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 Pandas Market! Come and shop away. Trading 5* and Selling alot of 4* and 3* LE

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PostSubject: Pandas Market! Come and shop away. Trading 5* and Selling alot of 4* and 3* LE   Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:17 pm

Hey Fantasica Members!
Welcome to my shop lol!
So its simple just comment your offer for what you want for those with no price. Very Happy
Or just name what you want and send me a trade.
For most units i prefer a trade for same amount of stars. i.e: 5 Like a Star @ heaven for a 5 Like a Star @ heaven and so on.
Also the level of the card is in brackets and no bracket means that it is a fresh unit.

In addition I am looking for:
Fresh Furfur for a reasonable collateral LE below
Trade WWU for anything below bounce

For any further information leave a message or message me on fantasica
my ID# is: 49731283

I currently have 8 TE and 7 Pots, 250,416 luna

Event items:
1 Smoke Signal - 1 Te or pot

Random 1 Like a Star @ heaven Units/Monsters
3k each and 15k per a set

5 Like a Star @ heaven Units (Offer):
Hildegard (71)
Hwrm (75)
Max Fiona

4 Like a Star @ heaven units:
Max Chris- for other max4*
Sergei x2-1te each
Yuriya- 1te
Maia- 1te
Miriam(25)- 1te and 50k
Zenobia x2- 1te each
UStray Cat- 3te

LE 4 Like a Star @ heaven units:
Henry (33) - 7te
Harika(37) - 3te
Tarte- 2te
Achillea(13)- 3te
Livia(15)- 3te
Santa Karl x2- 1te each
Tullia (70)- 20te
Sigurd- 2te
Olga- 2te
Max Gloria- 30-35te

LE 3 Like a Star @ heaven units- 1te each
Sima Yi
Lu Xun
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Pandas Market! Come and shop away. Trading 5* and Selling alot of 4* and 3* LE
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