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 SamuraiGun must die.

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PostSubject: SamuraiGun must die.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:15 pm

So. . .
I got problem.
Now I am normally a very low key person, I do not bring a lot of attention to myself and I stay under most peoples radar.
Normally when I do get into a altercation with another player I handle it on my own.
But this time; this time I am in over my head.

Some background.
once upon a time I had a ally known as SamuraiGun143. he was the strongest ally I had at the time, I was a wee 3 star nothing and he was a big strong 5 star. (even though my 3* was a higher level then his 5*) I fed him lots of ally points and Brave every day, till one day he dropped me as an ally without any warning, and proceed to ignore me.
This made me upset.
So I attacked him. . .and attacked him. . .and attacked him. we got into a short war over the span of a couple days, and I eventually had to back off because he launched his shinny new 6* allies to farm me into poverty. and that was that.
I was arguably in the wrong was was punished mightily for it.
It was over.

a relatively peaceful month goes by then today I find I had been attacked by SamuraiGun143 and loose 10k figuring it was just a random hit, I counter attack and of course the little coward banked all his money so I get squado.
But then I get hit again, but some other guy, then another. I look at their walls and see SamuraiGun143 crying all over them that I have been farming him, and stealing all his money and he needs all his allies (who are all 5 and 6 stars now) to stop me. I try to tell a few of them I had done no such thing, he use to be my ally, he screwed me and he is lying to them.
He starts wall stalking me posting a bunch of taunts, and miscellaneous juvenile gibberish while covering his lies on his allies walls calming to never even know me, and acting like I was the instigator of this assault.

Fuck that.

I start attacking him for real, I alerted my Allies this turd needed to get put down a peg. . . I got two that responded, who were quickly routed when Gun posted their numbers with mine on the shit list.
So I am currently ass deep fighting a 1 man war against a guild with no real way out that won't make me look like a little bitch.

I need firepower. I need a show of force to make him back down.

I am appealing to you, the good, merciful, and just members of the Fantasica Forum as my one, and only petty request;

NUKE THE HELL OUT OF ---------! Mad

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Commando Chicklet [EPIC]

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PostSubject: Re: SamuraiGun must die.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:18 pm

Um, no. Edited out.

Just bank your shit and wait it out, and if it's really bothering you,
1) block him from posting on your wall
2) report him to mobage for harassment.

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PostSubject: Re: SamuraiGun must die.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:27 pm

What the hell sprocket? I read the forums damn rules, there is nothing there that says you can not call a target. There was no "harassment" in that post.

. . .also how do you block someone on the wall?
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PostSubject: Re: SamuraiGun must die.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:29 pm

Locked. The forum is not your personal army.

clocksprocket wrote:
Trust me, my ass is just as nice, but I don't go around wearing just stockings and underwear and thrusting it out at random people.

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PostSubject: Re: SamuraiGun must die.   

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SamuraiGun must die.
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