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 So how low will the 6* go?

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PostSubject: Re: So how low will the 6* go?   Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:51 am

Swansonronald wrote:

The game has never really been one where rankers make money--most importantly because te:usd is closer to .35 than it is to 1 so if u win a 2k te card u have maybe broken even in most events...

This is only true if you factor in RMT and that's an entirely different concept (and not one I'll be sanctioning or supporting.) TE:USD is ~ 1:$1 (maybe a little less if you factor in the 11 for $10 sales and other factors.)

But essentially, 1TE = $1 in pure Fantasica currency. While that currency is easily diluted or polluted by external, unsanctioned forces like RMT, it's still roughly the value. Case in point? RMT listings have units at a TE:$ equivalent. How can something be .35/unit yet translate to 1:$1 when listing the units? It's a shell game and a risky one at that.

That being said, the push to earn reward units and auction them off following the event has become much more lackluster among the rankers outside of 7* units. And the more definitive copies that are issued, the lower the values will go. If the 7* reward extends to r15 again this Guild battle, expect that unit to bottom out around the same value as Alias and Lactea unless there's something amazing about the unit.
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PostSubject: Re: So how low will the 6* go?   Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:50 pm

I have no idea what you mean by case in point rmt have units at a te:usd equivalent. Every rmt trading post I see in the website that shall not be named uses an exchange rate less than .40 and many sell te for that as well. While I'm not gonna argue the merits on demerits of real money trading I can tell you very few rankers (and I know a lot of them) sit there and think 1 te = 1 usd so their 7 stars are worth 10s of thousands of dollars.

I think a couple of things have happened to 7 stars... first, the game has become very focused on gw. As that has happened, cheao substitutes for cards (lierna for sparda, eclipse/soica/ophelia for alondra) have drven the pricesnof the superior cards down... I remember sparda being worth Frene + 1k when Frene came out and Alondra Frene + 700... Now Frene which has 100 prints but is useful in gw and doesn't have substitutes is often priced higher than those 2 cards, another interesting thing in the game and dynamics nobody really wants to discuss because it relates to rmt is that rankers/people with 7 stars have started to do their own quit sales. Even 2 months ago I remember trying buy alondra for 2k te... Nobody would sell... I'm certain that if there was 2 quit auctions with her she would have dropped to 1500 but with nobody quitting and FoiledFailure buying out all the quitters and then effectively controlling prices, card prices just didn't fall. The first shift was to people who wanted to quit price checking high (Madeleine 3k) and then selling low (1.7k, you've gotten a super deal) but as more and more quit auctions happen there's true price discovery and the real supply and demand is displayed. As a result more people have gotten frustrated and quit which is kinda funny.

Anyways, sorry for rambling but I do find it very interesting what's happening in fanta.
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So how low will the 6* go?
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