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 Forum Stance on Discrimination

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PostSubject: Forum Stance on Discrimination   Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:30 pm

Here at the Unofficial Fantasica Forum the staff and members enjoy a close bond. As fellow players, the Forum Staff enjoys the healthy communication amongst everyone and aim to bring the community together through several methods including forum events and relaxed chat sessions in the Chatbox. (Located at the bottom of the front page)

However; The Staff here will not tolerate any form of discrimination. Discrimination will be referred to as the act of harassing another member because of race, gender, sexual orientation and/or culture. We will also neither accept any form of flaming by other members. All members have a right to express their opinions on the forum as we encourage healthy debate with issues that our members are passionate about.

The punishment for discrimination and flaming will begin with a 24 hour ban from the forum and a 3 day ban from the Chatbox. Depending on the severity of the case, we are entitled to lengthen the punishment or dismiss the case all together on our discretion. Punishment will also consist of an I.P ban and a public apology. If the punished member refuses to declare a public apology, we will override the account and make one for them. The Forum Staff does allow light humor, but we will not accept anything that may harm another member. The Administrators and Moderators are not above the law and we hope that you will report any of them just as you would any other member.

This may be updated at any given moment.
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Forum Stance on Discrimination
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