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 [iOS/Android] Game Review - Crusaders Quest

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PostSubject: [iOS/Android] Game Review - Crusaders Quest   Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:52 am


This game review will be about Crusaders Quest, a retro 16-bit style mobile RPG game.

I would say this is one of the best mobile games I've ever played so far that is friendly for 'free to play' players.

Let me talk about the game first. Surprised

The battle system is very unique as it's based on a 'Match-3' puzzle combat. There will be skill blocks that you are able to tap to activate.

If you managed to chain three skill blocks of the same kind, the skill will be much more powerful when used. Take note that there can be only a maximum of 3 skill blocks that can be chained.

There are also special skills that are 'stand-alone' as they cannot be chained. You are able to use a special skill when you use a certain amount of skill blocks. (Special Skills can only be learnt for 3* units and above)

There are 6 different types of classes in this game: Warrior, Paladin, Archer, Hunter, Wizard and Priest.

Warrior: Specialises in close quarter combat and possesses powerful melee skills and strong physical attacks.

Paladin: Specialises in protecting allies and incapacitating enemies with great endurance.

Archer: Able to attack enemies in the rear. Also great at sustaining attacks.

Hunter: Strong against a single target, but defensively weak except against physical attacks.

Wizard: Specialises in utility skills and powerful area attacks and also has high resistance.

Priest: Possesses skills to heal allies and aid in battle.

In this game, you are able to do quests, fight in the colosseum and do ancient dungeons.

There are normal quests that you can do and you are able to team up with a Goddess and clear them. (Goddesses can also assist you in Colosseum and in other dungeons as well)

To do these quests, you will need Meat to attempt them. Meat is basically your energy in the game. Every Meat is refilled every 10 minutes. If your account levels up, your meat will be refilled completely.

You can only use 3 units in a quest. You can also use allies but they have to be one of the three units that you have sent out for the quest. (i.e 2 units of your own and your ally's leader unit)

These normal quests have 4 areas with 24 quests in each area. If you manage to clear them, you can earn some gold, bread, weapons and even recruit a new unit!

Wait, wtf, what does bread do, are we farmers in this game?!

Bread is used to train a unit. Once you have completed your training, you are able to Promote your unit to the next rarity. It's similar to evolution, just that it is called Promote in this game.

When you're using Bread to train a unit, you have to pay some Gold to train them but the amount that you have to use is costly. I can pretty much say that most of your gold that you are going to use will definitely be on Bread.

Alternatively, you can make Bread at the Bakery.

New units can be recruited from normal quests but only if the bosses are units themselves. There is a chance to capture them but the probability isn't that high.

There are also side-quests that you can do as well and what's much more interesting is that you will never run of quests to do, there are repeat quests that will appear. You can reject a quest if you really want to but you have to wait for 45 minutes for a new quest to appear.

Colosseum is basically PvP. You fight another player's team of 3 units and if you win, you are able to get Honor Points (which are quite important) and Meat. You need Colosseum Tickets to do the Colosseum and you have a time limit of one hour per session. You can win up to a maximum of 10 rounds in the Colosseum. If you lose at any point, your session will end.

You can only have 3 Colosseum Tickets maximum and one ticket is refilled every 2 hours.

Honor Points are mainly used to Promote your units. You can also get Honor Points from allies, side-quests and from certain quests in Ancient Dungeons.

If your rank is high enough, you may be able to restore one (or perhaps more) meat for each round that you won.

Ancient Dungeons are quite different from normal quests. There are 5 kinds of Ancient Dungeons, 3 of them have particular limitations and 2 of them appear during the weekends.

To do these Ancient Dungeons, there are Dungeon Keys that you have to use in order to attempt them. Don't worry about saving them up because they are able to be refilled. 1 Dungeon Key is refilled every 20 minutes.

For the Weekend Ancient Dungeons, there will be an Ancient Dungeon that gives you Bread and another Ancient Dungeon that gives you of Gold if you managed to complete them.

The other three Ancient Dungeons are more of a challenge as they will limit you and ban two classes and you have to use the other classes besides the ones that are banned.

For example, Gravity Labyrinth does not allow Paladin and Archer classes.

There may be some special ancient dungeons that only appear during festive periods.


What are you looking at? Razz

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Join date : 2012-09-24
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PostSubject: Re: [iOS/Android] Game Review - Crusaders Quest   Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:31 am

Part 2

World Boss is where you are able to get weapons of high rarity. (5* and 6* weapons I believe)

You will team up with another player (it can be random or you can invite other players to do World Boss with you) and take down the World Boss.

Yeah, that's pretty much sums up the game. I have posted screenshots below that showcases the game.


I almost forgotten to talk about Jewels... lol

Jewels are basically quite similar to Gems in Brave Frontier or Mobacoins in Fantasica. Jewels can be bought with real money and you can use these Jewels to refill your Meat completely (and maybe Dungeon Keys and Colosseum Tickets too), expand your Bread, Weapon and Unit Storage and get Premium Contracts.

You can use Premium Contracts to get a new unit (of 3* and above) for 6 gems. There are  some units that you only can get from Premium Contracts. Also, if you want to try a second time, you will only spend 5 gems. Consecutive draws after the 2nd draw will still cost 5 gems.

There's also another special type of Contract. There are Contracts that you can use for the individual Classes (i.e Warrior Contract, Priest Contract). The individual Class Contract cost 7 gems and 6 gems for consecutive tries.

Sometimes, they might even give discounts on contracts!

How do you get Jewels for free? There are some ways you can get such as clearing Side-Quests, which are located at the right corner of the screen with the ? and unit icons at the screenshot where I'm in town.

? indicates that the quest is ongoing and ! indicates that it is a new quest. You may get Epic Quests (that have a purple border) and they might reward you Jewels if you manage to complete these particular Epic Quests.

Also, if you managed to max level a unit for the first time, you will also get one Jewel.

You can also get Jewels from Colosseum Rankings.

These rewards are given out weekly and that means you can get Jewels every week no matter which rank you are in!!! Dafuq, they're so generous, OP AS F***

This is actually one of the strongest reasons that I can say that this game is actually very friendly for 'free to play'.

This game is very fun and the BGM actually suits the atmosphere that is being portrayed, you won't really feel much of a drag grinding, at least, personally for me.

My overall rating for this game: 9/10


What are you looking at? Razz

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[iOS/Android] Game Review - Crusaders Quest
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