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 <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 05, 2013 6:22 am

11/05/2013 - Diary update: Recruitment & Halloween Fiesta

Feeling great today. University classes are going great. The things i need to learn are quite advanced, but nothing that i can do without some extra work.

Still, i've managed to save some time to update my diary. Corrected some spelling issues with the pervious diary entries (i think i missed a few, will check on later), and i've even made some experiments with recruiting!

Halloween Fiesta update:

Recruitment experiments:

Future plans:
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2013 3:12 am

08 - 11 - 2013: 3M DL 6* Update

Hi everyone! Hope your week has been great.

As for me...well...i'm in a bit of a bind.

Due to a rushed promess, i'm going to bake an orange cake today. I've been making a lot of desserts for my family ever since last year, and everyone loves my chocolate cake (especially my brother's girlfriend).

Luckly i was able to write today's diary entry. The cake was quite fast to bake, but it had some imperfections. It's the first time i'm following its recipie, so some mistakes are bound to happen.

To make up for the wait, i've found something interesting to share: the upcoming Fantasica event in Japan will feature a possible growth of the child units from the current Step Up packs to their 5*/6* woman versions that also came from the Packs. Graine, on the other hand, was the only one without a grown unit.

BUT, on this upcoming event, she can be grown into a misterious figure. Could possibly be a cool 6* (my mind's screaming for a 7*, but then it would make such 7* the most common of all).

So, save Graine for that event. And while at it, if you have any child 4* unit, you might consider save her for the event.

I've managed to buy a Patate 4*, so i'm ready for both scenarions: if she can be grown, then "huzzah!", while it not, she will net me 2 TE as a maxxed unit (altough i'm tempted to keep her, she's so lovely).

The Gathering (Part 2)

The High Castle's patrols have been on high alert the whole day. The soldiers run around looking for my father, General Jordan, without a rest or any kind of break. Everyone's fear is the same as mine: the General's life is in danger, greater with every passing minute.

I couldn't join the search, however. My wounds were being healed along with the injured at the royal hall, now a temporary nursing room. Sisters and priests are chanting their healing prayers, while surgeons are tending the worst cases. Vicente, Apsara and Theodora weren't around anymore: with their duties done, they were summoned back to the Stone Roses Keep.

As Mirabelle soothes my head with a healing flame, another woman in a white outfit is using needles on my right arm to check for traces of whatever caused my insanity. The front of her long, blond hair was held up by a purple and black bandana.

"I believe that the curse has fully left your body." confirmed Milagros:

"Thank you very much."

"The strains on your arm showed its potency. If the curse was targeting Heroes, as you claim, they wouldn't be able to pose any mental resistance..."


"...meaning that if Luccia had the Chosen Sword wielded in her hand instead of you, you would have been cut into two without hesitation."

"You're being cold now, Master of the Needle."

"It's the truth, saddly. I believe you could still sense something while possesed, correct?"

"Yes." i replied. "Brief glimpses, but i could still sense something."

"I'll be leaving you to Mirabelle now. I need to check on other patients." She brought up another needle from one of her pockets and dashed to another injured soldier across the hall.

Annette and Luccia were standing next to the two of us, though lost in their thoughts.

"Duke Tengiss was the most suspect of the nobles during the trial, but why was Count Ianov not flared up as well?" asked Annette to nobody in particular.

"Maybe he was expecting me to fall under the curse near the trial's end." replied Luccia "Vaatigam was right about the curse being controlled from afar."

I slowly turned to them. Mirabelle followed me while maintaining her healing flame.

"Since we're in a somewhat relaxing moment, could you explain me what happened while i was out of my mind?"

"Oh, sorry, Vaati. We'll explain what..." I loosened an intentional cough. "...eer, we'll tell you, Vaatigam."

She turned herself to my front and next to Luccia while explaining what happened:

"We followed your trial, making sure to notice anything strange in hopes of finding the traitor. Everything was going fine..."

"...Until you went berserk, Sir Vaatigam." Luccia interrupted her for a moment "I yelled at you to control yourself as you charged at me like a wild beast, but you were really out of control."

Mirabelle raised her left hand for the opportunity to speak.

"As you went insane, i felt an invisible connection between the Chosen Sword and someone next to the King. Me and Annette charged towards them while everyone was confused..."

"...and she fired a flame bolt at Count Ianov." resumed Annette " He had a magic rune hidden on his arm which he used to mentally control the Sword's curse."

I continued to hear Annette's version.

"As the King gasped and General Jordan demanded explanations, Lady Averi interrupted us as she revealed her true self..." she halted for some time before continuing. "...Viera."

"Viera? That name sounds familiar."

"She was an Heroine who failed to be acknowledged by the Chosen Sword three years ago." I looked up to see who anwsered me: King Rover.

As i tried to get up and salute, his hand signal swayed me to remain steady so that Mirabelle could continue her healing. "As she threw daggers at your Heroines to halt them, Ianov casted a binding spell to hold me, but Jordan was faster and shoved me in the nick of time... and he ended up binded instead of me."

"The rune circle transported your father, and Ianov raged with anger at the failed attempt, swearing that if he failed to catch me, then he would instead kill us all."

Luccia raised her hand to continue for the King, whom allowed such action with a nod.

"Before vanishing along with Viera, he conjured a portal sphere and threw her at the middle of the room, where you were attacking me. I jumped backwards to avoid it, but you were caught in the summoning blast."

"You were lucky to have survived, Vaatigam." Concluded Mirabelle as she finished her healing spell. "Had you been caught in the very middle of the blast rather than next to it, you would have been desintegrated by the summoning magic."

My back shriveled with the thought of my possible demise. "Well..." i turned my eyes back to the King. "... i hope you can forgive me for this. It was my plan to unmask the traitor while saving Luccia from the curse, but i never expected it to hold me."

"You are forgiven, Vaatigam. When i saw you wielding the true Chosen Sword, i saw what was your plan, and to be honest, it worked."

"It did?" I asked.

"Yes. From Luccia's anwsers and Orkos' final veredict, i can proclaim that Luccia is indeed innocent. She will be proclaimed as this year's Chosen..."

Luccia's eyes shined from the King's words. We all felt a huge joy as well.

"...after we recover Jordan. Or...his corpse."

"No, your Highness. We will save him. You can bet on it!" I wanted to make King Rover sure that i wasn't going to let my foster father die.

"Yes, i know. Which is why i'm waiting for Luccia's squire." Those last words caught us unaware.

"Your Royalship!" A familiar voice was heard from behind the King. "I've found her."

As the king stepped aside, Amina came foward with a huge sime on her face. "I've brought the knight you asked for."

A young woman stepped foward towards our circle. Her blue eyes showed hints of shame, and her black hair matched her chest cloth in color. A red cape behind her back was hiding a short, yet powerfull broadsword.

"Meet Eques." King Rover introduced her to us. "One of this year's candidates, and Count Ianov's niece." :

She bowed to us in a reserved way: "Greetings." Her words were filled with a sour taste.

"Only myself and Duke Ianov knew she was an Heroine who heard the call of the Chosen Sword this year. There were other 2 candidates who were also Heroes, and i kept them, along with Eques, in check to avoid any problem during the veredicts."

"Was Luccia one of the candidates?" I asked the King. Would i have allowed her into the Sword's Sanctum knowing that she could have gone berserk?

"No. Luccia was silent and innocent, rare traits that Heroes have seldom shown during this dark age. It was her hidden knowledge that has caught everyone by surprise."

Luccia lowered her head in shame.

"So that's why you were crying at the trial." i said, knowing now what she wanted to repent: that she knew she could have gone insane, but still took the trial without nobody knowing.

"Yes..." she admitted. "I thought that my purity would overcome the curse, though at a cost when i felt the crimson feeling on my soul, and i cheered when i still had my senses. But when i holded the sword the second time... I ... I couldn't believe i went mad. I ... I really wish to repent for what i have hid from everyone."

"That first feeling was indeed from the Sword." I revealed. The Chosen Sword would stain pure souls, but it was for an important reason: the knowledge that leading armies, including making choices and sacrificing fellow men and women for victory, would stain your innocence forever.

"The maddness, however, was not." King Rover continued for me. "Orkos is purging the Chosen Sword as we speak, purifying it for the final moment. But that moment has to wait."

He then turned to Eques. "And here is where you must help us."

"Your Highness, why would i help you all find and possibly kill Uncle Ian?" Her response had anguish written in every word. "Even if he was responsible, i can't turn him in. He's been there for me ever since i started training here."

"I know that, dear." I could feel a hint of compassion in the king's reply. "He's been an incredible asset to all knights graduating at High Castle, and i am in his debt for it. I believe that he had some reason for his actions."

"Most importantly..." I interrupted the King's speech to bring a very important question, one that would surely convince Eques to help us, as she turned her eyes to me. "...have you considered the possibility that he could have induced you into a beastial rage as well?"

Her hands gripped her chest, right next to the heart. Luccia holded the Chosen Sword before her, so she didn't knew if she would be Chosen ... or cursed. Her response was almost soulless: "No..." She then regained her confidence "...but i'm sure he wouldn't do such a thing to me!"

"So don't you want to ask him about it?" I lured her into my moral trap. It was a cruel thing to do, but she has to consider that she could have really gone insane as well from her uncle's doing. "Would he trully spare you of this fate? You saw him attempting to kidnap the King, so you saw with your eyes that he is not so innocent."

Her confidence was stripped away. I continued the mental assault: "Don't you want to really know if he has trully fallen? And would you want to save him from death from the soldiers that are searching for him? Trust me, they would not hesitate to kill him to save the General that gave his life for them, more than your uncle's knowledge." She also knew that, since my father's tender side also touched her, as she trained in the High Castle under his instructions.

"The soldiers will never find him. Not when he's hidden in his secret hall." Her response shocked us all: a hidden lair right in the King's home, without him knowing? "I know the way, but you'll have to promise me that you won't hurt my uncle. If you don't, i'm willing to die for him." Those last words had a heavy weight: she was really willing to die for his uncle.

"I understand what you say," the King anwsered as he approached Eques "but you have to take into account what he has done to other Heroes before you. Many, if not all those were executed could have been unjustly framed by your uncle's doings, and he must suffer the consequences."

Eques closed her eyes as the King was next to her. She believed she was going to die on the spot.

"But all of the good he has done as well cannot be forgotten. The scholars he taught, the knights he encouraged, the gestures he has done to the people of Silversong, the times we laughed together at feasts ... i believe he does not ultimatly deserve death."

When the eyes of both met, he finally said: "Should he surrender to us peacefully without harming General Jordan, he can still repent. Maybe he'll face life prison, maybe he could end up exiled, but i promise this: if you do your best to convince your uncle to be the good man that you believe he is, my orders will not shed a single drop of blood from his body."

Eques looked at the Kings's eyes for a while, before slowly breaking eye contact. She looked into her heart while we waited, until she replied to us: "I will only lead the six of you. I can't t bring someone who would kill my uncle out of rage."

"Thank you for helping us." The King wanted to let her know she would have his word "I must return to Orkos about the Chosen Sword's state, but Lieutenant Vaatigam's group, along with Lady Luccia and her squire, will be more than enough."

"Vaatigam, Luccia, a few words before i leave." He adressed us in private before leaving us on our own "I fear that Ianov may not surrender willingly, but please, don't end his life if you can. Don't make me proclaim promises in vain."

"We will be carefull." My words and Luccia's were spoken in unison.

As the King withdrew from our presence, me and Luccia returned to the group.

"I think we are ready to go" I exercised my arms a bit to confirm my healing - both were in top shape. "Will you lead us, Eques?"

"Follow me, then."

Eques took us out of the royal hall and through the castle's corridors in a fast pace. We have to reach Ianov's secret lair fast. Jordan's life depends on our speed.

Author's Notes:
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 2:13 pm

10 - 11 - 2013 - Sunday update

Hi everyone! Having a good weekend so far.

Well, there's an announcement i'd want to make:

My album has its first 7*! I feel fantastic, over the moon even. I thought that the time i'd get one albumed would be the day i'd win one, far far away in time (if you want to know, i was estimating February 2015).

Read on if you really want to know what happened... :

To celebrate this occasion, i'll be making a special diary entry around the said 7* once the Gathering is over. I'll try to make another entry today, but the lack of time might make me leave it half-finished in the post, so i can resume tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the rest of the Halloween festivities, and be always kind to your allies. You never know what you'll reap afterwards Wink

The Gathering (part 3)

As Eques leads us through the High Castle corridors, i remember Jordan's tour when we first arrived: the barracks were overflowed with soldiers entering and leaving, switching roles over which place to look for their missing general, and the feast room was much more empty then when we came through the first time. I closely followed Eques' quick steps, with Annette and Mirabelle behind me. Amina and Luccia were close as well.

As Eques stopped ahead of us, i recognized the room she stopped at: the meeting room.

"We've arrived. Let's go in." As she opened the door, we all followed her in.

The room was just as we visited it before, with the iron table barely used. As the group stood next to it, i decided to speak my mind:

"I wonder how a secret passage managed to elude all those who met the King here."

"Because the passage is triggered magically." Eques awnsered as she headed to the bookcase.

"All the books here were hand-picked by my uncle to instruct and teach. Everyone can read them, not knowing that a certain phrase is the trigger to open the magical way."

"Wow, your uncle was really clever." Yet his concealment had a flaw: "But how did he assured that nobody would read the magical words by mistake?"

"Because he chose a book which he knew that nobody would ever read: the book he saves himself to make the children dream." She reached to the upmost right side of the shelves and fetched a book with a light blue cover. "Tales of the Elder Knights. It's a book that he used to read to me when i was on my first years of training. It made me dream."

"Me too..." Amina raised her hand, shivering a bit.

"So did i." Annette joined Amina in the act.

"You two as well?" I felt speechless, but i had to know: "How well did you all know Count Ianov?"

Annette spoke for the three who were Ianov's students: "Count Ianov had a way of teaching that touched us all. His father did the same and so did his grandfather. The soldiers are restless not just because of General Jordan's abduction - they also can't believe in their hearts that Ianov did this to us."

Now i see why the King spoke for me when i tried to convince Eques at first - i was going the wrong way, as i did not knew the ties of Count Ianov to the castle's residents.

"I apologize. I think i said things i should not."

"Some of them could be true." Eques replied. "And i need to be sure they weren't."

As she opened the book, she stopped at a page, and began reading:

"And Sir Robert, knowing that the path was on his front, raised his hand..."

She raised her hand towards the nearby wall.

"...and unveiled the way with his closing fist."

As she closed the fist, a spark of magic came forth from the page, heading ever so slowly in a teal hue towards the wall. The stone it touched faded away, and so did the stones next to it, until a pathway was revealed from the missing stones.

I took a couple of torches from around the room, and Amina lighted them up one by one.

"The first corridor is narrow, but once we pass them the remaining rooms are wide. Watch your step."

With Eques leading, i went on second place. One by one, we entered, with Luccia a the rear end.


As we all got into the passage, the stones behind us began appearing again, one by one, until our way back was totally sealed again.

"YAAAAH! We're trapped!" Amina was quick to panic.

"Don't worry." Eques reassured her with a wink "There's a way out as well. I'll explain once we're out of this narrow passage."

As we moved on downwards, i noticed that the passage didn't had any moist, nor any sign of dust or decay. It seems as if there was really no way for air or water to reach this passageway. As if it was just stone before the summoning incantation.

The echoes of the soldiers searching were fading as we went down, little by little. I suppose that the secret lair is in fact beneath the High Castle. Probably with some way out of the Castle. Perhaps this secret portion of the castle did exist, but it was possibly sealed off by order of the previous kings once there was no need to them.

And Ianov's bloodline must have taken advantage of that order to use the secret halls for themselves.

A few more minutes through the narrow tunnel showed some light at the end: we stepped out of the narrow way to a much larger hall, its inner architecture resembling the High Castle's, but with a much older look and other details that were probably lost by time. As Luccia exited the tunnel, it magically sealed itself: the stones started to multiply and seal the gap from which we entered.

The room was circular with two square expansions, one to our front and one to the right, each with an iron door. I could see on the circular wall between the spot from which we entered and the northen expansion a few bookcases with several books, a few with some decaying signs, and a table with several chairs, all of old iron design.

"It appears my old study didn't changed at all." Eques gained a nostalgic look as she looked to that part of the room. Her eyes quickly regained awareness and turned back to us. "The front expansion's door will lead us back outside, while the other leads into the rest of this ancient section. To be honest, i've never went beyond a few times into the next room, so i don't know what we're expecting."

"It's alright, Eques." i anwsered. "Let's keep going."

Reaching the right expansion, we opened the door, reaching a small corridor. Within it were several pieces of art, mostly portraits of what seemed to be a collection of the royal bloodline. Some of them weren't from that descendence. Probably part of Count Ianov's family.

The next room was a complete different matter: a larger rectangular hall abundant with pillars and statues, all placed randomly across the room. While all the statues seemed to be different in terms of position or size, they all resembled humans posed as warriors, archers, or researchers. We could see several iron doors on the walls around the room. This is probably the middle section of the lair, being the way we came from the exit towards the surface.

As me and Eques started walking the first steps towards the room, approaching one of the humanoid statues, Annette's hands halted us from behind.

I wonder why she stopped us. "Do you feel anything unusual, Annette?"

"My senses are tingling. Let me confirm something."

Her sixth sense about danger was warning her. I allowed her to lead the way.

As she approached the statue from the side, she looked around her on the ground, focusing her gaze on a certain large rock with the size of a person's fist. She reached the stone and rotated her arm to gain speed on her throw. The stone flew quickly into the front of the statue, which responded with fire bolts emerging from its eyes, destroying the projectile.

There are traps in this place? Ianov must be avoiding unwanted visitors.

"I think we should go behind the statues in this room." concluded Annette.

"Noted." Luccia's reply was quite quick.

As we made sure to bypass the statues from behind, we approached one of the iron doors. I volunteered to inspect it before opening.

A few sways of my torch against the door revealed no frontal traps. Pressing my ear against the cold iron, i could hear several noises, savage noises.

"Better to not disturb this room." I warned the party.

We went to the door to the right, going around a pair of statues.

