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 What other TCGs do you play?

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PostSubject: What other TCGs do you play?   Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:16 pm

I still mess around on RoB and Deity Wars ocassionally (and of course Fanta) but I've been testing out a lot of other games and found a couple gems. I've played damn near all the TCGs on the market right now, and most are duds, but here are two good ones I found.

Dark Abyss - Similar set up as the other games but a few nice twists. First the questing is done first person and has a pretty cool animation to it. Somewhat high res for this type of game. You shoot fireballs from your hand and the enemies die, no aiming or anything though. Bosses are fought with your top 3 units you get to pick at will, no attack or defense involved.

PvP is the same way. No attack points, no defense points. You set up a team of 9 cards and they have an hp value based on their lvl and rarity. You can attack as much as you like but your HP goes down like in a normal fight, run out of HP and you lose. It regens over time or you can use items to restore it.

There is also something else that uses the same set up, called War. It's basically PvP but against the AI. You fight a few waves of enemies then a boss, with the same 9 card set up and HP values. HP in PvP and War are shared as well. You get rank rewards and can go up in title through this mode. You can also set up multiple teams of 9, with more teams being unlocked through levels. You can't use the same cards more than once, but can set up reserves to keep fighting if your main team goes down.

Evolving is all done through items. You get them in quests and duengeons (more on this in a sec). They all take a certain amount of different items you can randomly get, and seem to be plentiful. I've evolved a few already with minimal play. Makes it so you only need one of each card, which is nice. Cards also automatically merge once you have more than one, and just increase each others level. Enhancing is the same, and is fairly cheap and quick. The game also tells you what level you will enhance to before you click okay, which is awesome.

Questing is the same, nothing special. You also get duengeons which are kinda cool. Same as quests, but you only get three to clear a day and then you can reset them and get new random ones. Same as quests but higher chances at cards and evolve material. Also, when allies clear a dungeon they can share it with their allies and you call get access to it. Artwork is really nice, pretty dark and gloomy. The whole game has a gloomy type feel with some cool looking cards. Not a lot of fanservice girls, but has it's share of both. Kinda like Dark Summoner but with much better looking cards and a higher res.

All in all it's pretty fun, I really like it so far. If you join up, use my code Very Happy



Darklord Legends - This game is your standard fair, questing and battles are the same. Nothing quite new or special. Cards work the same as in Dark Abyss, as they stack and gain levels instead of getting multiples. That seems to be the only way to gain levels though, as enhancing ups another meter called maturity. The base stats simply rise as maturity rises until it hits max. You also gain maturity through questing and battles. Enhancing is super expensive though, so leveling cards is tough.

I've seen someone else post about this in this forum so I'm sure you seen the pics. All fan service anime girls. Actually, 100% of the cards are girls. No males at all. Other than that it's pretty standard fair, is fun though.

Here is my invite code if you join.


All in all both games are pretty fun, relatively bug free and fast loading. Give them a shot! Anyone else find any other gems out there?
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What other TCGs do you play?
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