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 Sale 4* cards

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PostSubject: Sale 4* cards   Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:20 am

selling 4 stars at the moment will upgrade soon Shocked My ID:61881193
te,pot`s or trades welcome


Antony 4* lvl.71 land:28195 air:13714 water:24615 speed C (not for sale yet)

Felidae 4* lvl.55 land:21126 air:4233water:15398 speed C Knockback 4(not for sale yet)

Vilhelm 4* lvl.50 land:13849 air:11493 water:9680 speed C

Gleb 4* lvl.46 land:17541 air:6284 water:13350 speed D Knockback 4

Stray Cat (hero) 4* lvl. 44 land:11314 air:0 water:9362 speed S

Elly 3* lvl.41 land:9098 air:9529 water:5052 speed D Slow 3

Jupi 4* lvl.37 land:10570 air:7754 water:8693 speed D Area Atk 4

Tanith 4* lvl.33 land:11644 air:3526 water:8605 speed B Knockback 4

Chris 4* lvl.31 land:9205 air:12724 water:8454 speed D

Olga 4* lvl.26 land:6925 air:4795 Water:5593 speed C Knockback 4

Veni 4* lvl.22 land:5073 air:6613 water:2971 speed D Poison 4

Estlin 4* lvl.20 land:4207 air:5522 water:4675 speed D Slow 4

Mylene 4* lvl.17 land:5390 air:2147 water:3934 speed C

Avril 4* lvl.14 land:5867 air:2919 water:1108 speed B

Ibiza 4* lvl.11 land:2963 air:2794 water:1108 speed C Slow 4

Scarlet 4* lvl.6 land:1486 air:1933 water:3420 speed D

Gibson 4* lvl.5 land:1863 air:1863 water:1646 speed D Poison 4

Tarte 4* lvl.2 land:912 air:1126 water:817 speed C Knockback 4

lulubelle 4* lvl.1 land:350 air:400 water:300 speed C

mimily 4* lvl.1 land:700 air:350 water:550 speed A

Cyclops 5* lvl.22 HP:93065 melee:D missile:C magic:D move E (only selling if amazing offer)

Arakhne 4* lvl.1 HP:9000 melee:B missle:D magic:B move:C

Mermaid 4* lvl.1 HP:5000 melee:D missle:D magic:B Move:B

Pegasus 4* lvl.17 HP:27168 melee:B missile:D magic:C move A

Unicorn 4* lvl.15 HP:35802 melee:C missile:D magic:C move A

Catoblepas (2) 3* lvl.1 HP:22000 melee:C missile:B magic:D move D

Troll 3* lvl.1 HP:32000 melee:D missile:B magic:B move E

Bicorn 3* lvl.1 HP:3700 melee:D missile:C magic:B move S

Skeleton (2) 2* lvl.1 HP:2000 melee:D missile:B magic:D move D

Kelpie 2* lvl.1 HP:2400 melee:B missile:D magic:B move B

Kappa (2) 1* lvl.1 HP:1700 melee:C missile:D magic:C move C

Killer Bee (Cool 1* lvl.1 HP:900 melee:B missile:C magic:C move S
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Sale 4* cards
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