As i approached the door, i started flaying the torch like the previous one. Dozens of spears emerged from beneath the ground, and my quick reflexes saved the torch, along with my arm.

"Are you alright?" Eques didn't knew of that trap. I expected much.

"No scratches. Thanks." I replied to her with kindness. "Moving on!"

We approached the next door, this time without statues along the way.

As i approached the door, my sways revealed no traps. As i checked for noises on the other side, my suspicions were true, more savage noises. The unexpected came when i heard another voice as well: a human voice, that of a female woman.

"Someone's in trouble here. Ready your weapons: we move in for swift kills."

I pressed my ear again against the door, trying to count the number of different grunts.

"Five, six, seven, eight... nine. Ten maybe, but i believe there's nine beasts."

Everyone drew their weapons. Amina was nervous, shaking her dagger, while Mirabelle's hands each had a blue flame.

"We strike on the count of four."

"Four?" Luccia asked.

"Yes, four." I replied back.

Everyone stood nearby, ready to jump in.


Everyone gripped their weapons harder on the third count.


I budged the iron door, swinging it into the room. As i entered, i identified the beasts as blood lizards, nine of them.

Mirabelle ran to the other size of the door's entrance and fired her two flames at the two farthest monsters. The distance wasn't enough to save their heads from being seared, and both dropped into the ground. Amina's charge pinned the closest creature to the ground as she stabbed it to the chest, in a flurry of childish screams. Annette's sword sliced a lizard's head and pierced another through its heart.

Eques broadsword cleaved the lizard closest to the imprisoned woman in half from the top, and Luccia's side blow was powerfull enough to cut two lizards at once. The ninth lizard realized his cohorts were slain, but he wasn't able to aid them, as a dagger i threw pierced his left eye, making him shriek in pain. The second dagger brought instant death upon hitting the forehead.

When the ambush finished, we all took a deep breath while inspecting the room: the various shackles on the walls and the various instruments around made the place look like a torture room, yet the torture devices seemed more fit for surgical needs than for inflicting pain.

I headed towards the woman shackled in the wall. "Are you alright, lady?"

Mirabelle halted me before i could get closer.

"Stop, Vaatigam!" Her eyes were brimming with both tension and fervor. "Take a closer look at the woman."

The woman seemed to have her clothes messed up, but upon better inspecion, they weren't clothes at all, they were wings. Her body was almost bare save for a few strips of cloth and gold. Her yellow hair was the only thing that was in a mess, which made her horns look like fragments of a headpiece.

The woman was actually a Succubus:

I swayed back in a more tensed position. Succubus were among the elite monsters that Heroes had to face. Most of the poor souls have met their end on the demon's hands, their life drained away in whatever rituals of lust they imposed on them.

As everyone took a defensive stance, uncertain of what to do next, the demon loosed a smal laugh.

"It's funny, funny that my saviors, who came to rescue me, are now uncertain of what to do with me." Her head slowly turned to the lower right.

"We expected you to be a woman, not a demon." I replied, being carefull with her as i spoke. "Why are you in chains? Were you jailed for your cruel actions?"

"No, dear." She quickly nodded sideways. "Would i be arrested for that, i'd be having fun with the taskmaster as well. I do thank you though."


"Because those lizards were on the course of having fun with my body. Among the groups that keep me in check, they're the most bold of the groups assigned to guard me, ignoring my curses and hexes as they had their way with me. They were about to go for it when you smashed in so galantly."

"Then maybe we should have waited so you could have your fun." Luccia's words had disdaining feelings.

"Then i wouldn't be able to tell you about the truth behind my captor." Her reply had some confidence, as if she could convince us to set her free. "Your count is nothing but pleasant, you can be certain of that."

"You lie!" Eques's will raged due to the lack of respect for her uncle. "My uncle wouldn't do awfull things like this. He would more likely kill you on the spot."

"He did that, true. If you would drag some seats around, i could explain my presence. It's the least i can do for my "saviors"."

I turned to Mirabelle, her eyes now less fervent: "Should we hear her?"

Everyone else turned to her for the veredict.

"I felt her evil soul, true, but now i notice that she is greatly weakened. Let's see what she has to say."

"We all searched for chairs or whatever seemed close to one, ready to hear what the Succubus had to say in her defense.

**** End Soundtrack ****

Author's words:
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 13, 2013 8:35 am

13-11-2013: Into the Abyss update

Halloween's over, but we haven't seen the last of the darkness yet. Next event is Into the Abyss, a gifting event with an amazing change: 100 7* cards instead of the usual 50.

Some saying this is the start of the 7*'s declining. Others say that Moba still wants more players to spend for a chance at a 7*.

I don't know if any or both are true. What matters is that it's one of those events that relies less on chances and more on player's power and management (except the normal quests, where gift items drop in quantities of 0-3.

For today, i'll be making a final post about Halloween Fiesta, another about Into the Abyss, and the Recruitment field work, this times with tangible results.

I'll write about these as the day continues. Could continue Vaatigam's diary, but that is something not set in stone yet. For now, keep farming those Dark Hearts Wink

Recruitment research:

Halloween Fiesta:

Into the Abyss:


As we took our seats near the shackled Succubus, she told us lightly about the state of the Underworld forces. How the fall of both Lilith and Neolith, the demons' leaders, drove the remaining forces into hiding, yet brimming with fury to revenge the defeat of the Dark Mothers.

It's really funny. Although they were demonic enemies with brutal and merciless ways, i could feel the woman's feelings while she told us about the impact of their loss. I've been always able to feel and predict emotions with whomever i talk or interact with. It allowed me a great deal as a diplomat before becoming a Chosen. And it aided me more as i went up my way to become a Chosen Lieutenant. And this demon is showing off emotions, even if they're hidden from the casual eye. Almost as a human would.

But my mind is carrying me out of reality. I need to come back and listen to her story.

"I was ordered, along with 2 of my sisters, to roam the kingdom's mainland and obtain information that could be of use to the higher demons. We travelled in disguise as night companions, providing company to those who enjoyed our company. Others would rather prefer our warmth, whether reading books, drinking together...or even have fun in bed."

I noticed Amina's eyes swirling around due to her thoughts from the succubus. I could feel that she was enjoying the reaction. Luccia, on the other hand, felt annoyed.

"It's amazing how the three of you weren't caught while doing that which you are the best at: sucking a man's life out of their private parts."

Luccia's final words made Amina's eyes and ears steam with embarrassement, falling to the back of her seat and fainting.

It seemed only myself and the demon noticed it. She loosened a small giggle.

"Because she was good at controling her urges." I stated. If she talked with us and revealed such topics to us, it's because she knew at the time what could be said and not. "A skillfull succubus with body traits equal to us can disguise well if they keep their life-stealing powers in check, giving only carnal pleasures to their hosts without demanding nothing dangerous in return, only equal pleasure."

I look at Amina, still fainted. I'm glad she's still knocked out. This conversation could give her a heart attack, assuming how innocent her mind is.

"My, my." The succubus looked at me with an intersting look "It seems you know a few things about us."

"I have my teachers to thank for that." I wonder if Bernard is doing well at the Stone Roses Keep. "Still, how have you managed to end up within Silversong's High Castle?"

She continued: "On one night, thirty years ago, the 3 of us had fun with one of the higher scholars. We thought to dominate him through our combined efforts..." She halted her speech, her face mildly red. Is she blushing? "...but he dominated us instead. We couldn't believe that we could be beaten by a human."

"Serves you right!" Annette's words were cold and ruthless.

"And in the morning..." she continued, ignoring Annette's lash. "...he startled us by proving our demonic presence. We thought we would be unveiled."

"And he dragged you here as part of the deal, am i right?" I asked.

"Yes. At first we were somewhat well recieved. He allowed us to roam these secret walls, and sometimes we had permission to visit the city at night as long as we stood within the city's boundaries. For someone dealing with us, high-rank demons, he was somewhat kind. Apart from a few night sessions, he only demanded one heavy toll from us."

"And what was that?" Mirabelle said that which was on our collective mind: Why was a member of the court hiding demons within? That "toll" must be the reason.

"Our blood."

I gasped, along with everyone else. Demonic blood? Why would he want it. Unless...

"Do you know if it was for any sort of ritual?" Mirabelle asked. Her eyes were growing with concern.

"We knew it was for a ritual, but ne never said nothing specific about it. He said that it would help us demons to a lesser extent, though in the end it would prove our demise. We sometimes tried to wring the truth out of him during our night sessions, but still..." Her right hand was pressing hard on her chest. The scholar must have been quite the stallion to please three masters of lust.

"As he used our blood along the years, he started to grow fond of us, though never giving more rights than we had. The good food became more frequent, he told us more about the city's affairs. He was swaying our hearts little by little. Lincha almost wanted to mate with him once."

I had to keep the story going. Her sexual talks were starting to affect me.

"So, in the end, who was that scholar after all? The man who was able to tame 3 succubi at once."

She awnsered fairly quickly: "Gord, High Scholar of his time, and father of Count Ianov."

"Great-Uncle Gordy?!?" Eques couldn't believe that revelation. To think that not only her uncle was doing horrid things, but her great-uncle as well.

"I never thought he would be like this. He was kind to everyone..."

"Yes, he was even kind to us, though we were still under his law. I still remember when he introduced Ian to us." Her eyes rolled as if travelling back in time. "He was an average boy, a brilliant mind, but mediocre in everything else." Her lips smilled with the nostalgia. "Even when the five of us were together in a bed. Nemi enjoyed riding him the most."

I looked back at Amina. She was on her feet, more tolerant to the conversation, but still showing signs of weakness. The succubus wasn't reacting to her weak demeanor now. It means her memories are spoiling her cheerfull mood. Why do i think this is not going to end well?

"As Gord grew older, he warned us that Ian would succeed him and rule over us, warning us to obey him, since his son's patience was smaller than his."

She turned her head to the side. I felt sorrow taking over.

"He died the day after our last night together. His heart took its last beat."

Eques looked to the ground. She's probably remembering the funeral that took Gord to the grave.

The succubus was holding on her story for Eques to gain her senses. As her eyes looked back to the demon, she continued.

"A few days after Gord died, Ian came to our prison and told us that he would continue his father's work, and that playtime was over. His eyes gave proof, but Nemi's were blind. She flirted at him for him to ease a little while attempting to kiss his lips. She should have been more cautious."

"And that was her downfall, right?" I asked.

The succubus looked at me, surprised: "How did you know?"

"I don't see her around. Your saddened mood also tells me about it."

"Yes..." She confirmed it "When their lips were finally joined, he stabbed her in the back with a silver dagger, and twisted it with no remorse. She fell instantly."

Although they were demons, i felt empathy. She was probably defending her life, and Ian just ended it without remorse.

"And he said to Lincha and me that we would obey his every command. Even if it meant our death."

"Did Lincha defied him too?" She probably died that time as well.

"Not at first. The blood transfusions became more frequent, and the meals poorer. We two tried to gain his favor, but the few nights that we managed to lure him were met with violence. He treated us like garbage, Lincha more than me. We felt like..."

"... like you were being raped?" Eques stole her words.

"Do you now feel what your victims have suffered?... You fiend!" Annette joined on the moral assault.

The succubus tried to feign no remorse, but i could feel it. She indeed have suffered at the hands of Ian.

"Let her finish, please." I asked.

They decided to let her end the story. The succubus felt that her savious were not that kind to demons. After all, they were Heroes.

"Lincha tried to bargain one more time with Ianov. It ended up with him having his way with her while draining her blood. I was in my cell, chained, but i could still her her screams. They started getting louder and violent, till they faded in the end. I never heard of her again."

Everyone was in deep thought. Not only was Ianov betraying the kingdom, he was also having his cruel way with demons. Even if they are responsible for many of our kindgom's tragedies, Ianov was treating them like a fiend himself. And i don't want that kind of men as my superiors.

"He's been letting you live so far because your'e his last reliable source of demon blood, right?"

"Yes." Her anwser seems honest; it seems that she knows i'm the only one without any bias against her right now. "But he's been able to summon lesser creatures and infuse them with my blood. He may soon find a way to summon other succubi. And when he does, i'm doomed."

"To be honest, your life was doomed the moment you decided to spy our kingdom." Although logical, Mirabelle wasn't happy with the demon at all.

"He still hasn't summoned such monsters, from what i heared from everyone above." I tried to give a cool look. Maybe i can obtain some more information from her. "We can end his demon blood plot if you cooperate. Will you tell us where he currently is?"

"You came from the secret entrance from the High Castle, right?" I nodded. "Follow the wall you were passing by until you reach the fourth door counting from our current room. That's the altar, where he also keeps doing his studies on monster summoning."

"Very well." I got up from my seat to give orders to the party: "Everyone, clear the way to the door. I'll join with you once i finish things here." I unsheathed my sword in front of everyone. "Go, as i'll be brief here."

Everyone got up, save Amina who was assisted by Luccia.

"Amina, you need to be more tolerant to this kind of stories. You can't always be a baby girl."

Amina felt depressed for not being up to her master's standings: "Forgive me, Lady Luccia..."

As everyone left one by one, i turned my face to the succubus, our eyes locked in an intense glare while the others left. She was expecting me to finish her off once everyone left. I decided to hold my words until a good minute has passed since everyone left.

"I guess one reaps what she sows, right?"

She grinned in what she felt to be her final moments.

"I always held back against humans while undercover. I thought that no harm would come if i would keep my true self hidden. I guess what i've done will never be hidden."

"It's true." I said as i approached her. I tighten my grip on my sword as i got close to her. "Your actions have consequences."

I raised my sword. "Consequences that must be delivered." I saw her eyes closing. She was expecting me to execute her.

I showed her wrong as my blow met not her neck, but the shackles that restrained her. As she heard the clash, her eyes opened wide, noticing the new freedom my strike gave her.

"Wh..." She felt really surprised. "Why?"

"Because you were the victim here. As a Chosen, i must use my Heroes to save everyone. While i consider my kingdom as my top priority, i do not neglect the oppressed..."

I turned my eyes to the side, as to show her my effort in doing this decision.

"...even if they're on the other side."

As i turned my eyes back to her, i felt they were touched.

"Still..." I approached to her as i bended a knee "...what i hope you do, is that, once we're within the altar facing Count Ianov, you leave the High Castle and Silversong at once. And report to your master that you escaped, bringing news that a Hero has been deemed Chosen, and that your hopes of winning will be greatly diminished."

Her eyes were still surprised, but conscious of my words.

"Heh..." I tried to light up the mood a little "...you could even suggest to them to surrender or fall back, but i think they would feel you grew soft on humans, right?"

Her mouth smiled before anwsering... "Yeah..." ...before doubt took it. "...yet Ian drew a lot of blood from me quite recently. I think i won't be able to leave this place alone."

As her face turned to the side, my mind came with a solution. But that solution could prove fatal to me...

...damn it, i'm supposed to die for my ideals, right?

I reached her chin with my spare hand. She was caught flat-footed as her eyes met mine again.

And i said it, quick and with a smile: "Try not to drain too much, alright?"

Her surprise was greater when i locked her lips with mine. I tried to give her what warmth i could, until she understood my move. I felt my energy being sipped away through my lips, yet at a very slow pace. What i felt even greater was pleasure, the pleasure of gratitude that i felt from her side.

I felt the drain fading to an end, but her lips still holded mine. I believe i reminded her of Gord, of the kindness she felt, even while being a captive. What i felt now were her emotions, elevated to a higher sense than before: gratitude like earlier, but a wish of happiness as well.

I also felt lust from her. Was she enthralled by my conduct?
I believe she was.

She finally let my lips go. She still seemed weak, but to a lesser extent.

"Thank you for the meal." She said as she leaned her forehead to mine. I felt her horns grazing my hair.

"You're welcomed. I hope you didn't took too much."

"Don't worry." She said as i get up on her feet, seperating afterwards. "I drained from your inner energies a small portion for me to escape. You might not notice, but your Inner Power is much more greater than you might imagine."

She felt my dormant energies? "How come?"

She blinked and anwsered: "Remember these words during your battle: Chaos Rain."

As i looked onto my hands, those words rang a familiar echo in my mind. "Thanks for the tip."

I turned my back to her, getting my mood ready into battle. As i started to sprint, i heard her once more.


I stopped by the door, waiting to hear her last words.

"The name's Ravi. Just in case you manage to learn to summon demons afterwards."

"Vaatigam." I awnsered. "In case you learn how to summon humans."

I blinked her confidently before, once again, charging out to meet the others.

Author's Notes:

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14-11-2013: ... and Consequences (Part 1)

I rushed through the back of the statues as i tried to catch up with the rest of the group. As i ran through the grey pillars, i've encountered the five of them, Annette, Luccia, Amina, Mirabelle and Eques, next to the door the succubus informed us.

"I'm here. Sorry for the wait." I stopped at their side as i tried to take a deep breath after the running.

"So, did you finished the succubus?" Luccia was wondering if i indeed killed her.

"He did not. He's not that kind of soldier." Annette also had a distaste for the demon, but she knew the state she was in. I couldn't kill a chained person who couldn't fight back. In normal cases that's cowardice.

"The High Castle soldiers will deal with her once they find her. For now we have more urgent things to settle."

I walked towards the larger stone door, the whole group by my side. As i touched the stone, it seemed to siphon not only my heat, but my life as well. Terrible things are behind these doors, and i don't need to lean my ear to sense them.

As i opened the door, i became amazed at the room before me.

The room had an amazing resemblance to the royal hall above, although theinitial corridor was quite wider. The grey pillars beared witness to the blackened blood scattered on the whole floor, left unatended to rot and cause the faint yet nauseating scent of the room.

Yet that paled in comparison with the army in front of us: a token force Blood Lizards and Ravenous Bears, a Lycanthrope drenched in red blood among them.

They all awaited us, their eyes bearing the same rage i witnessed in the royal hall.

A human voice bellowed from behind the monster army: "Who goes there? How have you found this place?!?" It seems he didn't noticed our invasion on these hidden halls.

I looked to my immediate right as Eques stepped foward.

"Uncle Ian?"

"Oh, my niece. You weren't wise on entering these grounds." The voice had a tender vibe: he rocognized her. "I told you to not venture beyond the picture hall."

