of which the cloak seemed to be cherished by the royal armor suit.

She was clearly Claudette, the Queen of the Fair Folk:

Upon reaching the middle of the carpet, i've noticed that Cherche was about to kneel towards the Queen. I immediately followed her with the gesture. Both Arger and Amor stood where they were, doing a light bow. Stiria stood behind us.

"Greetings, my Queen." Cherche began her introduction. "We thank you for your hospitality in this current crisis."

"And i recieve your greetings with kindness, Lady Cherche." Her voice was as kind as stalwart. "It's good to see you safe from the slavers, along with the Trees of Dream and Reality."

I felt surprised by how she treated Amor and Arger. Did they have positions of nobility within the dryads?

The druid standing on the left of the throne headed towards Arger. I felt her relief from the moment we entered the room - she must be connected to them since her garments feel more approached to nature than the other counselor.

Her forehead joined Arger's in a bow, and her free hand greeted the dryad's shoulder: "I'm happy to see you, dear friend."

"Me too, Sister Lieri. It's been horrible at home." I could feel her confort from Lieri's embrace. "The slavers have been ruthless, and there has been no sign of the Elder Tree nor the Tree of Death."

"Were they sent away?"

"Most likely. It's safe to say that our community is no more. Those filthy humans have broken it while searching for their weapons."

Lieri's eyes quickly shifted towards me. I looked back down in a quick response to her gesture.

"And what about this human? Is he filthy as well?" She pointed the staff at me, clearly disgusted with with my presence.

Arger's hand swayed the staff away from me. "No, he's of trust. He saved us from harm and took us safely here with the help of one of his Heroes."

As i attempted to raise my head to see what's happening, i noticed that Claudette's eyes flashed with curiosity. She raised from her throne towards us, and right after that the royal suit began to move as well, following her steps. I could feel the magic coarsing through the metal - it was most likely some sort of guardian.

"An Hero, Arger?" She stopped in front of me, her guardian halting by her side as well. "Are you by chance a Chosen, human envoy?"

I replied with courtesy: "Yes, Queen of the Fair Folk. I am Sir Vaatigam, Lieutenant of the human kingdom of Silversong."

"And what are their stand on this predicament?" Finally, she allowed me to explain the situation.

"Asking permission for us to stand, fair Queen."

Claudette smiled upon my request. "Since you asked nicely, permission granted, Sir Vaatigam."

I extended my arm to Cherche as we both rose to our feet. I then began explaining: "Your Majesty, Silversong is recovering from a political turmoil. One of our greatest heads was revealed to be hindering the kingdom and dabbling with demons." I gave a moment of silence for the idea to sink in a little before continuing. "Even though we apprehended the traitor, his supporters still clinged to his ideals and believe that there is power hidden in weapons within dryad territory."

"Oh? Weapons, you say?" Claudette's question was somewhat void. I felt she wasn't being true with me. It seemed that although this was the version i have so far, there could be more that what i discovered.

"At least this is the information that i've gathered." I replied with care. "Horti, a tracker within Hartwood, has warned us about the slavers and their actions, and i did what was right in my mind: to rescue the slaves while looking for more evidence, your highness."

"And were these the dryads you rescued?"

"Yes, dear Queen. I rescued them while they were being attacked by treants and another of their family, one named Haine."

"Haine?!?" Lieri snapped. "The Tree of Shadow would never do something like that, liar. She's only awake during the night, and would never harm her sisters."

"You may be right, Lady Lieri." I bowed towards her as an apology. "One of my Heros that was stalling her during our rescue reported that she was being controlled by invisible shackles. And since you mentioned that she sleeps during the day, her mind, or at least her body, could be controlled during that period, correct?"

Lieri placed her spare hand clenched in front of her mouth, proof of her concern. "How... how could they control her?"

"Lieri, calm yourself." Claudette's words made Lieri wary of her actions once more. "Human, you've only recieved information about the weapons and the slaves, correct?"

I confirmed her. "Yes, your highness. Silversong had no intentions to invade dryad territory."

Her face gained a smile of relief: "I'm glad. Then it is just a case of human greed, and not an invasion from Silversong."

Human greed? What did she mean? "Pardon to inquire, Queen Claudette, but what did you meant with human greed?"

The silent yet shinning elf approached us at last, bowing towards her Queen: "May i tell them what we know, dear Queen?"

Claudette nodded: "Yes, Maritza. They're not behind what's happening."

Those words made me ponder with fear. Is there more to this situation?

"Thank you." She then turned to us, and started explaining: "Rumors of tresure within dryad territory were spread everywhere, and we tried to erase them by stating the truth - that there were no such tresures."

"Sorry to disagree, but some see welfare items as objects of wealth."

"Yes, we were wrong with that. And when the humans began undigging the weapons and casting the dryads out, we felt not to retaliate after our missunderstanding. At least we did accept the dryad outcasts that fled to us, as they were innocent as well. We believed that once they were gone, we could rebuilt their homes once again"

Her face then began to worry: "But then... more dangerous rumors arose."

"What kind of rumors, if i may ask?"

"War rumors. That Silversong was planning to use those cannons against us, along with dryad slaves that they took from their efforts. A very few could verify such, but they were against the humans from the very start."

My mind brought up the one we most encountered with such animosity: "Fang."

"Exactly." Claudette decided to continue where Maritza was: "Fang used these rumors as an opportunity to rally those who were against them and execute every single human. Even those in peace within Hartwood. He told everyone how weapons were deing digged up and polished, and how dryads were being commanded by them with foul magics."

"My dear Queen." i had to ask about Fang. His actions are really throwing every notion of peace out the window. "I apologize, but i really need to ask this of you: why is Fang so obsessive with removing humans from Hartwood? There are those that are against the slavers, and those who mean well."

"You're not wrong, Sir Vaatigam. That is why i uphold my faith in humans: there can be as good humans as evil ones, and not many elves see that. Even Lieri..."

Lieri interrupted: "Your Majesty."

"Silence! Even Lieri, who was the elves' counselor within the dryad community and even had a close relation with the Elder Tree, knows this. Though i start to wonder if my words are still true."

Lieri kneeled in an instant. "I apologize, Queen Claudette. I've failed you at that time, and it still stings my heart."

Claudette's hand met Lieri's shoulder. "Of course i understand, dear. I've seen someone taking that sting personally too much." And turning towards us again, she continued. "Fang is the one i'm mentioning. After gaining eternal youth while protecting's Hartwood's heart, having almost lost his home to humans and still have them in the woods, even if at peace, stings his heart every single day."

"Eternal youth? So he was alive when our kingdoms clashed generations ago."

"He was the vanguard of our army. The forest blessed him with their age in exchange for their protection. And the sight of humans within Hartwood makes him fearful about having even one single human within his home." The Queen took a deep breath. "Please, don't tell him that i've revealed to you all his reasons."

"I had an idea from what i've learned with the dryads," said Cherche, "but i've never imagined that he could have lived for so long."

Claudette once again turned to me, along with a serious pose: "While you brought the Trees to us safe and sound, Sir Vaatigam, and you do offer peace to both nations, there are elves who still resent humans. How do you intend to quell my people's hatred, Chosen?"

I closed my eye to think. Any action i'd take would only affect those who still have some degree of trust with humans.

"I guess, your highness, that only you know how to calm their hatred."

"Yes, but it will require much of you, and perhaps..." i felt her mustering wits to continue that sentence. "... your life. Would you agree to follow my lead?"

Knowing that she also respects humans, myself included, makes me bow in trust towards her. "Though my allegiance lies with Silversong, i trust my life to your judgement. I know you'll treat me fairly, as well as with both nations' futures."

The Queen replied with a bow of her own. "Thank you, Sir Vaatigam. Whether you live or die, your selfless actions that are yet to come will ensure the peace between WoodHeart and Silversong. Don't worry about the outcome: just prepare yourself for tomorrow."

"I will. Could we have some place to rest until then?"

"While the Trees and Cherche will be resting in my mansion, you'll be taken to the Nature's Court, where the trial will take place."

The soldier outside the room has joined us: "Permission to take Sir Vaatigam to the Nature's Court."

The Queen awnsered with a stalwart voice: "Carry our Chosen to the best of rooms, and give him the Nectar of Sleep to heal his wounds."

"Yes, your highness. Please follow me, Sir."

I nodded at his request and followed him. Just before leaving the room, i quickly turned my torso back and gave a quick shout: "Sweet dreams, everyone."

In that quick turn, i saw that Arger and Cherche had a hint of sorrow on their faces. Poor Amor had the greatest of ill feelings.

I know that i'm going to get myself into a dire situation, but if it eases the tensions between Silversong and WoodHeart... i would be dying for my kingdom's wellfare. And that's the best way a soldier could die.

I just hope the Nectar of Sleep is as sweet as i hope it to be.

Author's notes:
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 06, 2014 1:06 pm

06-02-2014: Commitment to the next event

I'd like to announce that on this Valentine Event, if it goes the way i picture it, will be my first really ranking try. Because i want one of the three princesses.

I'll have to give my all for the princess i love, and some of you as well.

But, if by chance you're not going to rank on this event, i'll leave my request: i'm looking for items that can help me get Celia. If you can help in any way, i'd apreciate it. A whole lot!

Already one of my closest allies has agreed to lend me a 7* in case the event gets harder. Maybe trading some event items that could help me get the reputation towards her would be awesome. Lending an event unit would be too much of an hassle to you guys, but know that i have a few collateral units if you have a spare event 5*/6* (in case my luck goes sour tomorrow).

I've also have a few hundreds of Euros ready to spent, though i'll only spend them if i see i do have a chance for Celia.

Here's to a great Valentine to all Fanta Players. The Little Shack of Horror will have its final update once i get a small break form the grinding.

Dreams of Recovery

The two of us left the mansion towards the eastern side of the village. This zone had lesser trees around - most of the closed buildings were shops and lairs of various crafts. Still, within the center of this quieter section was a circular building, bigger and even taller than the mansion we visited before. Not a single tree was even close to the paved roads that made the perimiter. Arcs of white and grey stone surround it, creating the false illusion of multiple doors. However, only one arc, which was the one the soldier was escorting me to, had its doors open to recieve visitors. This huge building is probably the "Nature's Court", where apparently i'll be judged.

As we ventured inside, vast yet narrow corridors with circular shape molded our path as i followed the soldier's steps up the floors towards the higher section of the building. Small safefires next to the walls guided us through the darkness, until we reached an iron door that was bigger than its similars within the building.

"This will be your room, sir." The soldier finally spoke as he opened the door for me.

The room had some cozy features, such as a pelt rug and a bookcase with several books, though my first sight at them revealed unintelligible elven writting. The window was made of a transparent stone - which allowed sunlight - or moonlight in the current time - to pierce the room, having curtains and a few little crevices, which could be opened with iron lids for fresh air.

I could say that, if not being some sort of a royal cell, this was an improved version of my room at the Stone Roses keep. Funny how there was such a coincidence.

"An healer will bring you the Nectar of Sleep for your recovery. I'll trust that i can leave the door unlocked in your case."

"You may." I made a bow of gratitude. "I'm doing this with my own will."

"If only all humans were as honored as you." I couldn't know if that was either a compliment that escaped his tongue, or a loud whisper that he wanted to unveil to me, but i decided to leave it unanwsered as the guardsman closed the door.

I decided to examine my "window" a bit better. It was made of stone, and could hear its characteristic thump while knocking. But i could see, to a degree, other elven figures patrolling the streets around the building that's housing me. I opened an hole and felt the cold air rushing through it, but it was a little small for my fingers to place in - if i'm not careful, i might get my little finger stuck in it.

"Confirming the safety of our link, Sir Vaatigam." I finally felt Vicente's mental link establishing.

"My vincinity is clear and my mind is opened... at least for now." I replied.

"Good. I wanted to report that an inn within the western end of teh city has allowed me to use one of their rooms in secret, in exchange for my gentle behavior and reports of news outside the woods."

"What did you told them?" I sat on my bed, awaiting the next response.

"That humans are planning to attack the slave camps, and have no quarels with the elves. They felt relieved that our purpose wasn't WoodHeart."

"That's because someone spread rumors of the opposite."

"I figured the same, Sir. They're quite worried because if they planned to attack, the human settlements woudl be incinerated and their trade would feel a heavy blow."

"What other things did you discussed with your hosts?" I anwered with a calm demeanor, since he was, at least, in a safe position.

"I asked for general information about the town's layout. I wanted to get a brief recognition of the zone should we plan an emergency exit."

"Unnecessary, yet usefull. Regarding what you've learned, do you have anything about the Nature's Court?"

"Yes, sir Vaatigam. It is where they proceed their judgements." I had that idea already. "It's feared by humans since most of those who enter it, for whatever reasons, end in some way dead. As in executed."

I started to have doubts. Was Claudette playing a trick with me by sending me here? "Have you asked why? And any survivors?"

"Yes, i did. Most humans undergo a trial to prove their allegience to the elven race, and it envolves a trial of strenght that only the best of men can overcome."

It seems that Claudette wishes me to prove my worth to her people by making me undergo that trial. "And has there been any succesfull human as of late?" I asked.

"Only one, Sir Vaatigam, and i believe you can guess who."

"Both Cherche and Stiria weren't seen as inferiors by the elves we met." I related. "But i'm leaned towards Stiria - she's the most battle-seasoned after all."

"Indeed. Her trial ended so quickly that most elves said Fang considered her an equal in terms of skill."

I still remember those two arrows, clashing right in front of my eyes. They were really neck to neck, dexterity-wise.

"What is your plan, Sir Vaatigam?" Vicente was eager to move on with his assignments.

"The Queen has a way to calm her people's hatred through another human trial tomorrow."


"Yes, me." I heard knocks on the door. "Could you wait a few moments, please? I'm preparing for sleep."

"Please be brief, sir." The voice behind the door was stalwart in its response. I wonder if she was really an healer.

"But why do you need to endanger yourself like that? What about the King's needs of calming this situation?"

"It's part of the Queen's plans to reroute the elves' anguish towards the humans. Even if i fail, they will probably assist our tropps when dealing with the slavers tomorrow."

"What will your soldiers do once you're gone? And what about Patate? How will she deal with your death?"

My mind was caught flat-footed. In my earlier years as a Chosen, i've faced numerous situations in which death was the biggest possibility. And i've always imagined myself dying in many ways as a method to cope with the eventual failure. From fallling down the keep to dying within a colosseum, i've even faced death by carnivorous plants in my dreams. Death was a constant part of my duty, so i had to embrace death in order to not be overwhelmed by it and not jeopardize my soldiers' lives.

But now... now i really feel fear of death. Not of what it could do to me, but of what it could bring to Patate. Could any of my royal henchemen find a suitable place for her? Would Loanne return to take care of her again?

And now that i think of her, she entrusted Patate's care to me. And i'm throwing myself into a dangerous situation without thinking well of all the consequences...

...damned be my limited, forgetfull mind!

"I don't know what the future might hold, Vicente, but could you ensure her safety if i'm gone?" I tried to hide my feelings from my thoughts as best as i could.

"Only you can ensure her safety, sir Vaatigam. Finish the trial and return to her, with the only smile that she likes."

"I'll do my best then." I sighed "Please end the link. I have somebody at my door."

And as soon as i felt the link dissipating, i spoke loudly. "Please come in, healer. Sorry for the wait."

The elf that opened the door wasn't exactly a healer as i expected. Her almond skin was covered with a vest and a skirt, both in various colors, though her shoulderpads were cyan. She had a crossbow on her back, and her right hand had a bowl with some sort of white blue liquid.

"You took your time.", said the woman as she approached me:

"Had to make myself ready to recieve a healer. Didn't expected that it was somebody else."

"Our healer has fear of humans. Her parents were murdered in cold blood by some of the slavers who became too cocky and went inside one of the human settlements. I made sure her life was avenged, but her ordeal made her extremely wary of other humans."

"I see." i responded as i recieved the cup from the elf. "Could i ask you a favor?"

