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 Event Types from Best to Worst

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PostSubject: Event Types from Best to Worst   Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:06 pm

I wanted a general census of how people prefer the event types in Fantasica. Of the events we have: Arena, Battle Arena, Mina's Trials, Panel, Recruitment, Team, Tower, and Training. Make a list ranging from your most favorite [1] to least favorite [8]. It would be nice if you can explain your choices as well.

This is my personal list:
1. Panel
2. Arena
3. Recruitment
4. Battle Arena
5. Tower
6. Mina's Trials
7. Training
8. Team
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:02 pm

1. Tower

I guess I'm a bit biased towards this event since I joined during HoV, but I love tower events. You get a free 5*(Usually with this tower event being the exception) just from completing the first lap and they are probably the easiest to rank in besides Arena. Speaking of which....

2. Arena

I didn't really participate that much during HoTH since my team was pretty last-minute formed, but I can see why these events are so fun. Like Tower events, they are the least PTW out of the rest and require not a lot of time as you only need to press 2-3 buttons every 10 minutes.

3. Panel

The general opinion about this event seems to be either love or hate. Personally I like Panel events for what they are. Sure they are pretty P2W, but considering you can manage to obtain a 5* without trying that hard and maybe even a 6* on rare occasions (Though you'll need to grind real hard for that) it gets an ok in my book. This is also a REALLY good event to join on. 1 free 4*, 1 free 3* and another easily obtainable 4* and 3*? If I had joined during the christmas event, I would have been one happy camper.

4. Mina Trials

Not much to say here. They're pretty okay-ish in my opinion. I guess a lot of the community dislikes them and consider them filler events but considering you can rake in a nice handful of pots and TE from them, I can't complain.

5. Recruitment

This is probably the line between good and bad events for me. Theres not really anything to do during these events other than gather shards but there's nothing necessarily bad about this event type. I consider this more of a sub-event type since its almost always only occurs after a tower/training event.

6. Training

Training events aren't really enjoyable for me. I guess it might be because I have a bad history with them (Burnt 50 pots during thieves, only got Adele -.- I guess I technically didn't lose anything since 25 of those pots were Personal and I sold Adele for 13 TE which would have been about 26 pots if I converted 2P:1TE) but I just find the nature of them to be quite boring.

7. Battle arena

Pay 2 win, I can handle. Pay 2 Enter? Seriously? Each pack came with about 20 tickets, IIRC. Now in the 3 days BA1 lasted, I managed to get 50 tickets each day. A paying player only needs to buy 3 packs and they already have over a 1 day advantage. A free player/causal spender better have a damn good team if they intend to rank.

8. Team events

Oh god... Where do I even begin? First of all, it is the most blatant example of P2W out of all of the events barring maybe BA. IIRC, a SINGLE pack gave 100 event Items. You want to know how many you average from doing quests? 4 per quest if you are lucky and maybe 2-3 per 300TP. At least in panel events, you had to pay a significant amount of money to get an edge over the hardcore grinders.

And then theres the absurdly broken team making mechanics. Even without the P2W crap, this alone would have made it my least favorite. Pretty much the only thing good about this event is that you can at least rake in a decent amount of TE and pots even if you are stuck on a piece of **** team but that hardly helps in the overwhelming amount of negative features that this event type has.

[End super rant]
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:27 pm

Thank you for sharing.

Panel: I placed it at 1 because; frankly, it offers very good incentives to both the wallet warriors and the frugal. Rank rewards and BT rewards. Dark Deeds, not so much. But the tremendous feelings of grinding and working for your first 5* or 6*, I simply can't ignore it.

Arena: I really liked this event. Although I didn't have a particularly good team in HotH, it was fun nonetheless. The tension of choosing your opponents was great.

Yeah, I put Recruitment at 3 because of the opportunities to sell SS for TE and the likes. Also, it's a nice break from the chaos that is other events.

I placed Batttle Arena at 4 because I liked the fact that it gave units that were otherwise ignored a reason to own them. But I didn't like the randomness of the battles. The tickets were annoying yes, but I liked the planning put into teams. Although, the next BA may totally subvert this.

Having very little experience with Tower (joined during Valhalla recruitment), I placed this in the middle. So far from the Cave of Mischief, I'm quickly losing my patience. But from the format and style, I can see why there's so much love for it. Free 5*'s lol.