"And you didn't told me all of this stuff!" Eques was exploding with anger. "The blood curse. The demonic summons. The treachery!"

"Treachery?" The voice scoffed. "I believe you need to know the truth about it. You may pass through my minions..." The monsters suddenly became agitated. "...but i'm afraid your friends will not have such fortune."

I had to reassure Eques. I signalled Annete to give me her hand. She understood the need of a Vow.

"Don't worry about us!" I yelled as Luccia and Amina readied their blades. Mirabelle was ready to lauch her flames as well. "We'll be fine. We'll join you soon enough!"

Sha then faced foward and began walking, trusting on our survival. The beasts began their charge against us, rushing along Eques as if she wasn't there at all.

I started the incantation:

"What yours is mine.."

"...both honor and might."

"We now share the power..."

"... to end the fight!"

Our flash, blue as the hidden sky, did not deter the front row of lizards. Mirabelle's fire did, though.

As lizard flesh burned into ash, i noticed something odd with the fire: it began to move.

As myself and Annette ran towards the second row, I could hear Mirabelle's cry from behind: "Burning Will!". The flames sorrounding us began flowing together as a blue fire ball, throwing itself at another group to our left flank.

Our swords stroke the first unfortunate beast in the chest as one. After that, we kept moving as one, cleaving through the Ravenous Bears. Sometimes my sword parried blows that grant openings to Annette's strike. Her piercing strike felled the beast. I ducked to allow her sword to swing below me and slash the lizard behind me in two halfs. I gained strenght in my feet to leap above Annette and render a blow from above to another bear. Its bellow was almost silence, evidence of my sword on its throat.

As the monster kept attacking us, we danced with backs to each other, parrying, jumping and countering blow after blow, slaying fiend after fiend. They were many, but our Vow made the final difference.

A corner of my eye caught Luccia in combat. She was really nimble and precise, her moves almost blurred by her speed. Even without using Eagle Eye, i knew she was faster than Closer. Her sword, which by chance my Chosen Sword's imitation, was slashing flesh as if it were the true blade.

Amina, on the other hand, was barricading the lizards from reaching Mirabelle. I now know why Luccia picked her as her squire: she was keeping them at bay with only a small dagger. Her defense style was really good, making her foes tumbling to the ground before Mirabelle's flames claim them.

I turned back to my my front just in time to avoid a strike from a large claw. The red Lycanthrope was at my front, its eyes seeking my flesh.

It attempted to slash my head, but i dodged with a quick backstep. Annette charged in to sever the beast's head. Yet its right claws parried the blow, returning a heavy slap on Annette's body. The attack sent her towards a pillar, shattering part of it on impact.

My instincts told me to rush to her, but the werewolf's attacks were harder. And yet, with each second passed i felt something inside of me growing. Vengeance perhaps, definitely rage. I started to match the beast's ferociousness, parrying his claws and awnsering with strong kicks and a punch to the gut. The beast whinced from the blows, but kept his ground. The futility of my blows started to boil my blood even more.

It was probably because of this outrage that i only noticed Annette as she passed right to the right of me. Her fast hand drew 3 sides of a triangle as she passed through the Lycanthrope. At the rear of the beast, she stood her ground, her eyes burning as she echoed her most powerfull attack:


The triangle shaped lines slashed the monster's chest, falling lifeless into the ground.

As my lips started to give shape to words of accomplishement, her knees fell - the fatigue was too great.

As Mirabelle and Amina approached us, Annette spoke to me:

"I think i won't be able to move for a while. Go help Luccia, we three will be fine handling the leftovers."

I didn't think twice. I charged foward to join Eques and Luccia in the front.

I went up to the first set of stairs, finding Eques on her knees, crying. Luccia's eyes were determined.

And at the upmost tier of the room, i could see the ones behind Eques' tears: The man in royal green clothes had black eyes full of rage, and the woman in what seems to be a white dress covered in blood seems to relishing in her tears.

At that time my gut told me that Ianov has forsaken Eques. Her attempts to bring him were futile.

I had to bring her uncle to justice.
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15-11-2013: ... and Consequences (Part 2)

I yelled to the noble to make him aware of my arrival:

"What have you done to her, Ianov?!?"

"He has done no harm to her niece, Chosen. Yet she's the one who betrayed him."

The woman next to the Count was very diferent from the last time i saw her. The yellow garbs were now replaced with what seems to be a weeding dress, smeared with blood all over its parts. Her head had a rose diadem, which made a perfect fit for her light Brown hair and clear blue eyes.

She must be Viera, Ianov's accomplice:

The noble, clad in a royal green suit, turned his head to me. His eyes had a hint of disappointement, but mostly arrogance. The succubus' story ringed true.

"And so the valiant Vaatigam join us! I was expecting you died at the royal hall."

His arrogance was passed on from his eyes to his speech. I replied in kind.

"And i was expecting that you were a wise noble, faithful to his kingdom."

"So you too do not understand. The king is old and his ways are senile." I walked close to Luccia, as he approached Viera, caressing her cheek with his right hand. "Many claimed to be worthy of the Chosen Sword, but their ego speaks for themselves."

"Indeed." Viera continued. Ianov seems annoyed by the interruption, but seems to let her go on. "The Sword should never fall into the hand of the unworthy. They are a death setence to us all should we allow them."

"I thought Orkos and the Chosen Sword itself were the judges of that. Have you forgotten his presence?" I asked.

"His presence has dwindled." Ianov's eyes started to burn with impatience. "My father watched scum taking the Sword, amazed that they were chosen by them, even with promises of heroic deeds. And alas..." His head turned to the side in disgust "...most of them did not live up to their promise."

"My father watched my uncle die to one of those self-proclaimed Heroes. Heat of the fight?!? BAH! Merely a veil to defend the sorry lot that the previous King has invested in."

"And so your father devised the blood curse." I concluded.

"Under Orkos' nose, and he did not notice. How demonic blood, mixed with human blood and applied with magic, could control the Chose Sword without angels percieving the deed, and transmit the feelings of rage and violence to its wielder."

"And now, look at us. We survived ever since the crimson moon rose from the clouds and brought down its harbringers that wished to end us. All thanks to the Chosen that my father and i hand-picked."

"And many more could have saven the kingdom, had you given them the chance!"

"Presposterous! I do not take chances! I train the best to wield the power of the Sword." He then places his hand on Viera's shoulder. "Any others deserve to be taken by their thirst for power."

"A thirst that you have induced, crazy man!" I felt his ego provoked upon the end of the phrase. "You defy the ways of the heavens only to satisfy your family's need for retribution!"

"I HAD ENOUGH! Viera, end them!"

Viera smilled upon the order. She quickly hurled herself at us, unfolding daggers from her dress. Eques woke from her crying trance and blocked her path with her broadsword.

"You seek to defeat me again?" She grinned "We both know how that will turn out."

"My purpose this time is not to attack." She then talked even louder. "Luccia, i know you're still an Heroine, so perform a Vow with Vaatigam while i stall her. Viera is being empowered by demonic blood!"

"Understood!" Luccia quickly grabbed my hand. "Please, Vaatigam. I know i do not belong to your unit, but l hope you can accept me just once."

I kindly responded: "You're always welcomed."

"NOOO!" Viera tried to strike us, but Eques once again holded her off.

I decided to waste no more time:

"What yours is mine.."

I could notice Viera's despair growing. She turned her focus to Eques.

"...both honor and might."

I could see Eques' efforts to defend herself, but her words were true: Viera was far more agile and powerfull.

"We now share the power..."

Her small dagger parried the large broadsword, and a fist on Eques' gut pushed her down to the stairs below.

"... to end the fight!"

But she had bought us enough time. We both could feel each other's power as gusts of orange winds sorrounded us. But i was astonished. Her power was much, much more than i ever witnessed during the trial. Our bond even outmatched the one i feel with Coral.

"Excuse me..." The words she spoke to my ear were fast, but her agility was even faster.Viera calculated her speed and readied a dagger stab towards her, but Luccia further increased her speed and dodged it. As she passed, a sword slashed grased Viera's torso, cutting part of the dress.

As the Tainted Bride threw daggers in quick succession, Luccia dodged left and right to avoid the projectiles, ever so slowly approaching her. As Viera attempted a thrust, Luccia ducked and streched her leg on her foe's waist, kicking the woman with enough strenght to fling her to the upper stairs, next to Ian.

I watched with awe, while Ianov seemed revolted. His defender coughed hard while on her knees, her blood joining the demon's on her now-ragged dress.

She slowly stood on her feet, leaning towards the count little by little.

"Please, lend me your strenght." She begged. "If we make the Vow, we can defeat them..."

A hard slap shoved her back to the ground. The gesture caught everyone around Ianov by surprise, especially Viera.

"Don't place me on the same level as you, wrench." I could feel his anger flowing through him. "You Heroes lean on us and suck us like parasites."

"But i'm on your side with this. I even gave my blood for the Sword's curse."

"And your blood was the only thing good with you. You've let your thirst for power lead you astray, making you lose the right for the Sword. I didn't even needed to use the curse on you for your denial."

Those last words were the shattering blow on her will. Her eyes became lifeless, unbelieved on what his leader just said.

He then turned his attention to us. I began to feel an eerie wind around him: something was going on.

"Heroes use whatever they can to increase their power: taint, wealth, intimidation, murder, treason."

Dark shadows began appearing everywhere, and his body began to grow in size and power.

"Unfaithful wield the title with their sins, disrespecting our bretheren and fulfilling their urges."

I could see his arms growing wider from within the sleeves. Are...are those new arms?

"And so i had to turn to another way to set them right. I could not let them ruin everything, even after what they did to my father!"

He began to float away from the ground, right in front of my shocked eyes. Something's not right here. I can feel a powerfull darkness upholding him.

"This Kingdom will not have mercenaries nor fallen men as Chosen. Their stained minds will rot as the pure men once again lead us to victory!"

His head began to mutate, fur covering it. His forehead began to sprout what seemed like horns, and even a crown.

With his head mutated, his ramblings became incomprehensible, and his suit was shreaded as the extra pair of arms rose from his body and his legs became coated with black fur and dark hooves. Grey wings erupted from his back, and he began to use them to soar rather than using levitation.

What i witnessed was beyond any human eye could see...

...for Ianov had become a devil.:


Viera's will became shattered with fear, crawling backwards to gain distance from the howling creature, trembling the halls with its power. The beast turned towards her, fists closed with killing intent.

"Someone, please, save me..." She cried out until hitting  the pillar behind her, with no escape for the devil. It raised his upper right arm for a merciless blow.

"Anybody! Please!"

The monster unleashed his deadly blow.

" HELP ME! "


The blow crushed the pillar to rubble. It would have crushed Viera as well, had i not jumped in time to snatch her from death.

"Luccia! Take him down! I'll join you in a flash!" As i ran behind the devil behind him, Luccia jumped on the devil, her sword slashing with every ounce of power.

I saw it parrying the blow with his bare arm. Any normal arm would have been sliced, but not his.

I quickly joined the half-conscious Eques, hidden behind a pillar from all the fights. I placed Viera next to her, still shaken as her life almost ended up there.

"Stay low, watch for Eques, and don't hurt her!"

I didn't waited for any response from her. I turned around and joined Luccia in the fray.

Luccia's sword parried strong blow after strong blow. The fumes from the fiend's mouth showed its ferocity, along with the thundering clash of steel and cursed flesh.

As i approached, i conjured a large blue energy sphere from my right hand: "Magna Generator!" My left hand retrieved a portion of the power within, creating a lesser sphere of equal color, but still powerfull on its own.

I hurled the small sphere towards the beast, hitting its shoulder. It felt the strike, turning around quickly to terminate me.

"Oh ..." I couldn't say more as i dodged a punch from above that caused a crater on the floor. Another blow came from the left, blocked by the sphere within my hand.

Such force could have detonate it, but my will maintained its control, throwing another small bomb from the generator and hurling it at the devil. His hand blocked the impact.

As i wondered what happened to Luccia, i found her behind the devil, meditating on one knee. I noticed shapes of red appearing around her. Almost like rose petals.

Her cry revealed her attack: "Crimson Tears!"

As she charged towards the devil's back, the petals joined her in the assault, empowering her slash against the naked flesh.

The demon yelled in pain. Its tough skin opened way for blood. Ianov quickly turned again, his tail slapping me on my shoulder. It made me roll through the rubble as he charged towards Luccia. She followed the petals' flow to avoid the punches, but the devil learned the rhythm and forced her to parry the last punch. The force knocked her out of the petal stream, landing on one knee.

I stood up from the ground, feeling my blood boiling hotter with every second. Not only did Ianov wish to control the kingdom's fate, he also despised her follower like disposable garbage. Who gave everything for him, going above her limits for him, doing what seemed unnaceptable to her.

Just like Coral.

And that boiled my blood to the extreme. I could feel my heart pumping way harder, my Manga Generator growing in size and gaining an orange hue. It was almost as big as a small shield, thrice the size of my hand. As if my arm was a morning star.

Once again, i removed a portion of the sphere, this one bolsting considerable power. I aimed as the devil attacked Luccia, hitting her sword blow after blow in hopes of breaking through.

I threw the sphere with a long arch, making it go around the demon without him noticing it going towards his front.

That is, until it hit his head with a huge bang.

The monster almost felled backwards, being able to gain balance at the last second. As Ianov turned around, i taunted him, my right arm ready:

"There's more where that came from, you bastard!"

He roared as he charged at me, his four arms flaying at me in quick succession. I fired a few more spheres against his chest, gaining burns as he continued his assault. I dodged a few, parried others, even felt some hits. But i didn't care that i didn't blacked out form any of those, not even from the one that went strait to my forehead. All i wanted was his fall.

I ducked from a blow that could have ripped my head from my body, and gained impulse from the move, delivering a powerfull uppercut with my morning star on the demon's chin. The blow sent the monster sky high until he reached the ceeling with a thunderous noise.

I didn't care as he fell towards me with a blood-thirsty roar. I held the sphere of power over my shoulders, arms streched and aimed at Ianov.

As i focused, i didn't noticed...


... that i was using the very move ...


... that Ravi had taught me through her kiss.


The orange sphere shone with untapped power, unleashing a shower of energy projectiles. All flew through the skies towards Ianov.

The spheres pushed him right back up. They struck Ianov mercilessly, pinning him to the ceeling as my assault kept going, blast after blast.

I roared as i increased the rate of the volley. Spheres flew ever so fast towards the ceeling, carving a small hole through it.

The shower kept running until i couldn't bear my arms together anymore. The sphere vanished as i fell backwards, my back hitting the floor.

I looked up, seeing the devil slowly falling towards the floor. His corns broken, his wings burnt, his crown desintegrated.

It landed in the middle of the stairway with a rumbling roar.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

I could watch the shadows emanating from Ianov's crater, twisting and vanishing into thin air. It seems that darkness was leaving him.

I looked to the lower staircase: Annette and Amina was closing on me, while Mirabelle was healing Esques and Viera.

"Is... is it over?" Amina asked, slightly injured from defending Mirabelle. I'd say she was the luckiest of our group for being the less bruised.

"No." I replied as i got on my feat, slowly standing. "Not yet."

I slowly approached the crater, with Luccia sitting at the edge on the other side.

Little by little was i able to see Count Ianov, now battered, bruised, naked. Unable to move.

I slowly went down the crater, walking next to him. I took a seat in the nearest boulder, and waited for him to turn his head to me.

So that i may tell him my own truths.

As his eyes met mine, i started:

"You know... before i was named Chosen, i had the same beliefs as you."

He couldn't turn his head anymore. If he could, i knew i would turn to the other side with disgust right now.

"I looked to the Chosen as leaders of pure heart, willing to do their best for the kingdom." I halted for a few seconds "And still, few years brought some which i thought of as rotten. Chosen who were not meant to be such."

"They were our role models. They saved many lives while fighting for us."

"But they weren't there when my village was ravaged, destroyed in a sea of flames and chaos. Only myself and Jordan, who was commanding the Chosen who were passing by the village visiting my father, were the only ones to survive."

My voice went silent for a moment. My heart knew where this was going. Still i had to go on.

"My mind went blank from that day foward. I could not remember my parents, my friends. I could not even remember the man who saved me. And yet, he slowly taught me everything: how my parents were, how my father was a famous Captain, how i played a lot with the girls in the village. How i liked Mel, Jordan's daughter and one of the missing victims, so much."

"Jordan became my foster father and he raised me as his own, teaching me everything from reading to sword fencing. He introduced me to Chosen Magi, humans who were not Heroes but yet had a deep conection with magic, to teach me to control the magic i had within me."

Everyone was listening quietly to my tail.

"I wanted to be a Chosen. Not one of those of weak heart, but with honor and respect to everyone, even the Heroes who lacked discipline. I would make them learn with my example."

My eyes were starting to grow. They didn't want to remember, but i kept going.

"And on the day before my veredict as a Chosen, Jordan called me to a talk in a secluded place. He had something to tell me."

"That since i was a grown man, about to become a Chosen, i had to hear something important. Something that i would have to accept..." My heart was holding my words, imporing me not to say it. "...regardless of becoming a Chosen."

My will was about to break, but i had to speak. I had to teach.

"He told me..."

I took every ounce of my strenght, every spark of my will, to say it out loud.

"...that i killed my own parents."


Everyone was shocked beyond words as i finished, Ianov more than the rest. The first tear slowly fell from my eye.

"It... it was impossible. The village was completely burned, and yet i was only twelve. He said i deeply loved everyone, and yet i was the sole culprit for the fate of every single death."

More tears joined the first.

"The baker who gave his best fresh bread to me. The oldest woman, who told me old stories of heroes and demons. Mel, who i liked to play with. All dead... by my hand."

My heart ached. It ached really bad.

"Jordan... Jordan said that i would want to know the reason why the Chosen Sword would deny me the honor of being a Chosen should i end up as unworthy. He would not tell me more until i rememberd it, and said that he would still accept me as his son after all i've done."

"I spent the whole night thinking of the horrors i've done, even if i could not remember them. I thought of jumping out the window to spare the shame of everyone, but i couldn't. Jordan has forgiven me, the one who probably took his daughter's life."

