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 [GUIDE] How to farm Wakestones, Soul Stones, Ambrosia and GW Items

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] How to farm Wakestones, Soul Stones, Ambrosia and GW Items   Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:51 pm

The lack of WSS, Ambrosia and GW morale items may often becomes troublesome, however, there's actually an easy method for farming them at ease, which actually gives 4* plus tickets a practical use again.

The method is simple: Leana Shop during GW.

1: Store as many 4* tickets and Premium tickets as possible, but DO NOT pull them.

2: Keep offering those tickets to Leana, each 4* ticket gives 3000 pts and premium gives 600 pts. Bonus point if you offered her Epona or common 5-6*s as well.

3: If you did it right for more than two weeks, you should now have more than 50000 Leana pts, or 100000 pts if you gave her Epona and common 5-6*s as well.

4: Now, wait for Guild War event, which the Leana Pts will shine at that moment.

5: Now, burn all the Leana pts you have, and Leana will give you 5 WSS, 5SSS, Ambrosia or 5 Soul for a large chance, if you did it right, you can earn 60 GW Items, 100-200WSS, 100-200SSS and 50 Ambro per each 100000 Leana pts.

Leana gives WSS only if you are in GW event.

There you go, you now farmed a bunch of useful items at ease.

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[GUIDE] How to farm Wakestones, Soul Stones, Ambrosia and GW Items
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