Mina's Trials I placed at 6 because I have seen the best and the worst from it. Best being the Ambrosia, worst being the Star Flowers. But most of the times, the incentives are terrible.

Training at 7. Both times I participated in the event, they increased the amount of shards necessary to get the rewards. I hate this event with a passion. The fact that the encounters are highly luck based makes it all the more infuriating.

Team in dead last: Something that would've been so awesome if done right. So much potential, but why, WHY did they make it so that there was literally no incentive for the boat anchors to participate at all? Why was there no way to vote dead weight off a team? As a carrier, I carried a team of boat anchors to rank 61. I was pounding the desk the whole way through. I was so mad that the team leader who chipped in a whopping total of 100 points was able to walk away with so much after doing literally nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:31 pm

1) Panel Events-
They give good rewards (usually), they don't take a lot of preparation, they let you grind your units while you participate... And the biggest. There is ZERO luck involved. That's my favorite part. There's not hoping you find a boss or ticket in training, or if you get good teammates or not for the team event, or if your monster will recruit. My favorite all around, and the only event i've ever got a ranked 5* in too. (I've claimed 2, as a matter of fact). Slightly boring game-play wise, but you have linear growth to your points so you know exactly where you stand at all times, which is a big plus.

2) Arena-
Fun to create a good team, and makes me feel good about myself when i beat another real players team. Hahah. The prizes weren't good for the one i've been around for, but the gameplay itself is extremely fun.

3) Mina's Trials-
Now this may seem weird, but Tower Defense is my favorite genre of game, and why i got this game in the first place. And to be honest the Tower Defense in this game is god awful. None of the events caters to this tye of play, and the regular quests are so easy it's laughable. Mina's trials gets this game back to what i liked about it in the beginning. Real TD gameplay.

4) Tower-
I like the premise, it doesn't seem as competitive, and mostly good prizes in it as well. The story seems better too, though that's so non-existant in all the other events that's hard to compare. It forces you to have a well-roudned team though, when most events force you to use one in particular (Melee for arena, or Poison in Mina's trials)

5) Team-
This was actually fun for me, and i had basically no team, i can't imagine how much more fun it would be if i had even one other person on my team actually trying. I have big hopes for this event type.

6) Battle Arena-
This was a great new idea, except for... The Tickets. Why they would take a great gameplay machanic and force you to use a consumable item to do anything in it, i have no idea. I love the idea, but this completely ruins it for me. I don't need more training events.

7) Recruitment-
Mostly boring, and so luck based that it's just no fun. The only unit i've ever successfully recruited was Mary. And after days and days of grinding stones, only to waste them all and still fail... It's just not fun. And if you aren't recruiting, you're doing nothing.

8 ) TRAINING!!!!-
I hate training. I hate it so much. I would be so happy if they removed this event forever from the game. It's completely up to chance, and beyond that, the rewards are so highly priced that as a free player i have 0 chance of getting anything good whatsoever from them. Horrible concept, horrible gameplay mechanics, horrible prizes, horrible everything. I hate this, oh, do i hate this.

1) Panel
2) Arena
3) Mina's Trials
4) Tower
5) Team
6) Battle Arena
7) Recruitment
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:52 pm

01. Panel Event
I think everybody else mentioned the pros to this. 5* grinding~
02. Arena
I only participated in one arena event up to this point and despite having a crappy team (5 lvl 40 4*s), I was able to do decently. I think the general layout is fun to watch as well and how people construct their teams.
03. Tower
Haven't had the opportunity to really get into the classic Tower event but from what I heard it seems fun. The current one is iffy, but it seems a less likely occurrence anyways.
04. Team
I started playing during the Star Maidens event, so it never seemed as bad to me. Certainly it was annoying that others weren't doing as much as I was hoping, but I still got ok rewards from it. Maybe my opinion will change with the next one...
05. Recruitment
sss for TE is fun and it is also a nice time to relax.
06. Mina Trials
Not a particularly big fan of the event, but it is still somewhat engaging.
07. Battle Arena
Seems like a lesser form of Arena. It has its perks and there are certainly some interesting aspects to it, but having to use tickets to enter really kills most of the fun.
08. Training
Too much work for too little payoff. I usually just take a few prizes and then do other things for the rest of the time.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:27 am

My list from a player who doesn't aim to rank but just to get the BT rewards.

