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 Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)

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PostSubject: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:33 am

Table of Contents

Prologue - Page 1, Post 2
Trials of Sol-Lune I - Page 1, Post 3
Trials of Sol-Lune II - Page 1, Post 9
Trials of Sol-Lune III - Page 1, Post 10
Trials of Sol-Lune IV - Page 1, Post 11
Trials of Sol-Lune V - Page 1, Post 12
Fan-art from my Friend - Page 1, Post 13
Trials of Sol-Lune VI - Page 1, Post 14
Trials of Sol-Lune VII - Page 1, Post 15
Trials of Sol-Lune VIII - Page 2, Post 1
Trials of Sol-Lune IX - Page 2, Post 2
Trials of Sol-Lune X - Page 2, Post 4
Trials of Sol-Lune Final
Emerald Shadow Shakedown
Cave of Mischief
Mandragora March
The Gates of Darkness
Shadowflame Citadel
The Masquerade of Deceit
The Color of Vengeance
The Doomsday Tower
The Arcane Atheneum
The Gathering
My Teacher is a Demon
The Doomsday Tower Revelations
??? (The final event is a secret, hehe)

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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:44 am


It felt like an eternity had past. With the experiences I've had, dreams that were crushed, and goals that were achieved, I truly felt like I've accomplished a lot during my time as a Chosen. I stood up slowly from my slumber and walked leisurely towards the single window of my bedroom. For a powerful Chosen, some would critique that my bedroom was rather mediocre. A large, royally decorated king sized bed sat in the middle of the small room, taking up about half the space. On one corner stood the wooden desk, and on the opposite corner a bookshelf, crammed with books and paper. To me, the room was all I truly needed to feel comfortable. It's not like I spend hours in there, after all.

I arrived at the window and looked out, into the vast courtyard and the sprawling hills which stood behind it. Clasping my hands behind my back, I smiled to myself as I observed my army relaxing in the courtyard, whether they are practicing combat or sleeping in the grass. It had taken time and effort, but the result was this modest little castle, filled with the best Heroes and Heroines I could have ever laid my hands on. And while they weren't the strongest fighters in the world, they were truly strong enough for me. And that's all that matters. A sharp knocking sound filled my room as I jolted my head up, breaking from my morning trance.

Swiftly, I moved towards the door and opened it, where I was greeted by a beautiful, flowing red dress. The girl who stood at my door had stunning green eyes, an adorable face, and long, flowing white hair which weaved through both her silver tiara and the two, small horns, which protruded from the sides of her head. While slightly younger than me, she stood at a height just slightly under my own with a queen-like posture. She laid her left hand on the colourful gold and purple of her dress, while her right clutched a white coloured envelope. She moved her eyes up towards mine and gave me a stunning smile, as she began to speak.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you?"

No, "I responded, "I was already awake, Alsiel.:

Alsiel raised the envelope and handed it to me. "It's from the frontlines. Looks like they don't need us anymore." She said with a grin.

I took the envelope, opened it, and scanned through the enclosed letter before I spoke again. "Your right, seems like the enemy is retreating. Guess they don't need us anymore." I said with my own grin. I walked back into my room and looked back out my window, thinking about how thrilled everyone would be to hear the news. As if reading my mind, Alsiel responded.

"Do you want me to gather everyone so you can tell them the news, Alex?"

I gave her a sideways glance. "Haven't I told you that you should be calling me by my Chosen name?"

Alsiel laughed, before placing her hand on her mouth to cover her childish grin. "I'm sorry...Amasuro."

"Do you think you're above discipline?" I said in the best annoyed tone I could muster.

"Of course I am!" Was her delighted response.

"Then why don't you go run fifty laps around the castle?"

"Hah, I'll think about it." Alsiel gave me a wink before turning around and walking away with a small skip in her steps.

"That's an order!" I yelled mockingly as she disappeared around the corner. I chuckled to myself before turning towards the window again. She was Alsiel de Lucina, a royal from the Shadowflame realm, and most possibly the most valuable member of this army. She had helped me through dark times ever since she had walked into the castle walls and I will always be thankful to her for it. I stood at the window, remembering all the good and bad times which filled my life. The victories, the defeats, the...betrayals. The very word shook my brain as I stared at the distant mountains, trying to forget the painful memories. That's when I glanced at the musty, leather bound book which was laid directly on the center of my desk.

That's right, I wanted to write about my adventures up until now.

I walked towards the diary and picked it up, flipping through its blank pages. I smiled to myself. There was nothing else I had to do today, after all.

"Perhaps the best way to forget a memory...is to relive it."

Authors Note:

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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:52 am

Trials of Sol-Lune I

"Alex, you in there? Hello?"

I awoke to a sharp thumping sound coming from the cabin door. I rolled over slowly and faced the door, in order to get a better grasp of the voice coming from behind it. The door continued to thunder.

"Alex! I know you're in there, wake up! This is important."

I knew exactly who that voice belonged to and what they wanted. They wanted me to become a Chosen and fight alongside them in whatever crisis or war our country just got ourselves in. A Chosen is a person or being capable of using a variety of special types of magic along with the ability to strengthen the power of Heroes or Heroines, who were basically stronger versions of regular soldiers. They can also do some sort of synergy power with them too, I think. But regardless of whatever potential they keep telling me I have, I don't want the Chosen life. Being a Chosen means battle, and battle means death. And an increased risk of death is certainly not on my to-do list today, tomorrow, or any day past that.

"Come on, at least open the door!"

But I should probably entertain my friends so they can get straight to dying faster. As much as they are my friends, not a lot of Chosen survive for a very long time. Though some of them had already become fully fledged six star Chosen, meaning they are capable of bringing the strongest of the Heroes to battle: the six star ranked Hero. There were not a whole lot of people with six star Heroes, so I suppose it's something to be proud of. At the very least, it will keep them alive a little longer.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I mumbled as I slipped out of my bed. Shuffling sleepily over towards the now quiet door, I reached for the knob and proceeded to open the door. On the other side stood two figures. One was a large man equipped with a large spear and darkly coloured purple armour. The other was a woman holding a green orb in her left hand and wearing a rather revealing, blue dress. That's another thing about Heroes and Heroines: they can pretty much wear whatever the hell they want. I'm not sure what the logic behind it is, but apparently an aura surrounding these heightened soldiers enables them to take reduced damage from all sources, so their armor is mostly for looks, or so I'm told. Despite whatever they were wearing, I definitely knew these two people. The man was named Abel, and the woman was named Chiara. They were both the designated leaders of two of my Chosen friends and both of them were six star soldiers.

About time you came." Mumbled Chiara as she gave me a disapproving stare.:

Leaders were basically the figureheads of a single Chosen's army. They receive the strongest boost of power from the Chosen as well as being a status symbol to show every other Chosen how strong your army is. For the leaders of my friends to show up at my door again means that another battle is about to happen.

Another battle is about to happen," began Abel, "and we need your assistance.:

"What's the battle this time? Did the zombie population overflow again? Is a city being attacked by a hoard of angry pigeons? Did a magical explosion turn a town's population into mutated abominations?" I said, fully aware that in these recent times, these occurrences could actually become real, despite how idiotic they sounded.

"A mad scientist had trapped herself inside a dark mansion, building heartless androids that aim to take over the world. We're supposed to infiltrate this mansion and capture this scientist while battling hoards of androids aiming to slash us to pieces." Stated Abel. I probably had a look of disbelief on my face, but Abel didn't react to it.

"Yeah, uhh, no thank you. Maybe next time!" I said with the best fake happiness I could muster. Abel and Chiara looked at each other with a dejected-but-was-expecting-it look before turning and leaving. I watched them walk away before I closed the door and slipped back into my bed.


It was the year 1778 on the world calendar, and our usually peaceful world was struck with a streak of sudden crisis's for no apparent reason. Even at this moment, my village of Myst, a village of size two hundred made up of mainly craftsmen, was surrounded on all sides with the threat of a monster attack. Our walls protect us, but the roads are no longer as safe as they used to be. Caravans and transports must be lead by a designated Chosen and walking on foot between cities is highly unrecommended unless one is capable of fighting for themselves. And the worst part, is that no one knows where or why these monsters are coming into our world. Then again, it didn't really matter to me much. I rarely left the walls of Myst with my job tending the fields nearby.

Ugh, too much thinking.

I promptly stood up from my bed once again and walked over to the water bucket in the back corner of my cabin home. Reaching down, I scooped up a handful of water and drank it, savouring its smooth taste rolling down my dry throat.

I suppose I should go check on the fields.

Splashing my face with one more handful of water, I proceeded to walk back to my bed to pick up the day clothes I had washed the day before. A good, cotton shirt and some brown cotton pants, perfect for a hot day like today. As I finished dressing myself, I stuffed a stale piece of bread in my mouth, swallowed it, and proceeded to check my face in the water. I stood up, straightened my clothes, and walked towards my door, ready to see a bright morning.

Instead, upon opening my door, I saw a girl ready to knock on it.

"Eek!" She gasped as she jumped backwards, clearly surprised by me opening the door right when she approached it. I had to reach my hand out to grab hers just so she didn't accidentally fall backwards.

"I'm sorry," I apologised, "I wasn't expecting to see you there."

"No kidding!" She responded, still visibly shaken from the encounter. Nobody expects the door you were about to knock on to be flung open, after all. I released her hand and stepped back to see the person I was dealing with. She was a young looking girl, wearing a tight, purple coloured shirt tightened by a green coloured belt, a white mini-skirt, and printed purple stockings that almost reached her skirt. She wore a large, collared purple jacket which was unbuttoned and printed with symbols that matched the design of her stockings. Her milky white hair was extremely long, but done up with a rather large pink bow which sat behind her head. Around her neck was a doctors stethoscope, which looked almost like a necklace. Up close, her face was extremely attractive and had huge, violet coloured eyes, which wasn't exactly the most common facial feature in the world. One thing was for sure, and that was the fact that she didn't look like she came from a rural area at all. She was definitely a city girl.

"Did you need something?" I asked her.

Quickly, the girl brushed off her shirt and regained her posture before looking up at me. "Oh, right! I'm sorry, but I wanted to ask you where Sol-Lune was," she said.

Sol-Lune? I suddenly remembered the Sol-Lune games, where Chosen met and competed by slaying numerous monsters, with the winners winning powerful Heroes and Heroines. I had heard the games where very fun to watch. In fact, the latest Sol-Lune games was about to start in about a week. This girl must be headed over there to watch them.

"Sol-Lune is the next city if you take the west exit," I said, gesturing towards a gate at the far side of town, "but couldn't you have just asked your escort?"

She laughed, "escort? I walked here! I don't need a carriage."

This fact startled me. My mind suddenly reeled with the fact that this girl standing before me was likely a Heroine, and a strong one at that. A huge flock of monsters had just spawned near the paths that I think this girl came from, and she likely had fought them off. "You're a Heroine, then?" I asked. This question only got even more giggles.

"Wrong again!" She chirped.

"Then how did you get past the monsters? You did come from the south entrance, right?"

"I did! I just ran really fast."

Now I was completely in disbelief. "You...you just ran really fast?!?"

"Yup!" She responded, sounding proud of this fact.

"What...you just outran all the monsters? This has to be a joke." I said, still in disbelief.

"You seem to underestimate my running skills. I'll have you know that I'm the fastest runner AND sprinter at my school." She boasted, seemingly annoyed by my lack of confidence in her running skills.

"It's not that! What if a monster catches you unaware? You can't run forever, why don't you just take a carriage? They're much safer!"

"They're expensive. I'm not paying for one, I spent all my money on an admission ticket already. Funds as a student are tight, you know." She said, rubbing two of her fingers together.

I blinked twice. The image of this girl just randomly sprinting through the forests of Hartwood to reach Sol-Lune almost frightened me. That was elf territory, and the elves weren't exactly fond of humans not inside the designated carriages either. They have had some pretty bad experiences with human thieves, after all. If I had known this genius of a girl would be sprinting to Sol-Lune, I would have given her the much safer route around the forest, where monster sightings were at a minimum. Though, she didn't look like the type of girl that would pass up on a shortcut.

"Fine," I started, "I'll pay your carriage."

Now she had a look of disbelief on her face, but hers was definitely exaggerated. "Oh? That's rather generous of you. I'll have you know, I'm not that kind of girl, in case you're expecting some sort of service in return."

"W-what? No! I just don't want you sprinting through elf territory, regardless of how fast you claim to be."

She smiled, "well, if you insist. You know, as thanks for this, why don't you come with me to Sol-Lune? You don't pay for extra people in a carriage, after all."

I thought about that offer for a moment. She was right, it would be a free ride for me to Sol-Lune since I would be paying for her anyway. I had saved up quite a bit of money and I could probably buy a ticket to the Sol-Lune games once I got there. Besides, the games were supposed to be pretty fun to watch. It's not like I had a lot of work to do anyway, those fields won't dry up with one less hand.

"Well, sure then. Just let me grab my pack," I replied.

The girl clapped her hands together excitedly. "Awesome! A new friend and a free carriage ride. I'll be honest with you, all that running is pretty tiring."

No kidding

I turned to get my pack, before turning right around again to face the girl. "I never got your name," I said, reaching my hand out, "I'm Alex. Alex Nowi."

She smiled as she took my hand, "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Nowi. My names Borage. Borage Rurijisa."

Authors Note:

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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:18 am

I miss reading the various short fanfics revolving around the different events we had in the past
great job!!! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:46 am

sGabe4 wrote:
I miss reading the various short fanfics revolving around the different events we had in the past
great job!!! Smile
Thanks Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:21 pm

Well, the reading's good, and had a good start fleshing out the main character, but i need to ask something: you referred the year 78, so are you refering to 1778, since the earliest year recorded in Fantasica lore is 1685, in the opening scene, or was that just a random number?
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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:40 pm

Vaati wrote:
Well, the reading's good, and had a good start fleshing out the main character, but i need to ask something: you referred the year 78, so are you refering to 1778, since the earliest year recorded in Fantasica lore is 1685, in the opening scene, or was that just a random number?
Oh yeah, from the games own opening, right? I had completely forgot about that, and just went to re-look at it now.

Yeah, since I didn't see a date on yours, I just randomly chose 78. I suppose making it 1778 works fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:27 am

I didn't placed a date because i didn't wanted to spoil timelines. You never know when Fanta decides to change something in the story timewise (which is pretty much unlikely, but i still have to respect their boundaries).
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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:24 am

Trials of Sol-Lune II

"Are you feeling okay?"

The question felt like wind, as it blew unexpectedly into my right ear. Admittedly, I wasn't completely fine. I don't take carriages often, and for a good reason. The particular path we were taking through Hartwood forest was particularly bumpy; something my minor motion sickness didn't agree with. Luckily, I got used to it after a while and slowly felt better, but my traveling companion didn't need to know about that.

"I'm fine, why?" I asked, knowing the response I was about to get.

"Well, you just...looked sick," responded Borage with an intrigued look, "do you always look like that?"