"What kind of favor?" Her stare was intense. More inclined towards me drinking the cup than my anwser though.

"Please tell her that i apologize for making her feel uneasy towards my care." I said as i sat in a more confortable position in the bed.

"And why would you apologize if you didn't do any harm for her?"

"If there weren't any problems, she would be here in your stead. Please, send her my apologies." I raised the cup to drink the liquid.

The liquid was, to my surprise, a sort of liquor with a taste similar to blueberry. Just after drinking it whole though, i felt my eyelids extremely heavy, falling down and shutting my vision. My body felt motionless and fell on the bed.

"You're really strange, human." I could still hear her voice and her hands putting me to bed as my consciousness drifted away from the living plane. I felt my spirit flowing through a spiral, as if entering a dream.


My consciousness seems to have taken my original shape within this realm - a vast forest where the light shines a white purple, and woodland animals could be seen grazing the land. My newfound presence didn't startle them. Instead they just kept enjoying what the woods had to offer them -  a quiet, tasty meal.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, but i didn't felt any surprise at all. Most probably a part of a calm dream that has stripped me of negative emotions. I turned around, seeing a familiar figure clad in white silk and blue hair, untainted by the purple sun - it was Amor.

"Welcome Vaatigam, to my realm of dreams." Her face had a majestic demeanor - it appears that she felt the strongest in dreams. Now i do recall one of the titles that Claudette gave them - the Tree of Dreams.

"Are you controlling my dream?" I asked, puzzled by my state.

"No, dear." She smiled at me. "Whoever drinks the Nectar of Sleep enters my realm, where one can relax from their ordeals and heal in peace."

"Why do you seperate the mind from the body's dream?"

"Because the soul needs more to recover than the body, such as Reality sometimes hurts our feelings more than our physical self."

I now remember that the other title was the Tree of Reality, probably Arger's.

"The slavering ordeal must have put quite the stress over the two of you, to make two entities that are almost rivals between themselves cooperate together."

"And yet you saved us and gave us way to safe haven. For that, we thank you from our hearts."

"No need to thank me." I tried to be modest, because any person with honor would do it.

"But still, honor is different from compassion, is it not?"

Her mind-reading caught me by surprise, even if it should be expected, since i'm in her dream world. "Point taken."

She giggled at her victory. "Come, take my hands." She then raised her arms to the same height of my shoulders. I raised my arms as a response, holding her hands. My feet began to lift off the ground.

As we flew, i've felt my clothes dissipating as dust blown by the wind. My legs could tickle the breeze below, and my chest felt the warmth of this realm's sun. Only the clothes that covered my waist remained.

As i tried to figure out what was happening, i realised our flight, while sort of erratic, had a destination - a large tree, taller and bigger than any i have ever seen. The only branches that rose from it were within its crown - instead, the ramifications along the trunk were similar to a spiral of corridors and cottages, as if the tree itself was turned into a tower for its inhabitants.

As we flew up higher, both my eyes and Amor's caught a person within a balcony, gazing over the horizon. She was completely covered in a clear blue, wether from her hair, from her clothes or from the sapplings that covered her. A few golden ornaments were on her chest, and her eyes were captivating, as vivid as blood.

"Who is that woman gazing over yonder?" I asked Amor.

Her face gained a hint of concern, though the smile was still present in her face.

"She is Algeria, our Elder Tree", Amor replied :

"Why is she here? Wasn't she taken from your people?" My confusion was taking a hold over me, but Amor's smooth cheek touched mine, which returned peace to my posture.

"Regardless of where she is, her sleep takes her to my realm, where she can always look over our home and our people. This is how i know she's safe - her spirit will always visit these dreams." Her eyes turned to me. "But your spirit faces a serious trial tomorrow, and i fear that your inner fires can claim you."

"My inner fires?"

"Maritza felt a powerfull shadow over you, and a soul of fire that burns within, hotter than the core of the campfire where you stalled our doubts. She wanted your death, for she believes that your life can one day end ours on a whim."

Even if i felt calm, my reason was still vivid.

"Even if we met each other if only for less than a day, i know you believe i'm not capable of such."

"Yes." Her eyes grew with a tender look. "I want to cleanse that shadow, ease that fire, so that you may face your trial and prevail without doubts."

Her forehead slowly approached mine, and i returned the same gesture. I could feel the warmth of her grace, and i believe she could feel my heart's embrace.

I felt our flight slowing down, heading towards what seemed to be a cottage, but yet my sight was turned to the sky, towards Amor's loving eyes. I couldn't see how was the insides of the house we entered, but i did feel the landing: a soft, warm array of silk and leaves.

"Please, trust in me, let me soothe your inner fears."

Her head gently landed on my chest. I could feel her skin caressing it, her lips touching my skin. With every slow kiss she gave, i could feel a calm, yet pleasant emotion, surging from her kiss towards every member of my spiritual body.

She slowly progressed from the chest to my legs, from the legs to the arms, from the arms to my neck. The waves pulsed my being to every tip of my body.

My body reacted itself when her head approached mine, as my lips gave a soft kiss on her neck as well. At that moment, i realised i was going beyond my limits.

"For...forgive me."

"It's alright, Vaatigam." Her smile was full of tender. "The few men i healed didn't hold on even half of what you endured. This is a dream world, out of reality - you could do whatever you want, as i wouldn't mind - so long as you would feel well."

Her purity and kindness were really out of our world. Her smile didn't even changed from what she said, which meant that she was really okay with those men taking her - after all, they were in a dream, and could do what they pleased, for there would be no consequences in the real word.

Responding to her kindness, i gave another kiss in her neck, yet with more emotion. I could feel her whincing from my act, but that was all i really wanted to give her - i placed my forehead on hers once again, and both of us shared our warmth with each other through that gentle touch.

I lowered my head onto the silk below me. "Please, continue, Amor. Thank you."

"No, thank you, Vaatigam." Her head rose a bit above mine. "Now, let me see if i can really quell this fire that torments you."

Her kisses on my forehead were smoother and warmer than the ones over my body. Again and again, she kissed with an intimacy i never felt before.

And yet, as her emotions poured onto me, i felt something surging within. Something that started to spread across my spiritual body.

And it was an emotion, an emotion way stronger than Amor's embrace.

Soundtrack Change:

The calm feelings began to wane. I felt a fire, not of warmth, but of fear. I started to feel my body burning, yet not consuming itself.

Amor was startled by the heat. "What... Vaatigam, are you okay?"

I looked towards myself. These feelings were different. They weren't heart-warming, but heart-wrecking instead. Doubt, haziness, fear... no, it wasn't fear. It was terror.

The heat seared out of my body, becoming flames that touched everything within the roow we were. And yet, they weren't burning my sorroundings, but molding them - the walls turned from living wood to dead wood, that was cutted and shaped by carpenters, forming the wooden room of a human house.

The flames were taking a hold over Amor. But she didn't expressed any pain. Instead, she gazed with horror as our sorroundings changed. Her head turned to me, locked into my eyes.

"Listen to me Vaatigam. The soulfire is changing your memories. don't let them fool your senses. Remember who you are, and don't give in to those feelings."

Her legs started to scatter as ash, finally consumed by the flames that were licking her for so long. She raised her arm to me, and yelled: "Don't let chaos hold your being, Vaati!"

And before my hand could grasp hers, her being was completely turned into ash that melded onto the fire beneath me.

I stood up, my emotions wishing to manifest themselves. I couldn't let them go rampart - i looked for piece within me, fending the flames within - they began to weaken though they were still present on my skin.

Almost as if they were a part of me. A part that surrendered to my will - for now, it seems.

I looked around the room, looking for the exit. The door was open, revealing a corridor made from the same chopped wood. I exited the room, finding the corridor also ablaze.

There seemed to be three seperate ways: the corridor, the division on the other side, and the stairs that lead below. The devision had pelts and chairs, all being touched by my dream's fire.

It was then that i heard the human voice. It was strong, and in pain as well. Regretfully, i found the voice to be familiar.

I sprinted towards the spare division, where i heard the yell. The entire house seemed to be in flames.

The division lead to another room, but a pillar of fire blocked said room. Standing in its front was a figure, cloaked in fire and orange garments i could not recognize - nothing came to my mind. However, i could clearly see what he was holding on his left arm - a female child. While i couldn't see her face, i could clearly see her red teared dress and her orange hair.

There was another man, standing in the middle of the division. A man with short orange hair, wielding our kingdom's military gear and holding a sword on his right arm. And to my awe, i recognized the man on the spot.

He was my uncle, Jordan.

And next to his leg, protected by his left arm, was another child. A child with brown hair and eyes, wearing a small blue outfit. I also remember that child. I've seen its growing visage on every mirrow i laid my eyes upon in my life.

It was me. My childish self.

Jordan spitted words to the stranger, words i could not recognize. I couldn't make any meaning out of the words, but they seemed cursed. The man replied with calm yet burning words, of which i couldn't grasp any at all. I came closer, next to my uncle, to hear them out, but even then  nothing was tangible.

Jordan's last words, stronger than all the others, were loud enough for me to hear: "But why, damn it? WHY?!?"

I notice my younger self rising his head to meet the stranger's eyes. They began to light up in a fire, way brighter than everything else. I then felt it as well - the terror."

The stranger slowly raised his right arm. "In the end,..." his words were quiet, yet firm, as if stating the inevitable.

His right hand showed its palm to my uncle, next to me, and began flashing in a red fire.

"...chaos change us all."

He fired some sort of flaming ball, which pushed the three of us - me, my younger self and my uncle - to the wall, cracking it down as well.

There was nothing outside the wall, but a pitched darkness, to which i fell, unable to do nor hold anything.

***** End Soundtrack *****

My torso sprung up from the bed. My hands began inspecting my body as i looked around, my breath as crazy as ... as nothing i can compare to right now.

I could feel every inch of my body sweating from the ordeal. Luckly, no missing limbs were noticed from my inspection.

"Welcome back, Vaatigam."

I turned to my right, finding Arger leaned to the bookcase. Was my mind in such a state that i couldn't noticed her when i looked around frantically?

The sun's golden rays were starting to touch her shoulder. It seems to be dawn already.

And then she spoke again: "Welcome to reality."

Author's words:

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10-02-2014: Royal Trouble Update

Love is in the air... everywhere i look around.......

...especially on this event.

A new kind of event has sprung forth for this Valentine: the Popularity event. It was what everyone expected and wished for, and, from what i could see, everyone's happy!

Myself included, because i am finding myself ranking for a 6*. A 6* i like and would want to strive for. I'll explain more about the event, but first i'll need to end the previous one.

Little Shack of Horrors - closure:

Royal Trouble update:

A rough morning

As i stood up, i noticed i had only my inner clothes on me - my armor, weapons and items were at a small stone table next to the bookcase, along with some fruit for breakfast. Arger took a few steps towards the window to give me room to pick them up. As i started with my leg mails, while eating apple slices, i noticed her concerned look while gazing through the stone window to the outside.

When i buckled up the lower armor, she finally asked: "How was your dream, Vaatigam?"

I took a moment to think about the dream - it was still there in my mind - and i remembered how Amor was consumed at the later part of it. I ate up the last fruit piece before i asked: "How is Amor? Has she awakened too?"

"Yes, but she was bothered by how she was cast out of the dream world." Her face didn't turned while i picked up my leather vest. "Her power within a sleeping mind is even greater than the Elder Tree's, and whatever Maritza was rambling about seemed to make more sense when she awoke full of sweat as yourself."

"I didn't knew dryads could produce sweat." Lame choice to change the topic, i know, but i had to break this conversation, as its end would be more of a setback to what i've come to do here.

"First, don't change the subject." Yeah, her response showed how lame it was... "Second, while we are born within huge blossoming flowers, our similarities with humans are plenty."

"I see." I surrendered to her words while fastening the final parts on my light armor. "I recalled what probably changed my life... the stranger in fire. He knocked me and my uncle out."

"And it seemed that he passed some of his chaotic power to you."

"I wish i could reach such conclusions that easily."

As i approached her side at the window, my mind was being tormented: what if that person was responsible for my parents' deaths? Why would uncle Jordan lie to me about their demise at my hands?

It's too damn confusing right now. And i have much to worry about right now to give this more thoughts.

"We can only see our reality with our two eyes. They're imited in many ways, and with that, we're limited in many ways as well."

Arger's words brought me back from my confused state. i turned my head towards her, now aware of what she says.

"There may be reasons as to why your uncle lied to you about the stranger. Maybe he didn't want to let your soul be taken by revenge. Maybe it was a way to teach humility. There are a lot of things we do not know because our vision is flawed... because we are flawed."

She turned her head to me: "That is why we dryads live together as a whole. While Amor knows the way of the dreams, i understand how we live outside of it. What one dryad has, the others lack - but if we all stay together, we'll contribute, each with our own piece of wisdom, to form a better place. It may be still limited, but it'll be surely better than before."

"So that is how you dryads live together."

"Algeria taught us this as she raised us. She was the one who allowed us to come forth with a human form. And i believe that what she said can be true to everyone who lives in this world."

Her words had a lot of truth in them. Maybe what she said was what really transpired. If my uncle would have told me that another person was responsible for my parents' death, would i be consumed like she said? Unable to become a Chosen?

I took a deep breath, and replied to Arger: "I'll try to keep my mind in peace with what happened in my dreams, but i won't hold back once i meet my uncle again. For now, i have a judgement to worry with."

I reached my special leather pouch at the table, with my Hero cards inside. After checking all the cards i had, i decided to place Annette's in the far back. With the charges i've assigned her while i'm out, she'll be needed at our soldiers' camp, not at my side on this trial.

"Vaatigam?" Arger called me to get my attention. I quickly placed the cards on my pouch and had it fastened on my waist as i turned to meet her eyes again.

I didn't expected her forehead touching mine.

"Please, be carefull." She said as she closed her eyes, our foreheads still in touch. "Our emotions are often stronger than our minds. But it is with a lucid mind that you can control your emotions and use them for good."

When she started to withdraw her head, i gently placed my hands behind her ears, softly holding her head. And i kissed her forehead with all the gratitude i had. She most probably came to my room when Amor woke up and told her of the dream and the past she'd read from my mind. She even gave her advice and promted me to be the best i could. I don't know if i'll be able to survive the Nature's Court, so i wanted to make sure she knew how gratefull i was to her.

When i finished, her cheeks were as red as tomatoes. "Thank you, for worrying about me so much."

My words quickly made her take a defensive posture as her arms rashly freed her head from my light grasp. "Do..don't take this too seriously! You saved us and taught me last night, s-so of course i-i had to do my best to teach you w-what i knew."

Was she that embarrased with my kiss?

She quickly pointed her right index at my nose: "Now we're even, you hear?" I slowly placed my opened hands in the air, my shocked head between them.

"Okay, if you say so." I ended my sentence with a smile.

Arger looked at my smile and sighed as she lowered her arm. "I'll be going back to Amor and take her here. Wait within the room until an elf guard shows up." She stormed off the room, her face both embarrased and furious.

I sat on the bed and closed my eyes in deep thought, pondering what shall i do in the court... the trial seems to be dangerous enough for guards to put me asleep and for the Queen to feel bothered to make me pass through them. Not knowing what i face puts me into a tight spot as well.

How will i make it through...



..."Relax for a bit, human!"

The sudden remark quaked me out of my thoughts, almost to the point of losing balance and fall off the bed. A quick arm prevented me from such humiliation.

I looked around to see from where the voice came, but i didn't look too hard: the elf woman was just by my side on the bed. Her red eyes were as vivid as her hair, and her armor was at the same time golden and crimson, light and revealling.

"You'll need to be on your best to relax."

"But who are..."

"Why are you asking questions to others," the woman interrupted me once again "when you're the one questioning yourself? Close your eyes and focus."
As i closed my eyes again, uncertain of what she was doing here, she whispered to me, now behind me due to her light leap on the bead: "Take a deep breath and focus."