1. Tower. Finishing the first lap to get a 5* mon is pretty easy, plus 2nd lap gives trade-able TE. My first event was Valhalla and I loved it! 10min cooldown also helps, you don't stare at your phone all the time.
[I really like the current type of tower too, its RNG but you have a chance at a 5* without needing to spend too much time or money]

2. Arena. Good rewards again, can get 2 4* off the rank rewards without spending money. I also love seeing sprites that you don't usually see. And its fun!

3. Panel. I don't go for ranks or grind for the 5/6*, but this event is obviously good for those who have time but not money. Enhance boost is always sweet, and this is one good time for free players to sell feeders for TE!

4. Team. Many people don't like this event, but its pretty good for free, casual players. Lots of TE in the rewards, just need some effort on questing to get them. The team events seem to give most of the cutest cards at the moment, so I'll close one eye on the unfair-group-arranging system.

5. Recruitment. I have nothing to recruit, but SSS can bring in some TE so its not too bad. (also a good break time from the game)

6. Mina's Trials. Would have ranked higher if it still gave out tradeable TE like last time. Can't clear inferno yet, so I just take this as a rest stop from the game too.

7. Battle Arena. I hate this format :/ Why? 1. Pay to enter. Drop rates from training arn't that high. 2. Matching of opponents. Its no fun to use that ticket you got only to be matched up with 5* and 6* in the first round and end with 0 BT. Oh, the layout is pretty ugly too and you don't get to see sprites like normal arena.

8. Training. Been in 2 training events, both which almost drove me to quit Fanta >< Here's an event where you can't even get the first 4* reward with some grinding. And oh the RNG. Was short of 1250 shards for Cleves, even after grinding through the event. A pay to win event that doesn't even give much consolation prize for free players.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:47 am

I prefer the 100 floor tower and then panel the 2nd. Everything else are just there to fill up the empty time.

Also, only in panel events that I can turn 1* and 2* cards into TE. By maxing some monsters, they become good merchandises for higher TE.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:56 am

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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:08 am

memphiskite wrote:
There was a topic like this? Oh well, mine includes Battle Arena, Team, Mina's Trials, and Recruitment. And it's not structured like a poll where someone picks their favorite. It's more like order which one you prefer to which one you hate.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:16 am

meh... they're both the same to me.

Only difference is the results here look different compared to what was given on the previous one.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:42 pm

Seriously, I invest most of my game time in panel events, but I hate it the most.

Game wise, panel events are pointless grinding.
You got no change at all, just keep grinding the same quest and that's it, no matter if I pay or not. Sure, the BT pts rewards are grindable, and its like the only way a free player can get 6*.(I was about to write only reasonable way, but I guess grinding 18 hours a day is far from reasonable)
A game that offers no change but the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is a bad game, period.

Team events are pretty much the same, its just that the event items are not fixed from a quest, so people still need to test out which one gives more, but that is just as bad as panel. Team mates? I contributed over 80% of the event item last time, and I am a free player.(oh way, most of them didn't even login to get the rewards, so I guess I am not working for them for free.)

Boss encounter, Well, less grinding, getting harder and harder and not being able to get the 5&6* reward even if you grind, but much less grinding, so I guess I don't hate it that much?

Tower events, oh, how should I put this, randomness?
I wish Mina have that pause word bubble at the beginning, I keep failing because the loading took a bit longer and I attended other matters...

Battle events, this is so... I don't know, reeks of the smell of cheating.
A person fairly knowledgeable in auto key programs can set up a cheating program that is undetectable(actually, a person with some mechanical knowledge can build a rake to auto press the buttons)
I guess SS designed this kind of event just for those cheaters?
They did not even tried to design ANY anti-cheat system in this event, like moving the buttons around, have random pausing messages pop up, or any input from time to time to prompt the users, its just purely press floor button, press yes button space in case its a boss, press back button every 10 mins.
No, I am not just complaining about people cheating, I am complaining that I am playing a game, not playing as a robot pressing the same buttons at the same time interval.

Arena, this, is what I call a game, seriously, it got risks, have limited chance, ok repay, rankings to brag of(or not), you need to have what it takes to advance, or you can withdraw/try the simpler tournaments. You don't grind during the event, each time you enter is a different situation.

Mina's trials, Something different, with difficulty, nothing to grind for(unless I want EXP, but that's my choice, not the purpose of the event) if my first event is not Mina's trials but those grinding events, I guess I would have left this game already.


