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 System performance affecting units?

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PostSubject: System performance affecting units?   Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:13 pm

=__= So... in my efforts to maximize my grinding ability within my super limited schedule I've setup bluestacks so I can alternate between my computer and phone.

In doing so I've noticed something quite silly. Bluestacks is... afterall an emulator, whose performance isn't quite up to par with a real android; along with me running my design software on the computer... it slows down quite a bit.

Now, dropping frames and a bit of lag doesn't really slow me down. But the real problem is, apparently the units themselves are also affected by the poor performance of the system Evil or Very Mad

I'm running Quest 25-3... If you don't remember, it's the one with the 2 separate lanes, where you have to split up your units.

On my phone, lv80 Angela w/Claudio can solo a lane (freaking awesome... probably one of the only units that can do so due to attack speed)

Which means I can stack Claudio (though he does like no damage), 2 half leveled units, and any allies available all on the other lane. This way I grind and get levels on my units

HOWEVER... when doing the same quest on bluestacks... somehow, apparently due to the lag... a number of glitches would happen, for example:

- Angela would often slash a split second slower, letting a fast enemy run through unscathed.
- I'm not 100% sure on this one, but I believe I've seen my Ibiza and Jupi throw their magic balls... and upon hit, the ball just "disappears". There is no damage done; in Jupi's case, the splash animation doesn't even happen. (like i said, not 100% confirm, maybe I was trippin)
- Same story with any other unit, all attacks come out just a little slower

TL : DR. Long story short, I can't clear the friggen quest lol!!!!
I gave up trying to level anyone and started throwing down all my maxed guys..  but any combo that works on my phone... would not work on bluestacks because everyone just has an artificially slower attack speed!!!


So what does it all mean? First of all... Poor programming Evil or Very Mad ahhhhH!!!!!

"Enemy movement" and "Unit attack" are not calculated with the same ticks.

which means...

Attack speed, whether or not a unit attacks, whether or not an attack hits, possibly even the amount of damage a unit does is NOT being calculated server side (simply put, your own device decides whether your units are hitting something)

which means...

If you have an older/slower device, your units might be worse than they should be

which also means...

This has potential for "bad people" to exploit. As with anything that is ever left to be calculated client side.


sigh... yeah this is what happens when you make me do all these grinder events with no breaks in between  >__<)~ I start rambling about all the weird stuff I find in your game gargargghaggah the rage!!!
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PostSubject: Re: System performance affecting units?   Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:22 pm

this is known.

discussed in depth in the Helmut Trials thread in the current events - public.

two exact teams with exact placement will preform differently on different systems.
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System performance affecting units?
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