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 Hey there, new one on board.

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PostSubject: Hey there, new one on board.   Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:09 pm

I think I started playing Fantasica a few months ago; just now got on the forum after realizing there *WAS* a forum to begin with.

So anyway, hi, I'm Lube, but you can call me Donovan/Cogs. One of those names is cool. Currently, I'm at level 74 and looking to recruit Sleipnir as my first 5* card. I'm trying my best to play completely free since I think the prices are outrageous, esp. for in-app purchases.

A little about me here. I'm 18 and I love reading, writing, music, and art. I'm a big classic literature nerd and I think I'm a pretty competent writer. As for music, I've played the viola for 5-7 years if you discount me being lazy and I am a huge electronic/trip-hop/chillwave/house fan. Art wise, I'm decent at drawing and editing graphics/photos, but that's really it.

I'm kind social-justicey, so consider this a forewarning. x) Oh, and yes, I'm a HUGE Homestuck. Hence my username/avatar/sig.

Edit: Oh yeah, I love roleplaying. I have about 12 Homestuck RP blogs and... I probably have an addiction. Also do OCs and whatnot, been on a couple RP forums.

I'm pretty friendly for the most part-- I act a lot sillier when I get to know you, so. Yeah.

Anyway, that's mostly it. Looking forward to playing Fantasica more with ya'll.
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PostSubject: Re: Hey there, new one on board.   Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:19 pm

Welcome to the forum. We have a lot of good resources here and a lot of good people so enjoy your stay. This game is super addicting to me, especially for the events!

You can ask questions here: http://www.fantasicaunofficial.com/t95-got-questions-ask-here

You can find allies here: http://www.fantasicaunofficial.com/t472-looking-for-allies-thread

Love your avatar BTW, did you make it yourself?

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Hey there, new one on board.
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