Recruitment, I don't even think this is an event type, the Japanese wiki actually place it aside.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:10 pm

1. Battle Arena Events
2.Tower Events
3. Normal Arena
4. Panel Events/Team?
5. Mina's Trials
6.Training Events

Had they maintained the tradable TE and Pot prizes or lower BT amount/victory amount for grindable rewards in the normal arena events, I would have placed it on second.

Same with Mina's Trials. I would have placed it above the panel events had the prizes been what it had originally been in the past.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:08 pm

Hard to quantify for me... I like and dislike different events for different reasons...

Arena (Colosseum) - I just like the gameplay here and the team crafting. It is a lot of fun, this is probably my favorite event type.

Battle Arena - I like the team crafting and the fact units actually matter here. A good team will destroy a bad team. I also like it gets away from TE and Pots which are dominating our economy.

Minas / Recruitment - These are pretty much the same to me, just a break event. I need a break some times.

Panel - I never want to fight for the 6* rank units in panel because it is pretty much a pure money dump. But I generally like the enhance bonus and getting some BT 5*s and sometimes rank 5*s Very Happy

Tower - I generally get lazy after the first lap... I get my 5* and I am happy Laughing Kind of a break event for me as well.

Training - Possible my least favorite event type. I hate the random encounters and I hate that event units make such a difference. Also clogs up my inbox >.<

Team - I am kinda torn by this one. It annoys me free loaders can get by, but I like the event type in theory. If they could raise the minimum threshold for rewards so freeloads don't get anything, it would make me happier. Also some teams had more members than others which honestly is a big advantage since one person can account for a HUGE amount of points. (I think I was like 60% of the points on my team, lol)

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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:30 pm

Arena- It's fun to build teams, and the 10 min cooldowns are sexy.

Tower-It's fun to come up with a plan of attack, also 10 min cooldowns still sexy.

Training- Like tower but harder and a lot more planning. Still has nice cooldowns, and easy to get prizes. (in terms of freebie prizes not rank XD)

Least Favorite:
Panel- 5 min cooldowns are not sexy. I get too neurotic about missing cooldowns to put my phone down so I end up staring at the screen for 7 days straight. Never again XD.

Don't care either way, but it's nice to have a break:

Team- I disliked the flower girl event initially, but now that I know how it works I may try harder next time. A lot of people did pretty well competing.

Recruitment- I find hoarding soul stones fun, but that's about it.

Battle Arena- Not really in love with the new arena mechanics. Seems silly and convoluted to me. I also dislike how the restrictions artificially inflate the price of certain units, so it makes it more difficult to trade. It is nice how you can save tickets though, I might save them for a few events and then go all out eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:33 pm

1. Colosseum Arena
2. Tower Events (gona group the mini in here at #2)
3. Team
4. Panel Events
5. Battle Arena Events
6. Training Events
7. Mina's Trials

now, i do enjoy me some minas trials, its just that i blow threw them in 4 hours and then, meh. And really panel/battle arena/training all kind of meh to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:06 pm

1. Colosseum - IMHO its the best event in Fanta. You put your best hand of cards against another player's and go at it.

2. Tower - Simple and fun. Everyone has a chance at decent rewards usually - the hardcore can plan in advance and try to compete without having to pay, so thats a bonus I guess.

3. Battle Arena - Also fun, but the pay to play factor sucks. You can plan in advance and horde pots.. but RNG for tickets in training can be terrible.

4. Training/Recruitment - Meh. So So. Random boss encounters, usually have to buy boxes for the special units to get a slightly better boss encounter rate. Also it's Pay/Spike to win, but some of the coolest units are from training + recruitment, and this is a micro-transaction game after all.

5. Mina's trials - Fun, but usually beatable within the first few hours. Its a good break period for me usually.

6. Team - Good idea in theory, terrible in practice. Would fix alot of my complaints if they let you pick your own team of 10.

