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 Post 3 favoruite Units

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PostSubject: Post 3 favoruite Units   Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:50 pm

Post your favourite Units it doesent depend, if they are your favoruite because of beeing strong, cute, or if just love the look of it.
Just some pics of your favourite Units, and the reason why thats all, but to be fair that is not taking to become a spam Thread, choose 3 please:

So..for now lets start:

First Place:


why? she is strong for a 4* and she was like jelly one of my first units who helped me  to finísh my first quests, Jelly and Nadine were both cards i drawed right in the beginning, and their description somehow fits to me thats why bot of them became my favourites.

Second Place:

I love her slow skill and her elegant cold blue looks, i think she could keep up with Nadine when it comes to her Strength

Third Place:


I like That she is a Time Mage, and also how sweet she holds up her little clock to defent monsters, she was one of my first 5* i got, and she never dissapointed me.

So you might wonder know why i didnt pick a 6* because strength istn all the matters to me when picking my favoruites.

So its your turn Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:50 pm

I got a feeling that all those sexy units will be up.....


What are you looking at? Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:29 am

Hard to pick only 3. These could be my fav 3 I suppose, based on art and attitude, not stats.



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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:27 am

First Place: Constance~
My reason why I simply love this card isn't because her obvious flesh that shows on the card art lol. It's her eyes, sword, armour her long flowing silver hair that really captivates me to this card. SO much that I have three different copies of her >3< (Unit, Monster and Hero Ver.)

Second Place: Gremory~
She's delicious... I mean, her eyes gives a similar feel like Constance. I'm not quite sure but maybe it gives a sort of feminine charm or elegance. Love this card~ I mean come on, look at her sprite!

Third Place: Xmas Debbie~
I was thinking of another 5*, but my thoughts went straight back to Debbie. One of my first 6*s, been with me the longest. There was once I sold her, I got her back within one hour off another player haha. Yeah Love hers .w. Especially the point that she's CRAZYYY <3
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:51 am

Just 3 units? Considering the vast ammount of cards out there, it's a bit rough.

So, i'll place 3 cards that i really enjoyed, not including my dream card.


When i started Fantasica, i noticed that fan service dictated the extremely high ratio of girls:boys presence. Tenor's art and sprite animations were what i expected of the saxophone's interpretation in the Symphony event.
I'm biased to him because the saxophone is one of the two classis instruments present that are used in my favorite music genre, Blues. Klavier, while being the pianist & my first 5*, was apreciated, but not as much as Tenor, who is, up to now, one of my favorite 4*.


As a boyscout, one of the things we learn is to be selfless in our actions, and that aspect molded a lot of my personallity.

Annette had everything i liked in Fantasica: good, "safe" knight art; an awesome title; matching personality, and good stats for a starting player who only had 2 5* at the time. But it wasn't just about the card itself - it's also the memories of the first Guild event that came with her. Annette will be on my home wall as THE favorite 5* of all i have.


The first 7* that ever "tempted" me. Her theme & art are one of my favorites, even higher than the "almost-equal" Vanessa.

It made me go with the goal of gathering 1.3k pure TE for the sole purpose of buying her, but the lenght of such task, along with the fact that i cannot place the TE investment stored as cards due to their consistent loss of value, makes getting her my "utopian Fantasica dream".

I've already said this before, but should i get an event 7* (or 8* in the near future), Colbert has to be in the trade, or at least pure TE to help getting her.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:13 am

1st: Harpy
Harpy, always Harpy, she's a gift from my very first ally. by stat, she's quite close to red haired Margot, my very first recruited 4*, and back then, we don't have much bikini units or Hydria's sash, perhaps, Harpy is the first one who flies around without any cloth at all, Harpy doesn't need clothes :3

2nd: Holly
The one who brought me to the 5* universe, without her, you would't see any 6* next to me now, nowadays, she still served an important role on event, we all know E speed is terrible, but hey, 40000 damage for a 5*, and a friend of Debbie!

3rd: Hydria

Aquarias sash wearer, though cute, her clothes is in fact way more revealing than Iris, when you combine cuteness and bouncy flesh, this, is the ultimate biological weapon. we all love bewbs and cuteness aren't we?

Honorable mention:
MargotU, Benedicta, Sauron, Ercilia

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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:40 am


Eisberg: I am a sucker for armor and huge swords! I am a fan of the Anime Berserk... this guy pretty much fits all my fav criteria... i wish he were a 6* though... sadly i have outgrown his usefulness..... but i will never trade him!


Benedicta: again... i Love characters who wield huge swords... she is a bad@$$ what else is there to say?


Mercury: this is just amazing artwork... a sweet looking action shot... there are some cards that look like a 2 yr old drew them in crayons.... but thank GOD there are some artists with Fanta that have some talent!

