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 October past, opinions, experiences?

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PostSubject: October past, opinions, experiences?   Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:51 pm

Most of the way through this month I stopped and realized. . .I haven't made any progress.  Briefly I thought the month was going to redeem itself with the 7* panel but even that failed, I've never seen a panel fail before (Did they base the expected number of idle accounts or those weird level 23 squire bots?)

That wasn't even the most disappointing part of the month. .  Missing out on the easy 8* hurt the most. . .  But let me try to be chronological about this.

I'm recently returned to the game, my first notable success was was a popularity event where I picked up a 7* Kagura, and three 6* (Felt productive, right?)  Early in this month in Hearts of Magic, I was expecting a repeat. . . not so much.  EU were terribly rare by comparison.  I killed it, I went HAAM with my little 4* EU, I ranked high enough to actually get a 6* (First time ranking high enough for one of those for me) and yet I didn't unlock squat diddly completion wise, I didn't get 6* Terra, I didn't get 6* Amelia. . . was terribly disappointing.  

I had a tardo moment in the guild battle that followed (Chronicles 13)  Somehow didn't process the 50 Titian I got from my Step 7 ticket was the EU for the event. . . so I sat that one out.  

Upside, School Pride. . I collected more than 8000 tomes, got the 6* (First time in that method / event ) Which is relevant to my final portion coming.

Was stoked for the Treat ticket I got from Halloweens past. . wasn't able to use it ( -_-)   I couldn't use it when I got it. . someone said it would probably be usable on Halloween so I completely forgot about it. . apparently missed even using it.

Between Two worlds was. . different.  Such a huge time sink, there was almost no down time until the six level stage actually started using up SP faster than it took me to clear stages. . Such a disappointment.  With 15 people, it takes what, each of us 16 laps per person and we'd all have been rolling in 8*. . but apparently only three people wanted a very plausible 8*, my group finished with like 80ish laps.

It was pretty down hill from there.  A panel event with all of the players combined effort and game play could not reach the goal set by the Makers.  Then the next guild battle. . Day one, battle one, fought one single jerk who actually burnt pots just to defend, made one single attack for 6000.  Single handedly GP gain blocked my entire team.    Killed it for me, I gave up on that guild battle too.  Didn't want to burn pots just to fall short of the new goal.  Why did they raise it to 40mil for a three day? Use to be 35 for a three day, and 45 for a four day? What the heck will a four day require next?

Worst of all, final day. .This current clash. . Last clash I picked up the 6*, this clash I don't see how that is even possible. . Gold chests with 30 tomes?  And so rare, its so stupid.  I actually wanted this one for a six star. . I like the art, but there is no way I'm burning resources for a 6*, even if I did I don't think I'd get it.  I tried my luck at a single dream pack, got Al flippin Lonso. . A 4* as old as time itself. .

These sliding requirements are making my inner child sad.  Why is it so hard to get a simple 6* when nothing below a 6* is useful or relevant in the current game?  Selling packs that cost 100$?  I feel like the game aims almost entirely at the whales, and doesn't market at all to the casual spender.  I've spent about 20 since I've come back, and I haven't even gotten so much as a 5* EU, or a 7* (basically nothing of value or that would make me more competitive)

All in all. . this month sucked for me. Only notable gain was a login 7* for actually logging in every day this month, and a couple more 6* to add to the pile of cards that don't help me in a competitive event (ex. Guild Wars/Colli or even Clash when I want to take on Master/Legend level. . .)
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PostSubject: Re: October past, opinions, experiences?   Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:18 am

I'm sorry to hear October was such a frustrating month for you. It's easy to get discouraged in Fanta normally, but this month has managed to upset almost everyone. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can say or do to make you feel better about last month. This clash event is worthless for most players, and even their big 4 million download celebration started with a broken pack.

What most of us try to do is wait for the game to give us a realistic chance at a card that will help us, figure out if we have what is needed to take that chance (resources, units, occasionally money), then go for it. The big thing (for me, at least) is to have a plan and not get discouraged by setbacks. Guild war, in particular, is like that. There are teams that will enjoy messing with you. Save your resources for the next fight. A loss will actually help make the fights easier going forward. Try to play the events that help you stock up. Clash used to be like that, but now Dice and Zone seem like the best ones.

Sometimes it helps to talk things through, and the forum here is great for that. If you want more detailed or personally tailored strategy, just ask. I have a few people that I crunch numbers for and advise what kind of time/resources it would take to reach a goal, and I'd be happy to help you too if you have questions. We used to have a thread about how to grind for 7* that ended up rambling on and on through various events. With the changes, that may need some updates, but as we learn the changed rules, we'll figure out ways to play the events to make them worthwhile. We just haven't cracked the 1 or 2 day mini events since they made EU untradeable (yet).
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PostSubject: Re: October past, opinions, experiences?   Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:05 pm

If you're feeling that sad, remember what you gained. The last panel may have been missed, but you still won the 5th panel's 6*, right?

Take into account all the gains, not just the monumental losses. And remember that in this game it's easy to be tempted by everything - patiente is the key.

Also, don't forget to take a breather and play a console game, if you do have any of those. IT releases the stress (I, for instance, play Monster Hunter on my N3DS - pretty good to vent out stuff).
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PostSubject: Re: October past, opinions, experiences?   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:20 pm

Vaati wrote:
Also, don't forget to take a breather and play a console game, if you do have any of those. IT releases the stress (I, for instance, play Monster Hunter on my N3DS - pretty good to vent out stuff).

Definitely, gaming is for fun so have a bunch of games that give you fun. It's unlikely that any *one* thing is going to give you fun all the time.

Myself, I've been playing a ton of Diablo 3 lately. Also, Hex TCG just entered (secret) open beta, so I spend a few days giving that a whirl. Kind of like Fanta with card trading, but gameplay wise isn't quite doing it for me.

Then all the Blizzcon tournaments have got me itching to play more Hearthstone too lol.
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PostSubject: Re: October past, opinions, experiences?   

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October past, opinions, experiences?
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