7. Panel - Freeloader's dream. Usually I just bum the free prizes and play Panel events casually.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:29 pm

1. Tower
I like being able to work my way up, and feel like I earn a good card at the end. A constant but casual event to me.
2. Arena
I enjoy this one, and don't get bored with it. Easy to advance with, but just a bit of chance fighting other players.
3. Panel
I get tired of grinding, but I enjoy being able to advance well. Also, if I give up I still get stuff. Razz
4. Mina's trials
I'm not strong enough to finish it all yet, but it's simple, and gives me a chance to rest between hardcore events.
5. Team
I like feeling like I'm contributing for a team. I like that it's not to hard too earn the items. However, it's really annoying that you can get placed on a team with people who don't help.
6. Battle arena
A bit soon to tell, but I like the style. I just wish it was a bit easier to earn passes to enter.
7. Training
Hate with a passion! It's so hard for me to just find the monsters, and then they hardly give you any of the event items needed. I've pretty much given up on them.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:16 pm

My personal list of events

1. Team

2. Panel / Tower (I love these 2 equally)

4. Mina

5. Battle arena

6. Training/recruitment (Make TE off of it by selling soul stones)

7. Arena (Hate it due to it now has the worst rewards)
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:13 am

1) Panel - Grinding seems right up my alley, though it does hurt my social image somewhat because almost none of my friends are gamers and they just don't get why I'm always tapping away at a mobile game.

2) Recruitment - I like buying and reselling/using SS, and because they're obtained from training, I don't have to take out my phone every 5-10mins

3) Team - I enjoyed Star Maidens even though I was the carrier for the team (the rest were dead weight); no one came close to my score, and this was when I was grinding casually...come to think of it, I don't know why I had a good impression of it, maybe because I chose Mel? Shocked

4) Training - Random points gain, but being training, no need to take out my phone every 5-10 mins. Oh, and it fills my inbox with crap 1*s...makes trading difficult.

5) Arena - Losing purely because of skill procs sucks. And event pages are generally less convenient to use; I can't press the back key on the phone to get out, and I can only access the event through the event page. And I want a timer for the cooldown on "my page" too, annoying to have to go into the event page only to find that there's still 3 mins on the cooldown.

6) Tower - Disappointed with Cave of Mischief because of the drop rate of rubbish rewards. Still looking forward to seeing a "proper" one, the kind that gives a free 5* for clearing everything. Also want a timer for the cooldown on "my page".

7) BA - Trade ban is annoying. And I wish I knew what the rules would be in advance. (OK now I know, but the first BA kinda crushed my morale with the DC rule because it wasn't something I expected at all)

Cool Mina's trials - The rewards are not worth the effort. It just feels like an additional place to grind exp.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:08 pm

1. TOWER, great rewards
2. TEAM, I got very lucky during the first and only one Razz
3. Mina's Trials, I get to use my best allies and my best cards, very challenging, REAL TOWER DEFENSE
4. Training, I've had my personal best ranks in these events, so I kinda like them even though I loath the RNG
5. Panel, okay rewards if I feel like grinding, plus I can lvl my cards
6. Colosseum, like the premise, like seeing lots of cards, don't like how extremely competetive it gets and the rewards always suck
7. Battle Arena, no no and no, not even gonna participate
8. Recruitment ??? is this even a proper event?
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:10 pm

thought I would bump this topic back up because I have a new favorite event and it was the dragon event.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:30 am

rotarywhiz wrote:
thought I would bump this topic back up because I have a new favorite event and it was the dragon event.
Considering how old this topic is (a year old, wow), there's quite a few new events. To list them out with their forum names, they're: Gifting, TrainingTower, Guildwars, Popularity, Casino, and Raising events. With that in mind, I'll make my list. Though, I removed recruitment from the original thread's list since it isn't really an event anymore.

1. Guildwars - Just because of how many great people I've met from it. The battles can get pretty fun exciting too. If you ignore that one battle in the middle of the morning, the event is just so much better. As long as nobody yells at you for it, that is.

2. Popularity - I just absolutely loved the dialogue from this event. Really made Fantasica and its world feel like an actual world. I just kept wanting to see the dialogue so much that I just grinded...and grinded...and eventually I realized I was rank 170, heh. Really hope another one of these events comes around again.

3. Battle Arena - I actually liked Battle Arena. Shame that Guildwars seems to have completely removed this event.

4. Tower - Never done a real tower before, but the short towers were pretty fun. Here's to hoping that one day, us players who started after The Halls of Valhalla get a real tower event eventually!

5. Colosseum - Because the battles are entertaining and the event itself is so easy to grind. Besides, there isn't any other event where you can destroy other players 7* lineups with 5*'s.

6. Raising - I'd like to try and really one of these events, since I skipped the Dragon event and had no leveled monsters. Seemed really interesting from what I played, despite level 1 mobs rolling over me.

