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 Dark Umbreon's Den: Now selling flower maidens

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What would you rather buy?
Maxed 4* feeders
 20% [ 1 ]
Level 40 4* feeders
 40% [ 2 ]
Level 10 3* feeders
 20% [ 1 ]
Level 10 2* feeders
 20% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 5



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PostSubject: Dark Umbreon's Den: Now selling flower maidens   Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:36 am

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the visit. Smile

Current Showcase
Bloom and Enia
Fresh 2Te each
Bloom Enia
Land 18339 Land 22357
Air 24344Air 18339
Sea 12256Sea 17848
Knockback lvl 4Slow lvl 4

Always buying fresh 4* for 400k luna
Limited Ed make offer

Leveling Service/Search Service
I am frequently bored and I spend most of my time maxing units, or searching walls to find units...
So if you need help send me a message on kik, or post on my wall and I'll do my best to get back to you.
If you need a unit maxed I'd accept te, pots or some 4*s as payment.
On the other hand if you are having trouble finding a unit I'll look for you...just let me know what unit and how much you are looking to pay for it.

Please vote, I will take your answers into consideration Smile
1* feeder set 30k OT. A lot in stock
2* lvl 10 feeder set for 1Te or 4*. A lot in stock
3* lvl 10 feeders, for 2Te. Can be made on request, have lots of 3* hiding in my inbox cat

4* lvl 40 feeder 3 Te each
2-4* lvl 40 feeders for 5 Te
3-4* lvl 40 feeders for 8 Te
4-4* lvl 40 feeders for 10 Te
5-4* lvl 40 feeders for 13 Te
Currently have 2.

As a note:
Level 10 - 2* units provide 1800 exp.
Level 10 - 3* units provide 3600 exp.
Half-Maxed 4* units provide 18900 exp.
Maxed 4* units provide 36900 exp.
Don't forget to stock up on your feeders whenever we have a panel event for a 50% experience gain boost.

alien Help Section alien
This is just an area to list what units I'm searching for.
Anne, preferrably in unit form but monster would work as well -Fantasica Ally (jas)
Charl monster - Me Smile

3-17:Maxed Caym for 56942814
3-22:Fresh Ignat for me pirat Pulled from 4* ticket
4-25:Freshish Halloween Ghost for me

jocolor flower flower flower flower jocolor
This is something new I've been working on, and it is still a work in progress.
Unit rental
Recently I've found that a lot of people find themselves at a disadvantage when the arena and Colosseum events come around because they have just purchased a 5/6* or maybe they just haven't had the time to max some extra filler units. At the same time I haven't felt up to grinding for new units during these events...so I'm setting up a rental system Very Happy
Essentially you send me a message letting me know what unit you would like to borrow, and we can discuss collateral. After we have the amount settled, you can borrow my unit(s) for the duration of the event. At the conclusion of the event I get my rental back, and you get your collateral less the rental fee. To begin with I'll only rent one unit per person, in the future I may offer discounts for bulk rentals but we'll see.

Pricing during events
4* units- 2te per event


If you need to contact me kik is the best way since I spend most of my time leveling units.

cheers That means that I haven't spent any money to purchase Mobacoins for packs, te, or pot. I enjoy putting time and effort into enhancing my units and participating in events. I'm a free player, if you are too feel free to join us:

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Join date : 2013-01-30
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Umbreon's Den: Now selling flower maidens   Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:18 pm

Someone please tell me how to center my table....it is driving my OCD crazy. I tried to center it like the rest of the text but it will only move all the way to the left or all the way to the right Question
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Dark Umbreon's Den: Now selling flower maidens
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