"Tch, funny." I grunted, not entirely amused by Borage's last comment. Though, I had to admit that it felt like she was pushing for a conversation. After all, the first half of the journey was in complete silence due to me being in a state of dizziness for pretty much the entire time. The fact that she would constantly move her legs and randomly whistle wasn't exactly helping either. I also considered the possibility that I was using my motion sickness as an excuse for me to not talk to her. I didn't like talking to people, and especially not to a stranger like her. On top of that, I had also constantly asked myself why exactly I did this. After all, I had zero intention of watching the Sol-Lune games and did not plan to leave Myst anytime soon, since it had been ages since I last left the village for longer than a few days.

I leaned back in my wooden seat on the bumpy carriage and looked up into the flurry of leaves which covered the daylight, to think hard about what exactly I was doing. Well for one, I was headed to the Sol-Lune games with somebody I had never met before, so that's probably an important point. I looked back down to see the white haired girl, and her incredibly bored look, in front of me. I sighed, as I realized I should probably start a conversation with this girl so she doesn't blow up or something. I might possibly end up attached to her for longer than I anticipated, after all.

"So," I began, "where did you come from?"

"Therion!" She blurted immediately.

Well, it seems like I've popped the balloon

"You're a doctor there?" I asked. Borage seemed to look extremely pleased at the question.

"Do I look like a doctor?" She responded playfully, leaning closer towards me.

"Well..." I started, leaning back slightly, "the stethoscope is a big giveaway." Borage leaned back and started to put her hand to her mouth and giggle.

"Ooh, this!" She laughed, batting the stethoscope with her hand, "I just wear this for fun. I'm studying to become a doctor though! I'll return this to the real doctor when I get my own one day."

"You...stole it?"

"Swiped, pilfered, borrowed, stole, etc. He won't miss it, I saw a whole lot of them in the back...I think."

I put my hand to my face and sighed. She couldn't just ask for one? "So you're a student at Therion Academy then?"

"Yup! It's my final year too." Borage began to bounce up and down on her seat, happy of her eminent graduation.

Suddenly, I came to a realization. "Wait a second, school is supposed to still be going on now! You shouldn't be out here."

"Well, you know, somebody won these tickets for free and gave me one. It's the Sol-Lune games, man, who'd want to miss that?"

Apparently, the guy who gave you the ticket did.

Excitedly, Borage pulled out a small slip of paper from her jacket pocket and displayed it proudly, with both her hands, in front of my face. It was an admission ticket for the Sol-Lune games. "See?" She said proudly.

I descended into thought once again as Borage slipped the ticket back into her pocket. A student, huh? It dawned on me that she was likely just slightly younger than me, as if I went to Therion Academy, I would have graduated a year ago. The very thought almost surprised me as her initial posture and demeanor made me think she was slightly older than me. First impressions aren't everything, I suppose.

I snapped back into reality as the carriage slowed to a crawl, until it stopped. "We're here," said the monotone voice of the carriage driver, "welcome to Sol-Lune."

Borage leapt excitedly off the back of the carriage as I paid the carriage driver. Slowly, I climbed out of the carriage and watched the carriage ride back into the forest. This, apparently, annoyed my traveling companion.

"Come on! The daylight won't last forever!" Yelled Borage from the city gates.

"Your waiting for me?" I responded as I approached her position.

"Well, do you see anyone else that I would be waiting for? Hurry up!" She said impatiently as she grabbed my arm. Swiftly, I began to be dragged past the iron gate and stone walls of Sol-Lune and into the city itself.


I was almost surprised at the sight that greeted me. Sol-Lune was one hell of a ghost town for a city containing one of the biggest annual events in the country. Boring, white coloured stone buildings stood to the left and right of an empty cobble street. Up ahead stood the towns inn, where a small crowd of people could be seen angrily arguing at each other. I had expected a city similar to Silversong, the only city I had ever been to, but Sol-Lune was incredibly depressing.

"Well this city's depressing." I said, voicing out my thoughts.

"Maybe...they're all at the festival?" Responded Borage, who had already released my arm, "should I go talk to those extremely angry people inside the inn?"

"If you have a death wish." I ignored Borage and continue to walk forward. The sounds of a large crowd of people could definitely be heard, but it was deep in the distance. Surely, the festival was somewhere in the city. A few more streets down, it became obvious. Standing in front of me, was a large, magical barrier which sectioned off about half the town. Scanning the large, purple miasma, I traced a small area where the wall started to ripple slightly, as if somebody poked it with a spoon. The door inside had to be there.

The effort it took to secure the Sol-Lune games land would have been immense. A magical barrier this size would probably have taken most of the energy out of a seasoned mage. As I questioned the intensity of the game's security, I arrived at the door, where a lone figure guarded the small slit in the wall. I looked closer at the young man which guarded the door. He seemed to be no older than me and wore a mixture of chainmail and leather armor on top of his teal coloured pants and shirt. He also wore a short red cape around his neck, which currently floated in the wind. He certainly looked dashing, but his serious and unhappy face suggested otherwise. A small hand slammed itself on my right shoulder as I turned to see an exhausted Borage, panting for breath.

"For someone who ran from Therion to Myst, you seem to tire quickly." I remarked.

"Well...the people at the inn...really wanted my...ticket." She gasped.

She actually talked to the people there? Wow.

Suddenly, Borage perked up and looked at the man standing at the door. "Well...never mind that! Come on, I see you...found the door!" Grabbing my arm once again, Borage began dragging me towards the angry looking man. As we got closer, the man stepped to the side, blocking the door.

"The Trials of Sol-Lune are through here," he said in an attempt to exert his strength, "do you have a ticket?"

"Right here!" Chirped Borage, waving the ticket in the air. Without hesitation, the man grabbed the ticket and slipped it into a small slit in the wall, where a box filled with tickets could be faintly seen on the other side. He then turned towards me.

"And you?"

"I was told you can buy them at the door." I replied.

"You can't anymore. New security measures." Was his curt response. He began to gesture his hand towards Borage, "girl, you can enter. As for your friend...he can't."

"But..." Began Borage, before I cut her off.

"Its fine." I said, nudging Borage towards the door. The man guarding the door didn't seem too interested in playing games today, so I turned around and began to walk dejectedly away from the door. I could hear a flurry of light footsteps behind me.

"H-hey! You're not leaving are you?" Said Borage hurriedly.

"What do you want me to do? I can't get in without having a ticket beforehand," I replied to the disappointed Borage, "I'll be staying at that inn with all the angry people before heading back to Myst in the morning."

"W-well...at least wait for me tomorrow morning so I can see you off! I can pay for your carriage!"

I smiled at her offer, pleased at the fact that she felt sorry at bringing me to an event that I couldn't get into. "Thanks," I said, as I patted her head, "now go on and have fun." I then began to walk back the way I came from, towards the inn with all the angry people. The people there had to have travelled even farther than me with the intention of buying a ticket at the door. No wonder they looked so mad.

Turning my head slightly behind me, I saw Borage drag her feet dejectedly through the door. Borage wanted to go to the games more than me, so at least she managed to get in. Pleased with my own thoughts, I looked forward and began walking the cobble streets back towards the inn.

Authors Note:
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PostSubject: Re: Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)   Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:27 am

Trials of Sol-Lune III


This inn was terrible. Due to being the only inn not inside the grounds for the games, it was insanely crowded. All the angry spectators who never pre-bought a ticket where sent here to spend the night, and there were a lot of them. So many that the staff just shoved multiple occupants into the same room. Luckily, I was one of the few people who scored his own room.


Besides the overcrowded rooms, the service wasn't a whole lot better either. Most of the beds where moved to the inns inside the grounds for the game, so all we got where these cheaply made mats to sleep on. Past that, the food was nothing more than whatever leftover grains the city had stored up in the reserves. It was probably the worst night in an inn I will ever live through in my life.


Though I'm not sure why exactly they did this. There's numerous, well dressed people here, so they would have money. Why would they prevent new spectators from buying their way inside the grounds? The guard at the front mentioned that it was some sort of new security measure, so they should have one very good reason for pissing off this many people. I can't imagine how the hosts are going to handle the backlash after this.


And where...is that annoying tapping sound coming from? I stood up from my mat on the floor and looked to the window sitting right above where I was sleeping. There I saw it: rocks being thrown at the window. Somebody wanted to see me, I suppose. I approached the window and pulled it open, only to be greeted by a whole handful of thrown rocks.

"Ow! Who's doing that!?" The rocks blinded me for a second before I wiped my eyes and looked at the rock launcher standing below my window. The person standing below me was...well...there really is only one person it could have been.

"Borage! The hell are you doing?" I tried not to yell while the rest of the inn was sleeping, but I tried to convey my discontent as best as I could.

"Trying to wake you up! Are you awake? I read about this method in a book once." Responded Borage, completely unfazed by my annoyed tone.

"I don't know! Do I look asleep?"

"Well...do you have a history of sleepwalking? You know, sleepwalking is a real thing. About one in every four people do it."

I slammed my open hand against my face. It was probably two in the morning and I was not ready for this. "Just...just what do you want?" I asked.

"Get your bags, return your key, and get down here! You need to come with me!" Was her response. In my sleepy state, I became extremely confused by this response.

"Says who?"

"Says me! I just said it two seconds ago, can't you hear?"

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"No! It has to be right now! NOW! Come on, hurry up!"

By now, Borage started to sound as impatient as I was. Though, this only raised my curiosity. What could she possibly want at this time that was this important? True, I could have closed the window right there and went back to sleep, but some urge inside of me drove me to proceed to grab my bags, drop my room key in the box at the front, and step out the door. Of course, I was expecting whatever I was about to do to be something I'd regret later anyway.


Leaving the inn, I headed, or was dragged, towards the town gate where we waved past a couple of half asleep guards. Instead of taking the path down, however, Borage dragged me off the path into the woods once we were out of sight from the guards. The cold, damp ground of the forest floor on top of the fact that the trees looked like shadows from the darkening night sky made me feel incredibly uneasy about our night run through the forest. Actually, why was I running off the path into the forest in the middle of the night with somebody I had just met a few days ago? There is no caution in any move I'm doing at the moment. Who's to say I can even trust this person? What if she's taking me straight towards a bandit ambush, or we run into monsters and end up getting killed in the dark? I've lived in the same town for my whole life, never venturing out to deal with monsters or taking any risk of death. So why; why was I doing this now?

"Hey, we're here." Whispered Borage. At least in the dark, she couldn't tell that I had spaced out in my thoughts again. Wondering where exactly 'here' was, I began to turn my head frantically to survey my surroundings and scan for any bandits nearby that might want to mug me. Not like I could fight them off by myself. Thankfully, we had reached the edge of the forest, so a vast field of waving grass stood in front of me, while the, now illuminated trees, stood behind me. The moon shone brightly in this spot, so everything was clearly illuminated. Satisfied that I wasn't brought to an ambush, I finally noticed that Borage had knelt down. That's when I saw it: a medium sized hole in the ground made from explosives.

I knelt down and looked into the hole. From the moons illumination, I could see a tunnel stretching deep into the ground. "You...you made this?" I said in disbelief.

Borage looked back at me with a shocked look on her face, "you kidding? Did I look like I had explosives on me?" Getting on her hands, she leaned forwards and stuck her head into the tunnel, "it apparently goes all the way into town."

Kneeling beside Borage, I stuck my head into the dirt hole in the floor. Despite the fact that the shadow of our heads partially blocked the light of the moon from lighting up the tunnel, I could clearly see a tunnel inside which seemed to stretch towards town. The tunnel even looked tall enough so that one can even stand up while inside.

"I checked the tunnel before I went to get you. It takes you straight into the field where the Chosen contestants will be batting monsters tomorrow." Borage turned her head towards me, showing her incredibly childish grin, "from there, you just walk into the festival grounds and ta-da! You're a spectator."

"And where did you learn of this tunnel, exactly?" I questioned her.

"Oh, I just asked some locals!"

Wow, I'd like to see how that conversation went.

Borage began to slide her legs in front of her, before hoping into the tunnel. She then turned around and gave me an expectant look, "well? Come on then."

I stared down and looked at Borage's excited face, waiting for me to jump into the tunnel with her. It seemed like a safe enough plan; if Borage had gone through the tunnel once already, it couldn't be dangerous. Besides, it also means that no guards were stationed near where the tunnel begins, since nobody stopped the white-haired girl from hopping into a manmade tunnel which traveled straight into the festival grounds from the outside. Though, if Borage had got the tunnel information from a local, wouldn't that mean the guards are supposed to have knowledge about this tunnel? Why wouldn't they station a guard at the entrance? True, I suppose nobody would have expected an exit to be blown up in the middle of a forest, but considering how tight their security was at the front, I would have at least expected somebody to cover the tunnels.

What if they don't know about this exit.

What if this was why security was increased? Some outsiders hopped into the festival grounds and got caught, so they increased the security at the front to prevent more unwanted guests from slipping inside. Though, that still doesn't explain why they prevented people from buying tickets at the door. Really, the whole thing hurt my head.

Meanwhile, inside the tunnel, Borage had begun to cross her arms in front of her chest with an impatient look on her face. Something about this whole affair just seemed wrong. It felt like as if we were about to become bystanders in the middle of a shootout. All my life, I had lived cautiously and took no chances. So why was my body slowly inching towards the tunnel? It almost felt like as if I just wanted to keep staying close to this girl that I had just met a few days ago. Did I fall in love with her? That would be stupid, of course, but it would explain these stupid, illogical actions my body was taken. Blinking twice, I proceeded to take the most logical course of action.

I jumped into the tunnel.


The tunnel was incredibly dark after the moonlight had faded away behind us. "Did you bring a candle?"

"Didn't want to risk getting caught," was the quiet response I received, "besides, if you hold your hand on the left wall, it takes you all the way to the end."

Despite her first impressions on me, I could sense a strong amount of intelligence coming from Borage's voice. She had become completely serious now, and it's as if she wasn't the same girl that took me into Sol-Lune yesterday. To be honest, I prefer the happy-go-lucky Borage who leaps before she looks, rather than the persona I see now. Its rather intimidating. The pitch black darkness of the tunnel did little to ease my thoughts either. If it wasn't for me holding onto Borage's jacket, I'd probably have lost sight of her already. Hell, I can't even see her even when she's three steps in front of me.

Abruptly, the walls of dirt around me changed to a stone texture. "Seems like we've entered the true underground tunnels." I whispered into the air. No response came from my companion as we pressed forwards. The stone tunnel definitely felt more well-maintained, like as if somebody came down here often. If somebody comes down here often, would that confirm the fact that the dirt tunnel blown into the side of this stone tunnel was made recently? The fact that the candle stands along the wall were also unlit also seemed very suspicious. Could Borage have done this? Probably not, it seems like a lot of effort just to smuggle one friend into the festival grounds. Suddenly, I bumped into Borage, who had stopped walking.