I took a moment of silence before continuing once more.

"The next day came, and my mind was set on taking the blade, regardless of the results. My eyes almost betrayed me as i anwsered Orkos' last question: if i would repent? I anwsered with the most honest "yes" i have ever said in my life."

"I took the Sword, and to my surprise, it accepted me as a Chosen. Despite being a murderer. Despite hiding my shame from everyone. And as a matter of fact, the Sword even shone a golden hue, which meant i was meant for big things. You remember how i was applauded by many, Count Ianov, and how i recieved a replica of the Chosen Sword by secret, as a gift from the King counting on me to do my best for the Kingdom."

After saying those last words, i kneeled towards Ianov's head.

"Now, ask yourself this: How could someone who murdered his parents and his entire village become a Chosen, despite knowing what he did and taking responsibility for it, even if in secret? How could have that very shamefull person become a famous diplomat and having a rank in the militar as one of the most trusted Lieutenants of the Kingdom?"

"What would happen to all the lives i touched and improved, had i not become Chosen?"

Ianov stood silent, but i could still notice the regret within his eyes.

I stood up, and finished my lesson:

"It's true that darnel may grow with the wheat. But if you remove the darnel by force, it may outright kill the wheat and spoil wonderous fruit. One should let both grow together, and then seperate accordingly in the harvest."

As i turned around, i added: "That lesson was Jordan's favorite lfrom the old woman at my village. And he cherished it a lot because it had so much truth within. Truth that i hope you learn with time."

I began to go up the crater step by step, leaving Ianov alone to think about what i said to him.

Annette addressed to me in a saddened state: "Vaatigam, i..."

"It's okay." I halted her worries with my right hand. "Let's find Jordan first. We'll have a lot of time to talk about this later."

We left the hall, now a ruin of its former self, as we began our search for Jordan.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

Author's notes:

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17 - 11 - 2013: Gathering arc closure.

Hi everyone, hope you had a good time.

During the whole afternoon of yesterday i've been cataloging book for a future library with some tranquility, since the library project i am doing has around a school year lifetime (around 9 months taking holidays/vacations aside), so i had a lot of time to think about stuff while taking note of books and sometimes reading a bit from few out of curiosity.

The topic that took the most of my free time there was Vaatigam's Diary: what was my initial idea, what i wanted to include, how did it fare so far, what's its future. With the second arc ending today due to a lucky time window on Thursday, i need to make some calls on where this ship is going to turn, and what changes i will make to the crew's positions in the future.

I'll also do a self-evaluation on my performance and what i've faced while writting this fan fiction for a month and half so far. For future references on how my work will progress in the future.

As usual, such topics will be included in spoilers, so that only the interested may check upon. The only part which will not be covered in spoilers will be the diary entries.

(Edit: Due to last-minute chores, i'm unable to discuss to topics above, beside placing the diary's entry)

To be Chosen

"It took us some time to find General Jordan in the secret maze of rooms, but it was worth it to find him alive and breathing. What's strange was that we found no resistance from the remaining of Ianov's summonings. We would have lost to one of those groups in our current state. I believe that Ianov's hold over them broke at the end of our battle, and they were summoned back to wherever they came from. We found our way back to the firsom room of the secret complex before using the exit, ending up in the southern outskirks of the castle."

"Our return to the surface was met with cheers of joy and relief. The King was surprised to see us entering from outside the High Castle. His words of relief for Jordan were many, as were his words of gratitude towards us."

"The Gathering took place once again, but this time it was more of a debate than a trial. The King wished to change the requirements to become a Chosen, making the process less reliable on investment from within the castle, but much more demanding on the Chosen Sword itself, as well as its surveillance and the care taken with the artifact."

"One topic that surprised everyone was the permanent role of Orkos within the High Castle as main keeper of the Sword, instead of merely being the judge during the ceremonies. He agreed with this, as he admitted his overlooking, seeking to make a better work for the Heavens and the Kingdom."

"Another topic was the trial of Ianov and Viera for their wrongdoings. Although everyone had an equal vote, most were swayed by my statements, for i was the one who unraveled their conspiracy, from what began as a mere insanity of a foolish Heroine."

"My statements about Viera being used as a tool due to her thirst for power brought a lesser penalty towards her. She remained within an asylum, and while she may be called upon by Chosen once she fully recovers, she may likely never become a Chosen in the future."

"Ianov's case was trickier. The youngest, unnaware of his contributions out of the treason demanded his execution, but the oldest have taken into account what he did in the past. In the end, Rover showed his mercy by allowing Ianov's niece, Eques, to determine his uncle's final demise. Luckly, i knew this was coming, so she said what i suggested in secret: a home prison in a region on the edge of the kingdom, that while he would roam it freely and beyond the borders of the kingdom, he could not venture inside, meaning exile should he either charges within without permission or runs from his prison into beyond the border."

"Such idea was debated ferociously. And in the end, all agreed with the  secluded prison for Ianov, and while his remaining wealth was spared all of his noble titles and connections were officially cut from the Crown to avoid another betrayal."

"The last topic of the Gathering was the official announcement of Lady Luccia's Chosen ceremony, which will happen today at sunset. After the Gathering's end, i decided to make a small gift for Luccia."

I made my way to the east side of the castle, towards the small garden within the outer walls. A place that nobles and soldiers alike stroll in peace to regain their breath from the castle's difficult duties. Trees and flowers of all shapes and sizes adorn this quiet corner of the busy castle.

As i walked through the peacefull way, i noticed a woman tending a group of flowers. I could remember that priest robe from anywhere: she has visited the Stone Roses Keep often in holy ceremonies.

"Greetings, Emily!" I shouted from a distance, wishing to not spook her by coming too near.

The figure standed upraight and turned to me. She was Emily alright:

"Oh, it's you, sir Vaatigam. Good afternoon. Have you recovered well?" It seems that she even knew of my succesful rescue.

"I'm fine now, but maybe you could assist me with something."

"Oh!" Her face gained a smile of service. "What can i do for you then?"

"Do you know where i can find a silverkiss, Emily? I'd like to offer one to the future Chosen."

"Oh! Good taste, sir! They're to my left." She pointed her hand at a bush nearby, teeming with greyish pink flowers.

"Thank you." I replied as i kneeled to search for the most beautiful flower.

"You do know its meaning, right, sir Vaatigam?" Her question was hoping for me to say no. She really liked to explain the meaning of each flower to the garden's visitors.

"Yes, Emily. It is for that very reason that i wish to give her one." My eyes caught a bigger specimen next to the floor, with 4 large outer petals and a voluptuous blossom. "Aha, found a perfect one."

I plucked it slowly, holding the pedicel with care as i stood up.

"I'll be seeing you at the feast, Sister. If someone asks, i invited you." Normally sisters don't join large dinners by themselves, only when being invited. Doing so is considered as a courteous gift to the lower members of the Heavens' clergy.

"Thank you very much, sir Vatigam." She bowed as i left, waving my hand to her in response to her gratitude.

I slowly walked through the castle's corridors, its soldiers now guarding it at a calm pace. It seemed that life was about to begin anew with Luccia's ceremony.

I finally reached the doors to the royal hall, both closed to bar entrance of the next Chosen. The King and his nobles are awaiting for the Chosen within, which makes me think i arrived in time to talk to her before she enters.

At the middle of the doors, i could see Amina and Annette cheerfully talking to each other. Both were using their regular outfits, shinier than ever for the occasion. Amina noticed me, and quickly waved at me.

"Hello! I see you're both in good spirits." They've been able to rest well yesterday. I'm glad for that.

"Yeah, sir Vaatigam!" Amina's smile was quite nice to see. "Annette was looking foward to see you too."

"Yeah. About what happened, sir Vaatigam..." Annette was still affected with my revelation below.

"Let that day rest, Annette. We're supposed to be happy today. Look at me: i was the most affected, and yet look." I've made a very wide smile from cheek to cheek. "Sheee?"

Amina laughed quite a bit, while Annette gave a few tense giggles.

I placed my hand on her shoulder: "I thank you for worrying with me, Annette. I'm glad i picked the right person to come with me on this journey."

Her tension lifted at that moment. "Thanks." That word was good enough for me.

"Lady Luccia! Over here!" Amina spotted Luccia coming from behind me.

As i turned around, the woman i've met dirty and ragged within the ruined prison stands before me as a diferent person: Her black outfit had brand new plate parts, and her teal blouse was brighter than ever. Her brown hair was well combed, and her red eyes were content.

"Ah. Lady Luccia!" I bowed down gracefully. "Your new you is a delight to my eyes."

She responded to all of us with a salute "I'm glad you like my visual. Why aren't you within the royal hall?"

"Well, i like to watch these ceremonies from afar." I replied. "If there's something that i learned from the Masquerade, is to never stand in the spotlight for too long. Also, hold your head for a moment, please."

Her eyes brimmed with curiosity as i placed the flower on the left side of her head. As i stepped backwards, Amina's face grew with awe.

"It's beautifull!" Her feelings spoke for her, loosened and amazed.

"Every begining is beautiful with a silverkiss, Amina." I remarked. "Silversong beckons to spread songs about the legends of the city's flowers, symbol of a blooming beginning." My eyes turned to Luccia, embarrased with her gift. "And i hope yours is as special as this flower among its piers, Luccia."

Luccia couldn't contain her happiness: her arms hugged my neck. "Thank you Vaatigam." She said while her head was on my shoulder. "I owe it to you. Everything."

My hands caressed her shoulders - "You're welcome." - and gently pushed her away. "Now go, the King awaits you."

And nodding at us, she opened the large halls. The hall was crowded, awaiting in silence.

"Why is everyone so quiet? Wasn't she already accepted as Chosen?" Amina was confused. That was because she didn't knew the ceremony like myself and Annette.

"No, don't you worry, Luccia has already passed that." I relieved her of her concerns. "But what the Sword didn't show to her was the intensity of her future as a Chosen. Once she grips the Sword, its glow will reveal her destiny."

Luccia went up the first row of stairs towards the Sword, held in levitavion by Mirabelle's magics to the side. Normally there's a dozen doing that part, but she was the sole survivor of the massacre, hence her solo play. King Rover was above the second stairway, along with Orkos and General Jordan, awaiting for Luccia to hold the sword.

Luccia slowly approached the sword, doubt and trust both coursing through her.

And when she finally grasped the sword by its fuller...


...it gained a strong white glow.

"YEAH!" My lungs roared with satisfaction. "The Sword has shown honor!"

The crowd around Luccia cheered with claps and ovations of pure joy. I could see the King's face smilling, while Orkos nodded approvingly.

Petals began to fall from the upper balconies, showering her as she kneeled towards the King.

"But what does the white color mean?" Amina asked, confused with all the commotion.

"White stands for pure honor!" Annette explained her as she gazed at the Sword. "It means that her honor to the Crown will be without match!"

"It shatters all of what happened here." I continued "Her devotion and commitment will be so great that she'll be remembered as the best of the best knights, the perfect Chosen."

"Really?!?" Amina turned to me, her eyes glowing more than ever.

"Yes." I replied back with equal happiness "Though my golden hue announced a fate of legend, her white hue announced a destiny of honor and righteous duty. She may become a legend within the Kingdom, as all the very few who drew white did before her."

"And that means you'll be famous too, Amina!" Annette held Amina's hands.

"Whaaaa? Really?"

"Yeah! You'll be the legendary squire alongside her that every young assistant will dream to be."

"AYYYYEEEEE!!!!" Amina yelled with excitement.

"Hush now!" I adressed them to remain calm. "The King will make his speech towards her. It's when he gives her Chosen Name."

"Chosen Name?" asked Amina.

"Yeah." I replied. "She'll be henceforth known by the name that the King will decide to bestow upon her."

The crowd's cheerings began to halt as the king demanded to speak. He stepped foward, and began his speech, hands on his chest:

"Luccia, you came to us as an Heroine seeking to shatter the curse of your predecessors. You longed to be Chosen, and your soul has taken the greatest of trials."

The king continued: "An unwanted massacre, acusations of treason, trials against your innocence, faced by a Chosen of Fate wielding the Chosen Sword itself."

He took a moment of silence, and then resumed: "Not only did you prevailed, but you also faced the one responsible for your suffering, sparing his life in the end. All with the wish to become a faithfull servente of our kingdom."

"And the Chosen Sword reflected your wish."

"Your white hue will bring down the false fears of maddened Heroes, and bring a new age to mankind, in which any soul can attempt to become Chosen without reprival."

"And with you as their lead, this land will usher into an age of greatness. Our hopes will crush the Crimson Moon, and our Kingdom, with the will of the Heavens will rise to biblical proportions!"

"Chosen, your honor will be known through generations. It will all start as you rise to start your legacy."

The King took a deep breath, before clamoring her new name:


As she started to rose, the entire hall roared in cheers and whistles like i have never seen before. I could see from the corners of her eye renewed with gratitude, but also with commitment.

I was amazed to see her, growing from that girl hidden in shame within the shadows, to a woman holding the fate of the kingdom in her hands.

It took a while to me to notice Amina pulling my shoulder's cloth.

"Yes, Amina?" I lowered my eyes to meet hers.

Curiosity was sparkling within them: "Eh Vaatigam, what was your name before you became Chosen?"

I smiled to her: "I don't know my name due to my memory loss, but General Jordan did told me."

"And what name was it, Vaati?" Annette asked, curious as well.

My temper grew hot: "It's Vaatigam, Annette. I even had to deal with friends shortening my name to "Dan" when it was so easy to say it."

"Dan?" Both Annette and Amina questioned me at the same time.

"Yeah. Short for Daniel."

"I wonder why. It's a cute name as it stands." Amina spoke what was on her mind.

"I know, right?"

And we watched the rest of the ceremony taking place, from gifts given to Biblia from nobles to a feast with the juiciest meats i ever tasted.

Tomorrow i'll be leaving to the Stone Roses Keep, but i've made good memories in this Gathering.

And who knows... today can be the start of Biblia's eternal legend.

***End Soundtrack ***

Author's notes:
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18-11-2013: Diary self-evaluation

The diary's standings:

The good and the bad of writing:

The diary's future:

I hope that, regardless of the bad and sometimes akward entries, you had a good time reading my diary and that it helped in some way. Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send me a private message (PM) or reach me in-game.

I wish you all a good week, and remember, pick your guild wisely tomorrow Wink
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19-11-2013: News from the world

"Darn it. I still feel my belly full from the feast two days ago. When they mentioned making an epic celebration, they weren't pulling any punches at all. I should have followed Eques' example and stopped eating after the 4th serving."

"She had her reasons for leaving earlier though. She was one of the soldiers attached to Ianov's escort towards his home prison. While i didn't had any contact with the man since our battle, Eques told me his eyes had changed, just before she waved her farewells as she left with the march. Whether for better or for worse, i cannot say. I just hope that it's the last time i hear from him."

"Today has been quite frantic, as it seems that war is being waged once more, this time within the woods of Hartwood. the most loyal supporters are searching for fabled siege weapons - cannons from a different age. There are also local manifestations about something that transpired within the woods as well. They say the dryads were involved in a past event, obscured by faulty reports and accusations of slautgther towards teh peacefull race, and now the local supporters of the forest people is seeking revenge by intimidation, through the same cannons that Ianov's loyalists are trying to gather."

"Her highness, Rover the 4th, has dispatched several Chosen, including myself, to gather our forces and leave for Hartwood at once to quell the manifestations. Other Chosen are being sent there as well, so we will have plenty of allies on the battlefield."

"On the other hand, i have recieved a letter from Bernard, back from the Stone Roses Keep. He reports that his sources have caught the sight of the Mystic Summit, a place of legends that seldom appears within our world, inhabited by mythical beasts of great power."

"I've sent him my permission to send Coral, Closer and a few of the best units avainable, mentioning their need in our war effort. I hope that they manage to gather strenght within the summit, and maybe bring a treasure or two if they can."

"Ah, the return to action after an intrigue that almost shook the kingdom. Never a dull moment in my life, it seems."

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19-11-2013 Special: Hyper Pack Draw

With my father's decision of paying my mobile phone's bill for this month, i've ended with some spare change. With my guild's goal of going for the 6*, and today's roulette hanging on an 8, i've decided to wage my chances on a buffed Hyper Pack. Half of the 3K price would be paid off already with the 15 tonics, and since i would get 14 cards, getting at least a 5* would make the draws worthwhile.

Some say that my odds may be bad, but i did a countermeasure: i increased my pool by using 18 premium tickets before spending. Should any ticket yield either a 5* or higher card, or a 4* event unit (this was confirmed in the event's thread), i would stop rolling, having won the benefits i seeked. Such was not the case, so i would have an increased chance of winning any good card from among a pool of 32 cards, even noticing that such pool would have an increase 8x bonus in the second half.

The spoilers below the cards i've drawn, in order, coming along with a flavor text fitting to the character's personality.

First card:

Second card:

Third card:

Fourth card:

Fifth card:

Sixth card:

Seventh card:

Eighth card:

Ninth card:

Tenth card:

Eleventh card:

Twelfth card:

Thirteenth card:

Fourteenth card:

And here were the cards i've drawn. So, do you think it was a good draw? I believe so Smile

I won't be buying this sort of chests again for a time. For now, i'll make use of what was given to me, and attempt to do my best to reach new heights.

I wish you all luck on your draws as well Wink
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20-11-2013: A special meeting

I'm supposed to leave tomorrow for the woods of Hartwoow, and while my allies are making their final preparations, i'm strollling on the outer gardens of Silversong. Not that i'm slacking, as i've done the preperations in advance (with my belly full though, which was quite a temptation to just lay down and give in to sloth). But it seems that i need these walks to calm myself of impending battles.

As i walk through the brown trees, i wonder how come i give in to my anger so easily. I've suffered such rage against Ianov, even when the king ordered me to bring him alive. Why is my temper so unloosened? Even while i repent for the wrong i've made, the Chosen Sword saw me fit for the leading role. A leader shouldn't lose his control, and yet it still happens.

I even ask myself if it was inner rage that made me kill my parents. but if so i'd remember my childhood, much as i remember the exploring made before encountering Ianov, as well as Ravi.

