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 <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2014 6:21 pm

15-09-2014: Important guests

As i followed Edea back to the Keep's entrance, i saw her eyes's quick glance around. She stood within our keep as one of Ninja's most powerful Leaders. Yet he was conservative when using such a strong Heroine - i've only saw her in combat, and would have seen her grace once more if i had stayed at the Slave Camp back at the Ruins of Old, rather than following Flores.

"You still feel familiar within the Stone Roses, Edea?" - i asked her with a curious tone.

She wook up from her daydreaming: "Yes, Sir Vaatigam. Everything, while slightly improved, looks the same. Was it your intention?"

"Yeah" - i said with quick lips - "I want everyone to have a home to return to if needed."

She halted, her kind face turning back to me: "What if they don't return?"

"Then it'll still stay familiar. If not for Ninja and the others, then just for myself. I'm okay with that."

She smiled once more as i bypassed her. She followed me towards the outside.

There was a transport carriage next to the gates, pulled by several horses. While it came from Imperius, its art was standart in our kingdom's fashion. It ruled out the chances of royalty, placing my chances on either political or military entities.

"Come out, Tina! Come and meet your new student!"

The words were a surprise to my ears. Were the guests my future teachers? What, and why would they teach me?

Just as Edea's voice calmed down, the carriage's door opened, giving way to a woman coming down slowly to the keep's ground. Her demeanor was as graceful as her long, clear teal hair, with a deep blue tabard on her chest. Her leg clothing suggest a flower theme, though her full set of clothes is mostly themed to the arcane arts.

To put it simply, a mage:

While her looks were quite welcoming to a man's sight, her face was a different matter. The grey eyes were void of any warm feelings, hidden behind readding goggles to empower her academic superiority.

"Greetings, Lieutenant. General Jordan spoke highly of you."

"Greetings, Lady Tina." - i bowed to her in respect - "I h..."

"I pity that the man places too much trust on you."

Her words were as cold as her eyes. I quickly replied: "I hope you give me time to learn and deserve such trust from thee, m'lady."

Her eyes were yet still of emotions: "At least your humility speaks for itself."

"Do you need help, sir?" - Camile's voice came from the keep's entrance. HE came towards the outside to assist me with the guests.

"Glad to have you here, Camille. Please, escort Lady Tina to a suitable room."

"If you say so. Should i find a soldier on my way, i'll order him to carry the guest's luggage."

"I'll be fine, soldier. I didn't brought any."

"And what about the other guests?" - i asked.

"The same. I have things already taken care of. Just show me my room, please."

"As you wish." As Camile showed Tina the way, his lasts words carried a hint of disdain. I understand his feelings - this mage must be on a different level to place herself on such high pride.

"Where are the other guests, Edea?" - my eyes turned towards the living legend for an awnser.

Yet, the reply came from above: "Coming down! Watch out!"

The second woman landed quickly, her landing forcing me to make a quick jump.

"Wow, your feets are quite nimble already."

As i looked back at her, she was completely different from the first. Her garments were more inclined towards martial use, featuring crimson silk with golden symbols and white linen ropes at her back. Her face had deep, open green eyes and a pair of pink rose brooches.

"Greetings. I am Epicharis..." - said the woman, with an open smile:

"...and i'll also be your teacher." - i said.

"What?" - Epicharis was strucken with an odd glance.

"Those were the words you were about to say, no?"

Epicharis giggled.

"I am Vaatigam. I thank for your kind aid, Lady Epicharis."

"Hehe, no need to be courteous to me, Vaati." - the nickname struck my pride once more - "Just call me Epic."

"Only if you call me by my full name ... Epic."


"Are both you and Lady Tina my teachers? Why?"

"First, Edea will explain that to you while we get to our rooms. And second, there's one more who came with us."

Her stretched finger guided my eyes towards one of the keep's outer walls, with the third woman looking towards Stoneshire, just beyond the few waves of trees. A cloak of deep wool covered her body from my eyes, though her black hair was still in sight.

"Don't worry about her." - Epic's words made me gave up on identifying my third teacher - "Could you take me to Cherche? I miss her a lot."

I understood her will to see her friend, as we just returned from a turmoiled situation.

"Come then." - i waved as i signalled Edea to follow. While she was walking normally, Epicharis was slightly hoping with joy.

Still, as we entered, my eyes gave a quick glance towards my third teacher, still atop the wall. Her skills are justified if she indeed climbed the wall on her own.

I wonder who she is...

Author's words:

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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2014 10:51 am

21-09-2014 - Ranking within the Board Event

It's been some time since i've ranked... with very unsatisfied results. Thankfully, i was able to rank succesfully on this event.

Below is a log of all the earnings i've done, daily and total. And, to be honest, they talk a lot about the event itself.

Hero's Path Log:

Quite a lot of goodies from just 3 days, am i right?

To be honest, this Board event is the best event that the game developers could have made. While made with paying players in mind, its mechanics allow free players to take advantage and seize a lot of goods to make them satisfied as well.

Also, i found myself quite surprised. I reached the 19th rank on this event, surpassing my previous rank record. Yet, in all honesty, i didn't reach a new record considering the true ranking within Fantsica.

I ranked 19th in one of three groups. Which means that my rightfull rank, within the game, was a bit above the 60th. My highest rank, iirc, was around 54th place or so, when i earned Gregory on the Shangri-La event.

The problem, though... was that this time i didn't had any EU at all to help me rank. During the first 2 days, i was active from waking up to falling asleep, making sure that i wasn't losing as many dice points as possible.

And i was fiercely awaiting the climatic rank fall that happened to me when i was ranking on the Island Turtle. It didn't happen. The 18-25 bracket stood always roughly together, and there weren't any surprises from below during the final 2 nights. There's akso the fact that i was offline for roughly 5 hours during the last day due to university issues. I didn't lost a lot of rank at all.

I could have gotten Yamato with a single 3k pack on this event, considering my situation. But i was cautious from what happened to me in the past, and i don't regret wasting those 30 bucks. Guess i consider the loss as an insurance.

This also means that a lot more players are now aware of the Board events as hoarding events rather than ranking events for F2P. And they couldn't be more right. Earning hundreds of P items make this event shine as a beacon of hope to those still struggling to farm funds for ranking.

And where a lot decide to give up on ranking, others decide to take profit of the loss of competition.

Thanks to this event, i now have enough TE(P) to get a 8* from one of those mini tower events, provided one does borrow/rent me a 7* EU to help. As for the pot department... well, that'll have to wait.

What i do hope is to get a 8* from such event, to finally end my serious goals on fanta. I've obtained a rank high enough to consider myself as a veteran. I've purchased my Dream Cards. I've obtained a medium wealth to keep me on the game as a high player. And once i'm done with the last goal, i'll be able to consider Fantasica as a casual game, focusing on my diary and the community. Until the 9* appears, that is.
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 23, 2014 12:11 pm

24-09-2014: Paragons and Heralds

As i leaded both Epic and Edea to where Cherche was finishing her class, i had the chance to overhear their conversation. About how Edea bravely fended Belethi's accursed powers long enough for the dryad slaves to be evacuated from the Ruins of Old. It's funny how people adore Heroes while not remembering the Chosen who summoned the Heroes in the first case, NinjaEskimo in this particular one.

