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 Sanjuro's Bazaar

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PostSubject: Sanjuro's Bazaar    Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:17 am

== Intro ==
Good evening, as you may see this is another thread for exchanging cards. But, I am opening this little bazaar to play the game my own way, and have fun. (may not be unique bust still!) Now, you may ask what makes my shop different from others. Well that my friend is that I only TRADE, no exchanging TE/Pots if it can be helped. I figure bartering up in the world could be a fun little game, so if you're interested take a look around and perhaps make an offer. As always you can leave a PM, message in game or message me via KIK. If you send me a message, I'll try to reply in a timely fashion. I do operate via Fanta time, and do have a job. So I'll get back to you ASAP. I will not trade more than 5 items at any given trade. Just to keep things simple, and avoid scams and what not. Mostly looking for fresh units as well, doesn't mean I won't trade for leveled up ones. ^^

(kik: Sanjuro89)

== Units ==

6*) N/A

-Purifica lvl 100

-Jolt lvl 80
-Amarelo lvl 53
-Luchs lvl 40
-Flamme lvl 45
-Nadine lvl 6
-Lyyli (x2) lvl 80&76
-Ronja lvl 80
-Caracol lvl 80
-Predica lvl 80
-Vulpes lvl 76
-Marshmallow lvl 1
-Antony lvl 1
-Fabel lvl 1
-Candy lvl 1
-Grato lvl 1
-Boreallis lvl 1
-Kuhl lvl 80
-Vicente lvl 1
-Renald lvl 1
-Jubel lvl 1
-Medic lvl 22
-Novelis lvl 3
-Regulus lvl 1
-Teresa lvl 1
-Isuka lvl 1
-Nicole lvl 1
-Gleb lvl 1
-Kaus lvl 1

-Tartu x1
-Danu x1
-Anu x1


-Paars lvl 4
-Dauphin lvl 2
-Altum lvl 2

-Ambrosia x52
-Soul Stone(S) x19
-Rage Fruit(S) x4
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Sanjuro's Bazaar
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