7. Mina's Trials - Haven't seen one of these recently either, but loved how the tower defense aspect of the game was actually challenging. Would love to try another trials now that I actually have good 6* units.

8. Gifting - Just because a good rank is possible by burning TE. One of the few events that you can still do that, actually. RIP TE.

9. Panel - I used to love panel since I actually found grinding quests for 15 hours a day fun. Though now, gifting is just a better version of panel anyway. Straight grinding BT can still be fun for me, though. I assure you I am not crazy.

10. Training - They dragged this event through the mud, but its still pretty decent. Tons of exp and challenging bosses to fight! Mashing the "assist allies" button every 3 seconds is really tedious, though.

11. Casino - Ok, its easy to grind. But I just didn't find it fun at all. Seemed extremely really pay-to-win too.

12. Trainingtower - Hate it. I dislike how much attention you have to pay to the game while grinding it. Just not for me.

13. Team Events - Please, never again. I imagine rubbing your face against a cheese grater feels better than grinding items for your team to carry them. Oh, don't forget the fact that your team will probably grind one quest every five hours if your lucky.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:55 am

Wow this thread again? XDDD

I will list from my most favourite to my least favourite.

1. Board- Board Events (Roll the Dice etc.) are currently the most favourite events for me. Since bonus laps from Gate Stones give tradable pots and TE when you complete it, HOW COULD I NOT LIKE THEM XD

Either way. Board Event is tough and really gruesome when it comes to spending, especially only getting Heart 4* with spending since it was so far. Anyways, its still a good event.

2. Popularity - Popularity events ( e.g. Royal Trouble ) is the 2nd most favourite simply because you can choose to rank in which princess besides the total rankings. Plus, you can get a BT 6* from there unlike the normal Training Events. Now that's something I like using my pots on but btw you need a bonus unit... so get one or lend one XDDD

It's fun protecting the princesses XD

3. Tower - Yet another favourite for me , even though I have never ever competed in this type of event myself, since most of the time I am away when this events appear. Tower rewards are nice and  the 10 min cooldown is awesome Smile. Definitely worth burning for this event and a lot of fun too.

4. Colo - This event allows you to either challenge the bosses by whatever Mobage has set and challenge other player's team setups which are quite fun but the downside is that with the presence of 7*, ranking for Colo is becoming more harder unless you have a good team which definitely needs a lot of pots and TE.

5.Mina Trials - I like this event not only just because there's a break but at least there's a challenge that I want to take and you get a few nice rewards here and there. I know its rather similar to Crisis Quests but I feel that Mina Trials were more fun, probably because there's no rank for Mina Trials.

6.Training - There's one word I can say for this one, BOOST! JUST make use of the limited bosses and level up your units, its just that worth it! Plus, the event item that lets you deploy 5 of your own units turns to tradable potions too. Spectacular! However, I really hate waiting for Limited Bosses at times.
Plus, ranking is hard too.

7. Training - Tower : I'm not commenting on this because I have never tried any kind of this event before.

8. Panel - Mobage is greedy on Panel events and its always a load of money you're wasting on the 6*, so this definitely threw Panel events to one of the lowest rank ever in my Favourite Event List. On the bright side, I can get some Personal Potions and Time Elixirs here and there. Sometimes, they give a lot of Dream Tickets, which I hope they continue to do so in the near future. i want to draw a 7* Very Happy

9. Team - If you're in a bad team, you are absolutely screwed. You don't even need to consider ranking. If you're in a good team, good for you! This is really based on luck.

10. Guild - Tactics and strategies are fun and the good thing is that you can choose your own members. What I don't like is that you have to spend a lot to get the rank 6*, even the individual 6* and you need a bonus unit too. What is worst is that the rewards doesn't seem to fetch much from the market anymore. I seriously hate Guild Events now even though I scored rank 46 for The Walls of Jablad.

11. Gifting - This is the worst event I heard in history, money spender scheme ALL OVER IT. I'm avoiding this one forever, but the bright side is you can sell gifts. That's all that is to it, no originiality in this event.

12. Arena - Tickets to participate in an Arena are not my kind of game, plus its really about luck on who you face. Guild Events are better since you have allies or your friends to help you in the guild that you have joined or created. You are just all alone on this one.

Recruitment is not really considered an event to me anymore.