As i took a deep breath and exhaled, her voice was closer to my ear: "Remove your doubts, for the Court is ruthless. Focus and be ready for anything. One more time."

I took another deep breath, and exhaled while venting my frustrations out. It felt much better.

"Good." She confirmed as she lept out of the bed to my front. "Now you're ready for me to escort you."

"So you're my escort?" I asked. "You could have told me sooner. I didn't knew who you were."

"Fufufuuu... my apologies." She seemed to be enjoying herself at my expenses. "Follow me, please."

I followed her out of the room, going through a different route from when i entered here during the night.

"Human," she questioned me as she guided me, "the dryad that was here before, she visited you, did she?"

"Yes, she did." I anwsered.

"She was quite red when she left. What did you do to make her so, i wonder?"

"I didn't do anything bad. She was there to help me, with advice and some confort."

"And what did you do after that?"

"Well... they show kindness a lot through touching foreheads, so i kissed hers."

The elf stopped just as i finished the sentence. She seemed to be keeping something bottled in.

"Is something wrong?" I spoke to her.

She replied with the biggest laughter i've heard in a while. She couldn't bearly maintain herself, leaning over her belly as she laughed and laughed.

"Aaahh, aaah...aaah." She seemed to regain her posture and start walking. I followed her as she explained: "When the first dryad was born in this world, a human witnessed the birth and raised her for a few years. When he returned her again to the forest, he gave her a kiss on the forehead, and she felt so touched by his loved that proposed to be his wife. From that point forth, in dryad culture, a kiss on the head means that said person wishes to marry the other."

I could feel my blood flowing like a tidal wave through my head. Arger thought i wanted to marry her?

...and Amor's kisses on my forehead during the dream ... she wanted to marry me too?

I shook off my head really hard, trying to junk out the lewd thoughts that were approaching. I need to stay focused on the task at hand.

"That explains a lot." I tried to loose out words the best i could.

"You're bringing quite the changes to these woods, human. First you attack treants, even if for saving dryads. Then you put a shame on Fang's skills twice. And now you're consorting with dryads just before facing the Nature's Court." She seemed to be attempting to control her humor. "You're really one uproaring human, you know?"

"It's not my fault that everything tears down on me like that, you know?" Her atitude really makes me want to vent out, even with my manners in check. "I just want to get rid of those slavers and end all of this for everyone's sake."

"The problem is..." she confronted my deep thoughts "...that not everyone wants the peace you seek."

"What do you mean? Could you please explain?" I asked her, still trying to be polite.

"Well..." she tried to be reserved, but as we started to go down a big ser of stairs, she continued: "...there are rumors that some elves don't want peace with the humans."

"Why would they want that?"

"Pride, mostly. An elf's pride is as big as a human's greed. And while the human shows charity as a result of his greed's effort, elves show service to show their skills."

What she said was true. During my time with the royal families, their large offerings were part of the funds they raised, some even probably from shady dealings.

"Fang is the greatest example," she kept explaining "He recieved eternal life from protecting the woods from humans, and yet, after attaining peace, he harbors hate for humans and all that they stand as outsiders from Hartwood. And if peace would permain forever, his gifts were no longer necessary. So, in order to keep his youth..."

She was awaiting for me to end her sentence. I obliged: "... he has to keep fighting the outsiders. Like humans."

"Good anwser. I was refering to humans, but the demons and other threats also count."

The set of stairs ended, making the elf choose a corridor from among 3 of them. I kept following her along the safefire brazier pedestals.

"There are profits to be had from war, and some, either of elven or human blood, live from their spoils, so they'll do everything to keep their pride, or greed, flowing."

"But i'll still find a way to turn around them and find a way to get peace... at least for a long time."

She quickly turned to me from hearing that. "Even when there are bigger fish than you that can gobble you up? Quite courageous." After the cynical remark, she turned around and kept guiding me.

The end of the corridor showed a larger room, where i could see the sunlight once again, shinning forth from what seemed to be a large gate. More pedestals burning with teal crystals were giving light while the gate was shut.

"Wait here, as another soldier will come along to take you to the Nature's Court. I apologize, but i won't be around - duty calls, you know."

"I understand, dear elf. Thanks for your words of wisdom along the way."

"You're welcome, and remember:" she placed her hand on my shoulder, " change the world little by little, or else you'll be crushed. Try to survive the trial, for starters, and maybe you can start from there, if you live long enough."

"Are you doubting that i can do it?" I asked as she started to leave my presence.

"As a matter of fact," - she giggled a bit between words, ending the sentence when i lost sight of her - "i believe i am."

I leaned on the wall between the last pedestral and the gate, awaiting for the final guard to escort me outside.

Author's words:

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14-02-2014: The Nature's Court (Part 1)

The guard has finally arrived at the room, showing some signs of fatigue as he approached me.

"Sir Vaatigam, why are you here?" His way of speech revealed his concern. "I expected Arger to tell you to wait for me."

"Oh, i apologize for worrying you." I bowed in respect. He was probably unaware that i was already escorted. "Another elven soldier brought me here."

"That is strange." The soldier regained his breath at the end of the sentence. "I was your assigned soldier, so i thought you attempted to escape."

"Again, i am here of my own volition. Betraying your trust wasn't my intention." I pointed to the gate that leads to the outside. "Is this the entrance to my trial?"

"Yes, it is." He approached the gate. "The Queen and the people are awaiting your entrance. Please, follow me."

He touched an orb inserted within the center of the gate, and spoke a single elven word. The orb began to shine a red glow, and the gate loosened a small rumble, scattering the dust that was dormant on its metal glyphs. A few seconds after the rumble, the door began to open towards above, allowing more sunlight to enter the room.

The inner outside of the building, to my dismay, had the appearance of an amphitheatre: rows of seats in ascending order accomodated the elves that were already present, awaiting for the trial to start. Their presence was sometimes cloaked by pillars of clay covered with sigils of unknown detail. 4 rows of pillars were decorating the barrened soil which i was walking upon as i followed the soldier to a brown staircase, made from hardened brown stone.

The soldier stopped aside the staircase. "Please, climb towards our Queen. I'll be taking my leave once you do."

As i gave my first steps upwards, the soldier went through the pillars to the gate, as he announced. I moved up the steps with my head looking up, hearing the rusted sound of the gate closing. It was was fully closed just as i reached the top of the stone ladder.

At the front of the ladder there was a section seperated from the amphitheatre's rows, adorned with the finest crafts in the whole building. In the center was a throne of marble and granite, adorned with teal crystals and golden strings. I could see Claudette sitting on it, along with Maritza standing on her feet by her side.

Silence reigned within the court - everyone, myself included, was awaiting the Queen's words.

She rose from her throne, stepped towards the edge of her balcony, and addressed to her people:

"My brothers and sisters! Today, as we stand within the Nature's Court, i bring news from the outside!" - she took a pause, making sure everyone was listening her every word - "The humans are waging war with themselves, out of pure greed towards their findings within dryad grounds. We are not the target of their war efforts. You may all rest in peace."

I could hear the elves exchanging words, their foreign sentences as faint as whispers.

"However, while one of the sides is enslavering our friends, the other wishes to free them of their captivity. Among them stands Sir Vaatigam, Chosen of the Silversong kingdom, present among us on this trial."

As she pointed at me, their whispers began to increase in volume, some of them revealing aggression or mistrust, even hidden within the elven dialect.

"As proof of their intentions of peace to us, he recovered two important members of the dryad community - the Trees of Dream and Reality - from the enemy side, and brought them here to our presence, placing himself in jeopardy for the sake of our peace agreement. He wishes that we enjoy peace, brothers and sisters, and brought down the rumors that were thwarting our safety. Despite the hatred among us, he brings these deeds with kindness in his goals."

The Queen waited until the crowd became silent, and then spoke once more: "What is your decision towards Vaatigam? What fair choice do you offer, people of WoodHeart?!?"

Random cries bursted forth from random corners of the crowd, yet all carried the same elven word. Increasing parts of the crowd began to cry out it as well. Until one of these voices carried a human word, which others also brought up as well.


Claudette raised both her arms as a way to demand order, and the crowd responded with a swift silence. Within the silence, she spoke the human tongue once more: "The Trial of Acceptance has been requested, and the defendant has the right to accept or decline it. In it you will risk your life to prove your loyalty towards the people of WoodHeart." - her head turned slightly towards me - "Vaatigam, do you accept the Trial of Acceptance?"

If i have to take this trial in order to have their trust, and maybe their aid, what choice do i have?

"I accept the trial, your Majesty!"

In the following second, she raised her hand along with her voice: "Very well then. May the Trial of Acceptance begin! Maritza, est'ef lheid!"

With her words, Maritza kneeled while enchanting magic words along with the bright glow of her staff.

The pillars began moving towards the boundaries of the dirt field, begining to unfurl themselves across the ornamented stones. The sigils began to glow a white hue, which spreaded out towards the sky. The white lights joined themselves to form a shiny, transparent dome that covered the air around the inner field.

Then it became clear to me: they raised a shield to protect whatever they're planning to throw at me.

Once the silence returned, again it was shattered, this time by the Queen's stalwart voice: "You now face the Trial of Acceptance, Vaatigam. As a Chosen and if you wish, you are allowed to summon one of your Heroes, whom will assist you with the Vow and the trial itself. Good luck." - she then raised her arm - "Nes fatan boral!"

Her hand glowed with a green light. My eyes, observing the light, were caught by surprise by an equal light beneath my feet: a round portion of the stone ladder began to shine the same green hue.

The stairway began to rubble violently, giving me the urge to run down the stairs until reaching a safe height to jump down and roll to safety. The brown structure began to twist and reform itself, as if affected by geomancy. It began to gain what appeared to be a torso, and its lower half splitting into two. Three more members emerged from the top edges, growing in size, forming what seemed to be arms... and a head.

When the geomancy was done, a huge stone humanoid was standing before me - a Golem:

Soundtrack option:

The Golem began moving on its own, its left arm lifted and his legs moving towards me. Though its movements were slow, the evidence of the strike was clear; i started to sprint towards its left, the arm crashing the ground with a devastating force. The crater left from the impact showed how gruesome would be my death in case the blow hits.

I conveyed magic within my right hand. I need to take care of that menacing weapon. "Magna..."

He released the arm from the crater and turned towards me, readying his right one. Its movement was still sluggish, allowing me to lauch the strike without concern: ...Sphere!"

The sphere was launched at full power against the raising arm, shattering it with the blue blast. The golem lost balance and fell, its bottom making a roar with its landing.

I took the chance to charge foward as i drew my sword, leaping from the construct's legs for an attempt to sever its head.

My sword met its neck with a screeching clash. The humanoid seems feeble on a first view, but its density was strong enough to halt my sword. I'll need more than a simple slash to slice the head.

The sound of earth rumbling caught my attention and made me leap out of the golem's range to a safe distance. The arm i shattered began to be reformed from the dirt sorrounding it. When it stood up, its right arm was wearing a sturdier look than before.

It seems that he'll get stronger the more blows are dealt to its body. I must hit to win, or else multiple failures will spell my doom.

"Magna Generator!"

The second orb within my right hand was larger than the first, ready to unleash volleys of projectiles at my command.

I threw one at its head. the projectile was too fast for the monster to dodge, and its damage was moderate.

The golem kept walking, unhindered by the blow, yet not showing signs of regeneration. It seems it only replaces body parts that are utterly destroyed. If i fire enough to keep the parts weakened, it may allow me to perform a surgical attack on various spots at once.

I jumped over his arm as he attempted a side blow from the left. What concerned me wasn't the blow itself, but the speed of it - apparently, the construct moves faster as time passes on. I'll have to move foward with my strategy as soon as possible.

As i ran around the construct's back, i shot several rounds of low power, targetting his legs and the weaker arm. Low enough to damage, yet not enough to break the parts. The golem turned and attempted a second arm push, but it was slow enough for me to jump over the second arm.

Suddenly, a shadow from above reavealed its third strike. I rolled on the opposite direction, dodging the blow while ending near one of his damaged legs.

Which suffered a quick slash from my sword, being cut from one side to the other.

It lost its balance once again, the side of its torso hitting the dirt. The stronger arm was behind its back, making it impossible to stand right up.

Taking advantage of its fall, i joined both hands with my sword, allowing the orb to be absorved by it.

"True Blade!"

The orb's color was then transfered to the blade, brimming with power. I took a leap towards his head, yet the beast raised his weaker arm. Arm that was weakened by my previous shots.

Both the arm and the head were sliced apart from its body, turning into rubble as they met the ground.

Within the neck was what i was looking for - the green-colored orb that triggered the transformation, most likely what's controlling the body.

I took all my strenght and hit the orb with a side slash. The clash released a white light, but it wasn't enough to shatter it.

Quite the problem. Magic is required to shatter the body, but pure mellee power has to shatter the weak point. Quite the devious trap...

The golem's body started to rumble, reacting to the damage done. I jumped off his torso onto safe ground, and watched him regaining his lost limbs. I knew he was going to recover quickly, so i had to summon a Hero to help me with the weak point. I reached my card pouch and retrieved...



... my ...



How can this be! I checked them as i was preparing myself, there's no way i would forget them for a situation like this! How...

... "As a matter of fact, ... i believe i am."

That elven woman! She pickpocketed my summoning cards while i was distracted! Damn that woman!

She spoke too much about me being in the way of higher powers ... she must be allied to them in some way!

A shadow darkened my pouch, alerting me of the strike from above. A split second dash allowed me to avoid a crushing death.

I looked at the Golem, the shattered parts now reconstructed and harder than before. The only part that was still was unarmored was the leg i didn't shatter yet.

The construct started moving towards me once more, its pace increased. It must be twice as agile by now. I don't have a chance against it alone.

How can i survive this? How can i return to my men? How will Patate feel with my death?

Patate! ... that's it. Amor's bracelet that was given to me at the camp! It'll allow me to summon her. Despite her age, she's still an Heroine - her hammer might do the trick!

As the golem stood in my front, i prepared two Magna Spheres, one in each hand. As the Golem closed his hands in on me for a clap smash, i fired one of the orbs to the ground. The blast pushed me with enough force to fling me sky high, away from the strike.

As i regained my balance in midair, i saw it figuring out if i was vaporized from the smash. It didn't notice that i dodged the attack.

As i landed at a further distance from the construct, i threw the second sphere at its leg, afterwards reaching for the bracelet on my arm.

The sounds of the blast and the golem falling again to the ground didn't concerned me, for i was focusing on the bracelet, attempting to activate it and reaching out for Patate.

"Patate! If you can hear me, join my side! I'm in need of help!"

The bracelet began to glow, a teal light shining forth towards the ground. The light began to materialize - small shoes, white skirt, a hammer with a purple corner, twin ponytails and a white flower - Patate was summoned.

Her face showed both surprise and confusion. It's as if she was summoned without her consent.

"Patate? Are you well?"

She seemed to recover, as her expression gained awe when she saw me.

"Vaati!" She hugged my leg as usual.

"Patate, listen." I placed my hand on her shoulder with a firm grasp. "We're in danger. The Golem's coming towards us."

"The who?!?"

"That!" I pointed at the construct, seemed to have recovered, with a brand new leg.

"Eeesh! It's huge!" Patate's face was even more surprised as the Golem began to rush towards us.

"Listen! Its weak spot is hidden below its head. I'll try to cut it and expose it. Then you strike it as hard as you can."

"Okay, Vaati!"

"Spread out!"

We each jumped to an opposite side as the golem struck with a punch, catching only dirt with its blow.

"Magna Generator!" I summoned once again the orb of magic, firing mulltiple spheres at its body. Though the hits weren't much, the armor wasn't perfect - if we maintain pressure we can get a last opportunity.

It caught me by surprise however that its target was actually Patate, as it threw a punch at her.


"I got it!" - She yelled - "Hammer Time!"