"This is it. Hold on...let me find the...ah ha!" Seeming pleased with herself, I could hear Borage pulling on something heavy. With a gentle creak, the door which had stood in front of me opened, and a vast field sparsely decorated with flowers and trees stood beyond it. Stepping out of the door, I noticed that the field almost seemed like a pit, dug into the ground inside the town, as I could visibly see Sol-Lune's structures standing on top of the ledge that stood above me. The door we had just come from looked like a standard iron door, carved out of the wall behind us. Though, the first thing that caught my eyes was the broken lock which slept in the grass next to the door. It was then, when I had realized that the lock sealing off the tunnel was broken. That tunnel was not intended for public use, yet somebody broke their way inside. Could it be...?

The touch of cold metal on the back of my neck stopped my thoughts cold. Glancing at Borage, I noticed a surprised look on her face as a second dagger was held at her neck too. Turning around slowly, I glanced at a figure dressed completely in black, illuminated by the light of the moon. His black outfit and cape was only contrasted by the shine of his blue hair and un-amused face. In his hands, rested two black daggers, which now rested on the necks of me and Borage.

"I am Dermond, Assassin of the Moon. What is your purpose here?" He spoke in a deep voice.:

Assassin? That can't be good.

I took another glance at Borage, who seemed to be thinking furiously of something to say. I'd love to start disappearing into my thoughts again, but the threat of death kept me from thinking straight. Death was an unforgiving element of life, and it scared me greatly.

"I will not ask again," said Dermond in an increasingly louder voice as he gripped the daggers harder, "what is your purpose here!" Dermond then flipped the dagger in his right hand to the right of Borage's neck and began to press it deeper. "Do not deny your involvement with the tunnels, girl. I saw you break that lock."

SHE broke that lock? What was she thinking!

"I...I just wanted to see what was inside," was Borage's unsatisfying response. A strong amount of fear could be heard in her voice. Not that I blame her, of course. Borage winced as the dagger was pressed even closer to her neck, drawing a small amount of blood.

"And you!" Started Dermond as he turned towards me, "why were you looking around the battlegrounds? Are you together?"

So he doesn't know that I was in the tunnels too.

"We are together...and...and I..." My voice began to trail off, "I was just looking around." The pain at the right side of my neck began to increase as I felt the dagger pressed deeper into my skin.

"So, you had better come up with a good reason as to why you snuck into the battlegrounds at night," Dermond then pulled the daggers from our necks and moved them to our chests, "or I kill you...where you stand."

I panicked. What possible reason could I come up with? We were inside the battlegrounds, the area where the Trial of Sol-Lune will be held tomorrow, snooping around. Why would we want to look around the battlegrounds? Why...why would we break into a closed area just to look around. Why...why did I jump into that tunnel? Staring at the dagger pointed directly at my chest, I closed my eyes and wondered where it all went wrong.

That's when my life changed. Forever.

"This man...this man is a Chosen." Said Borage with a sudden burst of courage, as she looked up towards Dermond, "we are fighting in the Trials of Sol-Lune."
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Trials of Sol-Lune IV

"He...is a Chosen?" Dermond's voice had a questioning tone to it. I wondered if he was buying the lie, but it looks like I'll have to pretend to be a Chosen just to solidify the story.

"I am, sir." I responded with every ounce of courage I could muster. I had to sound confident about the subject matter, as if I knew exactly what I was doing. I felt Borage tense up beside me, indicating that our lives were now dictated by whatever I said, not her. The steel pointed at my chest continued to radiate a deathly aura. I stared straight into Dermond's serious eyes, which were filled with intensity. It took the last of my courage not to crumble under his heated stare.

"Then what is your Chosen name?" He asked, dagger still unwavering.

"Chosen name? Like the name they give you when you become a Chosen, right?" Borage questioned out loud, turning towards me, "you know, I never really heard your Chosen name before. Did they give you a good one? I always wondered how they came up with such unique names."

Borage had read my mind exactly, as I had not known what a Chosen name was before that. I had to admit, it was well played by her. Simultaneously buying time for me to think of a Chosen name while explaining what exactly a Chosen name was while sounding like a complete airhead. Now, I had to award her quick thinking with some quick thinking of my own.

Name...I need a name. A creative one! Any will do!

I racked my brain hard, while also trying not to look like I was doing any heavy thinking. Borage had spoken slowly, giving me a ten second head start in coming up with any name. After she finished, I knew that I needed a unique sounding one. Combine the names of two of the cattle back at home? Speak three words really fast and hope that a name-like word comes out of it? It has been three seconds since Borage stopped talking; I need a name right now.


The word came out of my mouth even as I was thinking of a name for myself. Where exactly did that come from? As much as I was relieved that I managed to come up with a legitimate sounding name in record time, I still wondered from where in my mind that name came from. What did I say again, Amasuro? I wouldn't mind being called that, but its origins still confused me.

"Amasuro?" Dermond sounded as if he was questioning the name. With a small, one sided smile, he flipped both daggers in the air. He then proceeded to stylishly grab both daggers out of the air and flip them back into their holsters on his back in one swift motion, "impressive, you got the correct name."

Correct name? I almost wanted to question that point, but decided to keep my mouth shut after concluding that its path of questioning would likely put me in another unfavourable situation. That, and the fact that the incredible amount of tension created by said situation left me feeling incredibly tired. My legs felt like they would give away and I was breathing extremely deeply. I had never noticed that I wasn't breathing during most of that confrontation. Borage likely felt the same way, as I heard her slump down until she was on her knees. The sound of her loud breathing was clear against the newfound silence in the night.

"Cheaters aren't treated lightly here, but at least you're not responsible for the incident," Dermond said with a grin. Reaching to his right dagger with his hand, Dermond then grabbed and flipped it into the air, before aiming it back at me again, "just don't let me catch you again."

"Point taken," I said in fear as Dermond slipped the dagger back into its holster. Despite being threatened twice, however, something about what Dermond had just said tempted me to speak with the man further. Since I haven't fainted yet, I decided to ask him, "now, what was that about the incident?"

Dermond gave me a quick glance before casually shifting his eyes to the left and right, as if he was stealthily surveying his surroundings. Satisfied, he resumed in giving me another stare, "are you aware of the theft that occurred two days ago?"

"I am not." Was my response. Considering that it was already way past midnight and that the sun would be rising in an hour, two days ago would be the day before I had left for Sol-Lune. So as I was being woken up by Abel and Chiara, a theft had already happened the day before, "what was stolen?"

"A weapon, capable of wide amounts of destruction," Dermond had reduced his voice significantly now, forcing me to move in closer just so I could hear him, "I heard it was some sort of toxic gas capable of killing any living being instantly if they were to inhale it. They had placed it into small, bomb-like objects, so they were easy to transport. Sol-Lune's underground labs had just finished creating them."

"Underground lab?" I asked, knowing full well of what answer I was expecting. As I had guessed, Dermond proceeded to lift a pointing finger directly at me.

"Right behind you, inside the tunnels, the lab was in there. They haven't even cleaned the bodies up yet."

It must had been all the tension, as now all I could smell was the rotting of flesh. Turning around, I realized that the smell was coming from the door behind me. Now that I took a good whiff, the smell was definitely coming from the tunnels. I dashed over to the door in panic and slammed it shut, creating a booming noise louder than I had planned to make. Resting my head on the closed door, I suddenly thought of a terrible thought.

I walked over decaying bodies?

I almost felt like throwing up right there, on the spot. Yet I couldn't, as something felt terribly wrong. The smell coming from the door was incredible, so why did I smell nothing as I walked through the tunnels? Noticing my distressed look, Dermond began to speak.

"Is something wrong?"

Yes, something was wrong. Something was horribly wrong. An event that should have happened never did happen, "Yeah, I never smelled anything like that when I walked through the tunnel."

Dermond appeared to be giving my latest statement serious thought. I was almost surprised at the level of trust Dermond had suddenly put on me. Are Chosen truly hailed that highly? Or perhaps he knows that Chosen were not involved in the theft.

"Are you sure? I thought the smell was very strong when we went through the tunnel. Did the adrenaline distract you?"

The sound of Borage startled me for a moment. The last time I had glanced at her, she was kneeling on the ground in exhaustion. Now, she stood tall; giving me a deathly stare which could have rivaled Dermond's. I couldn't speak, as I was too intimidated by Borage's serious side. No, this was different. Her demeanour had already changed completely from the happy-go-lucky Borage to the incredibly serious Borage when we first entered the tunnels, yet this version of the serious Borage radiated an incredibly strong antagonistic air. Now I realized she was blatantly lying, just so she could speak against me. But why?

 "See? He's realized he made a mistake." Borage took a glance at me as she talked to Dermond. There wasn't any warmth in said glance, instead all I got were chills. But then, does that mean Borage was involved in the theft? The thought made me petrified. The girl whom I had called my friend for these past few days was actually a murderer? A thief? There was no other explanation for her sudden switch from being my friend and ally to being my enemy. Even worse, what if she was completely aware of these thoughts I had just formed? After I leave Dermond, who's to say I'll ever leave these fairgrounds without a knife in my back?

I looked at Borage, who was now talking to Dermond. What if Dermond was in on it too? I couldn't dismiss it as a possible option, after all he was rather conveniently placed near that tunnel door as we exited it. I was suddenly afraid; incredibly afraid. One thought immediately crossed my mind.

I had to get out of here. Now.

Sadly, my plan didn't take effect. No, I wasn't suddenly gassed, knocked out, or anything like that. My legs were so paralyzed in fear, they wouldn't move no matter how hard I tried to budge them.

"Are you feeling ok?"

Dermond's voice almost made me jump out of my skin. Luckily, I managed to avoid making any sort of sudden movements or sounds.

"I'm fine."

"Good. Well, I guess you two can go now. Just don't let me catch you again." Dermond proceeded to dismiss Borage and I with a wave of his hand. Borage had turned to look at me, stretching out her hand.

"Come on then, let's get back to the grounds." Her voice lost any sort of malice, and was now replaced with a chirpier sounding voice. She sounded far too relieved to be getting away from Dermond; I knew that she was involved in this somehow. I had to say something, but I instead followed Borage's outstretched hand and began to walk in the direction motioned towards by Dermond, legs now fully functional.

I never made it more than a few steps before I heard the sound of a fast moving arm behind me. I cringed, waiting for the impact. The bright sting of pain. Instead, I heard a surprised yelp beside me. I turned my head to see Dermond, gripping Borage's arm tightly.

"On second thought," he said, "I need to keep the girl. Is that alright with you, Chosen?"

"Wait, what? What do you want with me?" Borage's voice was stricken with fear, "hey, Alex, say something!"

"Its fine." I told Dermond. I glanced quickly at Borage, whose face had panic written all over it. Not wanting to spend any more time at that spot beside the steel door to the tomb for numerous people, I turned and swiftly began to sprint through the field.


The massive, stone stairs nestled at the very end of the field led up towards a huge, black iron gate. I climbed to the top of the stairs and fiddled with the gate. Though, despite being unlocked, the gates were a hassle to open due to their weight. After using the last of my strength, I managed to open the gate and slip through the crack I created, before turning around and closing the gate.

"Impressive showing back there."

The male voice was familiar, yet unfamiliar. I turned to the source of the voice to see a young man, leaning against the nearby building. I recognized the man completely; he was the person taking tickets at the door last evening.

"You...you saw it?" I questioned. I was extremely paranoid of anyone and everyone at the present moment, but decided to engage in conversation with the man under the impression that what he would say would be important. After all, who walks around at 5am in the morning anyway?

"Yeah, I did. Believe it or not, I was just getting a drink of water." As if trying to prove a point, the man then raised the cup in his hands. Standing up from his leaning position, he walked towards me and stretched out his open hand,

I believe I've never introduced myself formally to you. Spellsword and mercenary Max, at your service.:

I took his hand and shook it, "I guess I'm now Chosen Amasuro to you, then."

Max laughed, "yeah, your a Chosen now aren't you? You're gonna have fun in that Chosen contest tomorrow."

Right! With everything that happened, I had almost forgotten that the only reason I had escaped all my initial problems was by becoming a Chosen. Or, pretending to be one. I didn't know exactly why Dermond accepted me as a Chosen so quickly, but now I remembered about how I'd have to participate in the Sol-Lune games tomorrow. I'd surely be hunted down if I don't show up to the games, after all.

"It's not like I planned on actually competing, though," I said. Which was true, since all I had planned to do was walk around and kill a few of the weaker monsters. Borage had said the administrators bail you out in case death might occur anyway.

"So," Max started with a grin emerging on his face, "your clueless about the truth behind the Sol-Lune games."

I stepped back, surprised at what Max just said. "What do you mean when you say...the truth?"

"Simple." Max paused to sip his water, "there isn't anyone who saves you in the Sol-Lune games. In these games, you die."

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Trials of Sol-Lune V

The room at the inn was almost similar to my previous one, except this one actually had a bed. Well, two beds to be precise. I proceeded to walk to the bed closest to the door and sat myself on top of it. It was nearly five in the morning and normally I would be exhausted. Since nothing has been happening normally, however, I felt wide awake.

"Now, perhaps you want to hear my proposal first." Said Max as he sat down on the second bed.

"I'm all ears." I responded, still keeping a sense of caution around the man. Normally, I wouldn't have accepted the man's offer to stay with him at his room at the inn, but considering the fact that I would be supposedly fighting for my life tomorrow, the risk didn't seem very significant.

"I'd like to join you tomorrow."

"You?" I sounded surprised despite my best efforts to hide my reaction. I didn't know how strong Max was, or why he wanted to join, after all.

"What, surprised? I am a four star hero." Max proceeded to procure a card from inside his pocket and handed to me. In my eyes, it sure looked like a hero card. To be honest, though, I've never actually seen one of them before.

"Nice, but why do you want to join?"

Max grinned as he took a sip of water, "do you enjoy victory in battle? To see the life of your opponent being drained from their very eyes?

"Uhh, no, I like the feeling of watching my opponent not killing me."

"Heh, well, I suppose we fight for different reasons." Max paused for a moment, "I was supposed to go with another Chosen, but he decided my services were not needed."

"So why me?"

"Because I find you to be interesting. I mean, a first time Chosen participating in the Sol-Lune games? I thought it would be amazing to see someone like you walk out alive." Max began laughing with his hand on his forehead, "besides, I already slipped your name onto the official roster. Lucky you, that roster should be released to the public this morning."

Right, I couldn't have just pretended to be in the competition without some sort of official documentation. I suppose I should be thankful that Max had done this, but his motivation of wanting to be entertained by a first-time Chosen in a deathmatch seemed less appealing.

"And how do I know you aren't lying, or you won't show up tomorrow?" I asked as the thought came into my head. Max responded with another laugh which sounded like he was almost impressed by my line of questioning.

"Hah, so you're smart too! Very well, you may pay me before the games start, when they tell you that nobody will save you at the games. I'm sure you'll believe me then."