I know that Ninja wouldn't mind the lack of recognition. He's one that prefers to work in the shadows while others don't have any certainties about the full lenght of his capabilities. But to others, giving your all, and sometimes your life, while not being remembered in return is something that made several Chosen question their presence as defenders of our Kingdom.

I remember when i asked this matter to my father. His reply was quick, evidence that he did indeed thought about the issue several times in the past: "If we would have been remembered as such, we'd be called Exalted, rather than Chosen, dear boy. We Chosen are picked by our honor and devotion, and the Chosen Sword shows the final proof. Why the need for further fame beyond the trust of our King and the Angels who watch over us?"

Jordan was really a great man of great beliefs. Why was he so easily tormented by the Stranger is beyond me. Maybe the foe's wisdom surpassed him, or he even knew how to break him.

My mind returned to reality by a quick "Yo!". I found myself on the final corridor towards the keep's meeting room, with both Rupen and Schmidt going the opposite way.

"Was the class dismissed?" - i asked.

"Yes, it was, Sir Vaatigam." - Rupen's education was smeared with a hint of pride, common among nobles - "Could i please ask for a ride back to Stoneshire, Lieutenant?"

I replied to his request: "Of course. Please ask Camille for transport back to the village, as he is currently vacant of duties. Tell him he has my permission to escort you personally if he wishes so."

"Would you mind if i come along?" - Schmidt's eyes caught Rupen's on a safe distance from his left shoulder.

I felt his pride on the returning glance, yet there was no remark of negative emotions, only a feeling of equality: "Why not? Let's move quickly, as i don't want to waste my parents' patience." - I understood his pressure, as his education here is part of his father's plan for him to become a cult man before recieving the family's business.

"Thanks!" - Schmidt's jolly smile jumped to my side as well - "Don't forget to visit me later, Sir Vaatigam. Can i expect you back at the smithy?"

"Sure. I'll have to deal with some matters here first though. I hope you can wait for me."

"Fair enough. Don't make me wait to long." - Her final words were enforced with a kind wave as she went to the ground floor while following Rupen.

Epic's swift question didn't caught me off-guard: "Friends of yours, Vaatigam?"

"Schmidt's the best smith apprentice in her village. and yes, she's a friend of mine. And while Rupen is just an aquaintance, he keeps his pride in check while talking with commoners. He'll make a great noble if he keeps up the learning curve."

"Quite right, you are. He sees Schmidt as an equal, regardless of birth."

Her deduction did caught me flat-footed: "And how do you know that?"

She winked her right eye: "A teacher's secret."

And in return, i sighed my response: "Fine. Let's meet up with Cherche then."


I felt her enthusiasm rising as we approached the door, culminating with a wide open mouth as she finally saw her friend with her own eyes.


Cherche's body turn was swift and pleased: "Epic!"

Both met with happyness in the air. Cherche was taller than Epic, which gave her the advantage in the huge hug that ensued, overwhelming Epic with both her arms... and her breasts, to the point of turning my face to Edea with a grin. She grinned back at me, unaware that i was avoiding the awkward-looking scene in front of us.

"I'm glad that you're safe!" - Epic's unmuffed voice meant the scene was over, and that it was safe for my eyes to watch.

"Vaatigam helped a lot. I'm glad you came to see me."

"Actually, Chey, i'm here on official terms. General orders, i'm afraid."

"Oh." - Cherche's eyes gained a glint of curiosity - "You'll have to tell me all about it later. You'll stay around, right?"

Epicharis nodded: "For a while. I'll be also teaching your favorite student."

"You'll enjoy teaching him, Epic."

"I hope so."

Both their faces had a guilty smile, so i entered the conversation to stop them from getting any more wild ideas against me: "Lady Cherche, was the class already over?"

"Oh. Yes - you missed the last part, though it was a small one. The students were making quite a lot of questions. Questions that i couldn't awnser in full."

"Why not in full?" - i asked.

"Unless i'm wrong,..." - Epic talked for her friend - "...it's about the two last classes of Heroes, and the ones most void of information."

Cherche nodded, stating them out loud: "Paragons and Heralds."

Optional Soundtrack:

I withheld the sudden concern within me, just as those words brought back the memory from my past: the voice that urged to fight against the Stranger. "You are a Herald!", it said. And those less murky memories showed that i indeed had powers to nearly stand against him.

"What do you do know about the Heralds, Cherche?" - i asked without trying to denouncing my worries, still keeping my posture in check.

"Well there has been a few stories of lore about potential Heralds. While their exact level of power is still unknown, the only certainty that we have is that not many Heralds appear within a vast ammount of time. Like say... a century, in my words. And another thing was that they were always in confrontation within each other."

"You mean, as enemies?"

"Not quite. Some were trully enemies, while others simply had different ideologies. the common trait was that no Herald has ever allied with another."

"And which was the best known Herald in actual history?"

"Actually, she isn't known as such - the world views her not as a Herald, but as a Horror of Mankind..."

The Horror of Mankind - creatures and beings that made humans tremble in fear. While not knowing which name would Cherche bring, its omen was enough for my will to tremble a bit.


And out of all the Horrors it had to be the worst of them all - the one demon that brought upon Humanity the Crimson Moon. Before her defeat there was no hope to be had, only despair and the eventual arrival of Death.

If such being was considered a Herald, viewed by all as a dreaded Legend... could my powers be that infernal as well?!?

"Indeed." - stated Epic with a concerned nod - "There were Heralds who pledged for good and evil causes. And yet, the one who caused the biggest change on our more current history was the one who almost brought humans to oblivion."

She released a deep sigh: "I'm glad that the common audience never noticed that she was indeed a Herald."

I took a deep breath within, trying to calm my inner feelings. Indeed she was a Herald that brought harm to us. But she was defeated by humanity in the end - maybe humans surely has Heralds on their side as well.

But why would the voice consider me one? Does it have any knowledge from the Heralds?

*****  End soundtrack *****

"Oh!" - Cherche interrupted my concerns with her facial reminder - "I almost forgot about the Paragons!"

"True, the Paragons." - my calm returned as the theme of our conversation shifted - "What level of power do they possess?"

"To be honest, their levels of power are foggy at best. Mostly ambassadors who made eternal alliances between kingdoms or even making breakthroughs that withheld the erosion of time."

"How many stories about Paragons have you encountered in your searches, Cherche?"

"Very few... and the most amazing was they called themselves that name to defend their identity, rather than having a name and become a Hero?"

My head scratched in wonder: "How can they do that?"

"I don't even know. It's a very curious fact how they can hide their name like this. Sometimes one or other scholar goes against his concealment and downright reveal the Hero's name. But Paragons... they succeded in hiding themselves."

To think some could remain concealed while still doing such changes in the world - they must have been very influential in their time to do so.

"Well, i do thank you for teaching me about them, Cherche." - i stated with gratitude - "But i believe that it's time for other issues, just as continuing with the Keep's agenda."

"Well, it was my pleasure to meet you. We'll stay in this room for a bit longer, Vaatigam. Be on your merry way."

"Thanks for the lesson, teacher!" - i bowed in respect before leaving the room.

As i quickly exited the room, an unknown woman stood beyond me, as if waiting passage. Her clothes were foreign, and only part of her chest was covered by an ornated teal cloth upon her upper torso. Her waist had a belt with the same cloth, and her legs were covered by white stockings.