Both the Golem's fist and Patate's hammer clashed, a complete stalemate. The sound shockwave was spread through the entire amphitheatre. Elven hairs were blown away by the intensity, and i could see many protecting their faces from the gust.

If Patate can stall the Golem like that, i can bring his leg down and root it, enabling another opportinity.

"Keep it busy, i'll try to break his balance. We're almost there." I yelled to Patate as i kept firing at its legs.

"I can't hold him much longer. He's harder than my hammer!" I couldn't see her from the other side, evading well due to her size and hitting the monster when she could. I decided to hurry up and end it.

I threw the generator along with another sphere at the same time towads the leg i focused my efforts on. When they collided, the Golem bended his left knee foward to balance itself. It got smarter, but its right leg was still vulnerable.

I drew my sword once more, enhancing it with True Blade and charging foward to open the chance.

Its response to me was fast and clever: while still maintaing balance on his weaker leg, he gained momentum from the front and struck me with a potent left kick. My surprised body was thrown a good distance till i reached the ground rolling.

My mind was still figuring out what had happened. I couldn't focus my sight. All was a blur, yet the sounds were vivid - the elven crowd unleashed a cheer as i stood on the ground, my arms barely holding my torso's weight.

A shriek then came to my ears: "KYAAAAAAAAAA! VAAAAATI!!!"

My minded quickly gained conscious. My body was aching, but i still managed to get up.

The golem was standing right next to me. How did it got so fast?

Its hand caught my confused self in its heavy grip. It gave almost no chance to escape.

Its other hand had Patate with its grasp. She was suffering from the crush.

The elves' roars of excitement weren't eluding me. They were enjoying this. They were seeing this as an arena instead of a court. Why are they cheering for my death? Isn't this a place of fair judgement?

Another of Patate's moans of pain brought me into what i needed to do - get us both out of the Golem's hands.

"I'm trying to free myself, Patate! Hold on!"

I began to summon orbs within my hands again. If i can cause an implosion, i may free myself and cause a blast strong enough to bring this thing out of balance. Maybe giving a chance to save Patate.

"It's no use..."

Patate's words reached me. W...why would she say that? As turned towards her, i saw her eyes -  they were starting to fade out.

"Patate, what do you mean?!? Stay with me!"

"I'm too weak, Vaati. I...i couldn't hang on the horse. I couldn't go with you, and i couldn't help you...now. I...i'm sorry... I wish i was stronger..."

"PATATE!" My screams were of no use, she was starting to die, crushed from the grip.

And then i could hear their cheers.

In a split second, i could see the entire sorroundings - most of the elven crowd was screaming with delight. Some were holding back, but many showed their true colors. Claudette's eyes were showing a great deal of shame.

Then i realized why she was resenting herself...

...for her people were cheering for the death of a child. Human or elf, all childs deserve special rights, no matter the circumstances that the world brings upon them. Her people weren't seeing this - only my death was enough, not hers.


My lips were talking by themselves...


My rage was surfacing forth...


My yell was heard throughout the amphitheatre. Some elves stopped cheering, and the Golem even reacted to my action.

But it couldn't react to the rage that took magical form.


Fiery rings of red hues sprung forth from my being, slicing the arm that took me captive. The rings struck the Golem with such power that it was pushed to the center's corner, each ring slicing up its body.

Even the other arm didn't survive the rings. Patate's body was freed and fell onto the floor.

All the rings shocked with the barrier, suffering cracks with each impact. As the last ring was fired from my body, its clash shattered the barrier, white magic falling upon the center like snow.

**** End of soundtrack ****

As i stood up, i still felt the power within me. It was yearning to be unleashed, with a rage i could barely hold. It wished the death of all the elves who cheered for Patate's demise, and it was taking over.

Then i remembered Arger's words - "It is with a lucid mind that you can control your emotions and use them for good."

I fought back my urges, and whispered to myself: "Remember! They don't need to die...they just need to change."

I could feel the red glow appeasing within me, calming down to an orange aura. I could feel its wish to follow me. I felt ... anew. Empowered even.

My mind then remembered about Patate. The hand that grasped her became all but dirt and mud.

I ran towards her, unaware that the golem was still unable to stand. Yet he was of no concern to me right now... only Patate.

As i reached her body, i placed my hand gently on her chest, filled with white particles from the barrier, and my ear next to her mouth. She was still breathing, and my hand felt the murmurs.

Her cough caught my ear by surprise. Yet i wasn't disgusted, but relieved.

"Patate... are you alright?" I spoke to her gently, not to alarm her.

"Y-Yes." She started breathing normally, yet her face was shaken.

"Let me get you up." While on my knee, i helped her stand up. Her dress was all covered in brown and white, but her body didn't seem to have broken bones or any equal injury. Which amazed me considering the hardness of the Golem's grip.

"Listen, Patate." - and her eyes met mine - "You're not the only one who was weak. Even with this power, i felt myself weak as well. I was weak for not caring about you properly, for not taking you with me , for not noticing the theft, for... for a lot of things."

"Vaati..." her face joined me in the saddnes.

"But a very nice, yet grumpy, dryad girl told me that we can look for each other's weaknesses and become better. We'll be able to do things better and be even happier ."

I felt a smile growing on my face. Patate also grew an innocent smile.

My eye's corner saw the Golem starting to recover.

"But how do we defeat that stone bully?" - asked  Patate - "Even with our strenghts we couldn't beat it."

"In my trainings as a Chosen" - i spoke while placing my left hand on her left shoulder - "i've learned a ritual called a Vow, which allows a Chosen and his Leader to become both united in strenght, their abilities increased." I took a deep breath, and then asked her: "Will you perform the Vow with me?"

I knew this was a ritual of mutual charity, but i felt she was way weaker than me, so i had to give her all i've got. I don't care if i end up losing power. Right now, I care more about her safety.

"Sure." Her nodding smile brought rest to my heart.

"Then repeat after me." I started as i placed my other hand on her right shoulder.

"What yours is mine..."
"What yours is mine..."

"... both honor and might."
"... both honor and might."

"We now share the power..."
"We now share the power..."

"... to end the fight."
"... to end the fight."

I felt our energies gathering in unison. Her purple glow started to meld with my orange hues. But yet, i could feel within her something - a bud of promise, with an enormous kindness and warmth, ready to grow.

I channelled all the power i had within her inner self...

...and i felt the bud blossoming.

Soundtrack option:

As i felt her blossom unleashing, its shine began to flow outside of Patate's body, covering the court with its magnificence.

Her whole skin started to glow an orange white as she blossomed. Her height began to increase, making me stand while keeping up with her growth. When her height became the same as mine, her glow began to dissipate, revealing a young woman. Her skirt had more purple colors, and her chest had a sturdy-looking breatplate, Both her shoulderpads were still white, but her ponytails grew, their tips gaining a shinning golden look. Her face looked more mature, but her orange eyes were still full of innocence.

"You...you changed?"

"I... i felt it." Her hands began checking her torso. "Does the Vow do this to Heroes?"

"No, it never did. You're the first."

"Then i guess..." - her smile was cheerfull - "...i guess i grew up on you."

Even if those words were litteral, they were enough to blush me a little.

"Can... can you still fight?" I asked.

"Let me see." - She streched her arm downwards, her hand asking for something from the ground. From the soil erupted an hardened twig, still brimming with leaves, that she grabbed firmly. The far tip started accumulating rocks colored with magenta, molding into an oval head of a considerable size.

"Yup, i still can." She turned again to me, with another smile, as she prepared the hammer.

"Right, on my word." As i looked at her better, she seemed more composed, yet brimming with the energy of her younger self. I felt that my wish to help Patate with my being...

...has made her grown into the woman i now see:

The Golem, now fully formed and hardener than before, marched towards us, its size quite larger than the beginning.

But now he doesn't scare me. I feel the chaotic energies within me in control, at least for now, and Patate seems to be ready to smash things with ner new, improved hammer.
Its march even revealed that, while armored, show weak patterns from the excessive stone armor.

"He'll strike with its right arm. Counter it!"

"Aye, Vaati!" She began charging at a good speed, not even hindered by the hammer's new weight.

My suspicions were correct - the golem hardened the left arm to serve as a shield, being aware of our powers, while its right arm is looking sharper, as if with the intent to pierce flesh.

With a warcry, Patate's hammer clashes with the spiky arm. While the clash brought forth a shocking sound, it was the Golem's arm that recoiled from it, while Patate still had momentum. She struck it again, but the shielded arm protected it.

Has my power infusion really increased hers to such a height? It feels like there is still hope for victory...

...until a spike launched forth from the shield nearly hitted Patate, who blocked it with its hammer as she jumped back.

"That thing's firing spikes!" Patate claimed as she landed. "The parry was pure luck, but i'll need help."

As i considered the spikes, an idea reached my mind.

"Then allow me to be your shield!" If the chaotic energies respond for me, maybe i can control them...from a distance. Summoning a large orb of both blue and orange sources, i attempted to flatten it in a rotating crush.

"Magna Roda!"

The orb began to rotate at the speed trend of the pressure, becoming a disc with rotating edges.

I threw it towards Patate, still capable of controlling its movement. The Golem brought the shield to the front again, firing another spike. The disc quickly stood between her and the spike, its rotating edges disintegrating the sharp yet frail projectile.

Feeling that the disc responds to Patate's presence, avoiding any cuts on her, i proceeded to make a spiral movement around Patate.

"Charge forth!" With the words said, a volley of hammer strikes, with the ocasional disc drill, kept the pressure against our oppenent. Any spikes he threw met the disc, while his offensive arm thrusts were thwarted with hammer blows.

"He can't keep up!" Patate's words were rising our morale. Even with its new tactics, the Golem was losing his ground.

"Let's finish this. We need to shatter his shield." - I replied - "Patate, get ready for a clockwise swing. And then duck for cover."

Having said my suggestion, i left one arm to control the disc while the other started to amass magical power.

"Got it." Said Patate as she noticed the disc leaving her presence, controlled by my effort to strike the Golem from his left flank. The construct intercepted the disc, its dents peeling away the stone.

"NOW!" Patate jumped forth, and, following my suggestion, smashed the arm from the opposing side with her clockwork swing. The two weapons' power shattered the shield arm, and the remains of the disc landed on the weapon arm, peeling parts of it with the explosion.

As the Golem tried to gain balance from the combined attack, he didn't noticed that my attack was fully charged - an orb with the size of my own chest.


My words reached Patate, as she noticed i was about to strike. She kneeled with the hammer in front of her for protection.


The construct regained balance, its artificial eyes meeting mine by coincidence.


Dozens of bolts were fired towards my foe. It fired an earth spike from within his barren mouth, but the effort was little - it turned to dust as it met my barrage. Each profound strike pushed the golem backwards, its body falling apart to dirt piece by piece.

The elves on the stands screamed in fear as they started flowing to the back rows, as some of the bolts, without the barrier, were hitting the front stands. Even one of them shattered the front right pillar of the Queen's balcony.

And in the middle of the strike, my eyes caught a glimpse of the Golem's crystal source.

"CHARGE!" My word made Patate sprung foward, her hammer held to her back as she gained momentum and strength.

Her leap was inhuman, being directly above the Golem's decaying body.

"GAIA..." She focused her will into her hammer, its magenta color glowing with power.


Her hammer met the Golem's neck, causing a smashing force so powerfull that the ground, along with the entire court, rumbled violently, as if a massive earthquake was right below us. My spell focus was broken off as i tried to balance myself against the uproar of her final attack. The elven screams were even louder than before.

And when the quake subsided, i could finally shift my eyes to what remained of the golem - dust on a massive creater, a small faction of it shattering a part the court's inner border.

I upheld my body straight - the trial was won, and the Golem no more.

**** End of Soundtrack ****

Author's words:

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18-02-2014: A Fairy in the Hand update

Fairies. Small, cute, sometimes meschiveous.

The event began long ago on 14/02, and will end tomorrow. It's quite a small schedule, but it allowed some players to go forth and snatch some fairies.

It will be my last active event for the months to come. One of my university classes brings very difficult tasks to the table, so i'll have to decrease gameplay to get a better grip of the topics. I'll still be around, getting the daily bonuses and some cheap prizes, while Braving and helping my dear allies on what i can.

As for the diary, it will still continue, but with lesser activity - if a week turns out to be full of work, i'll warn the postpone on the entries.

Will be writting as the day moves on, so please be patient.

Royal Trouble Closure:

A Fairy in the Hand event:

The Nature's Court (Part 2)

As i walked towards Patate, i felt the aftermath of the trial - that stone kick seemed to have broken one or two ribs. My stomach seemed desperate to cough blood, but i held the urge - Patate seemed to be in a worse state. Even if she had grown, the damage she took while being an infant seemed to have worsen when she reached the adult form that now stands before me, her hammer without a dent from that huge smash.

She smilled at me with the grin of a champion, and i smiled back. I foresaw the strenght leaving her body, motionless. I held her with both my arms and my chest before she lost her balance.

"We...we did it." Her voice, bruised from the battle, had a low pitch.

I replied her with the same volume: "Yeah, we did. Nice work." I caressed her head, my hand feeling the smooth purple hair. "Now take some rest. I'll take it from here."

I removed one of my arm bracelets as i placed her slowly on the ground, her back above the dirt. The armor i removed met the back of her head to prevent it from touching the ground.

Seeing that she was resting on the floor, i stood up and slowly walked towards the Queen's balcony, surveilling the damage done within the court.

I didn't expect that the chaotic energies i wielded were capable of such destruction. The front stands were a mess, and the balcony's roof had one broken pillar.

I could see Queen Claudette next to the balcony, gazing at me after witnessing the trial.

"Sir Vaatigam..." - as she spoke, i noticed the elves returning to their seats, their faces still shaken from the event - "... the trial was to be one of endurance, not dominance."

Those words surprised me - was i suppose to let the golem try to stomp me until he grew tired?

I anwsered with a loud voice: "Forgive me, dear Queen, but i had a valid reason for losing my temper during the trial." I took the precaution of making my words as less offending as possible in order to convey my feelings without much scandal. I need to disguise my ignorance.

"And what would that be?" She taunted me into saying my reasons.

And so i obliged: "I know elves are a proud people, but their atitude during the trial contradicts their notion of honor. Their bellow during the trial seemed like one of common humanoids cheering for blood and death from an arena, almost like the least civilized of humans."

Some present within the elven community threw their raged voices at me. I knew i crossed the line by comparing them to humans, but i waited until everything calmed down.

The Queen then spoke to the crowd: "My dear brothers and sisters, his words were indeed of scorn, but before you judge him, ask yourselves: were his words lies, or an observation of what transpired here? Think, my dear ones - his words are not of anger, but of saddness. Saddness towards how we treated he who placed his trust on us on this trial. Are we to let our pride overcome our honor as hosts?"

The voices calmed down, becoming whispers. The Queen seemed to have touched their sense of servitude. Even if part of it is just a selfish need to slake their pride, being open towards others is trully a selfless act.

My ear caught up a quick rustle from behind me - which seemed like a landing - followed up by a sound that looked like the nock of an arrow. I quickly jumped to the right, watching the projectile passing next to my head.

As i turned to my back, i saw the one that almost killed me: an elf with black green hair and sharp eyes, wearing a sleeveless red vest and trouses of white and brown. He was pointing another arrow at me from his glowing esmerald bow.

"An honest insult is still an insult." His words were full of disdain.

"Fang!" - the Queen ordered - "Stop this nonsense at once!"

So he's Fang... the strongest watcher of Hartwood:

I'm surprised that he just made his presence aware right now. How did he noticed our slip through the night?

"He destroyed the Golem without a second thought. He must be dealt with." Another arrow was knocked and ready to fire. I placed myself in a dodging stance, ready to avoid the second strike should he attempt it.

"It was not his intention to disrespect the Trial. Lower your bow, Fang." Claudette's stalwart voice revealed a hint of desperation. My guess is that Fang has reached the point in which peace with humans is not an option.

"Leaving him alive is a threat to WoodHeart." - his words manifested anger rather than pure disdain - "He even forced that human child to grow older in order to fight for him."