Honorable mention:
Nanael - Sleipnir - Reimund - Ficial - Fuhrer - Nail

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Join date : 2013-09-08
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:53 pm

Ludmila, Orte and Gremory really are beautiful since i always loved demons, Gremore would be nice to have as 6*and she looks strong to. I think i saw Anette on some fantasica profiles, and yes Anette is very tempting, i like the oriental look on her very much.

Haryp intereting choice, at first look it looked more like a monster to me than a unit, but its definetly a rare 3*card i never had her, Hyrida well she is really sexy but besides that, i like more the fact how the water is circuting around her, i love element mages, and she looks like an interesting and strong unit.
If i would have allowed it like post 5 favoruites units, this thread would become quite long dont you think?Wink
I leave it as how i made thread in the beginng just choose 3 favourite units please, and i hope there will come some more people posting their favourites units, or disscuss about theme what they think about the units from others and why they choosed their units to be their favoruites. Smile
I kinda can agree when it comes to Debbie i also like crazy charakters.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:27 pm

1st Place - Archalque
My first ever 5*, I simply had to have him the moment I clapped eyes on him. Not the most inspiring stats, his poison skill has served me well. And hey, he's hot. Razz

2nd Place - Lavinia
Similar to Archalque, she has sentimental value for being my first 6*, thanks to an awesome guild. Very Happy
She looks really cool and her stats are awesome as well, she's definitely staying in my team for a long, long time to come.

3rd Place - Epimeleia
She's beautiful. Need i say more? <3
I don't have her yet, but she'll definitely make it into my (gradually growing) 6* team soon.

Dream 7* - Fang (I know I will never be able to afford him. But I can still dream xD)
Dream 6* - Aeris (another lovely wishlist unit)

And yes, my choices are mostly based on artwork. I'm a card collecter. xD And a bishie-lover. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:26 pm

Do not know how to post screenshots so none on this post.

1st place - A symbol of my extreme luck, my first 7* and probably will be my only one. Woke up at 2AM, can't sleep anymore and went out to grab a smoke. Figured I'd log in to claim my daily rewards which were dream tix. Pulled one and thought which 3* will it be this time...wow, got more than 4 stars this time, must be my lucky day...had to really count to realize how lucky I was. Childishly cute and brutally powerful - Edea was there in front of me.

2nd place - Anastasia. She was the 1st 6* I was able to earn in trade. Took her from fresh to MLB purely grinding away, my 1st experience in this kind of labor of love. Light and nimble but still pack a punch.

3rd place - Yes she is a freebie, a low end 6*. People hardly give her any credit but she came just when I joined fanta. She is the reason why I was logging in everyday so I can have a 6*. She made grinding so much easier. If not for her, I probably would not have given fanta a 2nd look and would still be throwing orbs. People may be surprised but yes, Grace is my 3rd favorite card.

I chose them not for the art, not for the stats. Their sentimental value lies because they are important milestones in my life in fantaverse.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:21 pm

Only 3 out of 1200something units? that's a hard choice lol... but i suppose these are my fave...

1. Oskar - The Bloodmancer:
I always have fascination with blood magic and fire elemental unit in RPG/games. so when this card come out, of course I take the pain of looking and trading for it. Even now when I already have several 6* in my arsenal, I still keep my Oskar and use it as my lead from time to time..

2. Sangre - The Professor of Fear:
I have no idea why i'm so fixated on Sangre, maybe because he's HOT HOT HOT GODAMN  BLOODY SEXY ARISTOCRATIC BASTARD... err.. i mean.. he has a very sophisticated pose...  Embarassed *lock Fangirlism instinct inside the nearest closet*

3. Archibald - The Death's Chosen:
Umm.. what can i say? He's the only 7* other than Edea that I'm really aiming for.. Still a long way to go before I can get this one tho...
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:55 am

boyetvalte wrote:
Do not know how to post screenshots so none on this post.

I chose them not for the art, not for the stats.  Their sentimental value lies because they are important milestones in my life in fantaverse.

Just use the where the space is that is where you place the url from the picture its that simpel hope i did help you witht that Smile" />

Wow my text is now not the same as i wrote it O_o
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:00 pm

no.3 is... well, I'll say it in a way of summon...
"I call upon the Heavenly messengers, I summon you! Come!"

Sylph looks Cute with how embarrassed she looks, I just wish I could of got her, but my allies did not send me much wings during the event, so I did not get her...

No.2 The Yokai Assassin!

Zakuro Was my favorite unit until the Royal Trouble Event, because of her poison and being my second 5* I had gotten, she would be no.1 if not for a the event that had followed after little shack of horrors...

no.1 The Tomboy Princess!

