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 Guild Battle unit questions

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PostSubject: Guild Battle unit questions   Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:52 pm

I have a few questions concerning guild battle events.

1. Does the order line (atk, def, mid) effect the offensive unit too or only the Def units.
2. Which is better a second or third iron wall or a unit with Def order. Ie RIN vs Lilio
3. I have habit of playing the Mid line. should I change based on above?
4. I have lavina ie c speed incinerate. only one with that skill. Off or def or neither?
my off group has more 6* atm currently coral, epi, lavinia?? (use here?), nanaca
and one 5* (edwin).
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Battle unit questions   Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:48 am

1: The deploy bonuses affect all the units in your team, regardless of their placement in attacking the enemy or defending your position.

2: An unit with Defense Order will affect all of your units, while the IW unit will only defend itself. So, if you're using 5-man defense teams, having a Def. Order unit will help more than an aditional IW (take Rin).

3: No, unless you decide to change your strategy. (like going for offensive attacks or defending your base).

4: Having Incinerate units is a good choice in Guild events. So, if Lavinia's your only Incinerate unit, taking her is advised, as she's a good choice when speaking about 20 DC 6* units.

Hope i helped on your search for anwsers. As you play more often, you'll learn about your capabilities. Take every victory and defeat as a chance to learn about your team, what it needs to be better (never perfect, as you'll find spenders that will crush you regardless of skill).
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Guild Battle unit questions
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