His last words gave away the proof that he did not notice that Patate wasn't forced. I mustered my courage to correct him: "A Vow is made by the choice of both sides, Fang. Have you not noticed that she chose to combine forces with me, rather than being forced?"

My right shoulder dodged the second arrow, which snapped upon hitting the rock wall behind me.

"You speak like a serpent, twisting your words of truth into a blade as sharp as your teeth." - i saw the total lack of feelings in his eyes, as if tormented by whatever deeds previous humans did to him - "You use everything to get what you want, but you'll end like all the humans i've met - with an arrow plunged on your head!"

"He's still under trial, Fang!" - unable to snap Fang out of his crusade, Claudette used my trial for her advantage - "Should you slay him while under trial, you'll be sentenced as a traitor! Is that what you really want, Fang?"

Fang stopped right before unleashing the third arrow. Claudette's words of their rules made him aware that he could not kill me, at least until my trial was done.

His eyes quickly met mine, as if scanning my soul for some other way of bringing me down.

As his eyes shifted to the left, an eerie feeling came to my mind - is he...

"The trial only states the man, not the woman." - his words were fast, but his shot was faster.

I couldn't utter a single incantation. The arrow was too fast to intercept its course towards Patate's head.

Only the sudden tree stump that emerged from the ground next to Patate was capable of stopping the arrow.

Fang felt flat-footed as his strike was halted. I could feel my opened mouth paralyzed with surprise, and Claudette's eyes had the same awe.

"ENOUGH, FANG!" - a female voice came from above the amphitheatre's outer wall.

Everyone gasped as the figure jumped towards the center of the court. Her dress was as if it was made of leaves, yet it was sturdy enough to keep in one piece while she headed towards us. Her golden hair was surfing on the wind made from her movements, and her green eyes were filled with disgust.

As she landed next to Fang, Claudette gasped as she revealed her name:

"Euphemia!" :

Fang's words were sharp against her as well: "You are meddling with our affairs, Speaker! Why are you defending..."

Euphemia's hand slapped Fang's face without remorse. The staggered elf almost fell towards his back from the sudden response.

"Are your eyes really blind, Fang?" - her words were filled with saddness - "Have you fallen so low as to not recognize an autumn nymph?!?"

Fang became even more surprised with the sudden revelation.

"This man has been blessed by Loanne, the Autumn Mother, she who watches over Nature's crops and ensures food for every living being. And not only did you neglect that fact without any respect, but also to the point of killing a daughter of Nature itself!"

Wait... Patate is a nymph? As in a humanoid manifestation of Nature, willing to help other races as they live together with it?

"You have all the reasons to hate the humans who took your family and your beloved, but that doesn't give you the right to unleash your anger without reason." - Euphemia turned to Claudette, her eyes now full of focus - "Your majesty, rally the elven troops at once!"

"What's the matter, Speaker?" - asked Claudette, awaiting anwsers with a serious look.

"The hostile humans have found a link to the forest's heart! The forest wept from a blow to its core, and if the humans continue their behavior, the whole forest itself may die from their actions!"

The elves present gasped with higher tone from the ill news. Some of them began moving towards the exits, as if following Euphemia's orders.

Claudette's eyes gained concern in an instant - "How bad is the situation at the slavers' camp?"

"Human troops from the Silversong kingdom are sieging their camp. The slavers aren't abusing the link as they are occupied with fending the Chosen's troops."

Looking at me for a while, Euphemia continued: "Queen Claudette, place the human under the care of Armure, and send him towards his troops with your forces. Even if he failed the Trial of Acceptance, he deserves the total trust of WoodHeart."

Claudette's face gained a hopefull smile, seeing things finnally going towards a positive ending: "Thank you, Euphemia. I'll see to it that he is taken to his kin."

"Vaatigam." Euphemia called to me as Claudette started issuing elven orders to the remaining elves.

I took a few steps towards Euphemia, expressing my apologies: "Dear Speaker, i apologize for the state that i..."

"You have no fault." - the Speaker interrupted me - "This elven community has suffered a lot from human abuse, and i knew they would become too blinded to comprehend their folly."

Her head turned to Patate: "But to think that a daughter of Loanne was almost killed. I shudder to think how the Autumn Mother would feel from her death."

"Do you know Loanne, Euphemia?"

"Not personally, but I'm connected with the ways of Nature, so i can feel her works." - her eyes shifted towards mine - "I don't understand how someone who wields such chaotic magics has earned Loanne's trust."

As i remembered our meeting before departing to Hartwood, i anwsered: "She sees something within me that made her trust Patate to me. I don't know yet, but i'm not planning to fail her." I clenched my hand, my mind determined.

"Ahh... i think i understand it now." I turned my eyes again to Euphemia and found a smile full of hope and happy eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't worry. You'll understand soon enough..." - she holded my hands within her own - "... and follow Claudette's orders. I'll take care of Patate for you while you join your friends."

"Yes, my lady." I replied with respect.

"Listen well, Vaatigam, there's something i need to tell you." - Euphemia seemed willing to share a secret - "Among the dryads, along with the humans you saved, there was a third human girl who developed a close conection with Nature like myself. I don't know her name, but she can sever the link to Hartwood's core without harming the forest's heart. If you can help her, the forest can be saved from their grasp."

"I'll do my best!" I vowed with a stalwart response.

"Then go up to the Queen's balcony and join her troops. Time is running out for all of us."

A snap from her fingers made the earth rise from my feet, abruptly separating myself from Euphemia. We waved to each other as the earth took me close enough to jump towards inside the balcony. The Queen wasn't inside - she most probably went towards the outside to manage her troops.

I made the jump and ran by the throne's side, heading towards the exit to meet Claudette.

Author's words:

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Vaati wrote:
Who would have thought that Loanne and Patate were nymphs...
Not me. Of all the previous chapters that you started referencing again, I didn't think Loanne would be mentioned again.

After reading this arc, I'd love to leader a Patate 4* again right now. But, you know, I think my allies would remove me.
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20-02-2014: Event Updates

Good morning, everyone. I'd like to make a few announcements before the event updates.

My university's second semester has begun, its schedule now shifted towards different days. It appears that the best day to write my diary entries is Tuesday, so i the best day to check them will be either Wednsday or Thursday, since i'll be most probably correcting any grammar/story mishaps during those days.

Also, @ Amasuro: the current event is the best to showcase any card you like as your leader, since it doesn't require ally aid. I'll explain this in a bit.

A Fairy in the Hand - closure:

Roll the Dice event:

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26-02-2014: Dragon Update

Dragons, dragons everywhere!

I've tried going for the Frost Dragon, but apparently it was no good. Even with my goal at 400 wins for the tradable pots makes me grind a whole lot.

And then we have classes. And then we have a baked cake.

Maybe i'll make a quick entry for the story to continue, but i won't make promises.

Roll the Dice closure:

Here There be Dragons!:

A ride from above

The hall which i ran through was equal as any i saw within the Nature's Court. Yet, my notion of the height at which i am compared to the ground level, along with the sounds of moving soldiers outside, gave me a lead as to how to leave the amphithreatre. I sighed with relief as i once more felt my hair being kisse by the sun's rays, outside the building.

Elves in shinning green armor or wearing brown druidic clothes were running in every single direction. I could see several platoons with spears pointed to the sky, or bows stored on the soldiers' backs, marching around the Nature's Court, all heading towards the west end of the city.

My eyes caught Claudette's golden hair to the right, and i made my way to her with due haste. As i caught up with her, she was accompanied by Arger and Amor, along with a fourth person whom i did not recognize.

"Vaati!" Amor's face was brimming from her hopefull smile.

"It's Vaatigam, if you wouldn't mind..." Is my name that hard to say in its whole form?

"Claudette told us the news. I'm happy that you've made it in one piece." Arger was also glad to see me.

As i was about to address her, the fourth woman moved towards me. Her hair had a tone far more golden than the Queen's coils, and her grey eyes had a firm gaze. Her white-golden breastplace had a skirt which matched well with its vivid colors. Her two other features were quite dazzling: a pair of short, pink wings and two floating blue shields which seemed to protect her.

The elf did a light bow before me, and spoke evenly: "Greetings, Vaatigam. I am Armure, Sacred Guardian of Earth, and one of these woods' protectors."

So she's the elf that Euphemia mentioned at the Court:

I replied with a bow as well: "I wished we could have met each other in better terms."

"In my honesty," - Claudette interrupted - "these terms are the best you two could have to meet each other. Armure has dealt with more human marauders than other protectors, perhaps more than Fang himself. So i'm glad that the Speaker of Nature has recommended Armure to take you to your battalion."

"Your outburst at the arena almost forced me to intervene." - remarked Armure - "But the way you later handled your magical abilities made me see what you were trying to convey to WoodHeart's people. Not many elves fond you, human."

"I'm not asking them to fully change right now, Armure. I just want them to realize their folly - realizing one's mistakes is the first half to change."

Armure then spoke with a scoffed accent: "To think that a human would bring them to reason rather than our "beloved" Queen."

"I'm still here, you know..." Claudette's eyes showed an hint of outrage.

"But Armure..." - i had to interrupt, as it seemed that Armure's idea of fun was to embarass her superior - "...any idea as to why Euphemia named you to escort me?"

"Because i lead the WES." - She replied.

"WES?" - again, something i wasn't also aware of.

"Winged Elf Squad, Vaatigam." - Arger replied - "They're the swifest force in Hartwood. They work with the human settlements and allies to stop the more chaotic, random surges that appear in the woods and their villages from time to time."

If they're as swift as they claim, maybe we'll reach the slave camp even faster than their foot soldiers. But how do they manuever among the trees? Do they soar above them? and thinking about how big the forest is, how would they not get tired.

As i started to think deeper, a soft voice surprised me from behind: "I'm here! Am i late?"

As i turned my back, i've noticed that the new company was in fact a human - a girl of blue eyes and light brown hair strands wearing a dress covered in roses and holding what seemed to be a sunshade.

"So you've arrived, Lady Cynthia." - Armure seemed to know her:

"I am. Are we ready to depart, Armure?"

"Yes, Cynthia." - the way Armure spoke to her suggested they've known each other for some time - "And give a parasol to the gentleman here. He's coming with us."

"Oh sweet!" - The lady shoke her arms with excitement. - "I'll conjure another."

As she waved her left hand, i've felt slivers of wind flowing around. The began to concentrate on the area above her hand, manifesting into another copy of the sunshade she held.

"Take this." - said Cynthia as she extended the new object to me.

"Thank you." - i politely said as i observed the parasol she gave me. It was an ordinary parasol, save for the fact that it seemed sturdier than the average object. - "So, how do i use it."

"Just raise it above your head with both arms when i say so, okay?"


"Queen Claudette," - Armure turned to her highness - "i'll be leaving towards the slave camp."

She made a salute stance before Claudette. As i watched her, i noticed that her pink wings were starting to glow, revealing a large ammount of magical power within. As if...

...as if they were ready to take flight.

"From what i've heard, the local elves and humans near the Slave camp are awaiting orders from superiors. Meet with them and lead then until i arrive. Now go."

Claudette's confirmation made Armure's wings glow brighter than before. It was a really amazing sight.

What was even more amazing, once i noticed, was her feet. They weren't touching the ground. She was floating!

"Lady Cynthia, we're leaving!" - she spoke as she started to fly away above the trees' canopies.

"Right!" - Cynthia seemed really happy - "Okay Vaatigam. Do as i asked."

"Like this?" - I raised the parasol above my head, both hands gripping it strongly.

"Good! Hold on tight!"

Hold on tight? Wait... are we going to fly with these things?!?

"Are you..."

I was unable to end the sentence as a strong gust flowed through me into my parasol. The wind was stronger than anything i felt before. My hands, even if i wanted to, didn't dropped the parasol as my feet left the ground.

The two of us took flight, soaring above buildings and right afterwards the trees' canopies. My screams were baffled by the sheer power of the wind currents that pushed myself and Cynthia up towards the clouds.

"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" - Cynthia was enjoying this? I can't even muster the courage to cheer in this condition.

"How in blazes can you play with this situation?!?"

"Have you wondered about your weight?"

"My wha...?" My confused mind then came to a single thought - my parasol wouldn't enable me to fly with my weight according to its radius. It had to do something.

"Is the parasol magic?" - i asked as loud as i could so that she could hear.

"Yes, Vaatigam! It lowers your weight, allowing you to be taken by my wind magic."

She's a wind mage? That explains a lot.

My eyes caught Armure, her wings flapping as she headed towards us.

"How far are we?" - she asked.

Cynthia awnsered with a smiling face: "It's just above that cloud!"

The three of us flew through the cloud. I felt its dense, humid air as i flew higher and higher. It was darker than outside, but it also felt...refreshing.

Our time inside the cloud was short though. We reached the skies above the clouds, the air currents now weaker than our departure. The sight below was really inspiring - a world of deep green, tinged with pure fog.

"It's over there!" - Cynthia's words threw me off my sight-seeing. But what she aimed was equally amazing. No, it was even more amazing - a ship riding above the clouds, it's large white sails keeping the light brown husk afloat.

My jaw lost all its strenght.

"Impressive, right?" - Cynthia seemed to be expecting my awe - "It's the Skyship, where we travel upon throughout Hartwood."

"Let's make haste. We need to head northwest as soon as possible." Armure headed towards the flying ship, and our parasols followed her as well.

Author's words:

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03-03-2014: Triple event update

Hey everyone. Just leaving my updates on the previous events.

The last couple of events were really swift, which confused me regarding my diary's entries.

Life's been also equally busy, so i wasn't able to do all the things i wanted.

Will be placing 3 event updates over the course of the day, so please be patient.

Let There Be Dragons - closure:

The City of Dreams (2-day event):

The Once and Future King event:

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05-03-2014: Aboard the Skyship

The currents sorrounding us started to wane when aproached the ship's main deck, the Cynthia's spare arm waving as if asking for the current to halt while we landed on the wooden floor. From the doors close to us sprung soldiers, some with green breastplates, others with brown outfits.

"Welcome aboard, Armure." Said one of the latter men, his long hair fastened by a straight ponytail. His reading lens gave him a more clever look than the remaining ones.

"Greetings, Cyrus. We're all acounted for, and ready to head for our destination."

The sly man then gave the order - "Loose the sails and catch the winds! Trim towards norhwest, men!"  :

"Aye, sir!" The remaining brown sailors quickly ran around the deck, some even climbing up the masts.

"Cyrus," - interrupted Armure - "does Captain Alias have time to meet us?"

"Unfortunatly he chose to stay at the Iron Menace ruins. Captain Gideon is leading the Skyship for now..." - his eyes took a quick glance at notes from his green logbook - "...whom can recieve you now if you wish."

Armure smiled as she spoke to her green subordinates: "Brothers and sisters, i'm glad to see you all. Prepare yourselves to depart once we reach our goal. We must be ready to take flight as fast as possible."

Her elven soldiers saluted her shortly before marching towards another door. Their discipline was as rigid as King Rover's guard from what i saw at Silversong.

"Leads us, if you may." Armure presented her hand, as if willing to follow the man towards the captain.

"Then follow me."

The three of followed Cyrus' lead through the inside of the ship, allowing me to see the insides of this amazing ship. While most of the structure resembled a normal boat, a lot of mechanical parts and magical spells, many unknown to me, allowed to keep the ship above the air, as if sailing over the air currents. Some of them had shorter trousers and sleevless shirts to cause less troubles while performing their engeneering duties.

"I believe it is your first time above our ship, Chosen?" - Cyrus seemed to have finally noticed me.

"Yes, sir. And i'm Vaatigam, if you will."

"Noted, as long as you treat me by my name or by First Mate. We're not that formal above the ship, as we're all together within the sky."

"How much magic do you use to power the ship?" I'm intrigued as to how they keep such a big ship afloat with the small quantities of magic i've felt so far.

