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 A tier list with price :))))

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PostSubject: A tier list with price :))))   Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:14 am

Hadn't been on forum for ages, but seems like the tier list is still popular...and used

To be honest, the list is much appreciated, by me and many others, but frankly, the list...maybe a little biased(?)
of course I'm not saying you intentionally biased them for a better trade, but um....some of the tiers you guys suggested is not as true as reflected in market nowadays (of course values changes, though)

I dont have many 5*s like you guys do so I may be wrong but I'll try my best to state my opinion...with what i saw/heard (im a long time player and had not spent a penny on the game so I stalk a lot on prices of 5*s hehe*escapes from scene*)

Tier 1:
Joachim 300-350Tes
rationale: nice attack, knockback, you dont need a reason at all!
Edgar 200-280Tes
MANBOOBS! 38k land attack 36k air slow, unbearable boobs
Erhard 200-250Tes
nice attack like 38k land/air attack with knockback...and demon lord!

Tier 2
Victoria (dont see her a lot, unsure of price)
like 48k land attack O_O, and tanned lol
Vivianne 200Tes
sexy *O*
Sophie 250Tes
balanced attk with land/air around 40k water 30k
Sheryl 200Tes
no idea why she worth that much with 30k land/sea attk
Laura (unstable as for now)
new card, and cute, demand high
Rose 200-250Tes
very balanced indeed and as said, hot body arounhd 35k attack ea aspect

Tier 3:
Plautia 180-200Tes
bad thing shes magic or else shes quite ideal
Sarah 150Tes
medium attck with barely 30k ea aspect
Julia 120-150Tes
medium attck with barely 30k ea aspect
Emma 150Tes
cute(?) (had high demand, but seemingly dropped) weak attack
Elena (really dont know, sry ><)
medium weak attack 36k land 23k air 15k water...look like Taylor(?)
Ignat 120-150Tes
nice land attack 50k water 30k weak air
I think she SHOULD be tier 4 or lower really, low speed low attack lame skill...

Tier 4:
Lucrezia (no idea)
quite low demand ok attack-33k land/water attack
Seraphina (???) no demand?!
frank, this is my first 5* but frank again, really weak attack and almost no demand
Margarite 110Tes
quite low demand again, hardly see her around
Franziska 100Tes
weak attack, medium demand (reason?)
Caecilia 150Tes
Quite cute cat paws
really low attack....lion king

really low attack....
Adolph 100-200Tes
yeah price range is large, find worthy deal
hes a special one indeed, nice looking but lame skill lame magic lame attack :/

You might have noticed I did not include some of those like Sonia
those are either really unstable/rare/weird cards or Im just too ignorant to comment on, (btw please leave comments here or my game, I welcome critics so I can improve)

A note on sonia
like clock said Smile, she is melee and C speed, medium nice attack and quite hard to covert but many have her so one may anticipate a price drop in distant future(haha! Im holding one myself! this is so ironic T^T), but as for now shes one hovering above tier 2...or lower, in my opinion

Im not doing 4* or lower, they're quite obvious and something most of other tier lists are superrrrrr detailed about Smile)))))

cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: A tier list with price :))))   Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:41 am

theres a reason ppl dont post a price list
i strongly belive ur (Price List) is false
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PostSubject: Re: A tier list with price :))))   Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:06 am

I'd really like it if you could do more research before posting a price tier list. Most of these are wrong and are poorly reasoned.
We also have a price check thread so please look there for the general range of prices for varying cards before posting.

Locked until solid research and reason specification have been given.

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PostSubject: Re: A tier list with price :))))   

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A tier list with price :))))
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