"But why would they trick Chosen into joining the games under false rules, only to be trapped into this...this death game? It doesn't make sense; I thought Chosen were praised as demon slayers nowadays?"

Max relaxed back onto the bed frame and took a sip of his water, "beats me. If you ask my opinion, someone who ends up dying in these games wouldn't have lasted long in the real world anyway."

I leaned down and rested my arms on my knees. I'd come to watch an entertaining match of Chosen fighting some controlled beasts, but nothing had gone to expectations so far. A theft, a potential murder, my partner becoming incredibly suspicious, and now I was a participant in said games. It really looked like something I wouldn't be simply running away from.

"Well," Max began, taking another sip of his water, "I suppose its question time then. You have the questions, and I have the answers. Well, I probably do. I do want to survive tomorrow too."

I rose my head to face Max, "let's start with an important one then. What do I do as a Chosen?"

"No idea."


"I'm serious. The aspect of being a Chosen just emerged, so not much is known about them. It beats the old days of heroes running in just to get slaughtered by the demons, though."

"So...what do you know?"

"Well, for starters, Chosen can boost the power of heroes who join them," Max held up his card again and began to twirl it in his hands, "they say these cards are boosted by the strength of the Crimson Moon. Nobody knows how they make these cards at the capital, but each hero gets their own."

"So I just...hold this card while you kill everything for me?"

"Pretty much. There's a couple other things, but you don't really need to know them for now. Just make sure you know how to fight as well."

I began to rub the back of my head with my hand, "actually, I have no idea how to fight."

"You're a special Chosen, it will come naturally to you. Just trust me on that one, you'll see." Max suddenly jolted up, as if he remembered something, "oh, but Chosen get access to some pretty sweet spells. You can probably learn one if you head on over to the library tomorrow."

"Spells? Like magic spells? How do I learn one?"

"Yep, magic spells. You just have to read an entire, five hundred page book to learn one! After that, just say the words and you can cast your new spell."

"Your joking. Five hundred pages?!?"

"Well, the other way to get one is to convince a demon to give you one willingly, which won't happen. They say these spells are fueled by the strength of the Crimson Moon too."

"I suppose I won't get more out of this line of questions, so let's move on. You said earlier that I was a special Chosen?"

"Yep, everyone can see it. You were born a Chosen."

Born a Chosen? That almost sounds insane.

"Everyone can see it? Even everyone from my village?"

"Yeah, you've probably been told something else about the red circle in the center of your eyes. Some villages still deny the usage of Chosen; decrying them as demons. You were just probably in said village and got lied to."

"They...told me it was natural for someone to be born with red eyes."

"Nope. There are three ways to become a Chosen. The first is when your Chosen by the king. You then touch some magical sword and gain Chosen powers, or something like that. The second is more common. You go to school to become a Chosen, where at the very end you touch the same magical sword and ta-da! Chosen! The third is your case, where your just born with it."

"Magical swords? You're kidding me, right?"

"Well with the Demon's running rampant, they're just shoveling out new Chosen every day. I suppose they need some easy way to impart a Chosen's powers into them."

"I feel like you're leaving a lot out of the explanation."

Max waved his hand, "well I'm not some sort of Chosen expert, you know. These are just the summarized facts."

"The very summarized facts."

"Do you have any better questions for me? It's getting late you know. Or, shall I say, it's getting less early." Max sure didn't sound like he was amused at being criticized for his lack of knowledge in the subject, so I dropped it. Was that all the questions I needed to ask? I now know that this afternoon, I had to go learn some spell before tomorrow, where I fought alongside Max until the trials were over. Though, now that I remembered, there is one more thing I had to ask.

"What can you tell me about the theft?"

Max straightened up, tilted his head back, and drained the remainder of the water in his cup. "You're ready to handle such information so early in your Chosen life?"

Such information? What was so dangerous about it? It almost made me even more curious as to what Max knows about the theft, "yeah. You knew about the truth behind the Sol-Lune games, so I presume you had heard something about the theft."

"I do. Heard it from the admin's themselves. They seem like they already know everything about it."

I sat taller and gave a nod towards Max, urging him to continue.

"Tell me, do you know who Daemon is?"

I shook my head. The name was definitely foreign to me. Then again, I lived a sheltered life in Myst without even knowing I was born a Chosen, so it wasn't completely surprising that I didn't know this name.

"Daemon is an underground cult, said to be worshipping the demons and the Crimson Moon. Apparently, their goal is to summon the strongest demon into this world. They say that once the demon is summoned, life as we know it will be wiped out within one night."

"So this...Daemon stole the gas bomb?"

"It's called Teratonin, a gas that's capable of killing anyone who breathes it. And, yeah, they already know that the cult is behind it."

I quickly tried to process the information. A cult seeking doomsday stole the Teratonin? I couldn't even believe that a cult like that existed, but I suppose they did. Probably formed when the demon's first came to this world. "And...who was the person that stole it?"

Max shrugged his shoulders, "beats me! You seem pretty curious about this stuff, though."

"I just have someone in mind."

"Don't tell me...you suspect that girl you were with?"

I nodded in response, "I do."

Max, in turn, responded by shaking his head vigorously, "no, no you can't place that much distrust in someone who will fight with us tomorrow. She is probably a heroine, you know. Besides, it would be unfair not to drag her along considering she's the one that got you here in the first place."

"Makes sense. I guess I'll put my thoughts behind me until after the games. They are just suspicions after all."

"That's the spirit! After all, how could someone possibly suspect a nine like her."

I gave Max a confused look, "I'm sorry, what? What's a nine supposed to mean?"

"A nine! You know, the number? I mean, you gotta really analyze the breast...the back...the face. I mean, she's got all the right proportions, so I gave her a solid nine out of ten. What, did you give her a ten?"

"W-what? No!"

"Seriously? Not a ten? I didn't think anybody would rate that lower than an eight point five," Max began to stroke his chin and give me a sly look, "or do you not swing that way?"

"Wait, no! No, no, no! I do NOT swing that way."

"Oh, alright then. So are you giving her a nine then? Or a ten? Don't tell me you've never taken a peek at them before?"

I proceeded to pull up the sheets of my bed and tuck myself in, "this conversation is over."

"Letting a brother down? Disappointed, man." The rusting of sheets which followed led me to presume Max had also slipped into his own bed.

Slowly, my eyes began to drop as I tried to process everything I had learned tonight. However, as I felt the light leaving the room, the tiredness of staying up until five in the morning began to creep into my eyes and brain. Before long, I felt myself succumbing to the feeling known as sleep.
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Hi guys. Semi-related to the story, but my friend saw this thread and decided to draw a picture related to it. So, I thought I'd post the picture here. Enjoy!
Direct Link/Smaller Picture:
Oh, and by the way, the picture is absolutely massive. Just a warning.

EDIT: Removed original, it was too big
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Trials of Sol-Lune VI

I awoke to the sight of sunshine blaring down onto my tired face and the feeling of being inside an empty room. I turned side to side in my bed, surveying the room. Nothing out of the ordinary: two beds resting underneath a large square window, a sliding door which looked like it lead to a small closet, and a long table along the wall with a single lamp atop it. To be honest, the room was actually a lot smaller than my previous inn room, which now surprised me as I never actually took a good look at the room last night.

Ah, last night. A whirlwind of information from demonic cults to spells and Chosen abilities and such. A part of me still wished to return to my old, secluded lifestyle where my biggest worry was if I fed the pigs too much food the previous day. With no talk about fighting demons, or monsters, or any of the like. But with the world as it stands today, is hiding really an option anymore? Max sure made it sound like I was someone important, but I still couldn't fully grasp that concept. Though, speaking of Max, it seems like he already left the room to go somewhere. I, on the other hand, also have somewhere to go: the library. Picking myself off the bed, I brushed my clothes a few times with my hands before opening the room door and walking out. Usually I would have changed my clothes first thing in the morning, but unfortunately I only brought one set of clothes this time around. A costly oversight.

Screams, joyous laughter, and loud banter filled the air around the inn as I walked outside. While I had been sleeping, which was a long time considering I didn't sleep until five in the morning, the Sol-Lune festival area had been transformed from a quiet square to a bustling festival. The energy emitting from the live entertainment, food stalls, and tourists were almost unexpected and intimidating. Spotting the food stalls lining the sides of the streets, my stomach began growling.

Well, I suppose breakfast is in order before the library.

Minutes later, I was sitting on a nearby park bench, observing the sights while eating my meat and gravy dipped sandwich. Delicious. I ate it slowly, savouring every bite I took, while scanning the wide open park that I ended up at. The view was amazing; the park had a few trees in the center of a field of grass, situated beside a small, stone wall where a vast ocean could be seen beyond it. Across the park, I spotted a plain looking building sandwiched between two similar looking buildings marked "Library". Easily miss-able if it wasn't for that huge sign in front of it, which I suppose is its purpose. Wiping my mouth, I stood up from the park bench and wadded through the sea of children running around in the park to reach the other side.

And if I ever thought this library would be boring and ordinary, I would have lost those thoughts the second I stepped inside. The place was simply massive. A huge foyer with a wide, winding staircase stood before me, giving passage between the first and second floors of the library. Past that, rows and rows of bookshelves stocked with, well, books stood to my west, east, and north, as well as above me. I probably needed to ask somebody where the spell books were. And to find such a person, I needn't look farther than the desk situated right beside the door, which contained a small girl heavily engrossed in a book. Her two, wood coloured ponytails dangling around her name tag, which read "Litteratura". Litteratura? I almost laughed at the name, considering it was just a changed version of "Literature".

"Is something funny?"

Oops, I guess I was laughing.

"No, no! Not at all." I was a terrible liar, of course. The girl named Litteratura didn't look all that impressed either.

"What do you want?" She snarled, while trying to sound as helpful as she could manage. And, honestly, it seemed like she couldn't manage much.

"The, umm, spells for Chosen? Do you know where they are?"

Litteratura pointed behind and above her, "there," she said before lowering her head back into her book. Ouch, I guess my people skills really do need some work. I voiced a thanks, unheard by everyone, and walked up the grand staircase towards the west side of the library.

The west corner of the library, directly above the entrance, was nothing but a few arm chairs in the center of three shelves stocked full with what seemed to be spell tomes. Well, I had never actually seen a spell tome before, so I just presumed these simplistic looking books were spell tomes. Their thickness was another good hint too.

So I was just supposed to read the entirety of one of these books and I'll suddenly learn how to erupt pillars of fire out of the ground just by saying three words? For some reason, the entire concept seemed so comical that I couldn't believe it wasn't some sort of joke. My eyes then moved to the one occupied chair in the center of the room, containing a girl, slightly older than the girl at the front of the library, reading one of the spell tomes. She wore an old-looking orange dress and had pink hair slightly shorter than that of Litteratura, but with the same style. The most vivid thing about her, however, was the copious amount of flowers which she wore on her head, as well as the random tree branches that seemed to wrap around her dress. Most importantly, she looked friendly enough; inviting me to try and ask her how I learn a spell from the books. Upon approaching the girl, she slowly lifted her head from her book to look at me.

"Can I help you?" She asked. Her voice certainly didn't sound as annoyed as Litteratura's, so that was a definite plus.

"Yeah, it's just about the books in here. Are these...spell tomes?"

"They are. I'm trying to figure them out, but it's tough. Would you like to see mine?" The girl then closed the book on her lap and handed it to me. Upon closer inspection, the book looked very similar to all the other books on the shelf, "I got it from the shelf behind me, though they all look alike to me."

The book was definitely old and weathered; its pages lined with mold and a foul smell. Gingerly, I opened the book halfway and scanned its pages, only to see strange symbols lining both pages from top to bottom.

"This...these are all symbols." I thought out loud. In some attempt to find something readable, I attempted to flip through every page of the book. None of the pages seemed to contain any word I understood, not even the last page which was supposed to contain a phrase I could speak.

"Do you...do you feel it?" The girl mumbled. I was so interested in the book, I had almost forgotten about her. At the moment, her eyes were closed as if she was listening intently to something.

"Feel...what?" I was confused. She certainly looked like she felt something, but I had no idea what I was supposed to be feeling.

"That strong energy radiating between you and the book. Don't you feel it?"

"I...don't actually." Were reading the symbols on each page really making energy flow between me and the book? What sort of energy was this anyway.

"Thats...fascinating. Chosen never cease to intrigue me." Opening her eyes, the girl then looked at me with her head cocked slightly to the side, "you must be a Chosen then. A Chosen who...has no idea how spells work...?"

"It's a long story, but yeah." A few hours ago, I never even considered myself as a Chosen. Now, I was embarrassed at how I didn't know the intricacies of being a Chosen. Oh how attitudes change so fast, even my own.

"You...must be Chosen Amasuro then?"

"What? How did you know that?" The shock in my voice couldn't be contained.

"Oh, they released the names of those participating in the Sol-Lune games tomorrow. I was over at the betting stand where I saw there was a brand new Chosen who had entered," she gave me a smile, "you're the topic of the day over there."

"Really? How does everything think I'll do?"

"Elimination via injury."


The girl stretched out her hand, "don't let it get you down. Oh, by the way, my name's Meg. It's good to meet you." I grabbed her hand and shook it, but was surprised at how coarse it felt. Her hand almost felt like I was grabbing wood, even when there wasn't anything out of the ordinary about how her hand looked. Then again, it might also explain the tree branches circling her body.

"Are you a heroine too?"

"Do I look like one? I'll take that as a compliment then." Meg then reached into her pocket and pulled out her card, before thrusting it proudly in front of me with both hands. I grabbed it with curiosity.
And, with my first glance, I suddenly realized that the girl who sat before me was not just an ordinary heroine.:

"Five stars?!" My voice sounded like disbelief, but it probably was more surprised instead. With my secluded lifestyle, I'd never seen a four star hero before, let alone a five star one.

"Yes, five stars, and no, I do not shoot lasers from my hands." Meg gave me a mischievous smile, which probably meant that she knew exactly what I was thinking just based on my reaction.

I smiled back and moved the card back to her. Instead of taking her card back, however, Meg just stared at it curiously, tilting her head slowly to the side. Her expression made it obvious that the gears inside her head just began to rotate rapidly, and I wasn't sure what to do in this situation. Did I do something wrong was my first thought, but I had hoped it wasn't the case and continued to hold the card in front of Meg's interested stare. Finally, she looked up from the card.

"You can keep that." She said.

"Oh, ok. I'll just keep th...hey isn't this your card?" I looked at the card again. Suddenly, I realized what her intention was.

"It is my card. That's why I want you to keep it." She gave a wide smile and stared at me excitedly, probably hoping that I would guess her intentions. Luckily, I knew exactly what they were.

"Your planning to join me tomorrow?" Meg nodded happily at my guess.

"I figured joining the underdog might be fun. It's better than watching from the sidelines like I originally planned. It would be nice to keep you from getting severely injured anyway."

I wonder if she knows.

"Severely injured? You mean like dying?"

"Dying? Don't worry about that, you can't die in the Sol-Lune games. The admin's will always save the contestants in case of emergency."

