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 I want trade for album

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PostSubject: I want trade for album    Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:24 am

Hi, i want trade for album, now i'm looking for 3*/4* Smile 
I trade whit collateral 4* and at this time i miss 44 3* and 143 4* Very Happy 
Please help me Wink 

Card that i miss:

3* = Alfred, Annie, Forneus, Geronimo, Hans, Harpy U, Hector, Heinz, Hikaru, Howard, Jessica, Johann, Julian, Julieta, Karl, Killer bee, Leevi, Leopold, Lu Xun, Lucciana, Lulubelle, Lucy, Maksim, Mona, Morrigan, Nix, Philip, Phoebe, Piper, Prudence, Sabrina, Sage, Schwarz, Sima Yi, Simon, Teresia, Tom, Wolf

4* = Achillea, Adele, Adieu, Agnes, Anne, Ayaha, Benedetta, Biance, Blad, Cats, Caym, Charl, Christof, Cleves, Debbie, Derg, Dorothy, Drea, Esmeralda, Fatima, Fawn, Felidae, Fennel U, Frankestein, Friederike, Furfur, Gaap, Garm, Georgine, Ghost U, Gibson, Gloria, Granado, Guy, Henry, Hera, Hielo, Hraesvelgr U, Hugues U, Ibiza, Jiang Wei, Joel, Jormungand U, Jupi, Kappa, Katherine, Lawine, Lady Sun, Lieselotte, Livia, Louise, Luce, Mabel, Margot U, Mari, Maritza, Mary U, Max, Mel, Melanippe U, Mimily, Minotaur, Montague U, Nancy, Olga, Oneiro, Otrere, Paeoni, Paige, Poisonous Flower, Prier, Raumus, Rema, Remika, Ricca, Romanovich, Rosemary U, Ruya, Sakura, Samantha, Santa Karl, Satie, Sigurd, Stray Cat, Tanith, Tigris, Topacio, Traum, Tulia U, Valenti, Veni, Violet, Vulpes, Walpurgis, Witch, Zafiro

4* cards that i have as collateral = Alex, Antony, Avril, Blume, Candy, Django, Enia, Estlin, Farrah, Helmut, Imelda, Jolt, Ling Zi, Litteratura, Luchs, Macaron, Medic, Mercena, Mylene, Nefer, Nicole, Novelis, Partenope, Robert, Roy, Silva, Tamias, Vilhem, Wisp, Zenobia

Write me in game please Surprised 
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I want trade for album
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