Tiara was the girl I was Pining for during Royal Trouble, and I wish that my allies were on more often during that event so  I could atleast get her 5* version, otherwise, I like her, She looks cute and she happens to be a descent Knockback unit, *sigh* If only I got her...
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Gingerbreadian [SPECIAL]

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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:55 pm

(1) Stiria - My forever DC, never trading mine XD
(2) Fuhrer - Same artist as Stiria, we need more cards by him
(3)Blue Aragon - one of my DCs
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:34 am

So Lugner was my first 6*. We have been through a lot. Went through a bunch of shenanigans with trades around GW3.

Lugner went off to someone else, and through swapping I got Aksana and Amalia. Traded Aksana for Dana (Hero), who was my main lead for GW5. I blame Dana for crashing my device every time I tried to edit my team deployment.

Booted Dana off my team and got Lugner after GW5 at a very profitable trade for me (kept Amalia and gained 40 TE or so). Say what you want about Area Attack, but I basically soloed quests with her for panel events, and cleared quests running her when I didn't have many allies.

Got her at my first auction. Thought I'd just sell her back off, but that sprite is amazing. That tail, the claws, the attack animations.

-sigh- She's almost impossible to obtain, but... gotta love that art.

hinasaki cards and Rethel are on the list of units I like, but these three are the ones I'd have to pick over everything else.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:23 am

My first 6*. I remember wanting her so badly during the Doomsday Tower event. Short white hair and heterochromia are some of my favorite attributes for females. And, her expression reminds me of my favorite anime character, Rei Ayanami.

My dream card. 200 range is absurd and she has the best art, by far, of any 7*, IMO.

Probably the cutest non-child unit in the game. Tiara's story is very bittersweet. She was the first rank reward I really tried hard for. I stayed up until maintenance on the last day (5am, my time), despite having to be up at 8:30. I only managed rank 179. As soon as I got up, later that morning, I began searching for people selling her for cheap. Found her and bought her. Raised her up to max over the next few events.

Other favorites (no particular order): Nanael, Lev, Mimily, Euphemia, Holly, Orte 4&5, Bakaneko, White Tiger, Frank, and Ibiza.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:09 pm

Î also love Nanael she is quite cute to watch when she´s fighting, but i wont post all my favoruites here this would totally to go beyond the scope of the discussion. Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:27 am

Here is my favorite units:

1st place:
Alt - among the 6* that I earned so far, she is the only one that has greatest sentimental value for me. She is the reason why I can't quit Fanta (since now I should be retired). The another thing I saw on her is because I always see myself to her even I'm boy, and she is easy to get if you buy her.

2nd Place:

Neon - aside from Alt, she is also my apple of my eye because their art wins in my view and to be honest, she is my number 1 dream card on 6* units even she is 2nd place. She is 2nd place because my attitude is different to her. She is inconsiderable in my view.

3rd Place:

Elizabeth - she is a 3rd place for me because she is the symbol of being a warrior girl. She is the inspiration of a woman to become brave.

Honorable mentions:

Constance, Stiria, Yuurei, Agastache, Gashadokuro.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:01 pm

im doin a separate list
list top 3 favourite units that i own

number 1: Romaine. i wanted her. Her colour captivates me and the fact that she is only 50 in game. bought her expensive. Smile

number 2: Evangeline
first 6* that i was infatuated with. bought her during the Ghost in the Machine event Smile

number 3 is a tie for all my 6* :)cuz i love all my 6* even Memoria. :p

the second list is the top 3 units i wanted but i cant afford or in other words impossible

number 1 : clarisse and durandal (i love blue flamed sword)
number 2: liz7
number 3: none.
none because i got all my dreamcard. only 7* dream card left which is impossible nw that i bought romaine with pure. gotta stock up and save up! Smile
special mention: i like armoured gal/knight gals so evangeline is the first of my armour gal collection.
phileas, sunesis, alhena, plame gets a special recognition from me Smile
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War Hero [Rare]

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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:17 am

Everyone who knows me knows what my favorite unit is Razz


Ever since I knew how to get her, I had gone hard on gathering pots for 5 months: grinding colo, jumping walls nonstop to trade te for pots 1:2 or 2:3. I ended up with almost 1000 tradeable pots at the start of her event, which fortunately fell on my spring break. I spent every waking moment tapping training stage 1-5 and enduring Adele's b*tchslappings (her attack speed is ridiculous) for a whole week. In the end I burned like 600+ pots for her, but she's totally worth it (besides I sold Constance m, which I also got, for like 200 te). You can say we're fated together~

I like a lot others and I'm too lazy to single out the other 2 I like most. They can't beat Franc anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Post 3 favoruite Units   

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Post 3 favoruite Units
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