Now that i think of her, i wonder if she really avoided detection while escaping...

... and as i try to remember her, my eyes heard something: a soft humming, almost as a colorfull wind, swaying along with the fallen leaves. It seems to come on the opposite direction of the city. Being quite a delicate melody, i decided to follow it.

As i approach the humming, i noticed a few flares hovering in the air. A better inspection revealed golden butterflies, reflecting the sun's rays as they flew. They seemed to be coming from where the humming is.

I walked towards the hum, slowly gaining volume. I could start to hear faint giggles, childish giggles. It seemed that it was enjoying the song. I increased my pace.

Until i've reached what seemed to be a clearing within the woods, a single tree in the middle. I saw two figures, one of smaller side, next to the tree. The smaller one was running around the tree, swaying something around like a toy.

As i approached the center of the clearing, i saw what it seemed like a picnic. I could see the small child, with purple hair and a white dress, running around the tree, giggling as she swayed her toy. But as i inspected the toy better...

...i found out it was a hammer. How odd!:

The woman sitting by the tree was the one responsible for the beautifull humming that i've been following. But her physique was way, way more beautiful than her voice. The first trait i could see was her long golden hair, adorned with butterflies of all colors. Her head had a flower diadem and a sweet smile, along with the most alluring blue eyes i have ever been gifted to meet. her white and red chest clothes had a cape that matched its passionate colors, and her crimson sword, sheathed and held against the tree, was a matching piece for such a dasmel.

Could this striking woman be the child's daughter, i wonder?...:

The child suddenly became aware of my presence. "Look, Mommy! It's a warrior! Just like me!"

It came towards me in childish sways. As it reached my front, she asked me after a giggle: "Eh mister, would you want to play with me?"

As i was about to awnser to her, her mother spoke, with a voice as calm as her late humming: "Now, dear, that's no way to introduce yourself to the soldier. Be polite."

"Oh, sorry, mommy!" She then bowed before me like a growing lady. "I am Patate. Pleased to meet you." She quickly stood up again: "Now let's play!"

Her mother quickly interrupted her again, after a healthy laughter: "Oh dear! Let the stranger come closer and introduce himself to us."

Patate quickly came to join her mother at the picnic sheet. As i came closer, i bowed before the woman as a sign of courtesy: "Greetings. I am Vaatigam. Could i have the honor of knowing your name, please?"

"My, my!" the woman blushed mildly. "My name is Loanne. Would you come and eat some fruit with us?"

"You wouldn't mind that i take a seat and join the two of you?" Was she that much open to strangers?

"Of course not. The gifts of the land are to all who live within, yes? Come, join us."

"If you wish, lady Loanne." I decided to sit by her side, her hand offering me an apple just as i took a seat on the picnic sheet. I thanked with a nod, grasping it and having a big bite on it. It was quite juicy for a green apple.

After the apple came the grapes, sweet as Loanne's smile. Patate picked up some nuts, eating them by the bundle, almost fully filling her mouth.

"Dear, be gentle!" giggled Loanne at Patate.

"Butch mommy, day are so gud." Her reply through her full mouth was quite the comic sight.

The three of us exchanged fruits within the basket between the three of us, laughing and eating as the autumn breeze enveloped us. It has been quite a while since i had a good rest.

As i talked about the tensions of being a Chosen, i found my head layed on Loanne's upper legs, slowly dragged by her hands. As i tried to get up, her hands kept me close to her still, with a mother's care.

"Take a rest, dear Vaatigam. Hear the whispers of the wind."

Her hands then slowly began caressing my cheeks, her thumbs softly rubbing the back of my neck. I felt seduced by the massage and closed my eyes, hearing the song of the wind as Loanne soothed me with her hands.

It was refreshing to feel such a warm embrace.

"Tell me, my lady, why are you being so nice to me?" I asked her, my mind willing to know why such kind gesture.

"Well, to be honest, i'm just being the way i am. I could feel your uneasy feelings, so i figured you needed some sort of rest."

"You read me like an open book, my dear lady."

"Thank you."

The afternoon wind soon lost its warmth, and the sun began to set towards the horizon. It was time to return to the High Castle.

"Vaatigam." Loanne asked just as i was about to start getting up. "Could Patate come with you?"

As i stood up, my curiosity wished to speak: "Why, lady Loanne? I'm leaving for war, and war is dangerous to children."

She giggled in response to my reply. "Do not worry, Vaatigam. Patate is more that you can see with her eyes." Her hand reached the bottom of the casket, retrieving what seemed to be like a summoning card and placed it on my hand. As i inspected, Patate's young portrait was in the card.

"Patate is an Heroine? With her small age?" I was mindblown. How could a child have the power of a veteran thrice her age.

"Patate is more than a mere child, Vaatigam." Her voice, while warmth, gained some conviction. "She has a powerfull will and an untapped power that needs to be cultivated with one kind enough to let her grow. I see that in you, my sweetheart: you have all it takes to raise her to the daughter that i wish her to be."

My eyes turned to Patate. "What about you, Patate? Are you okay with joining me?" I had to be sure that she knew what was she going to get into. "You could becme permanently seperated from your mother. You could even die out there."

"I won't die: my hammer will help." She raised her hammer with ease, almost as if it was light as a feather. As she suddenly dropped it into the ground, the tremor made me change my mind about its weight. "Besides, you're really kind, Vaati. I don't mind going with you. And i know i'll meet my mommy later!"

"Er... it's Vaatigam, Patate, not Vaati. But if you say so..." I turned to Loanne, my heart urging to tell her the truth: "Dear Loanne, i will take your daughter like you asked. I'll try to look for her and raise her to the best of my abilities, but remember: her life will be full of perils, and some may scar her forever. I'll do my best to use her abilities and defend her life, but i cannot guarantee her safety."

I was awaiting that she would change her mind after what i said, her eyes showing hints that my warning did reached her. But her mood quickly changed, as she grasped my head with her gentle hands and gave a kiss on my forehead. I could feel her warmth, her gratitude, and most of all, her trust.

As her lips left my forehead, i already knew her following words: "With someone like you, kind, strong and honest, she'll be really safe. I thank you, Vaatigam."

Patate cheered with joy: "Yay! I'm gonna travel with Vaati!"

"Eh, P..." Loanne's fingers halted my speech.

"Let her be as she is while she's young, Vaatigam. Trust her, and she'll trust you. And i'm sure both of you will grow."

Her words warmed my heart to the point of not objecting anymore, and the two of us laughed with Patate's childish acts.

The sun was about to set, and i was about to leave the clearing, bringing Patate along with me.

Loanne was still next to the tree, looking at us from afar.

The both of us turned to Loanne, our hands waving to her. "Goodbye!"

She replied with a smile, while the wind began to blow harder. It had caught my attention, increasing in power and size, taking the fallen leaves with it. The wind suddenly envelloped her, like a whirlwind of brown leaves, and in an instant, she dissapeared as the wind followed its way into the woods.

I gasped. "How..." i quickly turned to Patate "...how did you mother do that?"

She anwsered with the innocence of a child: "Mommy's very cool, Vaati. Sha can do a whole lot of tricks. We'll meet mommy again, and then you can ask her about it." Her wide smile made me gave up on the query."

"If you say so..." We began walking towards Silversong. "...and Patate?"


"It's Vaatigam, okay?"

"Okay, Vaati."

Sigh... kids these days......

Author's notes:


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22-11-2013: Hartwood

"It's been a few days since my company has left Silversong. The couple of days we marched were brief: the smaller the army the faster the march. Some would argue that smaller armies do less in case of an ambush or the like, but such changes when Chosen among the soldiers can bring forth heroes to make up for our lack of numbers. Biblia wished us goodbyes as we left though: i hope she becomes a legend in the years to come."

"I was the only Chosen in our company, but i had my summoning cards ready, and forsaken my Chosen outfit for that of a common soldier. The last thing i wanted to be is the first man to fall to the ground, an arrow piercing my heart."

"Still, i made a few changes. I used some parts from the traditional miner clothes. Some say their deep blue color and its rugged looks are unfitting to my stature, but i let them say what they want - sneaking a weapon or two among a random pocket will save my life in an unknown future."

"Hartwood's border was visible from the horizon this morning: a streaming line of dark green showed the mysterious land of woodland races, from elves to treants. Human settlements exist, but are forced to follow the elves' rules to survive. Desobidience would result in death, or exile in the most mercifull cases. I've sent instructions for the Stone Roses Keep to move their team towards the border next to the Edge of Stone, an old tower that used to be the human's lookout in case the elves planned to start an invasion from the forest. Luckly those times of war have ended, for the wood races and the humans now have been together in relative peace for decades."

"Until a few days ago. Or so some claim."

Our small army was stading nearby the Edge of Stone as i looked towards the opposite side of Hartwood from atop the safest height of the tower. Annette was next to me, making sure i wasn't alone.

Her attitude towards me changed ever since i told in front of her that i killed my parents. Such atrocity is normaly punished with life prison, but for a small kid to do such a thing... it was either an accident or a trauma, and she pondered a lot about such things that never happened to her. Her life was almost perfect, allowing her to develop her charity and her sense of service towards others. Her title of Altruistic Knight is no random choice.

I took a few seconds out of my hand telescope to turn my attention to her.

"Still thinking about it?" I interrupted her deep thoughts. Her head turned surprised to me, gazing afterwards at the stairs below.

"Life's not kind to everyone, it seems."

"True, but equality will repay me someday. You said it yourself, no?"

She smirked as she remembered...


As i turned my eyes back to the telescope, i could see a small army walking towards the tower. I could recognize the first person riding a horse in front.

"They're arriving. Coral is leading them."

Annette gained a smile as wide as mine. "Can you identify someone else?"

I started to check by seeing if i could recognize anyone: i managed to identify a few other faces behind her. "I can see Fasti as well. I see our mercenaries too. Lumiere and Theodora are side by side. I also see...Apsara?" Strange... she was from Closer's unit, and still she came to us?

As i recognized other soldiers from the keep, the man standing next to Coral was a big surprise too. His grey hair gave quite the shock: "Closer? Him as well?"

"Maybe Coral persuade them to join us." Annette reminded me of my request for her to partially keep Closer under tabs, but i never expected him to join us.

"We'll see once they arrive."

A few moments later, the two companies have melded into a bigger camp. I could see from Coral's eyes as we met that she was anxious to see me.

"Sir Vaatigam, i'm glad to see you." She landed right in front of me, calming down from the trip. "The news from Silversong have reached us. Why didn't you summon me to help?"

"I thought i told you to keep an eye on Closer." I replied.

"We've passed the stage of strangers while you were away, Vaatigam." Closer appeared from the side, wielding a more relaxing pose than when i last left him, but his eyes were as sharp as ever. "The Keep now trusts me."

"Oh, glad to hear it." I smiled at his serious face while we saluted each other, him still believing this was no smiling matter. "How was everyone before you left, Closer?"

"No problemes, though your officers are too bent on enjoying themselves rather than training."

"Well, teamwork is as important as training. I'm sure you did place them in the right direction." I knew he would do something to ensure that they wouldn't loaf around too much.

He turned to the side, poised to check the soldiers i brought.

When he left, i signalled Coral to follow me, which she did without much wait. Could use some company while making the last preparations for entering Hartwood.
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24-11-2013: Meeting the Mercenaries

As i wandered the around the camp's recent expansion, i took the chance to speak with my men in a chance to learn how was Closer faring. It seems that he's been advising everyone on how to perform better, though lessons meant a humiliating defeat at his hands. Every soldier who asked for his weapon insight had to learn with iron weapons at hand.

While this was dangerous, as going overboard could end up in a soldier losing an arm or even his head, they have indeed learned from their bouts against their veteran. Almost every soldier i encountered stated that, would have they used wooden weapons instead, their learnings would not be as effective.

Closer was doing a really great job, with no injured men from his teachings. I've remembered his bout with Annette before we left the Stone Roses Keep. Annette was a league above them, but she still didn't manage to outperform Closer.

"What about you, Coral? Have you tried to spar with him too?" Annette was somewhat curious if Coral did recieved a beating as hard as hers.

"Well, yes, but it wasn't that much. I asked him to do an agility test on me, to see if i could counter swift blows."

"With real weapons?" My curiosity was also poked.

"Yes. He was quite fast, but i did managed to catch him with my coral summons."

Both myself and Annette were amazed. To think that she was the only one able to match Closer's speed.

"And that made him loosen up a bit towards me, now that i think of it." Continued Coral. "I think he just needed someone with his level of power to feel less burdened as a Hero of formidable power."

This made me think a bit: I only had vary few Heroes of vast power at my disposal. As a matter of fact, had i not meet Coral by fate, i'd most likely remained on a lower level of power. She was indeed the catalyst towards my growth, something i didn't admitted to her yet.

"Anyhow, i think we should check on the mercenaries you've brought, Coral."

"Sure. They're a bit greedy, but they're a nice bunch once you meet them."

Coral led me and Annette to one of the furthest tents from the center of the camp. As we entered it, i could notice the men with various assortments of armor. I'd say some have assaulted random war sites to fetch one or two missing pieces.

Only a few had single, more robust suits of armor. To be honest, only 3 of them, probably their leaders, had the best-looking sets of the group.

Coral introduced me to the 3 mercenaries: the only man of the 3 had a gallant, blue suit of plate to match his brown facial hair, along with a grey broadsword; the second girl had a wilder look, with a set of black, white and red plates. Her red hair matched her eyes' color. Last but not least, the best looking one of the three was the blond girl with a white plate set adorned with what seems a few esmeralds. With them was an elf with short green clothes and hair as dark as tree bark. Probably a guest from Hartwood.

I've greeted them one by one, each revealing their names - Robert, Mercena, and Merio:

As for the elf, he greeted us as Horti, one of Hartwood's many trackers and possibly our future guide:

"I thank you all for coming." I had to show my gratitude towards them as the highest rank in charge of the camp.

"The payment wasn't as high as i expected." Mercena spoke for her wallet. "Still, everyone's kinda nice, so i won't complain...much."

"Also, from what Horti here has said to us so far..." Robert spoke for the elf. "...there aren't many avainable riches in the woods anymore, so your income was the best for us."

"Riches? They weren't the reason i've hear as to why did Ianov's loyalists come to these woods."

"Siege weapons can be sold for gold too, sir Vaatigam." Merio was the most polite of the three. "But there are other ways to earn riches."

"What do you mean?" I asked, a bit troubled by how they spoke about it. "What other riches could they gather?"

Horti raised his hand for a chance to speak. I think that he's the most affected by whatever riches i did not expect.

"Slaves, sir."

Slaves?... SLAVES?!? Are Ianov's loyalists out of their minds? If they're thinking of enslaving the elves, their terms with the human kingdom can colapse like a leaning castle of cards!

"Please, sir Vaatigam, bring your seat. Ask your Heroines to do the same. This will be a long story."

I followed Horti's advice and brought a folding chair from one of the tent's corners. Seeing this was going to take some time, Coral and Annette did the same, joining the circle as the other mercenaries went outside the tent by Robert's command to give us some privacy."

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28-11-2013: Guns of Hartwood warning.

And today marks the end of the battle of Hartwood. Or at least from our perspective. Vaatigam is about to enter it soon. It's funny how these events fly quickly bounce 

Saddly, i'll have to warn that perhaps i'll have to delay the diary's entry to probably Sunday. Maybe i'll have time on Friday, but that double orange cake order is going to take A LOT of my free time.

At least i'll get some spare change Razz

But now, regarding the Guild event: i hope everyone had a good time with this event. I also hope that those who couldn't manage to reach their goal still had fun with their game friends or ended up making new friends: the important is to always look on the bright side of life.

As for myself, my guild reached one of its two goals: even with the fierce final battle's score, above double our average of 6M pts per fight, we didn't managed to stay on the top 50, but we were really close. Everyone did a good job, though a member did more afks than he could announce. Why is there always a black sheep around? -.-'

Anyhow, i wish you all a good sleep, and stay healthy Wink

Top 10 guilds in Guns of Hartwood:

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1-12-2013: Spoils of War

"It all started with a rumor... a treasure rumor."

Horti also found it curious the first time he heard about it: possibilities of tresure hidden within the inner parts of Hartwood. He also found some interest in the humans visiting Hartwood, some with exploring gear, others with arms, all as curious as him. He even guided a few past some treacherous zones for the sake of exploration.

He never knew who started the rumor, or the reason behind it. He was just glad that there would me more folks around. Currency would enter the human havens, the elves would get some wealth to improve everyone's life. Everyone would win from the situation.

That is, until the dryads entered the discussion.

"They were the most in touch with the woods, so their beliefs of such treasure, which was that none ever existed, were considered official to many." Horti thought as many of Hartwood's residents, but the strangers took no heed. They kept searching further within the woods, ignoring the dryads' wisdom and hoping to find something.

And they indeed found something: signs of a lost human tribe, one who became extinct as the forest grew and swallowed their cities in younger times. Upon looking further, they've found many old things: some were mundane tools made out of stone and clay, others were more valuable, such as some gems and golden accessories. Mercena's eyes dazzled upon hearing those words.

What was a monumental find, however, was something that the military groups found: ancients weapons of mass destruction, refered in antiquity as cannons. They helded the power to reduce castles and armies to shreds, but their power didn't stood against the might of nature.

The Chosen behind those forces found them something to take with them and use to increase their standing. Yet to remove them would imply destroying the trees and vegetation sorrounding the ruins, something that the dryads were forbiding their guests to do.

And then things took a turn for the worse. The dryads were stomped over as the human forces searched for more treasures. The dryad's forces did not stand a chance. Even their leader, Algeria, who was respected, loved and feared by Hartwood's inhabitants, was defeated.

And when she was captured and taken out of the woods by the most powerful of ranks, others decided to do the same and take other dryads as well. It became a "slave mine", so to speak: any dryad caught was put into shackles and carried out of the woods for whatever purpose seemed fit for their captors.

"No wonder the king wanted to react after what happened at Silversong: if the elves decide to start a war due to this, it would be catastrophic considering the moral blow we had back at home." I emphasized this as i felt the soldiers' turmoil over the entire ordeal. A war with a lethal opponent is the last thing they want right now.

