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 Jabber's Mailbox of Cluttered Pages

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PostSubject: Jabber's Mailbox of Cluttered Pages   Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:19 pm

Hey everyone I go by the name Jabberwooky in game and also in kik. My trade ID is 46998807. I am one of those unfortunate people that have bought packs but never get anything. Its been a long road to where I am now and it sure wasnt easy lol I would love to get a 6* but I know it will happen in time. I am up for trading but each trade is evaluated carefully. I am not looking to cheat anyone nor myself. If your interested in something I have lets talk. If we cant find cards we like then I will default to te as its the currency of the game basically. If you want several things I have for a 6* would love to hear from you. So here is a part of my library:

te 13 pots 20 sss 28 lss 0


Maxed Lily LE
Maxed Hildegard
Maxed Lucrezia
Maxed Sarah

lvl 1 Sleipnir Monster


Maxed Gunnel
Maxed Lieselotte LE
Maxed Georgine LE
Maxed Keith LE
Maxed Blad LE
lvl 47 Mel LE
lvl 1 Sigurd LE
lvl 1 Witch LE
lvl 1 Ghost LE
lvl 1 Biance LE 2
lvl 1 Friederike LE 2
lvl 1 Traum LE
lvl 1 Oneiro LE 2
lvl 1 Gloria LE

lvl 1 Hraesvelgr Monster
lvl 1 Jormungand Monster
lvl 1 Kraken Monster
lvl 1 Arakhne Monster


lvl 1 Teresia LE
lvl 1 Karl LE
lvl 1 Hans LE

Things I'd like:

Xmas Lies, Isabel, Tania, Eurydike

(give me time to get back to you if you contact me please I can get a bit busy)
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Jabber's Mailbox of Cluttered Pages
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