She doesn't.

"Oh, that's good." I feigned ignorance, as I didn't want her to reconsider joining me tomorrow. Having a five star would benefit me incredibly tomorrow, even if I had to deceive said five star to keep her with me. Of course, there was always the possibility that Max was completely wrong on his information, but I severely doubted that.

"Do you not want me to join you?" I looked up to see Meg, now with a disappointed face. She probably had seen me staring off blankly at the wall, pondering. I shook my head and placed the card in my pocket.

"I'd be happy for you to join me."

"Great!" Meg stood up and clasped her hands, "then I'm going to go prepare then. I'll see you tomorrow."

I nodded and smiled as Meg proceeded to walk past me towards the stairs. Suddenly, I realized something and turned around, "hey wait, you never told me what these spells do! Which one should I learn?"

Meg stopped and turned, "Not sure. Our spells for normal people are written in English. I have no idea what your spells are," she moved forward and patted the spell tome I still held, "why not learn that one? It's a passive spell, meaning that it activates automatically when certain conditions are met. Not even you could mess a spell like that up."

"How did you know it was a passive spell?"

Meg grabbed the book and turned it to the last page, "spells normally activate when its phrase is shouted. This one, however, has no such words on its last page." She closed the book and handed it back to me, "better get reading."

I nodded and took the book back. Before long, I was sitting at the table with the book open in front of me. I scanned the symbols slowly, making sure I accounted for every single one of them. At the time, I wondered if I would begin to feel that energy Meg said she felt after reading the book for a longer period of time.

Eventually, I felt it.


The outside of the inn was already dark and silent by the time I reached it. The inside of the inn was a lot brighter and warm, but it was just as silent. It figures that most of the Chosen and workers staying here would have already turned in for the night in preparation for the game tomorrow. The sound of sticks clacking against each other could be heard softly, however, as it bounced about the open lobby. Focusing my ears, I pinpointed the sound to be coming from a long hallway to my right, where the practice gym was located at. Given that this was an inn built with the intention of housing Chosen who stayed at the city, there was no surprise that the inn had a practice gym so that Chosen may have a place to practice their skills. Judging by the clacking sound, though, I figured that there was at least two people in there now practicing their swordplay.

Maybe I should go see.

After all, despite Max telling me that it would come naturally, I was still afraid that me having never held a sword before would prove fatal tomorrow. I figured that I could at least see the basics from watching two other people. After opening the door to the gym, however, I was not greeted by two total strangers.

They were only using practice sticks, but I felt the intensity of the battle anyway. Wooden stick clashed with wooden stick in a heated battle which looked like it was nearing its conclusion. One fighter swiping with nothing but pure speed, and the other blocking and slashing methodically and gracefully. Eventually, the methodical approach would come on top, as a disarming move plus a jab would send the faster fighter to the ground. The victor then moved slowly to where the losers practice stick had fallen and picked it up.

"I expected worse. Not bad." Max pushed the two sticks under his arms and walked to where his opponent had fallen, "you hurt anywhere, Borage?"

"Just a little sore, but its fine." Borage reached up and grabbed the hand Max extended. Standing up, she brushed off her jacket before turning her head in my direction, "hey, look at who showed up."

Max turned around and opened his free arm, "well, well, if it isn't our Chosen. Did you learn anything from the library?"

"One passive spell and recruited a third person," I responded, "what are you two doing?"

"Max wanted to see if I was capable of fighting to his standards." Borage said, breathing heavily. She definitely seemed exhausted by the fighting they had been doing in the gym.

"You make it sound like I'm some sort of elitist." Max laughed, slapping Borage lightly on the shoulder, "and after what I saw, I would not mind putting my life in the hands of someone like you. Just as long as we don't go and pick fights with any of the stronger monsters or a large pack of weaker ones."

"Fighting wisely? I like it." I said, crossing my arms. Max then walked over towards me and dangled a key in front of me. I took it.

"I'm headed to get a quick drink, so you two can head back to the room first. There's a mat on the floor now, since one of you will be sleeping on it." Then, with a wave, Max turned and walked out of the gym; practice sticks in hand.

"Shall we?" Came Borage's voice behind me. I turned to see her walking tiredly towards me, hands held behind her back.

"What happened yesterday, after I left?" I cut straight to the important questions. I was considering going to the room first, but my curiosity came first. I just had too much questions for this girl.

Borage stopped, "just some extra questioning, that's all."

"Extra questioning? Did Dermond suspect you for being related to the Teratonin theft?"

"Probably. They even threw me in jail for the night! Can you believe it? They released me a few hours ago after they cleared my name." Borage sounded annoyed by her experiences.

"I see. Alright then." I didn't see the need to push the matter further. If the authorities released her, then they probably had a good reason for clearing her name. I still couldn't find an explanation for her earlier crack in personality back at the tunnel exit, but I decided that it would be a problem for another day.

"Hey, Alex..." Borage started, "are you...are you angry?"

That came out of nowhere. Borage had a very scared look on her face as I turned back to see her, "I'm not, why?"

"It's alright to be angry, you know. I'm the one that put you in this situation."

"Yeah, well, nobody could have seen what came next anyway."

"Your just being nice." Borage's voice started to crack. It surprised me at how guilty she felt about the whole thing.

"I guess so." Was my response, which almost surprised even myself. Normally, I wouldn't say anything which would cause someone lots of grief, especially when the person I was talking to seemed on the brink of it already. Perhaps, deep inside, I really was angry.

"I'm sorry." Borage mumbled. It was almost inaudible, as if she spent the rest of her energy holding something else back. I wanted to accept her apology, yet I said nothing. I just remained silent. Perhaps the same part of my body that felt anger also didn't want to accept her apology. She was the sole reason why I would never return to my old life again.

"I'M SORRY, OK?" She shouted, now with tears beginning to roll down her face. It took the quiet sound of her sobbing to snap me out of my selfish attitude. I approached her and hugged her body tightly. Her face had now been pushed against my chest, as the sound of her crying intensified. Her body continued to shake with every gasp of air. I continued to hold her tightly, feeling as if that was the only thing I could do to remedy the situation.

True, Borage had put me in this situation. What I had failed to realize, however, is that she put herself in the same situation. Tomorrow, the two of us would be fighting for our lives, in a game I had never seen or participated in before. Guilt wasn't the only reason she had broken down in my arms. No, the other reason was fear.

"Scared...its...my fault. All my fault." Her mumbling was almost incoherent, but I managed to make out the few words she said.

"Are...are you afraid?" I asked. Past the brave attitude she had been putting on in front of everyone else, I knew that she was afraid of fighting tomorrow.

"I...I am," she sniffed between sobs, "afraid...of dying."

I gripped her tighter, "to answer your earlier question, I am angry. Deep inside, I am angry at what cards fate has dealt me. However, it does not matter how we got into this. What matters, is how we're going to get out. Borage, I too, am afraid of dying. So tomorrow, none of us are going to die." Gently, I moved my hands to her shoulders and gently pushed her away, so my eyes met hers. Her once, deep purple eyes had welled into a soft shade of red with tears still lining the sides, "tell me, do you understand?"

Slowly, she nodded, "I...I do."

I was ready. Tomorrow, I would fight to make sure everybody gets out alive. Perhaps this is just like our current world, how Chosen fight demons every day just to ensure the safety of mankind. Is this what being a Chosen feels like? To protect something you desire to protect?

Perhaps, I was becoming a Chosen. As I should.
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Trials of Sol-Lune VII

The next morning, I found myself standing in the center of the park I had walked across to reach the library yesterday. While the sea breeze still blew calmly through and around the large crowd of people gathered here, the mood was definitely different. The children who used to frolic around in the sea of grass was now replaced with tough looking individuals, who were either stretching or talking to a second person beside them. Considering that I was standing inside an area of the park roped out to designate where the participating Chosen were to stand, I assumed that these other individuals were also Chosen.

"Wow, you really stand out don't you?" Mocked a significantly happier Borage. On the outside, she seemed to have completely recovered from her meltdown last night, but it's hard to tell. Our group definitely seemed significantly more unenthusiastic when compared to all the other Chosen standing around us, so her attempt to lighten the mood was a nice thought.

Max looked up from staring at the ground, arms crossed, "yeah, look at all those other Chosen with their pockets filled to the top with cards. Our Chosen has three cards."

Instinctively, I checked my right pocket, where I kept all the cards I've been given, "actually, I have two cards," I looked up towards Borage and held out my hand, "Borage, you never gave me yours."

Silently, Borage gingerly slipped a hand into her inner jacket pocket. Then, with one swift motion, she quickly pulled a card out and pressed it firmly into my hands, face down. Curious as to her sudden silence, I flipped the card over.

"One star?" My voice was mixed with surprise along with amusement in the humor in seeing Borage acting incredibly shy when pulling her card out.

"It's a student card, alright!? All students get a hero card at Therion," Borage sounded incredibly flustered, while trying to make herself sound strong at the same time, "we get a real card at graduation if you were studying to become a hero. I'm completely six star material, so I'll probably get my six star card by the end of this year!"

This earned a chuckle from Max, "yeah, six star, absolutely. If you're a six star heroine, I'm a nine star hero."

I almost wanted to laugh, but Borage seemed ready to strangle Max from behind, so I kept it inside. As if to save Max, Meg suddenly spoke, "Max, you've been looking towards that road for a while now. Are you waiting for someone?"

"You could say that," Max suddenly perked up and pointed towards the road he was previously staring at, "and here comes the ten now."

"The...ten?" Borage asked, puzzled at the number.

"Don't ask," I said, "you probably don't want to know."

"You sure? Being a nine is nothing to be ashamed about, you know," Max said, amused with himself. The only thing this line of questioning received was another puzzled look from Borage, but she luckily dropped the subject. Instead, the four of us all turned our attention to the elegant looking girl who was approaching us amongst numerous whistles and creepy approaches from the other Chosen. She was dressed completely in white, minus her navy blue skirt, complete with a flowing white and red cape which gave her an air of elegance. Her deep, purple hair was draped along her white cape until it reached the two swords holstered at her hips. Despite her outfit showing a large overdose of cleavage, her posture and presence made her seem like someone of significant importance and strength.

"Diana! The hell are you wearing?" Max yelled amusedly. From my perspective, it seemed like Max wasn't looking at her face while he said this. I sure hoped he had an out for that; I didn't want one of my heroes injured before the battle, after all.

"Thats not important. They just made me wear this." Diana quickly replied.

"Well, hey, I think you look great in that outfit."

"Look there one more time, and I slice your arms off."

"Right, gotcha," Max straightened up, "so, do you have it?"

Diana reached behind her neck into a small space concealed by the cloak she wore and pulled out a small, cloudy blue orb about half the size of her palm. "Here," she said as she handed it towards Max, who grabbed it discretely.

"What is that?" I asked in a quiet voice. It definitely didn't seem like something Diana wanted everyone else to see, so I tried to keep discretion.

"An orb that can teleport any heroes or heroines out of the arena and back into the park," Diana looked away from me, "it doesn't work for Chosen, so just make sure that if you choose to evacuate all three of your companions, you are able to fend for yourself."

"Oh, and don't wave this around for the world to see," said Max as he slipped the orb into my left pocket, "you can probably guess that we're not supposed to have this."

I patted my pocket, just to feel the orb inside. It was almost like a marble, yet somehow lighter than one. I wanted to ask who exactly this Diana person was, but Max and Diana seemed to have moved onto another conversation of their own.

"So? Did you manage to ask what the guards saw?" Max's voice remained hushed.

"I..." Diana's voice trailed off, as if she was trying to formulate a way to tell Max what she had found. Max simply crossed his arms.


"You were right. Camera's caught one man, wearing some sort of mask, enter the Teratonin room. Actually, he appeared to stumble into the room."

"And then?"

"The guards asked him through the speakers who he was, since he really did use the key from that deceased scientist."

"And I guess they didn't think he was the scientist then?"

"No, the guy didn't say anything. He just...stumbled towards the Teratonin sample at the center of the room. The guards activated the security system and killed the man."

"A security system that can kill a man without the use of guards?" Max's voice showed an increased amount of interest.

"Your aware of what a gun is, correct? Sol-Lune has been working on prototypes said to be capable of firing bullets with such a velocity, it can kill a person with one bullet. One such gun is stationed at the top left corner of the room, where it can be triggered by remote to kill intruders."

"Alright, so they used a prototype gun to kill the thief?"

"They did, and then activated the security system to close and lock the door. They didn't plan on opening the door again until the games were over."

Max opened his arms out wide, "so they kill this guy and lock the door! Nobody stole the Teratonin and everything is cool. So...why do you seem so upset?"

Diana's serious demeanour seemed to crack as she stared into a vacant space to the right of Max's head rather than answer him directly. Finally, she spoke with a shaking voice, "Max...someone disabled the gun and the camera's."

"What?! From the outside?"

"...the inside."

Max looked startled, "that's impossible! Did it malfunction? Was the guy really dead?" His voice started to grow louder, drawing a small amount of looks. Diana made sure nobody seemed to be listening intently before continuing.

"The man who initially entered the room was dead for a full day before the camera died last night. He was in full view, and never moved as the camera was killed. They say it was definitely tampered from the inside."

"And don't tell me they still planned to keep the door locked until the games ended?"

"No, they tried to unlock the door...but its locked from the inside now."

Max ran a hand through his hair, "you're kidding me, right? So you're telling me ghosts are the ones who stole the Teratonin?"

Diana looked away from Max again, to try and come up with some logical explanation to calm Max down. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like she came up with one. I looked to my left, as if some sort of logical solution was over there. Instead, all I saw was Borage, looking at the sky with both hands on her head deep in thought, and Meg, who seemed more interested in the tome she was reading. I, myself, was now more genuinely interested in the Teratonin incident than ever before now.

"Oh, just one more thing," Diana stared at Max with a fierce intensity, "you know the head administrator for the Sol-Lune games, Alvis Typhron, right?"

"What about Mr. Typhron? Are you going to tell me now that he's actually the ghost that disabled the camera's?" Max said jokingly, but with a hint of worry.

"He's been missing for two days now."

"What?!" Max now seemed like he was panicking a little. Diana tried to calm him down with her hands, but her words weren't helping at all.

"Max this is dangerous. You shouldn't be going into the Sol-Lune games," she crossed her arms, "nothing about this feels right at all."

I stepped forward, "hold on, can't we just...back out right now?"

Diana just shook her head, "you probably don't know this, from what I've heard about you, but Chosen actually go through a massive selection process just to be picked to even qualify for these games."

"Well, if that's the case, why did they let me join so easily? I joined by accident, a lie on the spot, and nobody has even mentioned anything to me. They all treat me like just another contestant."

"I slipped your name onto the role call just as a temporary solution," Max gave me a one sided smile and brushed his hair, "I didn't think they would let you join freely."