"So what exactly happened at the King's home?" Merio's mind seemed to be the brightest of the three.

"A major noble was controling the Chosen Ceremony, and even took the General of the High Castle captive for a while. Everything's been solved, but it's best to stop this war from happening." They didn't need to knew Jordan was my foster father.

"Indeed." Robert became shrouded in thoughts as he leaned his chin upon the hilt of his sword, planted on the earth. "If the elves get wind of the inner turmoil when declaring war, they would capitalize such opportunity."

But Robert quickly noticed Mercena daydreaming about the golden treasures of the ruins. His hand slapped the mercenary out of her drooling gaze over the treasure.

"What!?!" She really didn't saw it coming.

I took the distraction to ask Horti for guidance: "I'll need some time to mobilize my soldiers into venturing further into the woods. Will you be our guide, Horti?"

"What do you have in mind, Lieutenant Vaatigam?"

"If we can save the local dryads and somehow shatter the slave route, we can stop the elve's anger and contain skirmishes only within ourselves. That is, if Ianov's loyalists still wish to fight once their riches are compromised."

"I'll help on what i can, but i'll need time to contact my masters and inform them of your plans." Horti did wanted to help us. I think he also believes that this war is unnecessary.

"Perfect. I'll get my men ready by the time you return...i hope."

"Then we'll rally the mercenaries to aid you." Mercena's chest was full of excitement.

"You want to carry the gold back as well, then, i believe?"

"Well, that would be a bonus, Vaatigam. But we'll see once this is all over."

With the meeting done, everyone went their seperate ways. We have to end this slave market befores it becomes the major reason for another war with the elves.

Something i'm willing to avoid at all costs.
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03-12-2013: My Teacher is a Demon update

Hey everyone. Hope you all have been resting after those guild battles.

This is the second TP Training event i've ever done, with Sea Paradise being my first. Comparing to the previous one, i've been faring well, as i've managed to fare better against monster and be able to level up my units better. As of now, all the fresh 6* i had prior to the event are over half the maximum level. It's really awesome.

I also have updated my marketplace a bit with its wishlist and avainable units for sale. Browse if you wish, and ask for any service there if you want.

And now, i'll leave another diary entry of Vaatigam's diary. Happy reading!


As i left the tent, i tried to search for Patate. I had to make sure she would be with me as we marched into Hartwood.

"Sir Vaatigam, what's the matter?" Coral didn't seem to know about her, so i had to reply.

"I'm looking for a child named Patate. She's with us ever since we left High Castle."

"EEEEEH?!?" Coral's surprise was heard in the entire camp. "Why did you brought a child?"

"He won't awnser to that." Annette did the favor of telling her the news while my eyes were focused. "Apparently, the young girl is an Heroine left in Sir Vaatigam's care."

"The young girl, An Heroine?" Coral was even more surprised. "How strong is she?"

"She wields a hammer with the weight of an anvil as if it was her plaything." I was the only one who grapsed Patate's hammer by her request. I still remember the shame after not being able to lift it. "She's young, but quite energetic. If only she was easy to track."

As i entered the camp's center clearing, my lungs loosened a wind of relief: Patate was playing girl hand games with a female priest. The priest's white vest was concealed by an orange tabbard, which was clean despite the messy state that everyone is due to the long march.

When she noticed me, she stood up to greet me:

"A pleasure to see you, Sir Vaatigam." She bowed with her hands holding her tabard.

"Greetings. Delighted to see you as well, Lumiere." I replied her bow with my own. "Thank you for joining us on our mission."

"The pleasure's all mine." Her eyes shifted to Patate. "I didn't knew this little child was in the camp. Is she lost, Lieutenant?"

"Not quite. She has her reasons for being her. don't worry."

"Yeah." Patate joined our conversation, cheerfull as always. "Vaati is taking care of me."

"I told you, P..."

"Really?" Lumiere interrupted me with her overreacting, as if to impress the child. "Have you been good to Vaati?"

"Yeah." Patate's smile suddenly changed. "But i've only caused trouble until you came for me."

Trouble? What kind of trouble, i fear?

"Relax, honey." Lumiere replied with a smile. "I knew you were trying to fix that tent, but you need to control your strenght step by step. Nobody's perfect at the start." She gave a big smile to Patate. "Okay?"

Patate's sad mood changed to a more colorfull one. "Okay."

"Right." I decided to let that one go and warn her. "Listen, Patate. I don't know what happened, but i'll let it go for today. We'll be marching into the forest. You'll be riding on my horse, so you'll have to behave while riding with me, ok?"

"Yay!" Her waist hug tossed me to the ground. "I'll be good, i promise!"

"Good." I got up, my waist still tinged with pain. "By the way Lumiere, i want you to spread the word. Tomorrow we leave with our guide at sunrise."


The rest of the afternoon was calm and without any action. The night rations were heated next to the fireplace, so everybody had a warm meal tonight. I stayed with the mercenaries a last time for the day for discussing nightguard pickings and the positions during tomorrow's march. Luckly having Patate by my side contributed with the upholding of my hiding among the ranks to prevent snipers.

As i dismised everyone to their patrols, a cloud of sleep hovered over my eyes. I knew i had to sleep at this time. As i entered my private tent, i noticed Patate sitting on the edge of my portable bed - she was wearing purple night clothes, which coveerd her from her neck to the ankles with confortable wool. She was still wearing her small shoes though.

"Vaati..." She asked me quietly. "...is it okay if i can sleep with you? It's scary on Lumiere's tent, and she said i could ask you."

I remembered the times i asked my foster father Jordan to sleep by my side. The nightmares, with all the flames and screams, took my courage away on many nights.

"It's okay, Patate." I anwsered as i lift the blankets to invite her. "Cuddle in."

She smiled as the took off her shoes and dived into the red blankets. I followed her, staying by her side inside the bed.

As i closed my eyes, i felt a cold feeling inside the bed -  chilling feet leaned against my legs. Patate approached my body slowly, hugging my arm as she snuggled by my side. The cold, little by little, became warmer, as out blankets kept us safe from the cold air of the tent.

My former memories returned once more. I understood the little girl.

"Good night, Patate." I kissed her hair before closing my eyes to the other side.

"G'night." her anwser was faint, but still audible.

And in the dark night we both slowly stepped foward into our dreams.

Author's notes:
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06-12-2013: Rescue Team (Part 1)

The horn sounding the dawn woke me from my slumber. As i slowly opened my eyes, i looked to my side - Patate was starting to wake up as well. I can't believe how i could sleep soundly while she was hugging my arm the entire night.

As i tried to ponder while suiting up my cloth outfit and armor suit, i heard Lumiere's voice from the tent's entrance: "Permission to enter your quarters, sir Vaatigam!"

I decided to hold the reply until i had enough clothes on me.

"Permission granted." I finally anwsered. "No need to be shy."

Lumiere entered, donning the same robes i saw her with yesterday. Or maybe a fresh set. I don't know... do they have more copies of the same clothes to wear each day?

"I came to dress Patate. She forgot her clothes in my tent."

I did notice Patate's clothes in her left hand. After doning my grey light breastplate, i headed towards the exit.

"Make sure she gets ready for the quick breakfast. I don't want her to miss the most important meal before we depart."

"Yes, sir."

"And i thank you for helping me with her." I bowed to her at the tent's exit.

"You're welcome." Lumiere's smile was as fresh as the morning dew.


Eggs from a nearby village along with yesterday's bread were today's breakfast. Annette made the purchase along with some soldiers: she thougth we could eat something good. Coral's forces still had some fresh fruit to be distributed.

Everyone was at the center clearing, eating as the sun started to rise from the horizon. I hastely finished my portion, and after clearing my throat i gave the order to start clearing the camp for the march.

It was at this time that Horti appeared from the forest, walking towards the center. The soldiers announced his entrance loud and clear, so i was expecting his sight. What i did not expect was his troubling face.

As he approached me, i greeted him: "Good morning, Horti. What seems to be the trouble?"

His response was swift: "I've encountered a small group of refugees from the slave camp. They've managed to elude Ianov's loyalists, but they're being chased by treants! I need help to rescue them."

Treants, attacking dryads? That seemed out of place. Normally they would be allies with their defenders. Unless...

"Corrupted treants?" I assumed.

"Yes. And a good number as well."

"That's all i need to hear."

I took a deep breath to raise the alarm:


The Heroes i called all came forth quickly, all ready to go. Patate was in her normal outfit already, and i could sense Merio's surprise and Theodora's delight from my call.

"Horti, should we mount up? Or walk with you?" I asked our guide because i didn't knew if the dense woods would hamper our horses.

"They'll be good for a good part of our path. It's best to bring them."

"If you say so. ON YOUR HORSES, HEROES! QUICKLY!" On my word, the 5 of us, except Patate, took a horse for each person. Once i had balance over my mount, i extended an arm to the small Heroine.

"Jump in!"

Patate's face had conviction all over it as her hand grasped mine and i pulled her to my front, placing her in front of me. Her hands grasped the stallion's black hair while my head turned towards Horti: "We're ready. Lead the way!"

Horti nodded at me. "Right! Follow me!"

Our five horses followed Horti as he gained speed for a jump towards a low branch, gaining altitude with each jump. As he closed in on the forest, the trees became bigger in number while we followed him. The camp started to fade behind the trees as we followed our forest guide.

Author's words:
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Due to a lagging internet connection and a computer freeze, i've ended up losing all the work i did during the morning, which sucks. Really, REALLY sucks. Crying or Very sad 

I write it all in the reply page while checking the earlier entries to continue the trend i was previously. Today, i forgot the under construction note, and therefore, didn't save my progress.

You know that feeling when you do a long part of a chain in a game, forget to save it, and then a game freeze or a power breakout makes you lose all the progress? That's what i'm experiencing...

It will take a while to recover all the text from my mind, so i'll place the "Under development" until i'm done. I ask of you to please not look until it's over. I'll warn on the thread title as usual when i'm done.

I'm sorry for causing this unintentional mess. But sometimes life pulls the rug from over your feet -.-'

Edit: The entry is finished. Glad to have been able to remember all the plot points.

Rescue Team (Part 2)

"Are you sure we're not walking into a trap?" Theodora's question reached me among the sounds of thundering hooves and crushed leaves. "Wouldn't it be wise to take the main army?"

"They might be dead by the time they arrive. Horti seemed concerned about the refugees." The last words gave the reason of our departure to all involved. "Also, if it is a trap, more foes for you to have fun with, right?"

Theodora's mouth widened with content.

"Everyone! We'll be facing treants soon enough, so be ready!" I lowered my view to meet Patate's small head: her first riding experience looks to be quite the harsh one. "Patate, are you hanging well there?"

"Yeah!" Her quick response confirmed what i expected. "Are we there yet?!?"

I returned the question to Horti, jumping through the branches, almost as if running through the trees: "How far are we, Horti?"

"I saw them running in your camp's direction! Maybe your campfires have leaded them in the right way!" Horti suddenly raised his arm foward. "THERE! I can see them!"

"Right then! Everyone," i ordered "Once we reach them, mount down and secure the perimiter!"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone shouted in unison.

We continued following Horti until we reached a clearing, filled with sunlight and brimmed with fallen leaves. At the center were a few tree stumps, where 4 humanoids were resting on.

While the 4 appeared human, two of them had clothing that suggested to be of a foreign culture: the blue-haired girl had a white tunic with a blue cape, while the girl with red hair had straps that looked to be made of vines and leaves, except the red and white skirt at her waist.

They seemed to be the refugee dryads:

The other 2 humans weren't soldiers, but scholars: While the man had white robes and red reading goggles right below his light brown hair, the red-haired woman had a black outfit with long black socks and a chess-like black and red cape.

Were they looking to free the two dryads?:

"Who, who are you?" The woman seemed reservative to us, until Horti jumped out of the trees to our front, changing her face to one of relief.

"Calm down, Cherche, i've brought help!" Horti used his hands to suggest calm to her acquaintance.

"Oh, Horti! I'm glad you arrived!" She pointed to the other side of the clearing. "The treants, they're closing on us. They're being manipulated to stop us."

My eyes caught what seemed to be a grey glow from where she pointed. I alerted everyone: "Heroes! Ready your arms! They're coming!"

Just before i finished talking, a bulking, black tree seemed to emerge form the forest and entering the clearing, its roots moving it towards us. More trees in motion began to appear from behind the shadows.

The treants have arrived:

"TO ARMS!" And on my command, Theodora and Closer quickly vanished, one hiding among her shadows while the other blinked out of sight. Moments after, a treant in the front line lost balance as its left roots were cut, ending pierced by Closer's spear from behind.

As both fell back to the center of the clearing, Merio and Coral joined them. The treants were unshaken by their comrade's fall and continued their advance.

As i watched them approaching, i noticed a different shadow appearing from the woods, slender than the treants. As it stepped into the sunlight, its shape gave way to a girl with a bronze spear, a pink braid and a green outfit.

She looked like a dryad. Why was she attacking her kin?:

"Haine!" Cherche (or at least was what Horti named the older woman) shouted at the girl behind the treant army. "Why are you doing this?"

The other red-haired woman next to Charche replied in a desperate tone: "It's no use! She didn't even heard us!"

Their words gave way to our purpose: knock out Haine so that the treants can lose their will to fight!

"Coral, Merio, Theodora! Focus on the treants! Halt them by any means! Closer, knock the girl out."

"As quickly as i can, sir." Closer blinked out of view once again.

"Right!" Coral seemed to be in an offensive mode. "Time to halt their advance!"

She plunged her sword into the ground: shouting magic words: "Coral Storm!"


Her sword began glowing an intense blue: streams of blue stone rushed forth from it towards the treant army, paralizing their movement.

"I've got this!" Merio took a fighting pose as she gained focus: "Golden Blur..." Her feet gave quick jumps in the air, allowing her to float quickly and strike a stuck treant, paralizing it with her strike. She continued jumping through the air, paralizing treant after treant as she kept on jumping.

"Shadow Strike!" Upon those words, Theodora melded once again into her shadow, gaining speed as it travelled beneath other walking treants, piercing their insides from below, making them fall motionless. As she appeared once more, she continued slicing wood with her swords, her smile getting bigger with each foe defeated.

Haine dodge the Coral Storm, but was quickly struck by the side of Closer's spear. A quick body loop made her land on her feet and await for another strike. Closer attempted to hit her, first from behind, then on the left, and after that thrice on her front. But each of those strikes met either clean air or her bronze spear. I could hear the sound of the weapons clashing, noticing Closer's hardships from his struggled posture. Is she really on par with his speed?

Closer dissapeared once more, landing on my side in a blink, which almost startled me. He said to me, in a low tone: "The girl is being controlled by mysterious shackles. I felt them as i circled her, but couldn't break them. The opponent must be nearby, and he must be waiting for us to falter. I advise that we take the refugees to our camp before the treants overwhelm us."

"Right, Closer." I quickly turned to Coral, hoping she can do what i think she can. "Coral, raise a barrier wall. We need to fall back!"

"Will do!" She then shouted to Merio and Theodora at the front. "GET BACK! THIS IS GOING TO BE BIG!"

She took a deep breath while Merio and Theodora noticed her intentions, quickly joining us. Haine noticed the retreat and started to sprint towards us as well. I could sense Coral building up energy, channeling it into her sword.

In the next moment, she thrusted her sword even deeper into the ground, which made a coral barrier emerge across the clearing's center. It froze two treant within the structure, but Merio and Theodora managed to jump above and avoid being caught up on the rise. Haine tried to spear through, but her spear got stuck amidst the coral.

The barrier quickly splitted the clearing in two, seperating us from the treants. Coral took the sword out of the earth, releasing a sigh as she admired her work.

"Wow! That's really an improvement!"

I also took some time to gaze upon Coral's work, but quickly shifted towards the group we just rescued.

****End of Soundtrack****

"Is everyone alright?" I asked while assisting the scholar as he got up.

"We were quite exausted. We thank you for arriving in the right time."

"Are those the dryads?" I turned my face towards the two girls, while the blue-haired one seemed out of herself, the other was more restrained towards me. She didn't trust humans, it seems.

"They had a hard time, Chosen." Cherche approached us, as she tried to soothe the one daydreaming. "Haine has turned against us. We don't know why."

"She was being controlled." Closer bluntly interrupted us with the truth. "I noticed magical shackles from behind her. Someone's using her."

"Then it's worse than we anticipated." The scholar gained a worried look. "We need to get out of here to a safer zone."

"We came from a soldier camp at the forest's end. We'll gave you cover for now."

"That would be great." replied Cherche "Please, lead us to safety."

I nodded at her request. "Everyone, let's move out. The barrier might not hold for long."

We returned back to our horses out of the clearing, towards our camp at Hartwood's vincinity.

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13-12-2013: Hartwood's Fangs

As i counted the horses while everyone took their own, i exhaled relief as all the mounts were present. Cherche and his companion quickly joined us with their horses, each of them taking a dryad on their front. I wonder how their mounts can have the strenght to carry two passangers, but with the treants possibly tearing down the coral wall there isn't time to ask.

"Hiya!" With Patate on my front, i've ordered my horse to gallop at full throttle, my team following me close. It would take a while to reach our campsite, where Annette is probably placing the army ready to recieve our team. She knows the procedure: the rescue team quickly gets the targets and move back to their position, while they prepare a tight defense to ensure our survival should we reach them.

But my chain of thoughts were quickly distracted: an arrow passed through our group and hit a nearby tree. My fleeting eyes realised it was a green arrow, completely made of pure energy.

"Damn it!" The scholar yelled. "He reached us as well!"

"Who?" I only had time to ask with one word as i turned better towards my back.

"Fang!" Cherche replied, her face almost white from her fears. "It doesn't matter now how fast our horses run. We're doomed!"

"HORTI! SPRINT AHEAD AND WARN MY ARMY!" I had to make sure that they would know that we have company behind us.

"WILL DO!" Horti tripled his speed as he sprinted, leaving our sights in a moment. He's really a fast elf.

"Patate! Take my lead and ride my horse for me!" I handed her the lead rope as i started to turn around to face our attacker.

"WHAT?!? How do i do that?!?"

"Remember: right leg poke to go to left, left poke to go right. Go soft or it'll go turn too much."