What was familiar though was her wool cloak on her back. It gave me the identity of the person who was able to climb our walls. But while her choice of clothing was a bit ...unconfortable...

... the most unsettling were her brown eyes, who seemed cold and with no warm emotions:

I had to be polite and welcome her: "Greet..."


I beg your pardon? Why was she...

I felt the shove to the side as her body moved inside the room as if i wasn't in front of her. The skin of the arm who tackled me to the side was as cold as her gaze. Her atitude was restrained from even her body's frigid state.

"How can a Chosen be that easily startled..."

I looked for strenght of will within me to keep myself in check. Not only does she read my mood, but she also disreguard me even while knowing my status.

Considering her prowess outside and her mental state, i felt to not inquire the reason of such rudeness. I would be only replied with even colder responses. Instead, i regained my composure and turned back to my office to continue with my daily chores.

I'll deal with her cold demeanor when the time comes. Now i need to plan a meeting with Schmidt for another day.

Author's notes:

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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 24, 2014 11:45 am

Oy! Its good to see that you've still kept the diary up and running Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2014 5:51 am

26-09-2014: Now, back to events.

I have an announcement to make. I'll be making a change regarding the events that i'll describe on my diary, or at least tell about my personal experience.

Moba has increased significantly the number of events that take place over time. That, combined with my sore feelings from the Gift of Water (now improved thanks to the most recent Board event), made a list of 22 events that were skipped.

Saddly, this forces me to skip a lot of them. As a matter of fact, even yesterday took place a 1-day event that brings the ill omen that event units may be untradable in the near events, bringing a big wave of discontent from the larger part of the playerbase if such does happen.

So, for such reason, i'll make the following changes:

- i'll only write updates about events in which i've won a ranking/EU unit of 6* or higher quality. Even with the decrease of quality on the older cards, the game still has the same draw rate for 6* cards and above. So nowadays talking about winning 5*s means little to nothing in the big scheme of things.

- if the recent event has a big game change that forces me to write about such event, before others that weren't dealt with, i'll give priority to such event.

With these done, i'll bring the events that obey the new rules.

The Atelier of Angels - Clash event:

Across the Seven Seas - Training event:

Tribe Song - Gift event:

The Ruins of Dragon Castle - Tower event:

The Hero's Path - Board event:
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<*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 6:45 am

29-09-2014: Demonized School

*Edea left Stoneshire today, her task in transporting the Highlanders to the Stone Roses Keep accomplished. That legendary smile brought a lot of joy to the keep,  reminding me again why commoners speak so well of the Warrior of Legend.*

*She did left a letter from my father yesterday. Jordan didn't place any hidden messages this time - he stated how well was Melone going, and that she might come to Stoneshire once the reports are done. I felt great knowing that she'll join me here. I'd wish to ask her so much about what happened to her, and yet she was harshly taken by her father due to the turmoils around her. I trust Jordan though - no father would ever allow harm to his daughter, especially after so much time apart.*

*He instead instructed me to guard Tina while recieving her teachings in Magic. This, according to Jordan, has two purposes.*

*The first, already spoken between us, was to find a trainer to develop my magical capabilities. Aparently, they're much stronger than any of us thought, and my father didn't want to lose a son to a magic frenzy right after finding a long-lost daughter.*

*The second, which i was unaware of, was the demon invasion at the magical school of the Silversong kingdom, the Cyan Flux Academy. I requested Coral and Closer, along with Vicente and Lumiere, to accompany Edea back to Ninja, who was currently at the Academy on diplomatic conversations with the demons. I know that diplomacy with their kind is very dangerous, but the students' lives are important - several future Heroes are trapped within the Academy, and losing any potencial Hero is a huge risk.*

*Closer advised me to stay focused on the task at hand and to not concern with the demon infestation, making sure that the magical infarmary is prepared to recieve any injured Hero that comes our way. I followed his suggestion, making sure we'd be prepare to assist should any emergency summon comes our way.*

*While i scheduled classes with both Tina and Epicharis, the third teacher, Juana, did not want to teach me yet. She gave no reason whatsoever, as expected of her frigid demeanor.*

*The bright side though is that i can use the time i'd have classes with her to visit Schimdt instead. I'll arrange some time with her, and even visit her at the Stoneshire Smithy. There is a very delicate situation that i need to amend, brought forth by the latest recovery of my memory. I'll be honest... i didn't knew there were any survivors beyond the three of us.*

Author's words:

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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2014 3:02 pm

05-10-2014: Event Update

Mandragora Mania! - Training event:
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2014 6:26 pm

07-10-2014: Practice makes perfect

*Things have been going quite busy at the keep. Heroes, Champions, even Highlanders - there isn't a day in which at least an emergency portal surges out of the blue within the keep's domain.*

*To be honest, i fear for my Heroes. Just yesterday, while i was in the meeting room planning schedules for the upcoming days, an emergency portal came to being right in front of me, spitting a teenage girl to the table. I reconized the girl as a prominent Champion, yet her skin was full of bruises and deep wounds, and her clothes were utterly ravaged to the point of her upper chest being fully exposed. I had to cover her with my cloak before i shouted to call the paramedics.*

*Luckly, the recent training has been heavy enough to make me forget my worries and focus on my own state. Epic, while being friendly during her sessions, was not a pushover, and my body was pushed to its limit plenty of times to increase my physical stamina.*

*Stamina which was then refined with Tina's ruthless magic training methods. She was as cold as Juana, but considered me as a magical user, making sure i'd understand each mistake i made, so that my magic would be the most flawless possible.*

*One of her most frequent excercises was mental focus. I had to prevent two archers from hitting several bullseyes with a limited arsenal, varying from 5 active energy spheres to just one. And while so far i only managed to prevent hits with three spheres, managing it with two is close to being done.*

The banquet room, once filled with tables which upon were brought platters of tasty delicacies, was now a training ground for another of my focus tests, with all the tables and log seats piled next to the walls. Only a simple wooden chair and several wooden bullseyes layed in the center of the room. And Tina sat while checking her logbook.

I came in with Arena and Fasti, each on my side. Fasti had her usual vague smile on her pretty face, while Arena felt more nervous in presence of Tina's strict demeanor. She disdained Arena's freedom ever since she first noticed her, and always found a way to scold her for not being more of a soldier like the others.

I placed a soothing hand on her shoulder.

"Just do as she says. If you lose your focus, she'll make you the target of her preeches."

Tina, of course, could hear very well while her eyes were reading: "Funny, Lieutenant, how you say that when you're the one with greater need to train general concentration."

While a bit sore with the note, i nodded to Arena to make sure she wouldn't get her attention: "Noted, teacher. I brought Fasti and Arena to be your archers."

"And what of the forest archer that Closer gave you? As far as i know, she's more talented than the nomad girl."

"Apsara's on sentry duty. She will assist us on another day."

She closed her log with a neutral look: "Says the one who assigns such duties in the first place." - as she stood up, her free hand began to shine with magical power - "Regardless, we are here to train. Archers, take your places."

Fasti and Arena walked to opposite sides within the circular arena made by white chalk. In the meantime, Tina's magic flowed from her hand to the still bullseyes, gaining life as magic gave them a teal hue until they ended floating unceremoniously.