Now I was getting worried. I had thought I was completely ready for today, but now I wasn't so sure anymore. In fact, I wasn't sure of anything anymore. What were the unsolved mysteries stacked around the games? Well, we got a disappearing toxic bomb, ghost thieves, vanishing admin's, and now my chance encounter leading into joining the games could have all been planned? The fence spike standing over yonder looked really pointy right now. I wondered what it would feel like to impale my whole existence onto it.

"Hey! Prize girl, you shouldn't be here!" A gruff voice came from one of the guards off to the side as he quickly approached our group. Diana shot Max a worried look before turning around.

"We'll be fine, don't worry about it!" Max yelled in Diana's direction as she walked towards the guard. Max watched as Diana left the fenced off area of the park and turned a corner before turning towards me, "haha, we're not fine are we?"

And considering that Meg had stopped reading completely and Borage was looking at the ground, playing with her feet, I would think that we were, indeed, not fine at all.

"...and those are the rules. All participants, please approach the starting gate now!"

The rules, what?

I wheeled around to see a scantily clad, white haired girl, equipped with two simple looking Chakram's on her back, leaving a podium that was apparently set up at the far side of the park. I'd been so engrossed in Diana and Max's conversation that I had never noticed somebody speaking the entire time. When did she start anyway? It doesn't matter anyway, she probably said something like, "our contestants will be killing monsters in this one hundred percent safe environment for prizes. Yay!"

"Everyone's headed to that huge, black gate it seems," Meg took a look at the three of us, "we ready?"

Taking my own look at my completely silent companions, I moved first as I pushed my foot forward and walked towards the gathering crowd of Chosen ahead. Behind me, I heard the shuffling of some very apprehensive feet.

The same female voice began to come out of an area behind me, "Chosen! Are you ready?"

I watched as every other Chosen standing in front of me bent down slowly, as if they planned to sprint down that huge, stone staircase which stood past the gates. Ah yes, these same staircases that I had walked up just two nights ago. It felt like an eternity had passed since then. All I could look at was the vast field which stood before me, buried inside a huge rectangular shaped hole. Yeah, I was about to enter a huge swimming pool through the only entrance and exit it had to offer. Who would ever think that this was anything close to guaranteed safety?

"GO!" The voice boomed. Without hesitation, I watched as the Chosen surrounding me took at the newly opened gate as if money laid where the gate used to be. I walked forward and pressed my heels against the cold of the stone staircase. It was time; was I ready?

Of course I wasn't.
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Trials of Sol-Lune VIII

Within seconds, every Chosen who stood by my side had sprinted towards the field laid in front of me. Within a minute, they were gone from sight.

"How...big is this place anyway?" Meg stepped forward to survey the field in front of her.

"Big. It's probably larger than half the city," Max folded his arms, "I wonder how much it cost to dig this whole thing anyway."

"Cost? They probably just used magic. Magic...meant for digging holes." Borage looked up, deep in thought.

"Seriously? A digging holes spell? Why would the Crimson Moon make a spell like that?" Max asked, in a half sarcastic tone.

"I don't know, it's possible. I mean, there's a spell that cooks omelettes for you." Meg said as she turned around.

"That spells a complete rumor!"

"Really? And how can you be so sure?"

The idle banter around me was thread through one of my ears and went out the other. I was far too busy watching the gate above the stairs close with a thundering boom, sealing off the only route out of this death trap. A knot twisted deep inside my stomach, as I stood staring at the closed gate. I prayed deep inside that I would be right beside that gate when it opened again.

Satisfied with the knowledge that the gate won't be opening again for another long period of time, I wheeled around to face the three heroes I had. "Are we seriously talking about omelette spells at a time like this?"

Max turned away from Meg, "sorry," he said before putting his hands on his hips, "well then, Chosen. What should we do?" Borage and Meg followed suit and turned their heads towards me.

What should we do? On my new role as somebody that was supposed to be important, the phrase was new to me. To be honest, at the time, I truly had no idea what I should be telling everyone to do.

"I'm...open to group suggestions?" Was my best opening.

Abruptly, a swift grab and pull on my arm formed the first course of action we were taking. "RUN!" Shouted Borage as she dragged me to the right, looking in horror at something to my left.

On instinct, the remaining three of us dashed towards Borage as we turned to see the monstrosity of a beast standing to my left. Standing at a height almost as tall as the wall, the blue beast stood before us with huge, bulging muscles, a single eye, and an axe as tall as the monster itself.

"Cyclops!" Meg gasped as she backed away from the beast.:

Seemingly aware of its currently dominant position, the Cyclops let out an incredible roar before charging at our group; axe held high.

"A damn Cyclops as our first monster?!? You have got to be kidding me!" Max shouted at the charging beast, "SCATTER!" He yelled in our direction before dashing off towards my right. Meg dove to the left as the Cyclops began to raise his axe for a swipe in our groups general direction. Promptly, I felt a hand press my shoulders to the floor as I ducked below the speeding blade surging past the top of my head. The loud THUMP of a tree getting hit could be heard, followed by the sound of its trunk crashing to the ground.

"We're all screwed if you died. Stay away from that thing!" Was Borage's last words before she released her hands from my back. Glaring at the Cyclops as he recovered from his attack, Borage pulled out the silver sword she had sheathed on her back, "if you promise not to die, then I will promise the same!"

With a nod, I looked at her, "I promise." I moved my hand over the bronze sword I had sheathed on my hip. It was lucky that Max had managed to find me and Borage a weapon prior to the start.

Max was the first to react to the opening for attack. Dashing up to the Cyclops foot, he let out a cry before pushing his sword deep into the monsters foot. In pain, the monster kicked his foot upwards, sending Max and his sword flying.

"Max!" Meg yelled as she raised an abnormally straight twig in her hands. With a few twirls of her hand, tree bark could be seen shooting vertically out of the ground directly at Max. Max slammed in the wall of wood before dropping to a horizontal platform of made of tree bark right below him.

"The hell is this?!" Max shouted, his surprise almost making him lose balance and fall off the bark. Luckily, his adrenaline kicked in first as his surprise faded away into awareness.

"Dodge it!" Borage shouted as the Cyclops readied itself for another attack. Reacting to the Cyclops' lack of focus on her, Borage dashed towards the Cyclops; sword in hand. With a roar, the Cyclops slashed furiously at the vertical snake of tree bark. Max reacted by leaping off the platform just before the axe hit, allowing him to land safely on the ground unscathed.

With an extreme burst of speed and amazing nimbleness, Borage took advantage of the Cyclops' focus on Max and began to climb the Cyclops by leaping up its legs and stomach. Before long, she had leapt to its shoulders.

The monster roared in shock, as he realized the threat on his shoulders, and dropped his weapons. With both hands, he began to slap his shoulders and body in an attempt to swat or squish Borage.

"Such agility," I mumbled to myself, almost in shock at seeing the talent I never knew Borage had. She was insanely fast, about as fast as her swordplay was.

Finally, after leaping and dodging all the Cyclops' swipes at the open air, Borage finally found her opening. "Gotcha!" She yelled as she leapt towards the Cyclops' massive single eye, left open for attack for a brief second. Raising her sword high above her head, Borage came down onto the monsters eye and thrusted her sword deep into its eyeball. Seemingly pleased with herself, Borage pushed off the monsters eye with her legs, hopping to her escape.

She didn't get far. With a blind swipe, the monster let out a vicious backhand, slamming into Borage and firing her into the ground at high speed.

"Borage!" I shouted before running to the spot where she landed. I could see her lying face down and motionless.

"Go Max, go!" Meg twirled her wand again, creating another fast moving branch of tree bark out of the ground. Turning his attention away from Borage, Max swiftly began to dash along the newly formed path of tree bark, leading up towards the monsters head. Meg visibly looked strained as she tried to continue the path high above the Cyclops' head.

Now blinded, in pain, and in anger, the Cyclops began to viciously swipe randomly in the air upon hearing the growing line of tree bark near him. In another twirl of her wand, another line of tree bark shot out of the ground around the Cyclops' dropped axe, preventing him from ever picking it up easily again. Suddenly, Meg dropped her wand and fell to a crouching position while heavily breathing. I suppose that we won't be seeing anymore spawned trees for this fight. Thankfully, she had already done her job, as the line of tree branches had now stood high above the Cyclops' head, with Max standing firmly at its top.

"You'll pay for what you've done. Now DIE!" Max leapt off the tree branch platform and dove straight at the monsters head. With his sword held below him, Max plunged the sword deep into the Cyclops' head before pulling it out again.

Now in intense pain, the Cyclops began to smash his head in panic, desperate to remove the sword still stuck in his eye and to remove the man whom stood on top of his head. Unlike Borage, Max leapt off the Cyclops' head in his confusion and landed on the ground safely.

"Still alive, you idiot Cyclops? Then I'm over here!" Max yelled behind the Cyclops. Still blinded from Borage's sword, the Cyclops attempted to take a single step backwards in the direction of Max's voice.

And in the direction of the Cyclops' own axe, now firmly planted on the ground thanks to Meg's tree branches. The back of the Cyclops' foot slammed into the stationary Axe, sending it falling backwards. With a cry, the Cyclops slammed into the stone stairs leading up to the arena's exit, flattening the stairs. The Cyclops' head then collapsed backwards into the stone wall, its height causing the spectators above to flee the area in fear that the area would collapse due to the impact. Max then stood up once the dust had settled and climbed onto the Cyclops' exposed chest.

"Heh, nice fight you ugly thing." He scoffed as he sent his sword plummeting once more into the Cyclops, this time into its chest. The monster then let out a deafening cry and tried to raise his arms towards Max, but then lowered his arms for the last time. Removing his sword, Max leapt off the defeated Cyclops before it slowly faded away into the air, back to the Crimson Moon whence he came from.

I watched the monster disappear completely before I turned my attention back to Borage, who was now sitting up. "Are you ok?"

"I'm...I'm fine. At least...we killed...it." She responded. Shakily, Borage tried to stand up while holding onto my shoulders.

"Good, hold onto me. Come on, let's get you u-" I was unable to finish my sentence before I was sent flying towards the ground with an angry snarl behind me. I turned around swiftly to see an angry, Rabid Wolf ready to tear into my body with an open mouth and a hunger to kill.

"Alex!" Borage shouted as she desperately tried to inch towards me. I looked at the wolf in fear and grabbed the wolf's jaw in an attempt to keep it away from me. Though, the wolf's jaw beat both my arms in physical strength as it slowly moved its full set of teeth closer and closer to my face. Suddenly, the pressure against my arms halted as the wolf's hungry expression turned peaceful, as the two tree branches that had pierced the wolf's body in an x formation began to recede. Before long, the wolf disappeared into the air.

"Damn wolves," Max laughed as he and Meg walked up towards me, "you gotta be aware of the small monsters too, you know."

I stood up promptly and rotate my shoulders just to make sure nothing was sprained. Meg was standing opposite me with a happy expression, as she placed her tree branch looking wand back onto its respective area, amongst the numerous other tree branches which surrounded Meg's dress. She definitely looked absolutely exhausted, however, likely due to her using that tree spell so often.

"Thanks," I heard Borage say as Max handed back her sword, which had fallen onto the rubble of stone around where the Cyclops had fallen. Borage now seemed to be standing up, thanks to Max's help.

"That was one hell of a fall, but damn are you fast!" Max complemented as Borage sheathed her sword back.

"Well obviously, that's because...I'm six star material. You...believe me now, right?"

"Maybe three star material." Max grinned.


Seemingly satisfied with himself, Max walked a few paces away before turning towards us again, "well we can't stay here. That Cyclops had to spawn from somewhere, and there's probably more of him."

Meg held her arm, "well, where will we go?"

"There's a cave way at the back of this arena, carved right into the dirt past the wall," Max pointed towards the open field, "I saw it while walking around the other day. The large monsters can't get inside and we'll only have to deal with the smaller monsters, which are probably easier to handle."

"Sounds like a...plan." Borage tried to force a smile out, but she was definitely hurt and/or exhausted. Getting to this cave definitely seemed like a better plan than standing out here in the middle of this open field where a Cyclops just attacked us a few minutes ago.

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Show us the way, Max." I said.
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Trials of Sol-Lune IX

With a sharp cut and the ominous sound of metal to flesh, the sword went in and out. Before long, its victim fell and faded away like all the other victims of the blade.

"So, what monster was that?" I asked, as Max wiped the sides of his sword with his hand.

"A Blood Lizard," Max responded, "they're creepy creatures who're only interested in eating flesh."

"So basically, they're just like every other monster."

"Yeah, pretty much," Max laughed as he waved his sword around in the air, "how's your cargo doing. Still alive?"

Borage made some muffled growling sounds onto the back of my shoulder, causing Max to just laugh again. As we walked to the cave, I had to carry Borage on my back with her arms around my neck and my hands around her legs. To be honest, she was actually a lot heavier than she looked, but I felt like that comment wasn't the best possible comment to speak out loud.

"Hold," Meg looked off into the distance and raised her hands, "there are two more Blood Lizards coming. Max, to your right!"

"What?" Max was in disbelief, but trusted Meg's advice and turned swiftly to his right; sword drawn. As predicted, two Blood Lizard's leapt out from behind the tangle of trees with fangs drawn. Due to his readied stance, however, two swift strikes were all it took to fell the two Blood Lizards instantly. Max finally sheathed his sword and turned back around. "Wow, you were actually right."

"Of course I was, the trees told me they were coming." Meg spoke like this was a completely normal occurrence.

"You speak to trees now?"

"I do."

Max turned around and raised both his hands in disbelief, "but their inanimate! Look at this thing!" Max walked over to slap the side of the tree in front of him, "it doesn't even move!"

"The trees are appalled at your level of rudeness." Meg crossed her arms, "also the particular tree you just hit says that you hurt him. You should apologize."

Max looked at Meg, turned to look at the tree, then looked at Meg again before looking at the tree once more. He then poked the tree a couple times while staring intently at it.

"The tree thinks that tickles." Meg interpreted. Borage shifted around behind my back, as a faint laugh could be heard. I, too, wanted to laugh, but I was instead focused on the black looking hole caved in the stone wall far off into the distance.

"Did we reach the back wall?" I asked, "I think I can see the cave."

Max put his hand on the tree and looked up towards the cave, "yeah, that's it alright. Come on, let's get over there so we can give whitey here some rest. I hate being one man short."

"...whitey...?" Borage sounded annoyed by the nickname, but was in no shape to retaliate. I responded by picking my feet up and walking towards the cave in the distance, Max following behind me. Behind me, I could hear soft patting sounds and Meg's voice.

"Sorry, I understand you don't like people leaning on you either. I can water you later, if you want?"


The cave was a lot larger than I had initially imagined. Its entrance was about 5 meters wide, 7 meters tall, and seemed to be deep enough to fit a large boat. It also appeared to be carved straight into the wall, as indicated by the broken stone blocks which surrounded the entrance of the cave. Max took the first step inside the cave, turning his head in every direction to survey the various possible ambush spots for monsters behind the rocks which jutted out of the side of the cave. Luckily, the sun in the sky was the perfect angle to allow us to see a majority of the inside of the cave. After walking through the cave, and deeming it to be safe, the four of us finally reached the back of the cave, where a small crack about as wide as a normal person stood.

