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 Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA

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PostSubject: Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA   Mon May 19, 2014 12:18 pm

Im curious, as a new player I was wondering what are some goals to have for this game. Unsure of what to aim for atm, I've been focusing on high ranks on events for new cards and fun.

What goals do you have? What goals do you suggest?
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PostSubject: Re: Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA   Mon May 19, 2014 12:55 pm

for me my accomplished goals have been get a 6*, then it was get 6* of very class, build a top teir colo team, then get some LE rare 6* then it was rank in top 200, then top 100, get rank 6*, build a full 6* arena team, then get 7*...

Currently my in game goals are:
Amass 2,000 pots and te (p)
Use said pots to rank in top 10 (as a 'real' free player)
Get 7* of every class (just need ranged now)
Earn rank 7*
Earn rank 8*
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PostSubject: Re: Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA   Tue May 20, 2014 5:00 am

For me, when there's a card I really love, I set goal to get it one way or another. Though it's harder now since we almost catch up to jp and our events are quite unpredictable, not much room for planning. And some cards are untradeable...

I used to have a goal of albuming every unit as well, but then Silly Studio crushed it like a bug with accursed untradeable cards, again...

Also, I dream of finally draw something good with all these free tickets. All the tales of ppl pulling 6* with prem/4* tickets or 7* with free dream tickets or whatever with whatever event tickets make me sad. Best I've ever pulled were 2 thrains.
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PostSubject: Re: Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA   Wed May 21, 2014 6:36 am

Well, when i entered Fantasica, i entered by the Tower Defense factor. After seeing all the gameplay they're offering, i find it fun, if not a lot based on spending.

My Dream card was Melone, a 6* EU at the time when i entered. I really liked her design and the fact that she was top 10 in the 6* for Arena damage, so getting her felt awesome.

My goal was to earn a 7*, and i did accomplish it during the Shangri La Board event, where i drew MB 7*. Didn't care if she would become a common 7* - her stats and art are really nice. And if not for an ally borrowing his 7* EU, i wouldn't have won Gregory ^_^

So for now my main objectives are complete, and will just cruise on the events as i attempt to gain resources (though if a 7* or better appears in range, i'll do spent them to get it, like Mokammel and Pastorus).
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PostSubject: Re: Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA   

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Goals & Ambitions For FantasicA
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