"Not much. One of our mechanics has found out a way to combine both magic and steam to lower the ship's airborne requirements. Ever since she has become the ship's overseer. We'll probably meet her sooner or later. For now, we reached the Captain's cabin."

The conversations have kept me distracted, for we've arrived at the back of the ship, having stopped at an ornamented door with a pair of wooden weapons - a scimitar, and what seemed to be a small cannon.

Author's words:
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09-03-2014: Black Powder

Cyrus knocked on the door three times. "Captain, Cyrus reporting. We've started to move towards our destination, and i brought our late guests. They wish to have an audience with you."

An elder, rugged voice anwsered from the other side of the wood: "Let them in, Cyrus. And assist our men once you close the door."

"Aye, Captain!" Cyrus quickly opened the door, swinging with a gentle creak. "Please come in, as the Captain will recieve your news."

The room we entered was small for us to manuever, not because of the space it provided, but of all the trophies, memories and rewards that were laying around in a flashy setting. Several weapons with gold or silver hilts, a pair of stuffed animals, some small paintings, and a circular disc with the layout of the known world around both Hartwood and Silversong.

The large desk was occupying the center of the room, teemed with scrolls, some opened and others closed. Bronze eagle paperweights were keeping the center scroll opened for the Captain to see, though he was staring at the window when we entered.

His large white overcoat cloaked his back, its sleeves empty and slightly swaying back and forth as he kept looking to the clouds. The only feature we could see from him was his short grey hair, and a trail of smoke that seemed to come from his front.

"Welcome back, guardian Armure." - His voice was once again blurry as before - "You took your sweet time below."

"Greetings, Captain Gideon. Forgive me for the delay, but i had to be present within WoodHeart the entire morning." - Armure took a few steps closer to the desk - "All noteworthy elves present were summoned to the Nature's Court."

"Oh!" - the captain was surprised with Armure's justification - "Was there a Trial this morning?"

The captain slowly turned to greet us. He seemed to have an advanced age, like my uncle Jordan, yet his blue eyes were full of youthful vigor. His outfit was similar to those of the Skyship sailors, yet with more rich details, such as fashioned boots and a double belt. There was a sword hidden within his overcoat, being the hilt the only part in sight - most likely a scimitar, like the one on the door. His left cheek had two scars, probably from some horrible beast, and his mouth was holding a golden smoking pipe.

I found it understandable that such a veteran was the current captain of the Skyship:

"Yes, captain. A Trial of Acceptance."

The captain took the pipe from his mouth with his left hand, his voice now clearer - "Ah, i see it then. I understand the need to measure a new ally's strenght and devotion to the elves." - he continued as the walked around the left side of the desk, slowly towards us - "And was this boy, by your side, the one who took the test?"

Armure nodded me to step towards the captain as well, and i did so while she replied: "Yes, captain. The Chosen, Vaatigam."

Gideon loosened a smile towards me: "Then i welcome you to the Skyship, Vaatigam. Alias will be proud to know that another young man like him has prevailed in the Nature's Court."

He placed his spare hand with confidence on my left shoulder.

"Well, i've ..."

"Actually..." - Armure interrupted me with a concerned look, as if she was wary to continue her sentence - "...he didn't. He smashed the Golem to pieces."

As i turned my sight back to the Captain's face, i was greeted with the worst smoke-breath cackle my nostrils have ever sniffed. The captain laughed as he pounded the desk with the hand that held its pipe, shaking it with such might that one of the paperweights fell off the top. His other hand, out of his control, grasped my shoulder with enormous strenght, which almost made me yap. It was clear to me now that the scars on his face were maybe from a huge grizzly that he faced bare-handed...and won.

"Oh, pardon my manners." - he regained his posture while loosening his grasp - "I never believed someone destroyed the Golem like i did. Once this is all over, i'll pay you a drink. As you tell me the details, yes?"

His eyes were really happy to see someone who was as powerfull as he. I didn't muster the courage to state otherwise: "Sure, count me in. If both of us still have throats to drink when the night comes, that is."

"Good point, lad." - he patted my shoulder as he returned to the back of the desk, picking up the paperweight on the floor - "It will be hard to make it through, now that they've found the secret of the Black Powder."

Black Powder? Whatever it is, it was enough for Armure's face to became pale: "They did?"

"Aye, guardian." - said Gideon while placing the paperweight back on the desk - "Do you know what Black Powder is?"

"No, captain. Please tell me...if you would."

"No need for formalities." - warned the captain - "Anyway, the dryads' territory was once an ancient factory where magic, combined with coal and other minerals, allowed the transmutation of this special powder. With it, you can fire balls of iron as a mage would shoot arcane bolts. And with the same lethality too."

Considering such power, it explains the dominion over the Dryads. They would have to control their land in order to make use of the factory.

"The factory was believed to be ravaged during the old wars, much before the Crimson Moon. The passing of time and the nature's grasp slowly decayed what remained of the ruins, and the place seemed forever lost... until..."

"Untill?..." i convinced Gideon to continue his tale.

"...until Heroes have found the magical properties of the place by coincidence. A few who knew alchemy developed lesser, yet powerfull, versions of the ancient weapons. Mostly for personal use. Captain Alias was one of those who stumbled upon the place during our travels. It helped us greatly with developing the Skyship, making its costs less and the task of keeping it afloat easier."

"Now that i think of it..." - it started to make sense to me - "...someone spread the rumors about the dryad's territory to allow others to find the factory."

"Indeed. You're already gathering the pieces that Captain Alias did find." Gideon took a deep look at Armure's eyes before continuing with a sigh - "He initially wanted to keep the factory's activity a secret from everyone, even the elves, as we continued to develop the Skyship." - I could sense Armure's indignation as he revealed their secret scheme. - "We provided transportation services between the various human hubs and Woodheart, all the while discouraging warfare use of what we found within the ruins, and made sure that others wouldn't use them as such, maintaining peace all over the forest."

His eyes met the ground - "The rumors were innitially harmless, man and woman by themselves being escorted out of the woods by our own with lies about the rumors, but then came armies from Silversong, most unwilling to forsake Ianov from what we told them, and things went out of control."

"And now Hartwood is on the brink of death because of your folly. You could have warned us about the link to the forest's heart." - Armure was definatly upset with the lack of trust between them.

"That's what is messing everything up. One of the dryad's human advisors was even aware of our operation, helping us in secret so that no harm would come to the forest. She knew ways to keep this away from elven eyes, as long as we kept the peacefull terms of the deal. She even checked for life links that could harm the forest, and there were none, according to her innocent honesty."

His eyes met the desk's map, remembering past pains - "And yet, a link was formed, which caught us all by surprise. Days after, we started to lose more parts of the factory, and she was captured at the worst moment. After trying to bail her out several times, even freeing a small group of slaves in the process, we were unable to retrieve her. Things got even worse when someone within they managed to control the dryads and their natural forces against us, and Alias was finnally forced yesterday to contact Euphemia and tell her the whole situation."

My gut told me he was probably referring to the group we've found on the woods thanks to Horti. His next sentence confirmed my intuition.

"Some elves told us that the dryads we rescued were brought to WoodHeart, and that relieved us. Still, we're having a hard time in reclaiming the factory and shutting it down for good this time."

"Even with your minds bent on repentance," - Armure interrupted - "you'll not be easily forgiven for what you hid from us."

"Alias told us that should we recieve your pardon we'd leave the forest." - Cynthia talked what she knew - "Trust me, Guardian Armure, we are really sorry about this, even if we had no ill intent on our actions."

"It's not me whom you should apologize... we'll place this on hold until we rescue Hartwood." - even in a state of disbelief, Armure knows, like myself, that they're on their side and are willing to take the consequences of their actions later on. Saving the forest should be our upmost priority.

"And who is this human we need to save? From what Euphemia said, she was a..."

A thundering noise and a violent shake caught the 4 of us by surprise. Gideon was the one who was less shaken than everyone else.

"It seems we've arrived... and recieved their greetings." - Gideon walked at a quick pace past us towards the door, while i was still recovering - "Get ready, everyone. Things are going to get messy!"

Author's words:

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10-03-2014: Event Updates

Since my life had some hard turns the last few days, I've decided to advance with the event updates earlier during my free time, to save some time later on and have it easier while writing the next entry.

The Once and Future King - closure:

Sins of the Father - panel event:
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13-03-2014: Sky Assault

We followed Gideon through the inner corridors of the ship. Sailors were a lot more agitated than before, doing their best to avoid the enemy's attack while fighting back their own.

"AGATHA!" His high pitch echoed through wood and nail.

Suddenly, a young girl jumped to the inside through the window to our right, her shorts shaking as she landed. Her shirt was as small as her lower clothes, evidence of her engineer role within the Skyship. One hand adjusted the goggles on her forehead as she clumsy saluted Gideon.

"Present and still breathing, Captain!" :

"How much damage did the ship took, girl? What did you miss?"

"The bow, Gideon. My laser drones were focusing on the core of the ship. They couldn't handle so many shots at once."

"But we're above their position, with cloud cover. Their accuracy shouldn't be that high!"

Agatha crossed her arms while replying: "They have mages too, ya dummy!"

I couldn't see from his back, but i definitely heard teeth grinding... "Fine, carry on. Everyone else, follow me to the main deck." - Gideon continued his sprint, with us at his back - "We'll talk about this later, shorty!"

Agatha replied to his last comment, infuriated, while stomping her foot on the ground: "I'm not shorty!"

Gideon seemed to have ignored her outburst. He was looking left and right, checking that every sailor was alive and well as they did their best to ensure everyone else stood alive too.

"Lady Armure," - he tossed the question out of nowhere - "would your team be ready to deploy by now?"

Her face, unhinged by the sprint, gave a quick reply: "They should be. We'll have to find some way for Vaatigam to swoop down with us."

"I've got just the thing for that." Cynthia's eyes were brimming just as before on WoodHeart.

I had to beg her for no more wild rides: "Please, my lady, not the parasol again!"

"Hehe, don't worry - the parasol is for bringing people up. Your trip to the ground will be more awesome."

"Why did i had to ask?..." my mind thought as we finally reached the main deck.

Soundtrack option:

Not a second has passed after sunlight embraced my dark hair when a circular shade quickly flew above my head. Was that a... cannon shot?!?

"Captain!" - Cyrus came to us, his log not on his hands anymore - "We're under fire! They spotted us!"

"Did you thought i didn't felt the rumble? Manuever ths ship! Keep the aerial dodges going until we have men on the ground!"

Cyrus didn't saluted to the order, sprinting to the other side of the ship. Gideon didn't minded the lack of manners, turning to us instead: "Armure, call your men! Cynthia, prepare Vaati for the dive."

"Right. Hold still, Vaati!" said Cynthia as her hands were placed on my back.

Part of me was growing mad with the nickname, but i don't blame them - it seems to be more fitting in desperate times.

Her low chant was hard to hear with Armure's shouting: "Brothers, sisters, to me! The WES must land on the Ruins of Old."

The Ruins of Old? Was it where the slavers are located?

As i stood still, i saw more iron-made cannon balls headed towards our position. In a flash, a sphere of false silver appeared from below, aiming a thin red light towards the incoming projectiles. The next split second was accompanied with a blue flash that erupted from the orb and destroyed the black ball.

Seeing another quickly moving from above, my mind already did the math - they were Agatha's "drones", protecting the ship from straight hits.

"Are those Agatha's?" -  i tried to ask Cynthia, but she was still channelling energy onto my back, forming what seemed to be small white wings, smaller yet identical to Armure's.

"Done!" - her words were tense from her efforts - "And yes, they belong to Agatha, our master engineer."

A child like that, a master engineer? She must be the one behind the entire technology that the Skyship has.

"Cynthia! The WES stand ready!" - Armure came back to us with a platoon of elven men and women, roughly twenty.

"Are you sure they're enough?" - Cynthia was concerned with the small task force.

"It takes only one of us to defeat a dozen bandits. Twenty will turn the tide of war below." - For a noble guardian, she had quite the mark of pride on her words.

"Vaati," - Cynthia caught my attention again - "the wings are supposed to maneuver in the air and provide a safe landing, regardless of the speed you reach as you touch the ground. Don't lose sight of the team, okay?"

I nodded at her: "Okay."

"Alright, comrades! Prepare to dive on my mark!"

All the soldiers took their stances next to the border of the ship. Cynthia grew a small pair of wings on her back as well. It seems she's coming with us.

I stood next to Armure, waiting for her command.

The words came after the next wave of cannon balls, disintegrated by the drones' defense:


We all jump in unison, diving towards the cloud below us.

I could feel my body gaining speed with the fall, my wings steering at my command. I moved a bit, left and right, up and down, to get the use of moving in case of an emergency dodge.

Which was quickly used as i saw another cannon shot after leaving the cloud, moving to the left of it.

The other soldiers by my side dodged the incoming attacks more gracefully than myself. A younger woman almost got hit as a cannon ball grazed her sideafter coming out of another cloud.

"Stay in formation! Avoid dense clouds!" Armure reminded what seemed to be their training as flying troops. A quick recap can be worth a soldier's life when done right.

As i scanned downwards to spot incoming shots, i saw what seemed to be the Ruins of Old: a rather large complex of stone structures, mostly swallowed by the surrounding vegetation. Only the larger structure in the center seemed to have no signs of flora, along with what seemed to be controlled fire and other marks of human presence.

A corner of the zone released a puff of smoke, along with a small thunderous noise. Other puffs were released with the same sounds. Could they be...

"INCOMING!" I shouted to warn the others just in case.

The flow of cannon balls came a few seconds afterwords, but they were easy to avoid. Our ever increasing speed allowed easy movement to dodge the lethal attacks.

"Memorize a smoke ring from that set of ruins. That's where they're firing at us!" I yelled once more to make sure everyone would hear my discovery.

"Myself and Vaati will take the two central ones. Everyone, memorize the outer perimeter!" On Armure's command, the soldiers took a square formation, each soldier remembering where to strike once they land.

"Once you reach ground, contact any allies about the weapons' locations, be them elven or human! Do not let your hatred overwhelm you - we all face death once we reach the ground!"

The formation spread again once another round of smoke puffs appeared. More cannon shots were fired.

"Disperse and land on ally grounds! We'll meet at the center! Cynthia, lead Vaati to Alias' position."

Cynthia scouted the treetops, looking for signs of Captain Alias. I don't know which signs they were, but she quickly recognized them: "Found him! Follow me, Vaati!"

"LYKAMEN!" Armure's final order made the units spread around the larger complex.

I quickly followed Cynthia's lead towards the north-west section of the ruins - they seemed to have a clearing in the center.

"Aim for the center! Follow my moves when i say so!" - Cynthia's words had a feel of anticipation, making me believe that we're about to land.

"I'm right at your side!" - I made her aware that i was at her side, readying to copy her every move.

She then started to dive, as if reaching the clearing faster. I did the same - even if we're gaining speed with this, i believe we'll land safely. Any sceptical person would stop defying her the moment their feet left the ground on WoodHeart.

I awaited her orders, as the ground closed near our heads at an alarming speed.

And then her warning came: "Now! Stretch yourself!"

Just like her, i unfolded my arms and legs as far as i could, immediately feeling the wind's might embracing us, drastically reducing our fall speed. As we reached the ruins, we were already at the falling speed of a feather.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

I'm glad my feet will finally meet the ground. I could almost kiss it.

Yet, when my feet actually landed, my sense of relief was quickly overwhelmed by an exaggerated state of dizziness. I could feel my insides rumbling within, my throat almost acting like a volcano.

I headed with clumsy steps towards the closest vegetation, throwing up things i didn't believed to still have on my belly.

I could hear Cynthia's words while my head was stuck in the bush: "Ops, i forgot to tell you that part. Sorry, Vaati!"

Your faint giggle states otherwise... you nefarious wretch.

Author's words:
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16-03-2014: Event update

The most recent events have all been having short shedules as of late, being harder for me to track them.