As i start my focus, i kept hoping she would at least avoid the trees.

"Magna Generator!"

My right hand conjured a blue energy sphere. As my left hand is holding on the saddle, i'll have to shoot directly. I hope i don't unleash all the energy at once.

"Eagle Eyes!"

As my vision becamed enhanced, i noticed the second arrow heading towards Cherche. I fired a smaller sphere from my Generator, hitting the arrow before it struck her.

Another arrow headed towards Closer's head, and I quickly intercepted it with another bolt. The fourth arrow was heading for me, and a fifth to Theodora, but i was able to strike them both down.

From the fifth shot, the arrows came flying from the branches at a faster pace. I could still intercept them one by one, but if this keeps up, the rate of fire will be too fast for me and he'll end up hitting someone! I need to find him before he manages to score a kill.

I focused on the arrow's paterns as i tried to parry his arrows. Their interval was getting shorter, which allowed me to narrow my field on where could he be, until i finally found him: a red blur running through the trees, jumping from branch to branch like Horti. If i can get a clear shot and struck the tree he's planning to land, he might lose balance and fall down, allowing our escape!

As i prepare the strike, my eye's corner noticed a swift figure coming from my left. A brown blur with white teeth is approaching my head, faster than the horse i'm mounting on. How could something that big be so faster than a horse? As i turned to meet my slayer and defend myself, a white blur intercepted my would-be killer, both landing on a nearby bush. The bush bacame fiercely agitated with growls and snarls.

How in hell did i miss the other one too?!? My confused mind was still trying to figure out what happened as i turned again to the front. This time, an arrow was heading straight to my nose, with no chance to dodge.

Another arrow from a different angle strucked the projectile that would pierce my head. Both met in a white, cold clash in front of my nose. I almost lost my balance from that surprise.

As i felt my nose completely chilled from the flash, i heard another voice from the woods, a female one: "Focus, you fool!" I quickly regained my conscience and hastly searched for the elf with the red clothes. I've noticed him readying an arrow from afar.

I didn't cared about regaining the generator again. I threw it to intercept him, hitting the tree to his side. The explosion blew up the tree's crown, its splinters hitting the elf.

I could see him falling with precision to a nearby dense bush. It seems he took a defensive measure and hid to avoid another bolt.

Well, he won't see one coming, because i've got what i wanted: our escape. As i turned to my front, i could see the end of the forest - we made it

*** End of soundtrack ***

As we left the woods, right next to the Edge of Stone, the whole army had shields faced to us, as if a large barrier was awaiting us.

Our group quickly entered the iron santuary. If Fang would have followed us out of the woods, he would be greeted with steel.

I quickly jumped out of the horse. Patate was still clinging to it, paralyzed by the ordeal. I gently caressed her arms, which slowly dropped the lead. As i place her in my arms, i spoke to her gently: "Thanks Patate. I'll put you to rest."

She couldn't speak a word, but her smile replied for her. She closed her eyes as she fell asleep on my arms.

I quickly made her confortable on my shoulder as Annette came towards me.

"Sir Vaatigam, are you okay? Are the hostages safe?" Her questions were full of tension - Horti must have told them with too much panic.

"We're safe, but we'll need to hold near the Edge of Stone. I don't want the army to strike within with those treants nearby. Their camouflage among the trees can make dangerous ambushes."

I turned to Cherche, also on her feet and next to her horse: "I hope you can explain everything. We're in need of information if we are to help you with the other dryads." She nodded in agreement. "And what about Haine?"

"I'll need to explain this better. The loyalists have found a way to bend Hartwood's soldiers to them. I think it would be better to mount up camp here."

"The soldiers have dismantled the camp." I replied with some concern on my words. "They won't like mounting up everything again, but considering this new menace, i think it's best to stage a checkpoint here for other groups to join us."

I personally explained the orders to my soldiers. Although they weren't happy about it, they thank me for caring with their lives regarding the ambushes. I even helped mounting a few tents as the camp began to once more take shape near the old tower.

Author's notes:
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16-12-2013: Event Updates

Rough battles on a messy week during a chaotic month. I'm glad the x-mas holidays are just a few days away!

But that was just the hard part. the good news is: AWAKENING is coming! In this event, you can transform monsters into usable units.

This is very different from Recruiting events, where you can enlist humanoid creatures to join you (or beasts/demons that can take a humanoid form). The monsters transform into units, and such awakening can be either a common one, or a rare one.

I'll take this toad as an example:

While the awakening will yield this common card...:

...it may become this one on rare occasions:

Now, let's take my target into consideration:

the Sea Serpent:

While the common version is good by itself (i intend to make her my leader once i max her up)...:

... the rare version is a pure, fan-service bliss:

I've made efforts into saving levelled sea serpents for cheaper awakenings while i waited for the event. Getting the Wake stones, however, won't be easy.

If any of you readers could help me in this event, i'd thank the gesture kindly. I'll be supplying the serpents (at least while my stock still has avainable units) in case some of you don't have any, and if you want i'll return the unit, be it a 4* or a 6*.

If some of you would rather prefer selling the stones, while i don't have tradable TE/Pots at the moment, i can trade 4* feeders (lvl 40) for said stones during the enhancing bonus of the panel event. Maybe 20-30 minor wake stones (obtainable on training) per 4*, i don't know. I'll place the service on my marketplace once i have decided the price.

In the meantime, i'll place my research on 6* recruiting, along with my impressions from the previous Training Event.

Recruitment Research:

My Teacher is a Demon - final recordings:
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18-12-2013: WoodHeart

As the sun reached the center of the sky, the camp was once again in place, ready to recieve the incoming armies sent by the King after our departure. I've sent a few scouts across the fields, delivering the news regarding the treant manipulation and the increased dangers of treading through the forest.

The meeting tent was this time next to mine. I warned to take care while building since Patate was recovering in my tent. I didn't knew she had motion sickness, to the point of faiting. I'll have to be more carefull with her the next time we ride together. Or maybe just walk if possible.

As i entered the large tent, most responsibles were present: Robert for the mercenaries, Annette for the Stone Roses soldiers, Cherche and her companions, including the two dryads. I could see Lumiere in a corner, Closer next to the entrance, and Coral behind the table.

Then i noticed a new face: A woman clad in teal and purple with a golden breastplate and a golden tiara above her grey hairs. Even in the safety of the camp she had her sword and spear with her, ready for battle at any time.

There were many others i did not knew, probably envoys and scouts from other armies sent by the King. Many were wondering why the commotion before the forest, instead of just marching in.

"SOLDIERS..." my loud word made their faces shift towards me one by one. It wasn't long before i've got everyone's attention.

"...thank you all for coming." I checked around for any distracted person before i continued. "We were supposed to leave today, but events within Hartwood have unveiled hardships that i was not expecting."

I raised my arm towards Cherche. "This scholar has important information that she wishes to reveal to everyone here." I turned my head to her, and we exchanged nods. "Please, tell us about the situation."

"Thank you, sir." The red-haired woman took a few steps foward, allowing everyone to see her. "Greetings, everyone. I'm Cherche, an ambassador among the Dryad people, representing us humans."

After her bow, she continued: "Some of you may not know this, but the peace pact between elves and humans is in danger of being severed, due to the actions of several selfish humans. They, in hopes of finding power and wealth, have stormed into dryad territory, not only retrieving the ancient weapons within, but also capturing dryads for slavery."

Whispers began to circle within the audience. Cherche did not waited for them to stop: "The elves, close friends of the dryads, see this as an abuse of their treaty, and are ready to break the peace agreement, which may end up in the execution of the human hamlets in Hartwood, along with thousands of innocents."

The whispers grew in size and volume. I understand that things are really going for the worst, but they're not aware of where they are...

...which riles my temper a bit.

"ATTENTION!" Right after my command, all the soldiers and heroes present stood up in attention. At least they still remember that part.

"When our guest is talking, it is polite to listen. Don't you forget it."

"Yes, sir!" Everyone answered, except Annette and Closer. I knew they were paying attention, so i continued:

"Lady Cherche brings news of dark tidings that could prove fatal to us should the demon army decides to strike. Having two fronts with two serious foes is something i do not want to concern myself with. She is willing to help our goals by revealing what is happening, so you must respond to her plea with your undivided attention."

I turned to Cherche, who was quite surprised by the way i restored order: "My Lady, what do you suggest to avoid this conflict?"

"We must contact the elves in peacefull terms before they sever the treaty, while a bulkier army tries to find and spy the slave prison."

Closer raised his hand: "And how do you expect to divide the commander from his forces? Annette did her job well, but she is not sir Vaatigam."

At this time, the grey-haired woman stepped foward.

"I didn't had the chance to meet you personally, Heroine. Could i know your name?"

"Kreuz, sir." She bowed in respect. "I came by my Chosen's orders." :

"Might i know his name, Lady Kreuz?"

"Dherota, sir. He'll be arriving with his troops to assist yours."

"Very well." Now that i know about another Chosen's arrival, i can leave the army to his guidance. "The incoming Chosen will lead the soldiers in my stead, as i travel to elf territory. Annette will deliver for me my suggestion to Dherota: that he will search for the slave camp, but must not attack them until he recieves confirmation from my part about the peace with the elves."

"While i'm out of reach, Annette will again call the decisions until Dherota arrives. Coral, Closer, Cherche, Annette, Robert and Kreuz will stay here for the final orders. The rest of you... return to your camp duties. DISMISSED!"

I took a moment for Cherche's companion to come closer before ordering him to stop: "You stay here as well."

Once everyone but the ones i've chosen, i turned to Annette to adress my apologies:

"Again, i've made you do the hard calls for me. I apologize."

"It's okay." She replied with confident eyes. "The camp has been easy to lead due to their discipline. Once Chosen Dherota's here, we'll be searching for the slave camp as fast as possible."

"I'm glad you're up to it." I returned the confidence with my words. "Closer, i trust you can aid her as before."

"So you've noticed." Closer seemed a bit surprise. Was he thinking i was that unaware?!?

"Yes, i did. I've saw your stern hand in most of the soldiers' work. Not that i complain, though."

"So what are you thinking regarting to the elf's capitol, Vaatigam?"

I was correcting her when Cherche interrupted me: "It's WoodHeart, dear. Hartwood has its name for a reason."

"I'm thinking about going there alone as a sign of piece. Cherche and Horti will be leading me the way there. That is, if Horti agrees with it."

"Don't worry, he'll help us. He's of trust." Cherche said the words i've needed to hear the most.

I've noticed Coral's eyes loosing hope. She was getting worried about me going out of her sight again.

"You're discarding us too much often, sir Vaatigam. I'm feeling unsure about it."

I've decided to draw a card from my summoning pouch and show her: "Here, have a look."

As the looked, her face gained awe as she noticed her figure on the card.

"I'm never alone. I carry you all the time. If i ever need you, i'll summon you. I promise."

As she turned her face to mine, i felt her feelings for me getting greater. I was expecting the sudden hug around my neck from her arms.

Closer was about to seperate her, but my hand stopped his course. I then spoke: "You're allowing your emotions to burst too much, Coral."

"I know..." Her words had a hint of desire in them. "...i just can't help it sometimes."

"Good night, Coral."

She knew i was dismissing her. As she loosened her arms, she responded "Good night, sir Vaatigam." before heading out of the tent.

Once she was gone, Closer's truthfull tongue was fast: "You know the conseq..."

"I know, Closer." I interrupted him. I knew the rules. "Sometimes emotions are hard to bottle up for too long. I'll take care of her behaviour on a more approprate time."

Cherche came towards me with an urge to speak as well: "When will you plan to travel to WoodHeart, sir?"

"Once i talk with Patate about her staying in camp and a swift meal. Then we depart."

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Hey everyone. Hope your X-mas has been full of bliss and gifts.

While i thought i'd had time to write the diary, while purchasing packs for the Wake stones i ended up with enough Stars to get the 6*... if i grind it enough. Hence my lack of activity.

After this one, i may be out for 1-2 weeks due to new year festivities, the rest of the BP grinding, and my B-day 2 days from now in our mountain home, so i won't be able to continue for some time until i announce it here. Maybe i'll get a time pocket and write the next entry. Who knows?


Arger and Amor

I made sure that both dryads were in safe hands before heading out to my personal tent. I instructed Annette to reply to their needswhile before our journey to WoodHeart.

As i entered my tent i saw Patate sitting at the edge of the bed, swinging her legs up and down against the soft sheets. Her ears caught up my entrance, and i could see the relief in her eyes as they met mine.

"Vaati, you're here!" She jumped out of the bed as i approached her.

"Feeling better from your dizzyness?"

She hugged my left legg before looking up to me again.

"Yeah. Sorry for being a problem. I didn't liked riding that horsie."

"Relax." I kneeled on my right legg to meet her eyes "Nobody is an expert at their first time. You'll get better. I'll bet on it."

"Will we practice tomorrow then?" She seems eager to learn horse-riding for me. saddly, that'll have to be postponed.

"Sorry, but i'll be doing some travelling during the night. You'll have to stay at camp."

"Really? Can't i come with you?" She grew  concerned with me leaving without her.

So i had to confort her: "Listen, Patate. I promised we would do things together. But this mission requires as less people as possible. Only myself and 4 more will be leaving camp, and one of them will return to camp short after. If i would bring more, we'd be in danger, and that's not what i promised your mother, okay?"

She lowered her head, her saddness building up in her face: "Okay..."

I could hear rustles outside the tent's front as i finished convincing Patate: "Sir, the dryads wish to enter and have a word with you."

I stood up while leaving Patate still hugged to my leg: "Sure, let them in, soldier. Stay at the entrance."

The dryads entered by themselves. Both seemed to be in better conditions than the time we met at the clearing.

"Excuse me, " the blue-haired dryad took the iniciative. " are you really going to bring us to WoodHeart?"

I smiled at the couple: "I thought you didn't knew our language. Both of you were silent back in the meeting tent. Yes, that's the original plan. I want to preserve the bonds between humans and elves, so bringing you safe there will be my proof of trust. Sorry if you're feeling like bargaining chips."

"It's always better than being treated like slaves." The red-haired woman's bitter words were void of shame.

"What are slaves?" Patate's curiosity made her loose her tongue.

The blue-haired elf bended her knees to meet the child: "Well, slaves are people who are forced to do the hardest works against their wishes. It's a terrible thing."

Patate replied back: "Then why are they making slaves if you're nice to everyone?"

The bitter woman joined the other two as she folded her knees: "While humans can be honest, like your caretaker, others can hold no such respect for us, regardless of us being nice to them or not. That's why Fang, the protector of these woods, kills armed humans in sight."

So Fang is the woods' protector? Knowing he's at the borders, awaiting our moves, makes me unsafe for tonight.

"Speaking about that," said the red-haired dryad as she stood up. "how do you plan to bypass Fang's eyes, human?"

"First, it's Vaatigam." I bowed to both dryads in respect "Could i ask for your names, ladies?"

"Hmph... Arger." Replied the older dryad. "And the daydreaming priest here is Amor. You were saying..."

She's quite the strict person: "... i was saying that i have a plan with illusion magic, which one of my Heroes can perform."

"Quite ingenious. I'm hoping that it works, though either way will lead both of us to safety if you're really planning to enter the woods again tonight." said Arger. "Either you bring us to WoodHeart, or Fang kills you and rescue us nonetheless."

"We'll see about that." Her confidence regarding Fang is really high. I admit, he's an elf who almost took me down if not for the anonimous saviour. But i'm hoping that Vicente's illusions will indeed cloak us from his eyes.

I patted Patate's shoulder to get her attention: "Let's eat supper before i depart, shall we?"

"I wish i could go with you, Vaati." Her eyes showed a fear of loneliness that i wished i could tear down. Saddly, i didn't knew how to.

"I have an idea!" Amor jumped up to her feet, her head almost hitting Arger's had she not dodged by a second.

"WATCH IT!" Arger's face was smoldering, but Amor didn't noticed her as she serched her left sleeve, retrieving from inside her cloth a pair of bracelets. She tighted one around Patate's wrist, and the second one around my arm, under my clothes.

"While Chosen can summon Heroes through their cards, we dryads can summon each other through these bracelets, made out of mystic vines, faster than their arcane summons. As long as each of you wish to meet each other, you'll be again together faster than you'd think." Amor ended her speech with a victorious smirk. Our smiles joined hers.

"Thanks a lot, tree lady!" While kind, Patate's words shattered Amor. I felt pity as i heard her whispers: "Am i that rugged? Oh dear..."

I decided to shift the conversation: "Let's to to the main camp for supper, shall we?" I grabbed Patate, placing her on my shoulders. "The sun has set, so i want to enjoy what's left of today's sunlight." As i left the tent with a happy Patate, both dryads followed us towards the center of the camp.

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I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

I sure had, both with my family and within the game. Gamewise, i've managed to reach the goal i've applied to myself within the first half-year:

My dream card, Melone:

Ofc, it had a cost: had to trade a bunch of units to get her. Luckly, the only one remaining, Closer, is currently being sold cheap.

This has made me think a lot though. Two of the cards involved, when they were released at their respective events, less than half a year ago, had costs over 50 TE. Nowadays, they're below that value.

And with the 8* coming soon, they'll become what the 5* were when the 7* were first introduced. We've saw 2 6* giveaways, and the X-mas last panel event was a 5* (when previously it was a 4*), which means things are shifting as we speak. Gears are being turned, with mostly every card below 6* having their prices nerfed to the ground. Saving TE to get a 7* at this time will be really, REALLY hard.

Yet i'm not going to lose faith. I'll still find a way to get the last expensive card on my wishlist: Colbert. And when all is done, i'll not be burdened by this game from there onward, playing just for the fun that i feel while playing it  Razz 

Night of Wonder event:

Awakening - theorycrafting, experiments and results:


Night Dancing

A pair of large campfires gave light to the center of the camp, while a third hole housed the hot embers from both to allow cooking. A few slain boars were bought from a village nearby, and there were still fruits left from the morning meal.

What amused everyone was the silly dancing. Soldiers came in turns and each did a few crazy moves in their own way in front of the fire to cheer everybody's hearts with laughter.