"I'll take a look. Stay here." Max said as he unsheathed his sword and stepped through the crack. Before long, his hand stuck out back through the crack, giving us the signal that the area behind this rock wall was safe. I removed Borage from my back and guided her towards Max's extended hand.

"Your good right?" I asked.

"I'm...fine," she responded weakly before grabbing Max's hand and stepping through the opening. After seeing Borage move fine into the opening, I followed her. Behind the crack in the wall stood a small room about the size of a typical bedroom. It was also a lot darker back here, but that was mainly due to the fact that the only light source in the room was the small crack in the wall. Max helped Borage over to a corner of the room before laying her down.

"Cold...but...its dry. And nice." Borage laid her head down on a flat rock before staring up at us, "I should be...fine."

"You better be. I'd hate for someone to die while on my team." Max sheathed his sword back and stepped out of the rock room, "Amasuro, you should probably stay here too."

"Are you sure?" I was still slightly annoyed that I had to have others protect me while I was unable to do anything, but was still partly relieved at the suggestion.

"Yeah. Can't have you dying especially. You know your important, right?" Max did his usual laugh, "as both a Chosen and a Crimson!"

"Wait, what did you say I was?"

"Max!" The shout from Meg meant I probably wasn't going to have my question answered, "there...there are monsters! Lots of them coming this way!"

"What type?!" Max unsheathed his sword again and ran towards the Meg, who was standing at the entrance of the cave. I heard Max's running stop before he had a grave reaction, "mother of..."

I poked my head out through the crack and looked towards Max and Meg, and immediately I knew what they were pointing at. 5 blue spheres stood hovering in front of the caves entrance, flashing madly. Portals.

"Damn! Do you think this was a trap!?" Max shouted, changing his stance.

"We don't have time to think now, protect the back wall Max!" Meg removed the wand from her dress and readied to cast a spell. Before long, a low growling could be heard rumbling throughout the whole cave.

"Rabid wolves! There...there must be over thirty of them! And more are being spawned!"

I backed away from the crack in the wall and put my back to it. The ever familiar sounds of metal and flesh rang sharply against the cave walls; bouncing back and forth until it reached my ears behind the crack in the wall. I almost wanted to shut my ears to it, sit down, and hope everything would be ok. All urges that I had of feeling helpless and wanting to fight and help out had disappeared once again, as my body gripped with fear. Was sitting down and hoping that everything would be alright work again now, like it did during the Cyclops fight? I wasn't even watching the battle this time around.

I felt a hand on my shoulder as I sat down. I hadn't even realized I fell to a sitting position, but the hand definitely originated from a position higher than mine.

"I know you're afraid. I...am too. But...you just have to know...when you can't let your fear...get the better of you." I looked up to see Borage, standing above me with her sword unsheathed. I wasn't even sure how she was able to stand.

"Borage! You're injured, you can't go out there!"

"I won't. I'll just be in here...protecting you. I told you...I'm fine, right?" Borage smiled at me before staring intently at the opening in the wall, "they're coming...do...you hear it?"

I did hear it. The sound of pattering feet increased exponentially, until it was almost right outside the wall. The sound of Max crying, "they've reached the back! Meg, Meg! Get up! Do something!" rang behind the sound of low growling.

"Get back!" Borage shouted, motioning me to move away from the front wall.


"Back! GO!" The wolf breached the wall shortly after. I scrambled to the back corner of the wall as Borage dispatched the leaping wolf with one clean strike across its mouth. Another wolf followed behind it, and was killed by the same slash in the other direction. I sat down at the back corner of the wall with my back to the wall, watching in fear as the two wolves were dispatched just centimeters in front of my eyes. After slicing through a third wolf, Borage winced, gripping her arm and coming close to collapsing. I could see her trying desperately to stable herself, bending both her knees and gripping her sword arm with her open hand, in an effort to stay upright. As the fourth wolf jumped through, the very force of Borage's swing against it caused her to stumble and fall towards the wall, hitting it with her shoulder.

Borage winced in pain, dropping down and using every bit of effort she had to keep her sword hand gripped on the sword, which was now lying on the ground. I got up from my corner and tried moving towards her to help her up. That was when the fifth wolf leapt into the room. Standing in front of the opening, the wolf stared straight at Borage, teeth drawn and ready to pounce. Thats when its head turned towards me and I locked eyes with a beast far hungrier than the Cyclops or even the wolf that had attacked me previously.

"S-stay back. Just...just stay back!" I back away slowly; hands waving behind me desperate for something to hold, something that would be useful. Something that would just make the wolf and all others of its kind disappear. Instead, I only found the wall. The cold, stony touch of the caves rock wall. I didn't remember the sword I had sheathed on my hip, I didn't remember any training or mental practice I had, I didn't remember anything. All I wanted, was something I could use to make everything go back to a time where everything was just normal...

"NO!" The cry was heard as I watched the wolf take its leap at me, only to catch something else. Something...something else. I looked in fear as I saw the wolf now ready to devour into its new target as it stood on top of Borage. In retaliation, Borage tried weakly to grip the wolfs open jaw in an attempt to move it away from her stomach, but her lack of strength caused it to move closer and closer. I looked to the opening in the wall, which was now completely clear.

"Run Alex, get away from here! At least...you can...survive...this." Her strength finally gave away as the wolf reared its head backwards and sank its teeth straight into her body. The pained cry that followed shook the room and slapped my heart across its face. I wanted to run, I tried to run, but how could I run after hearing that? No, wait, why was I running? Why, was I running away from this girl who just threw herself to save me and is now dying right beside my feet? Why should others who are far more deserving of their lives than I was die for me, while I was to run away like the coward I was? Like the coward I...always was. I...I shouldn't be running anymore. I wanted to protect these people, who gave everything just to protect me. Protecting people, and having a reason to protect them; I guess that's motivates every Chosen to fight day after day in the face of death. I guess now is the time, that I stopped running away from being a Chosen.

What..what the hell have I been doing?!

I unsheathed the bronze sword which laid on my hips, its deep brown colour shining from the small crack of light entering the room. The wolf wasn't even paying attention to the motion of my sword thrusting straight through its body before collapsing and fading away. I took a quick look at Borage before turning towards the opening in the wall.

"Be...be care...ful." Were the last words I heard from her before leaving the room.


"Damn...damn damn DAMN! There's too many of them!" Max could be seen towards the side of the wall, holding his sword in a defensive position. Behind him, I could see Meg sitting down in a corner against the rock which jutted out of the walls of the cave. I quickly turned my attention to the wolves that had ignored them, and now ran straight towards me.

"Die you wolves. Just...just DIE!" I yelled before slashing my sword in a horizontal arc, slaying the two wolves that jumped at me, before moving to block myself from the fangs of a leaping third wolf. A downward slice in retaliation then brought that wolf to its knees. The other wolves cautiously backed away from me, but I was out for blood. Stepping forward, I proceeded to do a swift sweep across the wolves position, catching one off guard. Two other wolves attempted to leap towards me while my side was open, but I was faster as I spun around to take both out mid-leap in a backslash. Another wolf was then felled by a sharp thrust into its open mouth.

Turning around swiftly, I dove towards a wolf trying to make a dash for the crack in the wall and slashed it as I hit the ground on my stomach hard. Hearing another growl behind me, I turned around quickly onto my back and thrust my sword deep between the eyes of the wolf that tried leaping onto me. I quickly leapt to my feet and sliced through another two wolves before dashing towards Max and Meg's location. Turning to see me, the wolves expression changed before every single wolf turned and tried running towards the cave entrance towards the portals. But no, I wasn't about to let the stupid mutts get away free. No, I was out for blood. I was going to kill each and every one of those wolves.

I didn't get the chance. In a single, sweeping motion, a stranger in the distance effortlessly released a horizontal slash of wind, dispatching all five portals in a single swipe. The remaining wolves looked to each other in panic, now trapped between me and this new stranger. However, the stranger ran forward and, with another few horizontal slashes, dispatched the remaining wolves with sharp wind blasts emitting from her sword. I almost didn't believe my eyes.


"Chosen! Are you alright?" It was Diana. Sheathing her sword, Diana quickly ran towards Max, Meg, and I's position against the jutting rock. She went straight for Meg first and knelt down in front of her, "are you ok?"

"I'm fine. Just used a few...too many spells." Meg gestured towards the dozens of twigs and branches which lay strewn about the cave floor, something I hadn't noticed earlier. She gave a reassuring smile before Diana stood up again.

"HahahahAHAHAHAHA!" Max's laugh was louder and longer than it ever was before, as it echoed across the cave walls, "we're alive! We're...we're alive! I don't even know how we're alive!" He then proceeded to throw his hands in the air in celebration as he continued to laugh at the cave walls. His clothes and armor were scraped and broken in most places, but he didn't seem to care at all.

Diana turned towards me, "well then, Chosen. Your party certainly has exceeded my expectations. I'm glad to see that all four of you are alright."

Max stopped mid celebration and turned quickly towards us, "hey, Borage is still fine, right?"

Oh no, Borage!

"Borage!" I screamed as I ran towards the back of the cave. The stomping rush of feet behind me suggested everyone else wanted to see Borage as well. The strong smell of blood grew stronger and stronger as I leapt through the opening into the room.

Borage laid where I had left her, motionless. A small pool of blood had formed around her and her sword which still laid beside her. I continued to cry out her name in desperation as I ran to her side and knelt down. I quickly moved my hands to her chest, desperate for a pulse, a movement, anything at all. And that's when I felt it. The soft, slow movement of her chest rising up...and down. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

"Your...your...alive? I'm...I'm so...happy." Borage turned her head and looked into my eyes, tears coming down her own. Her voice was hoarse and the insides of her mouth were covered in blood.

"I'm glad...I'm glad t-too," I could barely speak. It took every effort I could manage to look Borage straight into her eyes after what I had just made her do. Looking straight at her when she looked straight at me was the least I could do.

"She's losing too much blood! Someone apply pressure to the wound now!" Diana was practically screaming in my ear. I scanned Borage's body quickly for the deep, bite mark gashed deep into her stomach and pressed my hand against it, "the medics in Sol-Lune can definitely patch this and save her, but we have to get her out now, Chosen! Where is the teleportation orb?!"

Thats right! That blue orb Diana had given me earlier was definitely the ray of hope I had been desperately praying for. Diana reached down and resumed pressure on the wound while I stood up and happily reached into my pocket where the orb was contained in...

...only to find it empty. A hole at the bottom of the pocket had been created due to a deep cut along the side of my pants.

No...no, no no! This can't be happening!

I patted my only other pocket, the one containing my cards, with the hope that maybe, just maybe, I had put the orb in that pocket instead. I reached inside the pocket in desperation, but the orb wasn't there. I then reached back into my other pocket frantically, in hopes that maybe the hole I had felt earlier was just a figment of my imagination. Then, back into my card pocket again. I probably looked insane at that point, but I didn't care one bit.

"Chosen! Where is the orb?!" Diana sounded as desperate as I did.

"It fell out! My pocket got cut!" I screamed back.

"Dammit," Diana turned towards Meg and Max, "search the caves! Find that orb NOW!"

Diana dragged my hand to Borage's wound as the three of them then dashed out of the room, desperate to find the orb that I had dropped. I took a quick survey in the dim light of the back room that I was in right now, but I didn't see the orb anywhere at all. No small cracks, holes, or anything the orb could have fell inside either. I turned back towards Borage's eyes and smiled.

"You'll be ok. Don't worry." I tried to sound as reassuring as possible, but I could not remove the shakiness from my voice.

"Please...please I-I don't...want to...die." Her response almost made me begin to cry, but I held it in. With my free hand, I moved over to grip her cold hand in an attempt to make her believe that everything was going to be just fine. As I stared into her dying eyes, I suddenly remembered something that I had meant to ask her that has been gripping me since we passed through those steel, black gates. Was it right to ask her now? Now, in a time that she was about to die in my arms? No, despite the situation, I just simply had to know.

I gripped her hand tighter, to steel her for the question and myself for the response, "Borage...us entering the Sol-Lune games. That wasn't just chance, was it? You...you meant to enter us, didn't you?"

Borage blinked twice, before turning her eyes away from mine. She then closed them, as tears began to flow from her closed eyes once more, "I'm...I'm so sorry," her grip on my hand became tighter as she cried even more. With teary eyes, she opened her eyes and looked at me once more, "please...please don't...don't leave me...behind." She now sounded desperate, as if she really thought I would leave her behind just because of her response. In an earlier time, I might have, but I'd never do that now. For someone who just gave her life to protect mine, I didn't care about what her motives were beforehand or any lies that she had told me.

"I'd never leave you behind. You're my friend, aren't you?" I smiled again, and this time, it felt very reassuring.

She smiled back, "t-t-thank...you..." I put my finger on her lips, to let her know that that's all I had wanted.

Diana and Meg ran back into the room, with Max shouting profanities behind them somewhere in the cave. "Chosen! The orb is not here! Where could you have dropped it?!" Diana shouted, her voice laced with fear.

I looked down, as my mind began to dive straight into deep thought. The scratch in my pocket was definitely created by a monster of some sort, but I hadn't fought any monsters until the cave. Hell, I wasn't even in any sort of danger prior to the cave battle. It had to be inside the cave...it was the only battle I'd fought myself today.

Wait...no...it wasn't the only battle. I've been knocked down and attacked before. By...by...the first wolf, where the Cyclops was.

I lifted my head up abruptly, "it's at the gate!" I exclaimed, excitement in my voice.

"Let's go then! Don't waste any more time, Chosen, let's GO!" Diana leapt towards the crack in the wall.

I turned towards Meg, "Meg, please stop the bleeding while I'm gone. Keep her alive."

Meg nodded quickly, "yes, yes!" She exclaimed before dashing to replace my position. Any ounce of exhaustion she held earlier seemed to have turned to adrenaline now. We all definitely wanted to keep her alive.

Taking one last look at Borage, I shot upwards and dashed through the opening in the wall. Diana was already near the cave entrance, sword unsheathed and ready to make a run for the gates. With an extreme burst of energy, I dashed and caught up with her.

This was my last hope of Borage's survival, and we can't waste any time. This time, I was sure that everything would turn out just fine.
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Great writting. You should show your friends my page just to watch their expression if they said that about your works being too long for a "funny ride".

Also, i didn't considered our chat as a spoiler, merely a conversation around a theme which wasn't talked about and that it had its reason to be discussed. To me, nothing is considered true until it is written. Though i can predict a few outcomes based on logic and what can be achieved within a world's boundaries.
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Trials of Sol-Lune X

It would be an insult to say that Diana was, simply, fast. No, she was much more than that. The way she ran combined with the way her blade danced was almost like watching an assassin, with the elegance of a ballroom dancer. Her method of attack appeared to be making swiping motions in the air with her sword, which in turn sends out a sharp wave of air that sliced enemies in two. Yet when faced by any monsters up close, they were dispatched by the quick and accurate strokes of her sword. The increasing amount of monsters surrounding us made almost zero impact on our speed as we sprinted through the manmade field and forest. Though, speaking of increasing, I wondered why the monsters seemed to be increasing.

