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 Fenrir Greyback's store, Cards of Dreams!

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PostSubject: Fenrir Greyback's store, Cards of Dreams!   Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:37 am

Privet everyone...I'm selling some cards or trading...

6*: Alt Lvl: 53/130(lvling) TRADING FOR (GOOD) 6* ONLY
    Moricia lvl: 120/140(lvling) 50te or 6* trade of equal value.

5*: Adolph(fresh) 10te
    Purifica(fresh) 5te
    Gilberta lvl: 34(lvling) Offer
    Vivi Lvl: 45 (10te)

4*:MargotU lvl 21(offer)
    Orte fresh 2 te
    Frank fresh 1te
    Wisp lvl:17 1te
    Flammex2 fresh 1te/ lvl30 2te
    Tamaias frsh 1te
    Danux3 (offer)
    Topacio fresh 1te
    Balberith lvl 47 2te
    Luchs lvl 40 2te
    Hero!Debbie lvl 12 1 te
    PaarsM fresh 1te
    Novelis lvl 34 2te
    Litteratura lvl 42 3te

Monsters/3* units: Lycanthrope lvl 22 (offer)
             Lizard Man lvl 29 (offer)
             salamander lvl 38 (offer)
             Lucy lvl 7 (offer)
             Posionous flowerM lvl17 (offer)
             Nix lvl 29 10 te
             Lucciana lvl 2 (offer)
             Sage fresh (offer)
             Erlik lvl 8 (offer)
             Catoblepas fresh (offer)

Thank you, please kik: LadyNeko, Message: 58148440 on fanta or reply here.

We've got the moves like Eren Jaeger!:
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Fenrir Greyback's store, Cards of Dreams!
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