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 Expensive Cards Rant

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PostSubject: Re: Expensive Cards Rant   Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:09 am

To the OP: Many people don't buy the rare cards that they have with TE that they bought with real money (though I guess it's possible that some people just buy $1000 worth of straight TE in the game, if so I imagine that's quite rare!). They build up their net worth over time through playing - earning cards through rewards and ranking, leveling up cards, picking and choosing events to rank in (saving up and then strategically using pots and TE that they got over a LONG TIME as rewards/bonuses etc) etc.

Some people buy TE but more often people buy packs which is a GAMBLE and you may not get anything other than regular 3*s and 4*s. But I get the impression you are not talking about the pack/pullable cards, you seem to be talking about the more rare reward or rank cards, or vanity cards that there just aren't many of because they were released in a very limited edition likely through ranking in an event.

When you see someone with a card that's worth, say, 1000 TE in trade, you might think "omg that's $1,000 dollars, that person is crazy" But to them it is a card that represents months or whatever of very hard work in the game. It might have cost them 1000 of their earned-over-time TE/pots PLUS THEIR TIME to get to where they are to be able to even rank in that event.

Why would you expect someone who has been playing the game hard for six or nine or twelve months sell what may be their best rare card cheap - in effect trading a card that took them maybe 1,000 or more saved up TE/pots/ hard work but sell it to someone else for whatever you think is cheap enough 100 TE or something? I'm just picking random numbers but I hope you get the idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Expensive Cards Rant   Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:57 pm

I myself as an example, I have no really expensive cards, but I spent around $200 once, and my inventory now has the 6*s worth a total of about 1100~1200TE.
Creamy, Borage, Nina, Ombre, Isis, CharlesX2. Morticia.
and 90TE+ a few pots in my inventory.
Oh, and 5*s like Reamy, Alraune, Agatasche(m), Antiope(m), Sarah, Soldado, Kyo.

I don't see any reason in why people who pay more cannot have multiple super expensive cards that are way more than what they have paid.
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Expensive Cards Rant
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