"Fasti, red hues will be your targets." - then her eyes turned to Arena - "As for you, you'll hit the green lights."

Both nodded as they readied their bows. Fasti's white shortbow reflected some of the white glows, while Arena's standard wooden bow was prepared to loose hasty arrows.

"Vaatigam, since your opponents are not our best for the practice, you'll have greater handicaps. Your archers will have to release their arrows unto their targets, regardless of what's in their way." - in short, if i'm in their line of fire, i'll have to dodge their attacks as well - "Furthermore, you'll use only use one magic sphere. Understood?"

"Yes." - i said with a boring voice as i raised my hands to my shoulders' height -"I'll try my best."

"DO OR DO NOT!" - part of me wanted to said that because it was what annoyed her the most, which gave me a small glint of satisfaction from it - "There is no try!"

Optional soundtrack:

I focused a part of my being unto my right palm, gaining a blue hue as it materialized into a magical sphere. Controlling the flux of magic within me became quite easier with the training i've had so far.

"I'm ready." - my speech was bolder than before.

"Are you?" - As Tina waved her hand in a serious manner, i felt the floor trembling beneath me. Various stone tiles on the ground started to float up to her waist.

I believe i should have kept my pride in check. She just made my test harder than the usual.

"Now... BEGIN!"

As her tone diminished, two bullseyes gained different colors. Fasti shot an arrow where she stood, while Arena jumped to higher ground before sending her shot.

I quickly energized my sphere before throwing it, making sure the extra power completely desintegrated Fasti's arrow. A quick motion from my arrow sent the sphere backwards, meeting Arena's projectile with destructive effect.

The hues from their targets quickly vanished, showing up on different targets. Fasti then jumped to the platform on her right as Arena sent two consecutive arrows towards her new target.

I was able to anticipate her move, quickly placing the sphere in front of the bullseye, then charging a few inches foward to increase its power against the arrows, one time for each. I noticed that Fasti didn't launched an arrow when she gained altitude - she most likely knew her actions compromised her iniciative, so i took the chance to hop above to avoid losing ground.

More targets gained different lights as the training continued, each attempt more bolder than the next. A green light appeared behind me as Fasti released another of her arrows straight towards me. I expected such dangerous action - Tina did say to shoot immidiately at the target without hesitation. She wanted to be sure i'd give priority to certain attacks. I was able to quickly catch my sorroundings and was able to make a swift line with my sphere, which eradicated both arrows sent from the two girls.

"Now, for a twist." - My ears heard Tina's voice and the sound of the magic waving of her hands. Knowing her puns, i made a quick jump out of my current floating tile. My suspicion was correct as several tiles began rotating in a fast manner, including the one i jumped out of.

Not only that, but several bullseyes gained different colors. A hasty count showed five different target for Arena and Fasti to shoot at.

Fasti immediately loosed two arrows at two of her targets, while Arena shot only once, though jumping to a twisting platform. I quickly sent my sphere to annihilate the projectiles, making sure i wouldn't miss any of the three shots...

... until Arena jumped from the floating tile to make an akward shot sent from the most unsuspecting side angle that i've ever noticed. The arrow was at an inch from hitting its target when my sphere collided with it.

As i recovered my senses from the surprise attack, a sphere of magical energy struck my side without me taking notice of it. I was completely flat-footed from my tunnel vision, and i fell to the ground, tilting with other platforms, as Arena fired the last shot.

The sounds of a piercing "thud" and a dusty "thomp" were heard in unison.

*** End of Soundtrack ***

The tiles and the bullseyes slowly descended back to their previous positions. Tina picked up her small book as she approached me.

My lungs were seeking air as my mind was still astonished: "That attack wasn't part of the training, teacher."

Her awnser was void of pity: "War is never a scripted scenario, Vaatigam. You have to expect the unexpected. While that reflex was outsanding, you must never let your physical efforts diminish your field vision..."

She waited to be sure i'd stop my heavy breathing: "... or else you'll meet a sharper weapon, rather than a frail magic missile."

Tina then turned to Arena: "As for you, young Arena..."

Arena thought she was safe after i drew her fire, but hearing her name from Tina dropped her guard in a nervous manner.

"... your marsmanship is subpar, yet your agility even gained my surprised attention."

The girl's face gained a hint of relief as the professor continued: "I hope you continue to show your agile traits. Vaatigam would have passed this test if he had brought Apsara instead of you."

I tried to speak: "You mean..."

"Yes, Lieutenant. You have improved, but you still need to refine the most straining situations. I'll ask Epicharis a couple of days for you to rest from the training."

I bowed towards her: "Thank you."

"No need to thank me." - she replied with one of her rare smiles - "After all, you've earned it."

*To think that Arena used a rotating platform to make an unsuspecting attack ... and Tina wasn't even expecting it. I think this was her way to apologize for underestimating Arena without knowing the full extent of her capabilities.*

*I treated her with a few sweet treats on that dinner's desert in a private manner. After all, i had to thank her for my special rest.*

Author's notes:
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12-10-2014: Event update

Might take a while to place my entries these following weeks. Bear with me, okay?

Battle of Pyres Plain - Guild Event:

Oh, and one more thing: KuroStar is quitting the game for various reasons. Do give him your support, okay? Wink
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21-10-2014: Event Update - my first 8*

Yup, the title said it all.

After a streak of various attempts, all ending in failure, i've finally managed to earn a 8* through herculean efforts.

Ghosts of Halloween Past - Training event:

Now you all know why i took it easy these last days. As for the diary... well, that'll have to wait until there's a suited time for it.
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24-10-2014: Event update

Between Worlds - Zone event:

Feast of the Gods - Board event:
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26-10-2014: Stoneshire (Part 1)

*After the well-enjoyed rest, the training regiments resumed. While the hardships were greater, i felt the results: each session showed lesser struggles, which were quite the obstable for me at start. Practice was really making perfection, or improvement at least.*

*The portals from Cyan Flux Academy were decreasing, and i felt the troubles would soon be over. So far, none of the Heroes i sent, or the troops they were escorted by, were forced to return, which was quite soothing for my mind.*

*Meanwhile, Juana, my third, yet-to-teach instructor, stood within Stoneshire for a few days, and i've decided to check on her, since she was staying there for a longer period than the previous visits.*


The day was losing its darkness, yet the sun was still below the horizon.

Optional soundtrack:

It was unnecessary for me to have departed this earlier, yet i longed for the tranquility within the forest - it brought me peace as my horse walked through the trail without a hurry.

I felt the refreshing winds, chilled by the dew which gave the Dew Woods their name. A small, forgotten pocket of green within the kingdom. The only humans who come to this place are either farmers fetching fruits from both planted trees and wild ones, or the occasional scouting party sent from Stone Roses Keep to ensure no hostile forces are hiding so close to the local village.

Since the last scouting trip was done the night before, it was safe for me to pass by these woods before racing on to Stoneshire.

The peace therapy wasn't the only thing i was searching within the Dew Woods. One of the advantages of my training was that i could feel magical presences even greater than before. Prior to Tina's sessions, i had to use Eagle Eye to notice the magic, but her training regimen allowed me to feel the slightest hint of magic without invoking my own.

Which was hidden nearby. A small, cheerful, yet doubtful prensence was close. I recognized its identity, but it was hard to exactly pinpoint its position.