I don't know whether i'll use only one entry (not one during and another after each event), that is still to be decided. It depends on how shorter will the events get.

Sins of the Father - closure:

The Walls of Jablad - guild event:

The Bristol scandal:
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19-03-2014: The rendezvous

Once my health improved, i took a better look at my sorroundings, spotting the cannon smoke to the south-east. I took a deep breath before asking Cynthia, who was behind my eye contact: "So, how do we find Captain Alias?"

"Don't worry, he'll find us." - she replied - "Boris has most likely saw us land, so he'll come to us and lead the way."

It made sense. They would expect reinforcements from above, but i wonder if they'll be faster than our enemy's scouts.

A squawk coming from the south alerted my senses. I was about to draw my sword when Cynthia placed her hand on the stheathed hilt. "It's Boris. Don't worry."

Is Boris some kind of animal? I wondered what kind of animal would consort with sailors upon a floating ship, but the anwser quickly came to my mind as the red parrot flew out of the wilderness towards us.

"SQUAWWWWK! SQUAWWWWK!" - The parrot's greeting was quite noisy to my ears.

Cynthia's clear mouth smilled as she greeted her friend: "It's good to see you too, Boris! Can you lead us to Alias, please?"

The parrot flew towards the remains of a stone wall as he pointed his right wing to the jungle: "Cynthia follow, Cynthia follow. BAWK!"

If only his master could have taught him the "Hi" word too.

We delved into the woods south of our landing spot, the parrot leading the way. The vegetation was denser than the woods at the entrance, proof of the factory's abandonment... although the very experience we had shows otherwise. It does give me confort that the lack of path treatment brings the belief that they don't come to these parts of the ruins... at least often.

Joining the faint sounds of our walk were the cannon shots. The highest ruins had a large number of small smoke clouds hovering towards the sky, each one being brought to being with a metal thunder. In some of these, i could hear a few impact blasts. Though these are far from where we stand, it means that they're firing at someone on the ground, not at the air, where the Skyship currently is: It seems that there are already multiple battle fronts.

The parrot finds a small clearing at the front, bawking as it gained speed.

"Alias' probably in front of us. Finally!" Cynthia seemed glad for her feet to finally leave the dense vegetation. Our relieves are the same.

The parrot went towards a middle-aged man, probably his owner. The weaponry he carried at his waist was much like the small cannons i saw at the captain's quarters' door. His volumous deep blue overcoat was another indication. One of his powerfull black eyes was covered by a bandana, probably lost from the past, and his greyish white hair showed that he wasn't as young as he looks.

The man took the parrot into his hands, expressing content from finding us: "Good work, Boris" - he patted the parrot's head - "I'm glad you managed to join us, Cynthia."

"Likewise, Captain!" - Cynthia bowed towards his usperior - "Oh, and i also brought a new ally. Captain Alias, Chosen Vaatigam from the Silversong kingdom."

Captain Alias then reached his hand towards me:

"The feeling's mutual, Captain." - i anwsered, shaking his hand - "I'm glad i've arrived at the start of the fight to help."

Alias' face didn't hid his surprised expression: "At the start? Don't you know that the skirmihes started yesterday? I thought i'd find you around, but Cynthia seems to have brought you here, away from your forces."

"What do you mean? I only entered Hartwood yes..." - then it came to me... what if i had been dreaming with Amore for more than just a single night - "...er, nevermind. It seems i've been out for more than i expected. I ordered Dherota, another Chosen from Silversong, to lead my forces as i was away."

"Do you have any idea on when you passed out, then?" - Alias wanted to make sure of how much i've missed.

"Well, Captain Gideon said that a group of dryad and human refugees fled from the slave camp thanks to them...i led that group back to WoodHeart, and been in sleep since that night."

Alias delved into thought, considering what i said, and his words came faint yet audible: "3 days, huh..."

3 days? Have i been sleeping for that long? It seemed like a single night to me.

I couldn't dabble much on this, as the only one who could tell me is still in WoodHeart: "Can you tell me how are we progressing so far?"

"Various forces from both WoodHeart and Silversong are trying to retake the factory. Dherota's army came this morning, but they were behind in hours due to troubles from their part. Which troubles, i do not know."

"Do you have any contact from their forces?"

"A small token force was sent from their part, whom told us the details. They weren't directly linked to Dherota's army, so they were able to met us earlier without hindering the rest."

They're probably some of my forces sent by Annette. I'm glad i've made the right choice.

Our discussion was interrupted as a large group of soldiers emerged trom the south. They had equal clothes from the sailors above, though a bit more adequate for land travelling.

"Ah, they're just in time. The token force is among my men. See if you can find them."

My feet carried me swiftly towards the group, my eyes looking for hints of someone i could identify. The first sign i've found wasn't the one i longed for, but i was glad to find that match of clear hair and black armor.

"Closer, over here!" I raised my arm so his eyes could find a link to the voice. He moved towards the front, his eyes showing that he didn't expect to see me here.

"Vaatigam? How did you got here?"

"The elves of WoodHeart brought me here with their allies." - They don't need to know about the Skyship right now - "Whom did you bring with you?"

"Men! Women! To me!" - Closer made a signal to the army, and some faces began emerging - faces that i knew, to my happyness.

"Vaatigam, you're well!" Lumiere came along with Coral, a wide smile in her face.

"How funny seing you here!" Mercena stepped foward, a silent Theodora following her.

"I'm here, sir!" Apsara replied to her superior, bringing two more heroes with her.

The first one was a shady fellow that i remember enlisting in my army: his deeds of undercover missions and spying for information were what made me ask for his services. A cloak to conceal his identity, a long dagger for a swift death, and a red bandana to clear his sight.

Few were those who outskilled Edwin, the Dark Operative:

The other heroine was one whom i met on my first days as a Chosen. Her skill with swords and fire are good, combining both into a force to be reckoned with. Her red hair symbolized the flames she devoted to uphold, and her brown armor showed the various dents from the times she made others confirm her mettle.
Many times has she helped me before...

...and today, i can count with Nadine once more :

"Vaatigam, there's something that you need to know." - Coral's words came with a heavy feeling - "Annette's been missing for two days."

"Missing? How come?"

"She was doing well with making preperations to march into battle, but things got really complicated the following day." - reported Nadine - "Dherota took charge of the main troops, but Closer took a handfull of us and marched foward to warn Alias and the other forces here."

"Very well." - i confirmed that i heard their statements - "And what complications did happen?"

"I'll have to tell the details once we're on our own, Vaatigam." - said Closer - "We'll need your full attention with our issue."

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25-03-2014: Introspection update

As the title shows, i've done a self-evaluation of my progress on the game, and the future steps i'll be taking envolving Fantasica.

They also have a lot to do with the previous events, especially the most recent one. Just note that i've quitted reporting the top 10, as KuroStar's placing the ranks on the Event forums.

Whisper from the Past - training event:

Valley of Shangri-La - Board event:

After going through an epic journey made me realise how much time and money have I invested in Fanta. So far the only game that outmatched its investment was World of Warcraft, but while i played it over 5 (or even more) years, i've played Fanta for around 9 months!

So, i've decided to invest less in the game. Maybe develop a more deep story to my diary than what it actually is right now. Amass freebies while placing money aside, that doesn't come from either huge sacrifices or unnecessary trouble.

And i'll continue the diary entry tomorrow. Had a lot to do today, and once To Catch a Thief is done, i'll be playing the game a lot less. Just enough to grab freebies and such, regain my potions and the like.

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26-03-2014: The mysterious chains

As Alias marched foward along Cynthia and his men, our team stood together, along with a new member whom came along with Closer: the second human we rescued from Haine and her treants.

We took cover in a zone with better cover from the center ruins, making sure they wouldn't snipe us while they would explain to me what happened with Annette.

"First of all," - Closer was the first to talk - "the scholar's name is Wisdom. He's an assistant of Cherche in her affairs with the dryads."

"I did not have the chance to thank you for my rescue, Chosen." - Wisdom slightly bowed his head - "I'll help you with what i know about these ruins."

"Fair enough." - i replied to his request - "What can you tell us about their base camp?"

As he took a seat on a nearby cleaned rock, adjusting his robe while we were looking for seats as well, he started to talk about the camp in better detail from what he saw while being a captive:

"The cannons and their infantry are scattered through the central complex's perimiter, the former preventing any large army from charging at them. The eastern side houses the dryad's cells from the last time we were inside, while their western wing was heavier guarded. Possibly because it is there where they keep the reagents to prepare the cannons."

"And how did you manage to escape the eastern wing?" - I asked.

"Cherche and i managed to open a tunnel that connected to a kind of underground complex where the factory dumped the debris of its products. It was next to an abandoned section of the wing, which the prison guard thugs didn't delved much into."

"Interesting. Have they noticed your escape?" - asked Nadine,

"They only found us outside. Captain Alias and his forces did help us flee the complex. If they haven't found the tunnel, we could enter from within and direct the locked dryads to the tunnel."

"If you have concealed both ways of the tunnel." - interrupted Edwin, analyzing the situation - "They would have done a better search after your prison break."

Wisdom nodded. So it's most likely that the tunnel's still a secret. Everyone seemed to be picturing the same plan - use the tunnel to disrupt the enemy from within.

I then spoke out our strategy: "Then we could ask Alias to create a massive decoy attack as we use the tunnel to strike from within. I've met a special elven force that could help us with a few of their members as we storm in."

"Are we sure we can trust those elves?" - Theodora had her doubts, wary of the frail trust between elf and human.

"Yes." - i replied - "They have their reasons to fight against these troublemakers, so if we give them the means to defeat them, they'll fight against them with us."

"Though they won't let us take any gold..." - Mercena's greed made her loose a saddened sigh.

"Well, moving on to previous affairs." - I used a different tone on my words to express my inner concern - "What exactly happened with Annette?"

As i looked unto them, the demeanor of some changed. Coral and Lumiere were the most affected, while others had a lesser degree of confusion. Only Theodora and Closer remained unchanged.

And the former replied with a whipping tounge. "She defected."


Theodora must be lying. How could the Altruistic Knight change allegiances at such a critical time?

"Please, tell me that isn't true." - the silence that came after my plea was shattering my heart. She couldn't... she simply wouldn't betray us. I knew that from the bottom of my heart.

Closer was the one who broke the silence: "Myself and Wisdom will have to explain that better. Theodora, be mindfull of your words."

"In my eyes, she still defected, after the way how she attacked me at the camp."

"Attacked you?" - even if Closer's words brought some confort, Theodora's side of the story was still bitter. - "Please, tell me what happened."

Closer closed his eyes as he took a deep breath, and told his story.

Dherota's army arrived the morning after my group's departure. Other Chosen were with him, and Annette handed my army's control to him as part of her orders. Preperations were going better than predicted, and they were expecting to leave the following day.

Then things went sour when the treants attacked the camp at midday. Hayne wasn't spotted among the attackers, but things were still messy without her orders. Still, the attack was repelled with no serious casulties.

The worst, though, happened at night. the camp's provisions were destroyed from a fire that came up from nowhere, and soldiers were reporting that traitors were causing chaos within the camp. And more bad news came along - the treants resurfaced from the woods to perform a second assault upon their camp.

Closer, Theodora and Lumiere investigated the arson, finding that both Annette and Kreuz were behind it, still setting tents aflame with torches.

Dherota arrived, ordering Keuz to stop her actions. She replied with an uppercut on her superior, knocking hm out. Theodora charged forth to save the Chosen, but Annette's sword clash with her, her swings bolstering inhuman force.

Wisdom then noticed the presence of malignant forces nearby, so he used a clairvoyance spell to unravell the truth behind their behavior...

...chains that were linked to their back. Demonic chains.

He then enhanced Closer's vision with the same spell, allowing him to see the shackles too. He recognized them as the ones that were attached to Hayne the day before. He tried to shatter them, but to no avail - they were as impervious to steel as the ones that he attempted to break when i was at his side.

It got even uglier when the treants covered their escape, revealing that whoever is using the demonic chains seem to be the culprit of Nature's strange behavior. On the following day, soldiers believed that two Heroines had betrayed their cause, since they were unable to see the shackles controlling them.

Dherota came to his senses, and heard what Closer and Wisdom had to say. Since they had personal ties with Annette and lacked physical evidences, he couldn't accept their theory. He instead gave them a chance to rescue their friend from whatever bonds were controlling both Annette and Kreuz. He said to them though that he would name them traitors, and that should they do not release or find prove of the shackles' existance, they would be executed as such, which saddened him since Kreuz was an Heroine that had close bonds to him.

Finally, he allowed all of my subordinates who believed in Annette's innocence to leave the camp earlier while he'd hold the camp for 24 hours before starting its march towards the Ruins of Old.

Wisdom's magics allowed them to follow the shackles' magical trail, which led them to the most unfortunate place where Annette could be - the very same ruins that Dherota would soon arrive upon.

"We arrived at night, and met with Captain Alias. We helped on several skirmishes, hoping we'd find someone with enough authority to Silversong to aid us."

"And i'm the first you've met then?" - I asked.

"Yes, Vaatigam. I couldn't believe that you arrived with such good timing."

Yes, good timing indeed. It would pain my soul to see Annette killed for something she didn't trully commit.

"How long will it take for the rest of the forces to arrive?" - I had to know how much time i had.

"Considering our travels, they could be here at the end of the day. The sooner we put your plan into motion, the more time we have to find Annette, or any evidence of what's controlling her."

"Well said." - i concluded as i stood up - "Everyone, let's make haste to Alias. We have a friend to save."

Author's notes:

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02-04-2014: Delay on the entries

At the the week of this writing, i'll have to deliver an essay and prepare a presentation with some of my university colleagues, so the diary entry was delayed until the next week. My apologies for not delivering these news earlier.

To Catch a Thief - Training event:
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nice  Very Happy 
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11-04-2014: The Stone Roses united

Everyone got their equipment ready and sprinted towards Alias' group. Their tracks were fresh, so we were able to meet them a couple of steps towards the east.

"Captain Alias!" - I shouted, hoping to find his white silhouette - "I need to speak with you!"

The captain showed himself shortly afterwards: "Have you talked things over with your team, Chosen?"

"Yes,..." - i awnsered - "...and we came up with a plan. But we'll need your soldiers' help."

"I'm all ears."

"If you have troops stationed in the eastern woods, we can use part of them for a disrupting attack upon the inside. But we'll need a major distraction from the outside to focus their tropps out of our efforts."

The Captain's face showed a mix of emotions, both good and... not so good: "You have a way to get in? It would have been nice to know sooner. I've lost good men on this conflict."

"My apologies, but facts only surfaced once everyone gathered their pieces to me. Will you still help."

His eyes showed dissapointment, but also had a will to help: "Fallu, a denizen from the closest human settlement, has helped us by managing our troops' movement in the east, all while snipping a few foes herself. We all agreed to strike at once should a flare of a thousand red sparks shows up in the skies. Neither of the four sides have used the signal so far, so we'll use it with your plan."

"Thank you, Captain. Any way on how to contact her?"

"Once you get to the east of the factory, yell "Lufaay". That's the contact signal to speak directly with her."

"We'll be on our way then. I also need to report something - Armure has brought her troops to assist you on the conflict, and her soldiers know the cannon's locations. Speak with her when you have the chance."

"That will help with handling their artillery. My thanks!"

We both shook our hands one last time before i took my team further into the east, while Alias' group changed direction to the west.

We used the factory's forbidden ground as a way to confirm our position as we travelled aroound it, through the thicker sections of the forest. Edwin and Closer scouted ahead while Coral used a small portion of her coral magic to pass through the vegetation without chopping down any large bushes in our way, to prevent any phisical trail from our presence.

It seemed that an hour has passed as we reached the south-east side of the factory's borders. The cannon shots have stood silent for several minutes - the Skyship must have sailed out of the slave camp's sight.

Edwin returned with news from our sorroundings: "There isn't any reaction from the slave camp to our presence. But i still feel we're being watched."

