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 Calculate experience required for level

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PostSubject: Re: Calculate experience required for level   Thu May 09, 2013 10:04 am

I've created two sectionwise defined functions for these calculations. Probably someone came up with that before me but I havent found it in the forum so I will post them here Smile
They may not be very useful without a calculator, but a computer should handle them well^^

LVL is the Level you want to enhance your unit to.
EXP(LVL) is the experience points needed to enhance your unit from to LVL
LVL^2 means LVL*LVL.

for 0<LVL<=22
for 22<LVL<=44
for 44<LVL<=66
for 66<LVL<=88
for 88<LVL<=102
for 102<LVL<=120

With this, the Experience needed to go from level a to level b is simply EXP(b)-EXP(a)

Of course this can be turned the other way around:
EXP is the amount of experience you want to feed to your unit.
LVL(EXP) is the level you can reach with EXP experience.
(number)^0.5 is the square root of the number .

LVL(EXP)=-0.5+ (EXP/25+2.25)^0.5
for 0<=EXP<=12600
LVL(EXP)=19/6 + (EXP/30-2351/36)^0.5
for 12600<EXP<=47200
LVL(EXP)=121/14+ (EXP/35-235.872449)^0.5
for 47200<EXP<=107900
LVL(EXP)=24.5+ (EXP/50-751.75)^0.5
for 107900<EXP<=202900
for 202900<EXP<=348575
for 348575<EXP<=563900

If your level a unit gets e experience it reaches level LVL(EXP(a)+e).

Have fun trying them out Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Calculate experience required for level   Thu May 16, 2013 8:26 pm

just wondering if you guys are computer science grads 0.0
thx for the info though
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PostSubject: Re: Calculate experience required for level   Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:46 am

Big thanks to jackiro12 for donating fJulia for this experiment but a bunch of my allies have been wondering how much experience a 5* feeder provides, and we can now confirm a f5* feeder before any exp bonus (enchance boost, blessing of the valkyrie, attack type boost) provides 2250 Experience. So the breakdown should be:

1* 150+50/lvl
2* 450+150/lvl
3* 900+300/lvl
4* 1350+450/lvl
5* 2250+750/lvl

I haven't eaten a leveled 5* yet to confirm amount of experience per 5* level but I've assumed that the ratio of 1/3 1st level experience holds for incremental leveling.

Based on this a m5* will provide 76500 experience vs a m4* which provides 36900, so each m5*=2.07m4*. Given current pricing for m4*=2Te a m5* feeder should be worth 4.14Te.

If anyone catches any errors here please post and PM to let me know! Smile Happy feeding!

This info was brought to you by #Kupo Clan#
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PostSubject: Re: Calculate experience required for level   

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Calculate experience required for level
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