As such, i relied on my cunning instead. I took a deep breath as i leaned my head towards a random direction:

"Good morning, Carol! It has been a soothing night, has it not?"

The fairy flew out of a nearby tree foliage. It flew in a circular arc until it reached the front of my face, having the same speed of my horse's slow pace. Her faint red glow matched her tiny linen outfit.

"How did you knew it was me?" - asked the little fairy:

I smirked before awnsering: "You need to hide better, friend. You're losing your sneaky touch."

"I am not." - her reply was brash - "I tricked one of the guards a night ago, and yet they didn't noticed me."

Since no harm was reported at the time, falling wasp hives and muddy pitfalls were out of the equation.

I then asked her about her second favorite: "The ever-effictive tree slap, eh? They didn't saw it coming, for sure."

"Yup!" - her trickster smile came up - "How did you know?"

"Come on, Carol. We're friends for a long time. Surely you remember i know most of your family and what they excel at."

"True. That mean Ifrit..."

I patted her tiny head with my pinky finger.

"You know how picky she is. Just team up with Undine again."

"Undine doesn't do that often with me - she prefers defending you against her." - Carol's sad mood dimmed her red glow.

"Cheer up!" - i forced my smile, as wide and natural as possible - "At least you still have Will, right?"

"Yeah... by the way, Daniel, why are you here?"

The name brought up by her was a bit unexpected. They treat me by my birth name - they prefer it over the Chosen one.

"The usual horse race. Didn't you knew?"

"She didn't came yet, so i wondered why you came."


"Oh, and Shade stills longs for you."

Awkward memories surfaced my mind: "Does she... how is she fairing?"

"Today's night was really invigorating for her. It reminded her of the night she met you."

Quite a night that was... i remembered it - it was the night when Jordan told me the truth about the day i've lost my parents. My tarnished emotions were what strongly lured her to me, and my young face seduced her when we first met. If not for the fairies i've met here, and the things they taught me, i wouldn't be able to ever recover from my crisis. I would have probably jumped out that window on the following night.

"Well, do tell her i haven't felt any hair who had a better scent than hers, okay? That'll confort her a bit."

"She still prefers the real deal over a compliment, you know?"

"I know." - i nodded - "Give her my message regardless, alright?"


Her mood quickly changed as she suddenly turned towards the left side.

"She arrived."

"I see. I'll make sure she doesn't stay within the woods for long."

"Thanks, Daniel!" - they disliked humans within their woods, but they gained some tolerance to their entry due to my actions in the past.

As i waved back to Carol while i rode in the apropriate direction, she flew until getting out of my sight. The red magical dust slowly reached the ground and lost its hue.

The fairies within the Dew Woods are only known by myself. They used to make this forest cursed to defend their home, but my encounter with them soothed their fear towards the humans from our village. I explained at Stoneshire a ritual to calm the curses and make some use of the forest's goods without disrespecting it, and the fairies halted all harm done to those who followed my suggestions, as they would made their presence known through the ritual i taught them.

Such ritual was what tipped off Carol and gave away the visitor's identity.

I finally noticed moviment across the trees. A horse with the village's signature grey saddle, and Schmidt steering it.

"Good morning!" - i hailed her.

"G'morning, Vaati!"

"Erhem... Vaa-ti-gam."

"Super Daniel was a better choice though."

I smirked. I knew she disdained my Chosen name. She was even the first one to speak the nickname. However, her tomboy humor always snacthed a smile from my face.

Her mood changed to a daring one: "So, ready to end your streak?"

"I'll let you know, i intend to get a bigger record."

We both placed our horses in position, one to each other.

"Your record ends today... "Lieutenant"!"

"We'll see... now, what to trigger our start..."

As i searched for something to set up our race, i noticed the first rays of sunlight rising from the horizon. I considered to use the sun's light, but then a fresh breeze passed through our backs. A very familiar breeze.

"Sylph..." - my mind stated. She was nearby.

The breeze shook a nearby apple on a tree branch above our front. It was plump, and ready to fall by a stronger blow.

"That apple at our front, Schmidt." - i pointed it it, and Schmidt's eyes instantly found it - "Once it falls, we go."

"You sure?"


"If you say so." - She adjusted herself on the saddle, ready for the signal to gallop.

I readied myself as well, waiting for Sylph to do her thing.

As the sun began to rise from its sleep, a stronger wind blew from behind us. My magical insight felt the green hues of Sylph's bleesing.

The branch was abruptly shaken, and the apple snapped from it.

I tighten the grip on my reins as the apple fell.

And it landed with a faint, yet distinctive thump. Both our mounts sprang into motion in unison, out of the Dew Woods and towards the main road to Stoneshire.

Writer's notes:
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01-11-2014: Stoneshire (Part 2)

The fresh morning breeze cheered for me with its embrace as my horse galloped aside Schimdt's steed on the long barren road. Tensions were high as neither of us backed down as dirt flew up from the ground due to the hoove's fierce steps.

A wagon was ahead of us, its owner and horse distracted as tehy carried their vegetables to Stoneshire's morning faire. Both of us leaned to the sides to ensure that a single inch wouldn't be lost on the competition.

The horse's surprise baffled the old farmer as both of us passed through like a wagon's wheels between a mouse. "Curse you youn'youns!" - both me and my race rival looked to the man with the eye's corner, a guilty pleasure hinting out of our minds at the same time.

Yet we faced foward and kept on track, as the buildings of Stoneshire were in front of us. All mostly made of various stones, work of the village's craftsmen.

Hues of white and grey stone, struck by morning sunshine, blurred through my sight as the finish line was near. Neither of us lost any ground, but i'd be hoping to make the difference.

I whipped my reins to demand the final push from my mount. It responded just as Scmidt's companion increased its rush as well.

Both of us bypassed the village's well at the same time.

Our horses slowed down as the race reached its end, stopping at a good distance from the village's center. The two of us slowly turned both steeds toward the door standing in front of the well, where an old lady watched the last leg of our race.

"So, Grandma Vilma?" - Grandma was only a name, though given with care by all the young villagers to the kindest elder of Stoneshire - "Did you enjoy the race?"

I gave a greeting bow, to which the elder replied in kind: "Well, my dear, today's race was really close. Both of you have tended your friends well."

"Thanks for the compliment, Grandma." - i replied - "But the word "close" meant there was a winner, right?"

"Indeed." - Vilma nodded with her senile neck - "Schmidt did won the race."

""Woohooo!" - Schmidt's triumphant yell spreaded throughout the entire village.

optional soundtrack:

The children came out to cheer alongside her friend. The race was over, so the main road was clear for the young to play and wander. Most gathered around the winner of today's race.

"That last stretch was awesome. You rode even faster than the wind!" - the child waved his arms like a gust of swift air - "VWOOOSH!"

Schmidt's laugther was joyful and contagious. Another girl spoke on her behalf: "How did you manage to finally beat Sir Vaatigam?"

"It's Sir Vaati, kiddo." - my wild "HEEEY!" was ignored by the young ones, while Schmidt loosened another giggle and continued - "Both of us were on equal foot today, so it was a bit of luck in the end."

"Sir Vaatigam is indeed skillful,..." - on the other hand, they remained silent when her elder spoke - "...but he couldn't keep his winning streak forever."