"That could be Fallu. I'll shout out the signal."

I positioned myself before shouting, just in case we'd get some retaliation from yelling what Alias told me.

I took a deep breath, shouting out towards Fallu: "LUUFAAAAAY!"

There seemed to be no response from the slave camp, to my relieve. the rustle of leaves was heard from the opposite way, however.

We watched the girl aproaching us from a tree's canopy. Her green vest and purple scarf blended well with the trees' leaves, and her bow's tips had flames burning without a light warmth.

She smilled as she had a better look at her new allies:

"Hello there!" - her words were faint, yet filled with happyness - "It's good to see more new folk helping us out."

"Greetings, Fallu!" - i greet her with a wave of my right hand - "We came from the west with a plan to end the conflict. I was hoping you could help us with some manpower."

"Hmm... how many would you need for your plan?" - asked Fallu with an intrigued look - "I can't bet my village's men on any risky plans."

"We'll only need a few men, probably the most skilled." - i replied with confidence - "And if you have any powerfull warrior, or even a Chosen, it'll help."

"Chosen, eh?" - she showed her smile again - "How about two? They arrived just recently, and their Heroes look really strong."

"Glad to know that! Lead the way, please!"

Fallu took us north through a barren paths, leading us east of the Ruins of Old.

As we arrived to a small clearing, i saw two figures: a man wearing a mist of brown leather and black plate, resting on a tree stump, while a somewhat younger girl with a lighter blue silk vest was looking towards the ruins.

Joy spread through my being, as the ones standing in front of me were my long-time allies.

"Gjb! Ninja!"

Both their faces looked toward me with surprise, their lips spreading with the same joy as mine.


I'll be honest, when coming from them, my nickname doesn't seem to annoy me. Even if they made it in the first place.

Official salutations were tossed aside as the three of us met together in a group hug.

"It's been so long, my friends. I didn't heard from both of you!"

"Likewise, Vaatigam." The man was deemed Chosen by our king with the name of NinjaEskimo, but, like my own, the most close to him shorten it to Ninja.

"I'm glad that you're alright!" - Gjb was the 965th to recieve her name, but since it's a really long one, Chosen just treat her by Gjb only.

"I'm also rlievd to see you well, Gjb. How are things going here?"

Ninja replied for gjb: "Well, we came ahead of the main army to check for the best course of action. But so far they haven't show any openings."

"Well, i've got what you need." - I smiled before i continued. - "I'm leading a strike team to disrupt their supply camp while a major distraction occurs on the outside. Care to join me?"

"Sounds a bit risky." - Gjb seemed uncertain to join - "Do you have a discrete way to enter their camp?"

"One of my Chosen knows of a secrete passageway towards the sction where they keep the prisioners. Once we free them, taking them down will be easier."

"Indeed." - her confidence rose with her nod - "It seems you're leading us this time around, Vaati."

As my Heroes approached us, Ninja was surprised: "You summoned your entire team? Can't you summon them with your Chosen Deck?"

"It's a long story, ninja. They'll have to stay around for now."

Gjb and Coral holded hands togther as they've met after their last time - "Vaati has grown a lot since our last adventure. Thank you for taking care of him."

"It's been really nice. the Stone Roses Kep is still going strong."

"Great to know!" - having greeted her friend, Gjb turned to Fallu - "It seems we'll be following Vaati for now, Fallu. we hope you can stay safe withous us nearby."

"Don't sweat it!" -  Fallu's confidence was over the charts - "I'll launch the attack signal once you launch yours from within."

"A blue flare upon the eastern skies. That'll be our sign."

"Will do, Chosen."

"Wisdom?!?" - i waited until he appeared from behind the team - "Lead our way, if you could."

"Right. It's nearby. Follow me."

He took us to a small ruin complex just east of the slave camp. Among the debris was a sort of tunnel with the known smell of mineral dust and decay. One could describe the tunnel as the entrance to a rusty sewer complex.

Wisdom entered the tunnel first by my side. My team followed in with Gjb, and Ninja took the rear, waving to Fallu as he left her sight.

Author's notes:
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17-04-2014: Ancient foes

As we delved further into the tunnel, the sun's light dimmed with every step. Lumiere conjured a faint globe of holy light while Nadine summoned her sword's flame to light our way foward. Ninja lighted up a torch on the rear of our group.

"My apologies on relying on your powers like this fashion." Nadine was one of my first Heroes as a Chosen. She taught me a lot about considering the soldiers i lead, including their personal experiences and cultural differences, even though she didn't had the obligation for it.

"We weren't expecting to follow underground routes, so it's understandable." - While her speech was showing concern, her face held no expression whatsoever. If not for my magical training, i'd be always second-guessing her words. - "Besides, once we reach the end of this complex, i'll have my sword already set for battle."

"Wisdom, how long is this tunnel? This odor... even if light, it's making me nauseous." - Gjb was hiding her close space aversions. Her carefree and creative nature make her an asset on open field strategies, and while she doesn't despair on cave-like situations (like our current one), she avoids them at her best.

"We didn't took much, but i'm still trying to remember which turns to take." - Wisdom's eyes scout the larger tunnels as we walk on the larger hall of the complex, sorrounded by circular entrances and a few ruined corridors.

Ninja and Elwin seem to ignore our conversation, guarding our backs. Closer, having his spear on the right hand, tries to look beyond the darkness of the larger tunnels while staying close to our group.

"Now that i wonder," - Mercena adressed me at a lower tone - "why didn't you revealed Annette's predicament with your Chosen friends yet?"

A goosebump rushed through my back as i turned to Gjb and Ninja. Luckly, they didn't heard the question.

"It's a long story," - i replied in the same volume - ", but she was a knight appointed to my care by them. I'd rather talk about this openly afterwards, if you wouldn't mind."

Mercena was about to open her mouth when her left legg suddenly halted. She tripped, her hands halting her fall to the ground.

"What the.."

Lumiere extended her left hand, her globe lighting what made Mercena trip: a large iron ball.

"An iron ball?" Lumiere was wondering what was such a peculiar object doing here.

I awnsered: "Cannon ammo. This iron ball can reach the clouds with great impact." - I still remember the first shake i felt upon the Skyship.

"Is that over there the so-called cannon?" Closer's spear was pointing at a large cylinder, made of black steel and with a huge hole at one of the sides. The other side was larger than the holed one, with an orifice next to the end.

"Judging by the hole's size, i'd say it is." - i'm sure that the tough structure of the weapon make it suitable to fire such a heavy projectile - "we could bring it and use it like their cannons, but i think it'll slow us down a lot."

The distractions made Mercena drop the conversation about Annette. She was entrusted to me after Gjb, Ninja and the other members of the Stone Roses bestowing her to my care. She lost her former Chosen at the Battle of the Wastes, and after rescuing her (which led to the first surge of my magical powers), she stood at my side ever since, and even my comrades allowed such officially.

If they knew of it, i'd be like a sheep in a cave of famine cyclopsi.

As we continued, Wisdom seems to be recognizing our path, since his pace is faster and less disoriented than at start.

Suddenly, he halted

"This isn't right." - Wisdom's concerned look was caught by my eye.

"What isn't?"

"The smell. I remember the heavy rust and mineral stench, but i sense something... heavier."

I took a deep breath with my nostrills. I tried to smell beyond the mineral residues and rusted Black Powder. What could be different from those...


... decayed flesh.

"Ready your weapons!" - I spoke in a higher voice - "We've got company."

As everyone drew their weapons, a lifeless corpse appeared from one of the larger tunnels, covered in bandages and a sort of purple mist. Other less covered corpses started to show themselves from the shadows of the nearby corridors and holes as well.

In a moment's notice, we found ourselves sorrounded by lesser undead:

"Should we deal with all of them?" Theodora's blades seemed icthing to do battle.

"We can't afford to exhaust ourselves until we get outside." - The undead slowly approach us, which means that the magic is faint, yet lingering; they aren't offensive undead, like the ghoul rush mobs that demons summon, but ever-lasting defenses, bent more on keeping intruders out - "Wisdom, pleast tell me that you've remembered the exit."

Wisdom pointed us to the left, on a tunnel guarded by a pair of mummies: "It's that way. My memories are better now - we're close!"

Soundtrack option:

My order was swift: "Nadine, Closer, clear those mummies!"

"Closer, i'll handle them, watch my back." Nadine's sword brought forth more flames from within her sword. The greater light allowed everyone else to be aware of their environment - we were clearly sorrounded by the walking dead.

The mummies didn't stood a chance to defend from her flaming sword as she sliced the two from left to right. The upper halves' heads were beheaded by Closer's curgical strikes.

I drew my sword as a skeleton approached my flank, faster than its kin. My quick slashes against the undead were baddly defended, it's head jumping off from my last strike. The headless body continued its attacks, clumsier than before. I sliced the wrist which held the sword, kicking the remains out of range.

As i looked back, Coral was outmatching ghouls, breaking its legs with her sword, blunt yet brimmed with crushing potential. Lumiere's light globes brought down some of the unliving horde, and Theodora was displaying less of her love for battle, to my relief.

As we moved through the tunnel, the undead appeared out of every crevice and hole, slowly yet unyielding. Gjb has sliced around a dozen of skeleton heads, while Ninja used mostly projectiles, conserving his strength should the need arise.

"I'm starting to believe that we should summon our Heroes as well." - Ninja's collected demeanor showed that this situation was starting to get out of hand.

"Wisdom, how close are we to the entrance?" - I shouted to our guide, hoping for the right response.

"It's right in front of us, Vaatigam!" - The path he pointed to was clear of undead - "We just need to make sure they won't follow us."

Even though i believe that they wouldn't chase us into open daylight, i couldn't leave room for openings... yet if we close this gate, there'll be no escape for the slaves...

... well, they'd become zombie fodder anyway.

"Coral, can you seal the paths with your power here?"

After crushing another pair of ankles, she turned to me: "Yeah,  but i will need some cover while i focus."

"Then let's hush towards the exit and seal the tunnels with your corals."

Ninja spoke to me the way i was expecting: "What about the slaves' exit? They'll need to leave before the outside forces launch the strike."

"I'm hoping on some safe corner for them to hide. I'll explain once we get above."

Ninja nodded at me. Even though he had more experience than i, he still trusted my judgements.

As we approached our targeted tunnel, Coral began to meditate while plunging her sword into the ground with a single thrust. Her aquarian dialect began the enchantment while we fended off mummies and skeletons.

Their numbers were focusing on our single spot. We'll be easy to be outnumbered, but my trust in Coral's speed was greater.

And it paid off as a second thrust from her sword raised a coral wall which sealed off all the pathways, leading no entry to the undead.

**** End of Soundtrack ****

Everyone seemed accounted for. Even Edwin, whom i could swear that stood the whole fight hidden, was present among us.

I looked to the coral walls, sighing as i wondered how would we leave the slave camp with out escape route blocked. Then Coral approached the wall from whence we came, staring with a calculated look. She then inserted a small dagger that she took from the ground.

"There." - she said after placing the dagger - "Thrusting this dagger even more deeply will cause this specific wall to collapse."

She continued as she threw a smile at me: "Should the slaves decide to go through here, at least they can use the way out, though they'll have to worry with the undead on their way."

"Thanks for the kind thought, Coral." - i returned the smile - "It's another option to consider from a very narrowed list."

Author's words:

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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 9:10 am

24-04-2014: 3 skipped events? Oh dear...

When you're recovering from a burnout, you tend to leave the situation for a bit and recover.

This is what happened after the Catch a thief event. With the following events giving a chance to loose up, i didn't play much, simply visiting at certain times for each event and resting my mind a bit.

So, while i didn't exactly stopped 100% playing on each event, i did forgot placing their updates on my diary, mostly focusing on the story instead.

So i'll place a quick review of what i did on each event, and the results.

Blue Skies, Black wings - Gift Event:

A Fantasica Fairy tale - Training Event:

Betrayal at Imperius - 7th Guild Event:

I'll be honest: while i did thought about the story, i did tried to write down specific details: characters, backgrounds, arcs, the map overall... i even brought a small notebook to write things down while i went to my family's summer house for the Easter holidays.

But in the end, i didn't even drew a single line on the notebook.

It made me thought about myself: why not placing my thoughts unto notes? I could always review them and discuss later, right?

And as i gave more thought unto it, i reached a possible conclusion: i didn't wrote due to lack of time, nor because i was lazy, because i was thinking for the best of my works. I didn't wrote notes because i believed that they would hinder my creative process.

Even though i can't trully sense emotions like Vaatigam does, what i learned from both my Psychology classes on high school and some anthropology lectures on my first day at university, along with all i learned from my boyscout times, allow me to somewhat understand people and their choices.

And Fantasica had a world full of characters. Fearfull, cute or awesome characters which, while having their own themes and reasons, lacked connections, as if parts of a story that needs to be mended and told.

This was what made me took the keyboard and start writing Fantasica's story. It might be not the best, but i'd feel bad playing in a world with no sense.

Personal rant:

Reaching the sunlight

The tunnel that Wisdom and Cherche carved out only allowed one person at a time. I felt our group was too much scattered as we traversed the narrowed path, but i knew i had to consider that they were looking for a way to escape, so there was no extra time to make it more confortable. Also, a bigger entrance would be better spotted by patrols.

Wisdom leaded me and the others through the bigger darkness. I made sure my hands would hold a grip on the places he also reached. Trying some other way could make me tumble back towards the rest of the group.

All my fears faded when my left eye caught a pinch of sunlight coming from above. Wisdom's body hustled faster towards the light vein, opening the entrance towards the outside.

His head sticked out of the tunnel, turning to us once he checked the sorroundings: "The coast is clear. Let's go."

One by one, we left the tunnel, embracing the light once more. Only Theodora didn't show any satisfaction upon exiting. Probably because the castle she once protected wasn't a bright place.

I gave the scouting orders to Edwin: "Edwin, check for any nearby patrols, and give an estimate about our position, if you can."

"Will do."

As he dashed out of our reach, my words went to Wisdom, as a troubling thought came to my mind: "Wisdom, when you  and Cherche used this tunnel, did you face these undead as well?"

"No, we haven't." - Wisdom confirmed - "We didn't had any troubles while using the underground canals. Those undead were placed there as probably an awnser to our escape."

I placed in order the possible scenarios: either the undead only come alive when strangers enter the tunnels from the outside, or they were a countermeasure to deal with any escaping slaves after Cherche and Wisdom made the tunnel's debut.

"We should be carefull with our next actions," - Gjb regain her composure - "Once Edwin returns, we'll move foward with our rescue plan."

"We'll prepare our move then. Everyone, prepare your spells and sharpen your weapons. Theodora, Mercena, stay on the outskirks to recieve Edwin."

Everyone moved and prepared according to my orders. Coral was the only one that stood idle, her blue eyes meeting my own. She doesn't need to prepare spells nor sharpen blades as she can do both in the thick of battle on a whim. Such is the vantage that she has with her expertise on wielding corals.

So she knew what to expect when i raised my open hand towards her. And once she held it, i began the Vow:

"What yours is mine..."

"...both honor and might."

"We now share the power...

"...to end the fight."

I felt the sharing flows of power coursing between me and Coral. Our hands displayed a small show of magic taking shape in hues of brown and blue.

Edwin returned, his steps carrying urgency as he joined us.

"Reporting, Lieutenant. We have to act fast."

"Have they sensed our entrance?" - I hoped not to be so.

"No, but it's worse. Silversong's armies found their way towards the Ruins of Old way faster than Closer anticipated. And..."

A massive exploding sound was heard on the other side of the camp. Several others followed.

"...they've begun their attack. The war begun, Sir!"

I could see Gjb and Ninja getting their Chosen cards ready. It seems that Fallu will not need to signal the attack.

"Have you found where the dryads are, Edwin?"

"Yes, Sir."

At least we won't charge aimlessly. "Lead the way. EVERYONE, MOVE OUT!"

And everyone followed Edwin out of the abandoned compartiment.

Author's notes:

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