"Chosen," Diana spoke mid-sprint, with nary a gasp in her voice, "do you sense an increase in monsters in the area?"

I guess she noticed it too.

"Y-yeah," I tried to respond, my voice wavering due to my significantly lower fitness level, "was this planned? Or-"

Diana cut me off, "it's not planned," she said as she turned her head towards me, "the density of monsters down here is abnormal. Something is wrong."

Within seconds, Diana proved to be right. The area behind the wooden fence on top of the stone walls of the arena began to fill with a white coloured smoke. And not in a small concentrated area, no, it covered the entire parameter of the arena. Spectators whom formerly stood behind the fences now ran around in panic, covering their faces while screaming in terror.

Diana stopped running and pulled me behind her by grabbing my arm, "watch for anything hostile, Chosen! We need to get to that orb and the exit NOW!"

Yeah, as if it wasn't hard enough before. Now, instead of having a slight chance of getting killed in this terrible game, we had a high chance of getting killed in this terrible game due to the fact that the admin's now wanted us dead apparently. Diana and I picked up our sprint once more, but we didn't get far when an incredibly loud, female voice began to boom across the whole arena.

"Chosen! Spectators from around the world! I welcome you to my version of the Trials of Sol-Lune. I hope your all enjoying yourselves!" The voice was disgustingly cheerful, almost to the point where it made me sick. Diana, too, seemed just as disturbed, but was more focused on cutting through the hoards of monsters which swarmed us constantly. Amidst the screaming bystanders and the battle sounds coming from the Chosen stuck inside the arena, the voice continued.

"As you all can plainly see, I've released a mildly damaging gas into the spectators area that stings your eyes and noses a little. Sorry about that, but we reeeeeally need that area!" The voice followed her playful speech with a laugh that sounded neither warm or welcoming before continuing once more, "I also plan to fill that entire arena with a toxic gas called Teratonin! You've all heard of this gas, I assume? Aaaaaaaaanyways, in case you've been living under a rock, Teratonin is a completely toxic gas that will kill you instantly upon intake. Now doesn't that sound fun?" Another laugh came from the voice, and this laugh appeared to be one that indicated that the voice was definitely having fun with our lives.

"Teratonin..." Diana muttered under her breath, "no, it can't be! They're planning to set off the stolen bomb inside the arena!"

On top of Diana's realization, the voice resumed, "and since it would be a terrible shame if you Chosen were to escape your...ah, gassy demise, I'll be closing the arena now. So sorry! But please, enjoy the last moments of your life. I'm sure you all had some good ones!"

Above the stone wall now stood a thin hole which spread across one entire side of the wall. Then, a thin sheet of a metallic-seeming material began to slide out from the hole, slowly. Slowly, across the top of the whole arena.

"They're sealing off the arena!" I cried, pointing at the sheet of metal which quickly began to seal off the arena. Diana stopped running and appeared to be formulating a plan. In the distance, three individuals shot out from the arena's floor and up into the sky past the ever moving sheet of metal, only to be shot down promptly by a dark stream of what appeared to be magic. The dragon disappeared as the three individuals fell back onto the ground.

"Tsk, tsk, Chosen Contestants number 2, 6, and 8! It's not fair if you could just fly out of the arena. That would be cheating! You see, you're supposed to die at the end of this game, so just keep playing by the rules alright?" A maniacal laughter followed the voice before it was replaced by the bloodcurdling screams of every Chosen stuck inside the arena. Once the arena was fully sealed by the metal, artificial light began to sweep through the area, giving us ample vision. Sounds of crashing rocks and loud booms then followed, suggesting that the trapped Chosen were now trying to break through the stone wall in hopes that they could dig through the ground back to the surface. But, with the dark magic I just witnessed, whomever trapped us inside here definitely did not want us to get out alive.

Suddenly, Diana grabbed my arm and began to drag me towards one side of the wall, "Chosen, we're escaping this place. Follow me!"

I stopped, "we? Diana, what's going to happen to the Chosen and their heroes? What about Borage, Max, and Meg!?"

"The heroes were summoned here, so they will simply disappear back to where they were summoned from," Diana's expression turned dark, "your heroes and the other Chosen were not summoned; they walked inside here themselves. As such, they will be killed. Now come, we have to go to the underground tunnel now! We don't know when the bomb will explode!" Diana began to grip my arm with an insane force and pulled me even harder. I stood my ground.

"Will be killed? Why, why should I live while they die?" I tried pulling my arm away from Diana, "they fought so hard to protect me, and I should thank them by leaving them to die? No, Diana, we're going for the teleportation orb!"

"You idiot!" Diana grabbed my shoulders and shook them, while giving me the most intense look I've ever seen, "do you have any idea how important your damn life is? You're a Crimson; one of the six! I forbid you to die here!"

"You haven't explained anything to me, Diana! I don't understand what you're talking about and, frankly, I don't care in the slightest what you think I am. I WILL save everyone else, even if it costs me my life!"

Diana moved her sword towards me, "I will not allow this! Follow me, or I kill you where you stand."

A smile crept onto my face, "kill me? Isn't that what your trying to prevent?"

"No. NO! Damn you, Crimson Amasuro! You've given me no choice, I'll have to get you out of here by force!" Diana moved quickly with an attempt to punch me in the gut, but my reflexes were on top. I moved to unsheathe my sword and make an attack at her hand, but Diana's reflexes were just as good, as she moved her own sword to block mine with her other hand.

I backed off as I raised my sword in a fighting stance. Diana did the same, as she stared furiously at my eyes with the determination to take me with her into the tunnel. Luckily, I had just as much determination as she did.

"So you can't kill me, but I can kill you? This seems to be advantageous for me." I spoke, taunting her slightly. If my sword skills back at the cave were any indication, Max was right about how fighting with the sword should come naturally to me, as if I knew the skill all my life. It was still a hunch, however, and I was definitely still unsure whether I would defeat a renowned swordswoman like Diana. I was determined to try, as I was not about to let Borage, Max, and Meg die for me like this.

"You? Defeat me? You're a fool and an idiot, Crimson. You'll be coming with me, no matter how hard you try to resist," Diana pointed her sword towards me, "you will regret challenging Diana, Fencer of the Moon!"

"More like Diana, the waste of time."

That got her. Diana immediately made a thrust with her sword directed straight at my sword hand,  which I effectively parleyed. Two more strokes immediately followed, and both aimed straight at my sword hand, but both were deflected in a similar fashion. I hopped backwards, satisfied that my hunch was correct. Diana really didn't want to kill me, thus she wasn't using every possible skill or spell she had. Her only goal was to simply disarm me so she could safely bring me out of the arena. With this knowledge, I my confidence in winning this battle increased. Unlike Diana, I, on the other hand, did not care whether I disarmed her or killed her.

I retaliated, striking back with two horizontal slashes of my own before Diana could recover from her attack. However, she simply stepped backwards away from my attacks instead of parleying them like I thought. Figuring that she was likely looking for another opening for attack, I thrusted my sword forward towards her chest, which she dodged again by spinning her body sideways. Once my attack left my guard down, Diana retaliated as predicted, by moving her sword for an uppercut against my extended hand. Predicting the attack, I, instead, attempted an attack of my own by making another slash towards Diana, forcing her to move her hand back instead to block my sword from her neck. On the offensive again, I reeled back and tried another two strokes at her, only to be met by the sharp cling of metal to metal.

Our swords continued, strike after strike deflected by a parley every time. The sound of clashing metal causing the feel of being seen by many eyes, hiding behind the trees. Even the monsters, who were supposed to be increasing in number, seemed to back off in light of the occurring duel. Finally, after exchanging blows for some time, Diana and I both backed off from each other, swords still ready to attack.

"It seems as if neither of our goals will be met if this continues, Crimson." Diana spoke with bated breath, still holding her sword up as if she was preparing for another assault from me.

Could she be letting me go now? I relaxed slowly, dropping my sword slightly, only to raise it again quickly once Diana began talking again.

"Which is why I'll be seeing that my goal is met right now," Diana's eyes flickered with irritation and determination before raising her sword high in the air, "LUNAR WAVE!" She cried as her sword fell, releasing a blinding, boomerang shaped light which sped towards me like a sonic wave. Almost caught by surprise, I jumped out of the way of the wave, causing it to crash and shatter a tree behind me.

What the hell? Was she trying to kill me now? Diana's change in mood was a complete surprise to me. Though, I wasn't entirely sure if the large, exploding sonic wave attack would not be fatal if it hit humans and her goals never changed at all, but I was not planning to get hit by one just so I can test my new theory. I scrambled to my feet and began to run, ducking instantly upon getting up to avoid the second so-called Lunar Wave.

I ran as fast as I could away from the soft, rapid sound of crushed grass behind me. Another wave came in a diagonal arc to my body, which I had to dodge.

"Did you really believe you could defeat me, foolish Crimson? Whether or not your fully conscious or barely breathing doesn't matter, I will be taking you out of this damn arena!" Another Lunar Wave followed after Diana's proclamation, which I barely dodged once again; the explosion of the wave against the tree in front of me nearly throwing me off balance.

Diana was far gone now, and had crossed the line between rational and irrational. I always pictured Diana as being the level headed person, but I guess even she can be tipped over the edge. I had probably angered Diana enough that she now failed to realize that I could probably get to the orb and run back to the tunnel in the same time it took Diana to fell me with her attacks and bring me there herself. Now definitely wasn't a great time for self thought, though.

I kept running as another wave sailed right over my head, crashing into the huge tree in front of me. Seeing the tree collapsing in front of me, I moved to slide directly underneath the tree as it collapsed. Behind me, the sound of cracking bark suggested that Diana had to hurdle over the tree instead, though it failed to slow her progress in the slightest. My pace continued, even after another two waves shot past me from both my right and left. I knew I could reach where the gate was in about thirty seconds, but even then Diana still failed to realize the pointlessness of her actions as she continued to fire wave after wave.

I almost reached it. Diana's final Lunar Wave hit the ground behind my feet, kicking up the ground in a way which caused me to fly forwards. I hit the ground hard, as the impact caused my chin to be dragged forward straight through the dirt. Exhausted and in pain, I rolled over onto my back just to see Diana standing above me, fist raised.

"Diana stop!" I cried, "look, we're at the gate already." I was right, of course. Diana lowered her fist and looked  in front of her to see that we were, indeed, at the gate already. Numerous Chosen had flocked to the former site of the gate, which was now behind the horizontal sheet of metal that closed off the entire arena. The Chosen there were busy throwing any attack they had towards the sheet of metal in desperation, while other Chosen opted instead to climb the ruined stone stairs to pound on the metal, yelling senselessly.

Diana stared at the sight in front of her, both in awe of the desperation of the Chosen and in defeat for the fact that she failed to stop me from reaching here. Her shoulders relaxed and she dropped her sword to the ground in acceptance of the events which had occurred. I, on the other hand, was not one to not take revenge and let a battle end without a winner. Seeing that Diana had stopped paying attention to me despite standing right beside me, I stood up slowly and readied my fist. Before Diana even realized that I had stood up, I unleashed the hardest right hook I've ever thrown directly at Diana's left eye.

"Kuh?!" The punch took Diana by surprise as she fell backwards from the impact, crashing into the ground with a thud. I then turned around and quickly ran to the area right of the gate; the location where I knew I was attacked by the wolf.

I saw it instantly. Lying just a few meters in front of me, wedged between a rock and the stump of a fallen tree stood the cloudy, blue orb said to hold the powers of teleportation. I dove for the orb and immediately reached in my pocket to pull out the four cards of heroes I had in my pocket. Taking a guess at the mechanics behind the orb, I pulled the first card out of my hand, the one-star Borage, and rubbed it against the orb. Like magic, the card began to fade slowly from my hands, similar to when monsters are defeated, until nothing remained in my hand.

Does that mean it worked?

"Your correct, Crimson," the female voice in front of me startled me from my concentration, "rubbing their cards against the orb will cause them to teleport back to the medic's tent, a location I chose myself. I will see that the girl gets the medical treatment she needs." Diana's tone definitely showed that she was hurt by my actions, but seemed sad at the same time. She still held her hand against her left eye as if she was in pain.

I looked back towards the cards in my hand and pulled out Max's card. A quick rub, and Max was now safely back in town. I proceeded to take the third card, Meg's card, out of my hand and started to rub it against the orb, when an immense explosion occurred somewhere in the middle of the field. The shockwave and rumbling ground from the explosion nearly knocking me backwards.

"That must be the bomb," Diana turned her head away from the explosion towards me, "I guess you die now, you idiot of a Crimson."

"No regrets," I smiled my biggest smirk back at Diana.


I looked back at the final card I held my hand, Diana's card, and began to hover it over the orb, careful not to touch the orb with the card.

"You wouldn't dare." Diana snarled, reaching for her sword. I simply laughed a carefree laugh as I continued to hover the card above the orb. Diana's voice increased with ferocity, "YOU WOULDN'T DARE!"

"Your easy to piss off, you know that right?" I joked before touching the card to the orb. Standing in front of me, Diana gave the most incredibly livid look before disappearing into the air.

Now surrounded by no one except the other Chosen, who now knelt down on the ground to accept their fate, I threw myself onto my back and put my hands behind my head, satisfied by what I managed to accomplish. There was still a lot of things I wish I knew, however, like who was Daemon and the female voice behind the speakers; what a Crimson was and why Diana wanted so desperately to protect me; and, most importantly, did Max, Meg, and Borage manage to survive those five minutes it took me to reach this point?

I wanted to laugh, but refrained from doing so in respect to the other Chosen around me. It was almost funny how I went from being a complete coward to someone who just gave up an opportunity to stay alive to save his friends. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know when or why my change in personality occurred. Surely, it wasn't all because of me watching the sacrifice of everyone else. Perhaps it is related to how I had hidden sword skills so powerful, I could go toe-to-toe against one of the most renowned swordfighters in the world? I curiously wondered what else I, or rather, this idea of being a Chosen or a Crimson, was able to do. Sadly, I suppose this question would not be answered either, as a dark green cloud of mist rapidly began to move towards my location.

I smiled to myself once more and spoke aloud. "No regrets," I told myself before the wave of dark green mist washed over my face.

The gas stung my throat and insides as I breathed it. I could barely open my eyes either, as opening them caused a huge stinging sensation that was almost unbearable. Luckily, I didn't have to endure it for much longer, as within seconds of breathing the gas, my consciousness slipped. Soon, all thought ceased, and all I could feel was the growing darkness around me.
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Amasuro's Diary (Last: Trials of Sol-Lune X)
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