"That's true."- i replied - "Als, i'll have to be satisfied with seven victories in a row."

"I'm glad it's over. Now you'll have to pay me at lunch."

"Noted, Schmidt. It was a good race nonetheless."

Her warm smile was quite welcoming: "It sure was. Thanks, Vaati!"

My lungs sighed at the persistent nickname, the air leaving through a smiling mouth. I retrieved a small scroll hidden within my waist.

"Well... i'll have to do several chores today. You might as well join uncle Barius, i'll be with you at the smithy once i'm done with the previous chores."

"Maybe we'll visit the Hot Rock afterwads, if it's alright with you."

"Yeah. Steak on stone seems nice for today. Won't pay you more than one dessert, though."

She nodded, holding her reins shortly afterwards: "Right! I'll be over the Smithy then."

She waved  as she left, being replied by the children hands waving back in unison. They all then went on their little groups back to their usual fun.

"I guess i'll start with Juana. Grandma Vilma, do you know about her whereabouts?"

"She is at the chapel, dear. Greet her for me, please."

I concurred with a small wave as i steered my horse towards the village's chapel.

*** End Sountrack***

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14-22-2014: Stoneshire (part 3)

The chapel could be seen from the middle of any street within Stoneshire - the bell tower had the height of almost twice the highest building, the Smithy. Its squared structure had grey spirals ascending to the slightly larger dome at the top, housing four bells that signalled the four normal warnings: councils, celebrations, mournings, and dangers.

The fifth bell wasn't used  in several generations, and should stay such - every settlement of the Silversong kingdom had to possess a Horror Bell. The Blood Moon changed the ages with its brutal slaugthers, scattered throughout all human lands. the lesson was learned though, and Silversong has ensured that the next time a Horror would strike, it would respond faster to it.

My head shook off the negative thoughts as the chapel was fully visible in front of me: a granite house of considerable size, nearly over 7 meters high, distributed by two floors, in which the lower one took the greater part. As one such as myself enters through the double wooden doors in front, one sees why - Statues of anges and winged figures fill the sides of the chapel, made either of stone or iron with a vein of silver. Among them, three greater, wingless women covered in flawless silk bestow upon their viewers their weapons: a sword, a bow and a staff. While the statues were amazing in detail, no valuable materials were part of their bodies - only their weapons had the golden shine blessed by the outside light.

A few citizens were inside for their morning prayers. Still, Juana wasn't among them. I wasn't expecting her as the praying type. Instead, she was next to the altar at the other end of the adorned hall, speaking to the chapel current pastor. The pastor wasn't your ordinary friar - instead, it surprised strangers with her opposite gender and golden eyes. The silver hair even complemented her holy look, and the yellow garbs of the church further instill the trust and devotion that she follows.

I wondered why would Juana speak with her. Does she hide something within her icy outside? As i thought, the holy woman slightly turned her head towards me, as if the corner of her eye spotted a new visitor.

Juana's neutral gaze faded to a disdained one upon seeing me.

"Welcome, sir Vaatigam. It is an honor to find you within our halls."

As she came forth to meet me, her golden clothes gained the sun's blessing, shinning forth with a striking yellow.

Honestly, Pregare never ceased to amaze me...:

"I am the one who should be honored of having someone like you among us..." - i bowed in respect - "... Emissary of Light."

Juana's hand landed on Pregare's shoulder without a hint of greater respect, though more inclined to equality.

"I'll be taking my leave. If the Chosen came for me, it's because Tina is almost done."

"I hope you understood what i tried to convey, my dear Cryomancer."

"You know mercy isn't my strong point, nor do i care in enhancing it." - Juana's steps started heading towards outside, passing by me like i was a complete stranger. I didn't spoke my mind about the lack of respect.

"At least, consider the ramifications of your actions. Please."

Juana didn't respond. She simply continued.

Once she was out of our sight, i turned to the pastor: "Was there some trouble with her, Pregare?"

Her face quickly remembered that i was still here: "Pardon me, Lieutenant, but it was a private matter." - the way she looked at me hinted i was related to it in some way - "I hope you understand."

"I'll try to respect such, pastor. Though i'll feel unconfortable if you hide things about me."

"Oh dear..." - Pregare remembered the confession i did to her before - "...to think that you've nurtured your gift."

"To be honest, it didn't developed it much. It's my awareness that grew with age and the presence of it."

"Tell me..." - she inquired, as she placed me on a seat behind the altar, safe from the ears of the few villagers, partially deaf from their praying trances - "...are there other new things that you could now read with your mind?"

I awnsered as she sat on another chair: "Just emotions. No thoughts, no logics, just emotions, as before. And worry not - i didn't disrespect any lives with it."

"I see." - she smiled - "Goddael would be saddened if such happened."

Goddael - the name, if little present in my daily life, was known to me. Known to all humans. Creator of all worlds and races, of all matter and consciousness. The goddly presence that stood with us since our beggining. The blue sun that hovers above the king's cross in the country's banner - it is his presence, as vast as the sky above us.

"Again, i believe it wasn't his gift. It's simply part of my dormant abilities."

"Could be, could be not. But do remember that our Father did create everything, you know. Even the lesser gods and angels."

"I know that, Pregare. No need to remind me."

"Then why do you doubt his presence?"

"A lot of things. Some logical, others, a bit more personal."

Pregare sighed: "My dear, Goddael..."

"I know he can't affair in human situations for our sake, Pregare." - i felt my mind losing respect, but not the voice's low tone - "But when it was his "potential gift" that wrecked your life, it's hard to trust in such a god."

Pregare gasped: "Is that... related to your lost memories?"

"Indeed. I've recovered a big part of them. Not the full scope, but enough to know that i had guilt in my childhood village's ruin."

"So you believe Goddael is to blame for giving you his gift on such a young age?"

"Tell me then, Daniel." - for her to speak my true name meant she was really willing to help, all masks of power and prestige dropped in a sincere attempt of understanding - "does the memories that you recovered tell the whole picture?"

I tried to request the awful memories. They came bitter, yet clear: "Most of it. The Stranger. My parents' death. the rage from within. Which consumed my entire village."

"Were there survivors, dear?"

That awnser was obvious - it was one of the to-do things on my list.

"Yes. A few, but yes."

"And would those survivors be killed by that "Stranger" hadn't you intervene against his wishes?"

I couldn't say for sure, though he did attempt to stike me and Jordan down - that was the trigger that brought the whole mess up.

"I believe so. He tried to take my life. And my foster father's as well."

"Then you have saved at least a few, young Chosen. I once advised you to look on the bright side, even if the darker one is bigger."

Pregare placed a hand on my shoulder: "And since we're on the topic, Juana won't hate me a lot for telling a few things."

"You sure, pastor?" - i was surprised about her willingness to speak such private matters.

"It is of her interest to help you after all, Vaatigam. Help you... and the kingdom. They want you to become better. Know that your gift wasn't controlled at the time, and they want to help you broaden your consiousness to allow you a better grip."

She paused a bit to allow the lesson to sink in my thoughts. It's true that the training done so far has allowed me to have better control about my powers. I couldn't say if it was enough, but the evidence is clear nonetheless.

"And i'll be honest, dear boy - your parents aren't trully dead."

That one came out of nowhere: "WHAT?!?"

