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 Hello new to the forum old to the game LOL

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PostSubject: Hello new to the forum old to the game LOL   Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:49 am

First I'll tell alittle about myself I have been playing this game well before all the events oddly enough have very little to show for it main reason was the only way to get high level cards at the time was to buy them and I never did LOL starting to regret that now would've helped in the first events and got me placed high. Sad to say currently have very little to show for it still.

I play other games like ROB and Galaxy Assault and love them all

As for FAntasica I really don't like the idea of paying for cards especially when I saved up 40 claim tickets for something like a 3x deal and got relatively nothing LOL so theres a good chance I will never be buying card packs from them. That and I have allies that spent several hundred dollars on boxes and recieved nothing. Only to have Mobage tell them they're called rare for a reason >_<

I've been told numerous time to check out the forums and this time around I actually listened to my allies LOL, so I googled Fantasica Forums and this site was at the top of the list so I decided to give it a go Razz

The other reason for me coming on this forum was simple enough...I wanted to see a glipse of what a good community was, I've been browsing various posts and it seems you have a good group of people here. Especially in these Dark times when I cant look at some strangers wall without noticing some sort of scam or hack going on, as it stands the community is fractured and broken and I am strongly thinking of leaving but I want to find a good commuity to join to maybe revitalize my love for this game. And we all know Mobage isn't the best company they have a very Japanese business style of no occountabiltiy... LOL and yes I do know they are a japanese company Very Happy

The current event We're in the den of sin I'm floating between rank 80-150 and battles ranked top 200-300 my current deck is as follows all maxed: Sonia, Achillea, Fiona, Adalina, Lieselotte.
Needless to say I need better cards LOL. I would really really REALLY love to get my hands on a Diane but as it stands I've seen them going for as much as 400-600 TE grossly over priced by my standards. And just having one 6* would change up my whole game but I doubt I could afford one Smile

I'm currently working on max leveling all my 4*'s

Items and growing
Potions Time Elixir Luna
29 122 5 Mil

My cards are as follows
Antiope (Mon)

Gleb x2
Mermaid x2 (mon)
Pegasus (Mon)
Unicorn (mon)
Dorothy (mon)
Stray cat (mon)
Banshee (mon)
Tullia (mon)
Benedetta (mon)
Ghost (mon)
Melanippe (mon)

I wont mention 3* or below since no one really care about those outside of feeders LOL, and I wont mention levels since I'm working on all of them and most have levels. Not only that but it would quickly be outdated Razz

As for allies I have a small group of great allies and when they sign off I'm at a severe dissadvantage Sad for the rest they tend to be on the low level side or inactive the low levels I like cause they give me loads of ally points LOL the inactive one I seem to be constantly replacing them with other members who quickly become inactive this leaves me with very few allies to call let alone decent ones.

Now just a little afformentioned bit I do not Album...never did like the idea even before all this mess thats going on now, nor will you hear me asking to album, not that I have anything to album LOL.

Now I can go into much more things in depth but I'm afraid this intro is getting to be too long LOL, but if you would like to know more dont be afraid to MSG me Konohaphoenix #34299970 and if you play Galaxy Assault or ROB and want to be friends on those I'm cool.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello new to the forum old to the game LOL   Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:28 am

Wow, you started a while back XD

First started to play around the Black Dragon event, but only logged on about once every few days lol. Wasn't until Key of Goteia did I start playing a lot.

As for trading, well I'm sure you can get a pretty good 5* with 122TEs. Good luck and see you around the forums Very Happy
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Hello new to the forum old to the game LOL
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