I sat on a log with Patate on my lap. Arger and Amor sat by our right as well.

"What are they doing?" Amor was intrigued by the strange dances my men were making in front of the campfires.

"Making a mockery out of themselves." Arger's smile troubled me. "They shame themselves with these dances."

I decided to spoil her pride: "Your smile tells me otherwise, dear Arger."

She quickly noticed her own smile, replying like a whip to my comment: "And why is the general of such forces allowing them to behave like monkeys? Aren't you shaming yourself as well?!?"

"Very well," i surrendered "sit down, and i'll explain."

As she sat down, i told her what to do: "Try to calm down a little while i point you the reason."

The dryad took a deep breath with her eyes closed, opening them to me as i lifted my index finger and pointed at the soldiers, one by one. As i showed her the crowd, her face was devoid of emotions, attempting to understand my reason.

My finger targeted Patate, completely unaware of us as she watched the men dancing with laughter. Arger's face began to show some emotion, perhaps understanding.

I then directed my finger through the crowd again, stopping at Cherche , who was alongside her companion, Coral and Closer. All were having fun, and even Closer was releasing the ocasional smirk. Arger's face then gained sympathy, though in a neutral way.

My finger continued through the right, passing other cheerful soldiers, until it landed on Amor, also distracted from us. Her lips were wide from an innocent, sweet smile. I quickly notice Arger's mouth gaining a smile of her own, from watching her friend having a good time.

I slowly placed my finger on one edge of her lips, gently sliding from below one side of her lower lip to the other, drawing the smile that was present on her face.

She couldn't believe she was smilling yet again. While she had a hand on her right cheek, i explained: "People do things in benefit of others, sometimes for cooperation, sometimes for survival. And some to spread that good feeling that you're feeling: joy from your friend's enjoyment."

As her head turned to me, i continued: "Sometimes, a good drop of humour is needed to ease the tensions that are among us. This is especially needed during times of war, where everyone is stressed over the unknown outcome that could claim their lives."

Eventually, a soldier yelled my name, demanding a dance of dances. I smilled a bit before standing up, so that she could see my smile: "A joy spread by two is doubled, and a pain shared by two is halved. And with good moments come good bonds, that will make everyone closer and friendlier, even to the point of protecting each other."

My eye managed to caught Arger's eyes, now brimming with wisdom of what i've taught her. "You're free to join if you want!" I yelled as i approached the campfires.

As i everyone stared at me, i began to dance, flowing my body with some loosened martial moves i've learned from my training as a Chosen. I also walked backwards while swirling my arms, moving sideways while mocking block techniques. My men didn't recognised the dancing, but they cheered, amazed at me. A few bursted some cackles, recognizing some of the training moves being ridiculed.

As i watched the crowd feeling the joy and the laughter, i noticed someone approaching from where i once stood. I could only identify who when she was quite close to the campfire: it was Arger. Her face had a warm smile which caught up to me as well, but her body was swaying in a strange way... was she starting to dance?

My question was quickly awnsered as her body turned around faster, her opened arms inviting the crowd, and her red skirt floating with her body. Everyone rallied their awe in a single cheer in response to her quick movements. She suddenly stop by my side, each of her arms taking hold of one of my own. She took me through her moves as we swayed next to the campfire: up and down, right and left, twists around and jumps abound. And all ended in a single pose, with her above me as i stood on my knees.

As the crowd cheered with an immense happiness, Arger's forehead gently touched mine. And she spoke softly, the ashes silencing her words to all but me: "When a dryad kisses someone with her forehead, it's because she trusts him from the bottom of her heart." Was she that moved by my explanation? Or was it due to my wish to everyone to have a few moments of joy in dark times?

She stood me up with her arms while i was still thinking, and adressed the crowd: "We dryads were always closed to ourselves, but we had ways to cheer for everyone, even those not of our blood. Right now that joy is being stripped by force, the joy that we wanted to spread, the joy you've all just felt ... and we're powerless against it. I know we aren't in best of terms between us, but i beg this to everyone: please, save my sisters!"

I watched her speech in awe, and soon noticed everyone was moved as well. So i took the chance for a last rally of morale:

"Are we going to help Arger?" I yelled to the crowd.

The crowd, wishing the best for their newest member, replied: "Yeah!"

I yelled again: "Are we going to save the dryads?"

The crowd raised their voice even higher: "YEAH!"

I rallied their roar one last time: "ARE WE GOING TO KICK THE SLAVERS OUT OF HERE?!?"

And their response was brutal: "HELL YEAH!!!"

"THEN ENJOY THIS NIGHT, BECAUSE TOMORROW, WE'LL GIVE THEM HELL!" My last cry bursted everyone into cheerful unison. I saw Arger gaining hope within her eyes, and noticed Amor's tears among the crowd. They realized they could trust these humans at least.

As i took Arger into our place, Amor threw herself at me with a hug, with such a might that i would never believe to come from their frail arms.

"Thank you..." she whispered at my ear. "Thank you so much!"

"Don't thank me yet." I softly replied as i slowly lowered her back to the ground. "We still have work to do."

The corner of my left eye caught Vicente and Annette joining us along with Cherche. "And speaking about work..."

I greeted Vicente with my right hand: "Are we ready?"

His anwser was swift: "Yes, sir. We leave on your word."

After i confirmed that the crowd was concealing us enough, i gave the order: "Now, Vicente. Cloak the five of us."

As his mouth uttured magical words, he veiled me, Amor, Arger and Cherche with cloaks, cloaking himself for last. Annette witnessed all of this, knowing that now she was in charge, as we had that moment of joy among the crowd to hide ourselves from Fang's view. He won't notice us entering the forest while he's focusing his sight on the campfires, after we've blended ourselves within the soldiers.

Or so i hope.

Author's words:

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08-01-2014: Eluding the Fang

As we approach the forest borders within our magic cloaks, Vicente comunicated to us using his telepathy:

"Everyone, listen well. The cloaks will magically conceal any signs of our presence within the cloaks, such as sight, scent and speech. However, any consequences from the actions we do, such as stumbling on a branch, will still be heard and seen by outsiders, so watch your step."

"How can you speak to our minds, human?" That way of speaking sounded like Arger's. The thoughts don't have the person's voice, so i had to rely on their speech pattern to discern who's who.

"Magic, most likely. We should hear what he says and avoid any mishaps." I assumed to be Cherche speaking, since Amor could have the same level of wisdom, yet she seems more timid.

"This is Vaatigam speaking." I decided to announce my name so everyone would knew who's talking with them. "Check your sorroundings whenever possible. Fang could be around most likely."

"Wow. Amor here... this is great. We could exchange our greatest secrets and nobody would ever notice."

"You know i can still sense you, dryad." That should be Vicente again. "All thoughts pass through my mind before i pass them to their current targets, so cut the chitchat and search for signs of the enemy."

"Oh, sorry mister! I don't feel any presence at the closest northern treetops, so i guess Fang must be still checking the camp further to the north."

"Good. Then we can head east to WoodHeart." That is probably Cherche speaking. "Let's head to the clearing where Vaati rescued us."

"It's Vaatigam!" As i flowed the thought through the telepatic link with my mind, i didn't noticed the branch below my feet, cracking in two with a pitching sound. "Darn it! My bad!"

As i quickly watched where my feet were, i heard a quick rustle of leaves, north of our position.

"Is that..." Whoever started the sentence didn't finished to the end, as a brown wolf jumped from the rustling bushes.

We were all petrified. Did the wolf noticed us? I could recognize him as the one that nearly attacked me from this morning.

"Don't. Move." I couldn't believe Vicente gave that order. He's the closest to the beast.

As i can see more of him than a mere blur, the wolf's red eyes shined with a wild spirit that i've never seen before. I can't believe Vicente, just several inches from the animal, wasn't terrified in fear, yet instead glaring at the wolf. The beast was growling like mad, his eyes meeting Vicente's: even though he couldn't see Vicente, i'm sure he's feeling him somehow. Just waiting for something to tear up with his white, sharp fangs.

A sudden whistle came to our ears. It was faint, but i knew it came from the north. The wolf suddenly turned his head to where the sound came from, and quickly bolted to the north.

"How... how..." Cherche was as astonishing as i was.

"A wolf is a wild cousin of the dog. It growls and barks at everything, hoping for a response with which to react. If you stay your ground and don't respond, it wouldn't have any reason to fight you."

"Unless he's hungry..." I replied to his comment stating a possibility of the danger he met.

"... which wouldn't happen. Your foot was the one who broke the twig, sir Vaatigam, not mine. And still the beast was closest to me than yourself. Your carelesness could have gotten any of us killed."

"True. My apologies."

"Er... could we be on our way? The wolf might return once his master is done with him." Cherche interrupted us at the best time possible.

"Right. Let's move."

I still somewhat remember parts of the route we took from the clearing. Cherche, Amor and Arger also gave their hints during their horse rides as well. Our contributions have little by little recreated the path that we took, back to the clearing.

As we entered it, we watched the remains of Coral's artificial wall. mostly were spread through the ground, work of the treants that teared it down to continue their march. Haine wasn't around as well.

Instead, at the highest of the coral debris was a humanoid, a human female at first glance. Her teal light armor shined with the moonlight, reevaling that it wasn't made to guard her from a forest's cool night air, but the cloak at her back, in pristine white, seemed to give the proper cover from the cold. Two quivers seemed to be behind her cloak, and her bow, waring the same color as her armor, also brimmed with moonlight at her feet.

I recognized her from tales of explorers brazing the Frozen North. She was a pioneer of those frigid lands...

...her name was Stiria, the Ice Maiden:

"What is that woman doing here?" Vicente was surprised at her sight.

However, Cherche's face was filled with relief rather than awe. "She's the one that rescued us from the slave camp!"

Cherche quickly removed her cloak from her body, making Vicente go back into a more defensive position. On the other side, Stiria became surprised as well, as someone just appeared in front of her from the middle of the clearing.

"You! How did you.." she seemed speechless with the discovery.

I slowly removed my cloak as well, bowing before her: "Do not be alarmed, Ice Maiden. My name is Vaatigam, Chosen of the Kingdom and present within these woods by the King's command."

Arger and Amor, thought to be in safety once more, removed their cloaks as well. Only Vicente stood within his own cloak.

"Invisible cloaks..." Stiria began to understand how we eluded her sight. She bowed to us in response to my greetings: "I am glad to have you all here, safe and sound."

As she jumped from the debris, landing next to us, she gave a measuring look at me: "You seem to have good resources... for one whose life i saved twice."

"Twice?" I was surprised at her words, but then i remembered when the wolf was intercepted by a white blur, and the arrow at my head taken down by a frost arrow. "So you were the one who helped us escape." I bowed once more towards her: "Thank you."

"It is nothing, Chosen. We had common goals, so i had to protect you from Fang."

"So Fang was really attacking us?" Cherche seemed to be in disbelief. "Has he turned against us as well?"

"No." Stiria quickly awnsered. "He saw Vaatigam as an enemy... he sees all humans as such. Since the dryads had horses, taking out the humans would give you two a chance to escape. Even if the humans were doing his labor..."

"Does he hate humans to that point?" I had to throw the question. Were elves distrusting humans that much?

"To the point that only Claudette's word keeps the few human settlements within these woods safe from his deadly bite. The Queen still believes in humans, but her faith is slowly being disregarded by the elven people." Her hands landed on the two dryads' shoulders. "The safe return of the two of you by Vaatigam will ease the pressure on her."

"Then how do we reach WoodHeart, Stiria?" Arger knew Stiria would have a way to lead them to the Queen. And Stiria awnsered with a smile, shortly after joining her hand with her mouth and unleash a sharp whistle.

A group of deers, with what i believed to be saddles, appeared from the other side of the clearing several seconds later. A wolf covered in white fur followed them, sitting next to Stiria.

As she patted the wolf, she murmured to its ears: "Thanks for taking care of the deers, Snow."

She then jumped on a deer, readied her saddle and spoke to us: "I think more of your followers are nearby, so signal them to mount up. We'll need to be fast; the treants aren't far from here."

"That won't be necessary." Vicente quickly removed his cloak as he aproached a deer. "I was close the whole time."

Stiria smiled with the revelation. "So you're the mage behind the cloaking magic. Nice work, i do say. It even eluded my senses."

Arger and Cherche quickly mounted the deers. As for me, the saddle was a bit more complicated than a normal horse one, so i had my share of troubles.

"Here, let me help." Amor quickly stood by my deer's side, buckling the saddle up for me slowly. I was able to watch how she did it, so i had an idea of how to remount later.

"Thanks for the help." I smiled at Amor.

"You're welcome!" Amor smiled back as she mounted up her own deer.

"And with this, we're done. The deers will follow their leader in a pack, so let me do the handling."

Her hands grabbed the lead and snapped them, causing her deer to start the trot. Our deers quickly joined her speed, until all galloped out of the clearing, further into the east.

Author's words:

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17-01-2014: Black Sun update

Good morning everyone! I hope your fight against the Dark Sun has gone well.

As a matter of fact, i'll be speaking about a lot of stuff regarding the gifts event. Tomorrow I'll also adress the upcoming guild event, which apparently has some new twists added. And finally, the diary entry, of which we'll finally arrive at WoodHeart.

Black Sun update:

The majesty of WoodHeart (Part 1)

The deers seemed to move faster than horses. I know that an animal is familiar in his habitat and can perform well in peak conditions, but the way the deers took us through the trees... it was breathtaking, to say the least.

As i look at the deers at my side, i notice Armor and Arger having no struggles at all with their mounts. Cherche seemed used to the riding, though i could sense she's shaking a bit. Poor Vicente is in a worse state than i. I think he'd prefer to go by foot, and i somewhat share his feelings.

As i look foward, i notice that Stiria is as used to their speed as Arger and Amor. It makes me wonder if there are such mounts as well in the Frozen North. She gave a quick glace behind us, perhaps to check if we were going alright. In that moment, her gaze revealed to me that she was struggling as well with the riding.

It then came to me: maybe their riding is indeed harsh, and one has to be strong enough to withstand their powerfull gallop.

I tried to position myself in balance with the mount. I felt my muscles giving their all to barely hold me in the saddle, but i knew i had to withstand the pressure. Bit by bit, i felt a part of that struggle fading away. I could start to look around myself, the blurs in front of my eyes becoming real images. They were fast, and last less than a second, but still visible to my human eye.

It was then that i noticed the lights in front of us. They started as a few dimmed sparks, but little by little they began to grow in size and brightness. It's as if we were approaching a swarm of fireflies.

And then the density of the woods became lighter around us. My head was to the side when the deers stopped. And as i turned my neck to the front, my jaw suddenly lost its strenght and fell slowly down, next to my neck.


In my front, stood a colossal tree. Its size was well beyond any tower or castle i have ever seen. Only mountains could be as big as it, its height mildly hidden by the small valley where it digs its huge roots, scattered through the huge city around it.

Other trees took part of the city, mainly made out of various stones, from quartz and granite to clay and basalt. It's as if the city was within the forest, less dense than the woods around it.

"We've arrived... WoodHeart." Stiria's speech made me sure she was holding while we were gazing at the majestic view in our front.

"The eternus seems a bit older from the last time i visited WoodHeart." Arger loosed a nostalgic sigh. "The elves have really taken good care of her."

"Eternus?" Vicente asked the question that i had in mind as well.

"Ancient tress that are fabled to live forever until desease or metal strike them." Cherche enlightened us with her wisdom. "They create such a stable cycle of life that the entire forest in which they live can hold on forever, should no abnormalities affect them."

"Now that i notice..." I interrupted with care. "there seems to be no building made out of wood. Only stone".

"That's because elves respect trees to the point of not cutting them." Amor replied to my curiosity. "They only use stone materials, and sometimes use trees as walls or a roof without harming them.

"I believe it is time to take precautions." said Vicente as he dismounted.

"What do you mean?" Stiria was awaiting the mage's response with a carefull gaze.

"You said yourself that sir Vaatigam's actions will ease the elves' pressure on their queen, not mine. I'll stay hidden as a way to ensure that we can still comunicate with our main force."

"Do you know how to contact them, though? You shivered with fear while riding the deer, and i think you didn't memorized the way back." I could feel Stiria's words stinging Vicente's pride, leaving him open to further taunts. Instead, she threw him what seemed to be a metal badge with several inks. "That's the Queen's sigil. The Western Quarter has the most elves who are still kind to humans, as well as the best way to enter the city through stealth. If you show them the badge and behave properly, they'll give you a roof and won't ask you much."

"I thank you." Vicente bowed to Stiria, still atop her deer. He then quickly veiled his cloak upon himself, vanishing from our sight.

"He doesn't waste time, does he?" Stiria turned her head to me.

"No, and neither should we. Please lead the way."

"Agreed." With a small snap of her lead, the deer began to trot down the hill we were standing on. The vacant deer went on a seperate way to avoid suspicions about Vicente.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

"We'll be entering from the south side, and they'll probably be expecting us." Stiria warned us as we approached the southern side of the city.

"How can they already expect us?"

Arger anwsered my question: "They most likely have lookouts around that can report as fast as bird couriers, and can enemy armies ahead of time, even as these travel through the woods."

"Hmm... that explains why they don't have any stone walls to protect their city - the woods are their walls."


The two elven guardians didn't seemed alarmed as we approached them. As a matter of fact, they seemed relieved. They seemed to wear darkened green leather breastplates, and each had a standard polearm.

"Greetings, Ice Maiden." the left guard said. Stiria waved him with her right hand as he continued: "The Queen thanks you for saving two of our dryad allies."

"Tell the Queen that the human male i bring was instrumental in saving her friends, and that we wish to speak with her at once." Stiria's response was swift.

"Are you sure that the human is not in league with the slavers?" Asked the elf.

"If he was, i would have shot him myself." My face cringed at the thought of it.

The right elf guard smirked at my expression, and spoke shortly after: "A guide will come to us shortly and lead both of you within the city." Not a second too soon, a third elf jumped from a nearby tree, landing gracefully between the two guardsmen.

"Please dismount and follow. I'll quickly lead the way." The 5 of us obeyed and dismounted off the deers, which were taken by one of the guards. Snow followed us as the guide took us into the city.

Author's words:

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