The villagers raised their heads from the startled yell. Pregare's reassuring motions with her right hand calmed them as they sank back into their meditations.

"You carry the thoughts and wishes of your loved ones, dear. People born and die as part of the circle of life, but their actions live on within their younger generations."

I sighed as i realised she wasn't literal about her words.

"Don't lose the heritage that your parents taught you, and delve deeper to uncover the memories that remain."

Still, her words were right. I needed to fully uncover my memories, or else i could be making wrong assumptions.

"I'll consider your words, pastor. Mostly because i don't have the full story of what transpired - it would be wrong of me to make false assumptions."

Pregare smiled with my decision: "I'm glad that you remain thougthful of your actions even when so much has happened to you. I believe that to be fruit of the foster fater that you saved."

I grinned from her remark: "Still giving points to defend your stand?"

"It is the truth, yes?"

"Quite so."

I stood up and bowed to Pregare before making my way towards the Chapel's doors.

"What will you do now, Vaatigam?"

"Make amends with my past. Even if the tragedy was commited as unwillingly as you stated, i still have to solve some issues. Especially now, since i've regained my memories."

"Have a safe journey!" - said Pregare with a kind wave from her hand.

She didn't notice i could sense her words from a distance: "Be strong, dear."

Memories of the past arose at the time. Pregare was the first Highlander that ever assisted me. She was always defending my rookie moves. Maybe i should take her advices as she took my ineptitude and have faith in her advices, just like she had in my growth.

I tried to broaden my lips to the sides as i made my way to the Smithy.
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18-11-2014: Event update & Diary status

It's been a while since i've taken some time to dabble about the diary's future.

I'll be honest - between my university's essays and my first choir concert, i've been quite busy. To the point of doing an episode over three days, and almost writing it without a clear structure of what i wanted with the episode.

Worst is the path the forums are going. The administration is getting more absent due to their fundamented issues, and there's this sore feeling about the 9*.

Yup, not less than a month after i've won my first 8* has passed, and they started showcasing 9* out there. "Too soon" was the general consent. And to be honest, it's kinda explainable - they've rushed the events by diminishing their schedule quite a lot more than the years before. Just for everyone to have a clear idea - when the 7* were first introduced, we had around 36 events where they showcased 7*. Regarding the 8*, we had over 60 events, and i'm not counting the paralel events that aired alongside the main ones (if we can call them that).

So, yes. The evolution this game is taking is towards gaining as much profit as possible by narrowing the events. Some may say, with reason, that due to them reducing the number of days, it is possible to reach some 8* with P items on specific events and a few bucks spent (or a lucky 7* EU find/trade/purchase).

As for myself ... i've decided to not spend any more on Fantasica. Or at least, try my utmost best not to. The game is heading towards the CCG (collectible card game) niche, which is a really bad idea with the current model they have right now. I'm alright with them deciding to lock the upmost tier and allow the lower one, but keeping the 8* locked from now on is a really bad idea.

And if things remain unchanged, i'll gladly replace Fantasica with Hearthstone once the latter becomes playable on iOS phones during January next year.

That doesn't mean i'll be quitting Fantasica. I'll just stop being super active as i was while gathering P resources. Instead, i'll just let them be and catch any freebies along the way.

To end this, i'll talk about the last event before the 9*'s first appearance. You know, i find it curious that so far i managed to get a top tier card of an event just before the next power tier shows up. First it happened with Gregory in the Valley of Shangri-la, and now it happened with this one, Miss Tank Girl.

Miss Tank Girl - Team Event:
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20-11-2014: Stoneshire's smiths (Part 1)

The town hall. the marketplace. The homes of a few commoners whom i didn't visit in the last months. Stoneshire was exhibitting its calm yet toiling atmosphere as i visited my scheduled visits in the morning. And once all of them had my attention, i made my way to my last stop before my lunch with Schmidt at the Hot Rock - the stoneshire Smithy.

The second largest building in the village had a reason to - it's the most sought-after place within the region. Few are the smithies in the world where an elder dwarf works with iron, molding it as if it was its child.

Which is quite true actually. History records show that many dwarven monarchs have claimed to have been born from the earth by will of Goddael. It's also interesting how they, despite not having any clergy among them, worship and acknoledge Goddael's existance.

It amazed me every time i arrived at its doors. It was the only building in our village that was shaped by Farrah, a known Heroine that wanders through the kingdom, selling her geomancy to those who could afford them. A large, rectangle wide building with a larger cubic form on top to house the first, and so far only, dwarven forge that was ever shipped from their kingdom beneath the ground.

While many stonecutters in the village considered her to be a huge pebble on their shoe, they couldn't disagree the need to shape the stone to house the huge dwarven forge that would be placed within, with the right thickness to both sustain the construct and contain the heat.

The dwarven runes and images on the upperwalls were a courtesy of the Geomancer - both an advertisement and a safety measure in case the dwarves would need any magical actions to either improve their work or restrain a possible heatwave against the village.

The only wooden parts that one could see outside of the building were the doors from the two entrances on opposite sides, with the smaller one as an emergency exit. And as i knocked on the main entrance's right door... a familiar face with crimson hair came from behind it.

"Took you long enough!" - remarked Schmidt.

"I had other places to visit, you know. And i recall that uncle Barius prefers my visits near lunch."

"Indeed. I just wished you could stay with me as i worked." - as Barius' sole apprentice, she has to weather the elder's grumpy evaluations of her work. And with the younger audience forbidden from entering the Smithy's working grounds, she doesn't get a lot of visitors.

"Would you accept my company during the afternoon, then? I'll be free, as Camille will be around to replace me."

Schmidt's face showed her gratitude with a smile: "Come in."

I went into the darker interior as Schmidt closed the door.

Author's words:
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2014 9:17 am

02-12-2014: Stoneshire's smiths (Part 2)

Between the outside and the forge workplace stands a small room which is used to recieve costumers, normally with its illumination unlit while it's not being used. Both sides grant enough indirect light to walk within the room without a torch, as long as the floor remains clean from small debris.

Schmidt's eyes didn't have any trouble finding the next door. As it slowly opened the second entrance, the light from the forge's flames quickly lit the room as the two of us walked into the inner section of the smithy.

The forge was impressive to see, no matter how many times you visit this place - the sheer size of the dome that covers the magical flames was quite thick to prevent too much heat from flowing out. A water canal circulated around the walls of the forge, ensuring that the heat was kept in check.

The iron anvil was being used by a dwarf with black hair and strong arms. A regular hammer struck the hot blade in surgical places for the last few times, before it was dipped in a cooling pool. The dwarf's coal eyes glanced at us quickly before returning to the fresh weapon.

"You should have finished your work before you adressed the door, lass." - the voice, while calm, showed its ruthlessness - "The costumers can wait, but hot iron cannot."

He placed the newly made sword on a stone bench before continuing his speech: "Even Sir Vaatigam understands this. Am i right, lad?"

"Greetings, Master Barius." - i placed my right across my chest. A salute of dwarven origin.

"Aye, how uncouth of me." - he responded as he saluted the same way as i - "Greetings, Sir."

"And yes, i understand, master Barius."