What are you looking at? Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:58 pm

1. Recruitment - SSS auction time a.k.a. Dolce farming (2000SSS), Harpy, etc. (still hugging MargotU)
2. Panel - easy to level up LV80+ 5*s with bosses, also free 4-5* duplicate per account (mine is triple)
3. Training / Tower - able to rank up depends on pot(P) racked or Hero Pts, at least 200+ pot(P)
4. Princess Event - fun dialogues and stories I can laugh at, easy if had multiple 6* and 200+ pot(P)
5. Mina's Trial - I miss this one, it actually puts unit skills and stats to a good use.
6. Colosseum Battle (Heartless Event) - pot dependent event but easier, and nothing special.
7. Guild Battle - not quite fit on GMT+8 time zone, I hate tradelock, I ended up skipped it
8. Maiden / Gift Event - close to Panel but way worse, no free unit, quest grinding, I hate it!
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:42 pm

Preface: all events are pay-to-win. At some point you paid time to amass your inventory or you paid money to do the same. In the end, nothing will ever trump pay-to-win players, as it becomes "who'll pay more to win?"

1) Board/Dice Game: Maybe it's only because it's new, but I really liked the way this event worked. It's certainly one of the biggest pay-to-win events, but the return on investment (ROI) for the Casino event was beyond huge. 200+ non-(P) TE/Pots by the end (not including the ones I used), really cool rewards throughout, and a new and different theme. Granted, without an event 6/7*, this event is very, very challenging and can be a real bore/bear to the average player. Since I'm not excited about the upcoming Shagri-La Event, we'll see how my perspective changes now that I'll be playing the event as a non-spender.

2) Colosseum: overall, I like this event second most. It's a narrow margin, but the ability to do both PvP and PvE is exciting. I do wish there were more of these events.

3) Evolution/Monster Party: This is another that we only had one of, but the ability to use my stale and stagnant Monster units for something other than recruiting or foraging was a real treat. I was less enthusiastic about the difficulty and the changes made to the Dragon evolution, but I'd welcome another event like this.

4) Protector Event (Princess): We've only had one of this kind of event, and JP just wrapped another recently (Alternate/Monster world.) I had a real blast playing this kind of event and I eagerly await more. It was a change from the typical grind of quests and a new spin that made me care about it. Once you reach a certain point, quests become useless and monotonous.

5) Tower Event: This is another favorite, as you feel you're getting somewhere as you progress. Rewards are usually great for casual play. It's an interesting event to participate in.

6) Training Event: This event holds my interest as it allows for rapid unit leveling and can be quite lucrative for a free player as long as you have active and useful allies. This one is VERY much ally dependent more than cost dependent. You can spend as much as you wish, but if you don't get regular and effective assists from allies, you're boned.

7) Guild Battle: The more GB's I participate in, the more disenchanted I become. The removal of the Rook restriction regarding units (there was a loophole anyway) made this one more and more un-fun. The schedules are a bear, the tactics are frustrating, and they continually pare it back more and more in favor of spending. Increased wait time for AP regen, increased rarity of event units, decreased quality of reward units (Alias, Christina, Sapha, etc,) and reduced incentives for MVP all made the last 2 GB's very trying. We still earned the Win-Count 6*, but it just wasn't much fun.

Cool Battle Arena: This one is just visually boring to play. They have portraits fight on a red/blue play surface. Hooray. I might like this one more if they were to perform the fight sequences in a fashion similar to GB, but as it stands, I could care less if this event ever comes around again.

9) Gifting Events: At first, I liked this kind of event. However, as time went on and they took away more and more of the incentives while players figured out they could sell gifts to other players, this one has become stale and unwanted for me. They also removed the perpetual boss-ticket rewards that used to be awarded after the final gift was claimed (usually the 6*.) This one has become my second-least favorite, exceeded in dislike only by one other:

10) Panel events: I. DO. NOT. LIKE. PANEL. EVENTS. The perpetual and never-ending grinding of quests only to earn a bunch of junk while being bored the whole time. There is NOTHING I like about Panel events OTHER than the Exp Gains and Reduced Enhance costs.

11) Miss Fantasica: Maybe it's because I just didn't understand how to perform well in this one, but I hope this never comes back.

Honorable Mention: Monster Foraging lets me use my monsters instead of having them clog up my inbox. The rewards can be interesting. Love Monster Foraging. Mina's Trials: I don't think of this much as an event because it could be filler for events like GB, giving players something to do between battles. I would very much like to see these return soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Event Types from Best to Worst   

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Event Types from Best to Worst
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