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 Best option with Moba Coins

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PostSubject: Best option with Moba Coins   Best option with Moba Coins I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2015 10:13 pm

I been talking and looking around and I get mixed opinions. I want to know, is it worth buying packs and attempting to get 9*s or should I invest in other things. I was told no one buys TE/Pots straight from shop. I've been told 9* drop ratio is trash and at the same time, I've been told that ratios have gotten better. And Finally I have been told to save it for better events, although I was not informed of what type of event.

So. . . I am here now to get opinions of this community. What is the best option? And if packs have indeed gotten better, what type of pack is best to buy? (Ex: Dream, EX, LE Series, Chests, etc.)
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PostSubject: Re: Best option with Moba Coins   Best option with Moba Coins I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2015 12:49 pm

From my Exp, anything with better odds. Dream packs you can get extremely lucky and pull a high card, but those are usually a waste of coins. And unless you plan to spend a lot, its not worth it. (Dreak pack odds get better the more you pull, as there is a set number of cards in the pack)

Step up packs seem to be the best IMO. Or Set packs (packs with a set group of cards in each pull)
Set packs, like Weapon packs from Weapons of choice event are not a bad choice, since usually every pack has something decent in terms of EU.

Step up packs don't guarentee any EU, however i have had the most luck with those.

All in all, it depends on how much you feel like spending. Try to save for the discounted packs, those are always better values. And try to figh tthe urge to just go for any 9.

Try to aim for Special 9s




All of these were good packs to pull because the 9s were unique.
Amelise was the first 25 DC 9
Kasumi was the first A speed 9
Liuth is the Only A speed Missile
Libitina was the first B speed Magic

You can always get lucky with any pack, but Step ups only have a pool of 50 cards to draw from. So even if you don't get the 9, you will likely get a slew of 7s and 8s. (and 5 and 6 feeders)

Hope this helps~
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Best option with Moba Coins
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