Barius has over a hundred years on his belt, and yet his body showed easily visible signs of healthy vigor. It is believed that Dwarves never trully age once they reach their adult size. One of the biggest mistery about them is that they have a very secretive treatment about their death: all dwarves who died of natural causes always return to their homeland beneath the ground at least a month before their official passing. Nobody outside of their race ever saw one of said passings, and those who die on the surface are carried back by fellow dwarves of their lineage.

"Have you any business other than solely to visit my apprentice, Chosen? She was doing quite well until you arrived."

"Indeed. She is quite skillfull today." - i blinked at Schmidt, evoking her most recent victory, and she allowed pride to control her smilling lips - "But there is something i'd like to ask of you, master."

"Speak, then!"

"Please," - i asked, as i presented to him my sword with  a respectful, bending knee - "Could you take a look on my sword while i discuss things with Schmidt?"

Barius bowed as he recieved the honorable blade. Even if it's a copycat of the Chosen Sword, it is still regarded as a dwarf masterwork. My eyes saw his expression examining every minor dent along the blade.

"Enchanted stone, monster blood. I can also see some demonic scars... i hope you killed the fel thing."

I kept my head lowered to hide my eyes. I didn't knew about Vermelho's fate with accuracy, so i couldn't say if i did indeed slay her.

A heavy fist hammered my head. I was kinda expecting that.


I wasn't expecting that.

"Trust me, Master Barius, it was for a good cause. Orthos allowed it!"

"Of all things, lad! Even if you have their permission, don't do that sort of bold actions. You could get yourself killed."

I remembered Luccia's mercy while i was possessed, and remarked: "As a matter of fact, i almost did. But better not to delve on that."

"Indeed." - Barius sighed as he placed my sword next to its younger comrade - "I'll have to make a more thorough inspection. I'll allow you to take a longer break today, but be warned - you'll smite with her this afternoon."

"And what about my plans for the rest of the day."

"Cancel them. A weak sword, even if of dwarven love, won't be reliable in the long run."

"Yes, master smith. Thank you for your patience."

I dodged a side blow from his fist as i stood up.

"One day you'll drain it all, whelp. Eesh..."

It's not common for Barius to lose his posture, but i understand his position. Dwarves and angels have stable yet incredibly sore relations with one another.

"Come, Schmidt!"

She smiled while nodding and following me. She didn't want to said anything - our escapade could make Barius even angrier.

And... more importantly... the Hot Rock beckoned.

Author's words:
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15-01-2015: Discontinued until future chance

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since i wrote on my diary. More than a month actually. It was mostly due to a sole reason.

Fantasica doesn't entice me anymore.

I think the feeling began with the introduction of the 9*, right after the Tank girl event. I believe i've told about it on my diary, and while it didn't affect me at first, it did reach me after a while.

Some may remember that rule i told about the three levels of power and how they should keep intact with every new tier. Well, They disobeyed that rule and made most of the following high units untradable, hereby forcing players into spending on packs where they do not change the initial rates with every new tier. 9* are now a "myth" (yup, would call them that in my diary), and require more than a hundred dollars to obtain. Which is something quite disheartening to medium spenders like myself.

I do not have the time to commit for completion rewards, as they take a lot of your time to reach, even with an EU 7*. Only by getting the 8* or 9* EU will you have lesser time requirements... which are both out of our reach. And for the sake of experiment i did purchase an EU 7* from a player and went for Takeshi, of the Clash event "A Hero in the East". Takeshi was worth it, and it was my last achievement in Fanta.

As for the diary, it had a good story. I delved unto the story from start to finish and had a structure for it. But when the main drive was lost, which was interest in the game, the days started to pile up and became weeks, eventually a whole month.

So i had to put an untimely end. I know the consequences - effort placed unto the story, the characters, the feelings that such could be done.

But i have no way to ammend things when a game deviates from what i could do and takes down all of my interest in it, becoming a collectible card game for whales. And as far as CCG go, there is already one in my list.


Blizzard Entertainement has announced that HS will be on IOS devices this month (January 2015), so i'll be moving from Fantasica to Hearthstone once it goes live. Blizzard's payment policies are much more manageable, and i've already have collected a lot of cards since its beta on the start of 2014. So, once i get my progress on my IPhone, i'll be desinstalling Fantasica.

As for the diary's story, i'm devided. Leaving Fanta would mean leaving the diary too, but the story doesn't leave my head. It's like a love-hate relationship.

Should i continue it when i have the time again? Should i just move on with my gaming life and let it be? Should i make the effort of making a blog and continue the story there once i have time, as the forum has lost almost its entire drive.

Please, dear readers, you whom i wrote so much for. Please tell me your feedback about the diary. I'm still using KIK and LINE (IGN = Vaatigam), so you can contact me there. If it amused you, if you hated my vision of the characters. If there was any part you liked (or hated) the most. If i should continue the diary or just bury it.
While i had fun writting it, the most fun i had was seeing the readers soaring with each entry. It was a silent sign that my diary was going well here and there. Any positive/negative feedback is appreciated, especially after a whole year of writting.

As for the units in my possession, they'll remain with Vaatigam for now. While i'm uninstalling the game, i'm not burning the bridge - i believe you guys know i'm not that type of player. But you may contact me if you're interested in any of the cards that appeared on the diary so far. I'm open to negotiations if someone's really willing.

You may find me on Brave Frontier or Age of Ishtaria for the time being. Always looking for former Fanta comrades.

Until a next time...
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PostSubject: Re: <*Vaatigam's diary*> - CLOSED at March 27th 2015   <*Vaatigam's diary*>  - CLOSED at March 27th 2015 - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2015 5:31 am

27-03-2015: Closure

It's been a long while. While i could have left the diary as it was, not offering closure wouldn't be fitting for it.

I've uninstalled Fantasica from my mobile phone a long time ago, and everytime i visit the unofficial wiki, my mind implores me not to stay too long. Even with all the good memories of the game's past adventures, its future self became something i couldn't keep up with.

I felt a pity that the diary ended before its intended end. Part of me tells that it is what you get when you set goals too high for your expectations. The story was even great, filled with memorable moments and some twists that readers wouldn't really expect.

But in the end, Fanta has gone out of my lifestyle reach. I cherished my allies and what they brought to my gaming life, wishing them a "safe journey" through the waves of real life.

For those who were interested - a peek at what could have been the full diary of Vaatigam's journeys.


Yup, i have indeed gone beyond what i could attempt in my schedules. But what could i say - these events were what mattered me the most, fulfilling my joys in playing Fantasica.

I'm not mad for not being able to write them all. I was quite satisfied in fully writting three arcs. It meant that i have accomplished three fan fictions from start to finish - and while they were all part of a greater story, they were somewhat great on their own.

And i had fun writting them. Them and the diary of my adventures within the game.

I thank everyone who took their time to read these pages. It was a great year of casual writting, learning from both triumphs and falls.

And while some could say that i could bring the whole story back as an independent work - maybe i could, but know that this work wouldn't be the same without being in the universe that spawn it, Fantasica, and bringing it out of said universe could even undermine its value.

To all, i wish happy gaming to all who still play in Fantasica. Some may say that it's dead, but unlike them, i'll say the truth - my life changed, i moved onwards, and Fantasica remains behind, bound by its rules and flaws. Moba, you had your chances with me, and you wasted them.

Have a good day, everyone.

Kind regards,
Vaatigam, AKA Vaati.
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