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 Tell us about your 1st N★ card

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PostSubject: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:07 pm

well, i know 6★ is flooding around even among newb due to some legacy pack, winter pack and so on.

still, tell us the story about your 1st 3/4/5/6/7★ story IF you still remember Smile let me start it.


First 3★:

I got him in The Symphony of Rapture event as my 1st panel and 2nd event after join Fanta. Nothing much story on that Smile


First 4★:

I had plan to get her after i join Fanta and study the wiki. She is my 4★ dream card. I got her during The Doomsday Tower Revelations with 1 TE offer from a kind ally [it was more than 3 TE back to old day] after he know i just join Fanta, finish boot camp with a handful TE. He even sell me Melpha with very low TE later.

Naneal is a good unit; low 10 dc, high speed, knockback and the main point: she is cute!!!

she join my team in every fight i had even in all PvP [BA, TA, colo, GA] until GA3 as a great filler. She will always have a special place in my deck and NFS [NEVER FOR SALE] =3=


First 5★:

Melpha is my 5★ dream card since they day i join Fanta. just like Naneal, i picked her as my 1st 5★ to be obtained after study the wiki.  I get her during The Doomsday Tower Revelations and surprisingly that my ally can offer her with just 3 TE bundle with Naneal to sell to me [Melpha worth more than 15 TE at that time]

Melpha is a decent 5★ with lower 20 dc, high speed, slow. Just like Naneal, she join my team in every PvP fight i had. She is still my core unit in my team even in GA4 since i cant effort to get Edwin as 5* filler back to old days.


First 6★ in album:

yes, i mean in album because it wasnt my unit. i got a kind ally loan me Eriohnet during The Symphony of Rapture event to grind bt. yes, she wasnt mine, technically. It was a loaned unit from ally Smile

She is still in my deck now as my core pvp unit until GA4 Smile i know Fanta players has no love on magic unit; but Eriohnet didnt failed me, she is even better than other dc 20, D speed magic unit in later game too.

First 6★ unit from reward:

in GA2, i got Closer with my Arrow guild. Earn my 1st 6★ with my own hardworking, thanks to all my arrow guild mate.

High speed, meaty and backstab make him a good killer to help me get rid of QxQ in GA3 and 4.

First 6★ monster from reward:

Mitra from The Mystic Summit, already trade her for my Chandelle Smile

First 6★ wanted from buying/trading:

I bought a cheap fresh Epimeleia and start my trading path. after afew ding dong flip, Epimeleia -> AzulU -> Margot 6★ -> Coral. The purpose of Coral is the SO i need. She had join my GA4 and 5.

First 6★ Wish List:
just got my dream card, Chandelle at 10 Jan. only last one, the Spa Chandelle left to be recruited:D

Secret: 50% of my 6★ in my deck werent my units lol


First 7★ in album:

Laetitia, a loan unit from my ally. i got her since Sea Paradise event. i always make a joke on Laetitia that she is a fake 7★, to be accurate a 6.5★ due to low damage output compare with other 6* magic unit [not impressive enough]  

but her low dc and better speed are plus for me to get her in my GA team.

First 7★ Wish List:

Alondra, i know she is quite an old and are 7*. she is my dream card since The Symphony of Rapture event. i know she is expensive; just dream on that as a casual player

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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:35 am

First 5★

Soldado, given to me from a friend when I first started this game.

First 6★ in Album

Morticia, loaned to me from a friend for Mina's Trials.

First 6★ bought

Dana, from an auction for 48te back in July. Stayed up until 4am EST to put in a final bid for her.

First 6★ earned from ranking

Stella, from "The Masquerade of Deceit" colo event pvp side. My team consisted of Dana, a loaner 6* from friend, Angela, Nanael, and Zandes. I used around 80 te and grinded out days from morning to night to rank.

First 6★ earned from grinding

Ami, from the "Halloween Fiesta" panel event. I was lucky enough to pull a 5* event unit, decided to start the grind. With the help of my allies loaning me 6 and 7* towards the second half of the event, I was able to finish the grind one day early.

7★ Wishlist

Loanne: I love her art, sprite, and stats.
Arthur: Same reasons as Loanne.

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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:20 am

First 4* (draw): Tricot

Came out from the first 4*+ ticket i used. I didn't enjoyed her art that much, but she's my first nonetheless.

First 4* (purchase): Mercena

Purchased her for 1 TE at the time. I liked her both in art and as being one of the few mellee i had at the time that could hit air units (even if the damage was low, her slow was still usefull).

First 4* (rank): Tenor

I joined Fantasica during an event regarding one of my favorite topics: music. Even if Tenor was the only card i won from said ranks, i enjoyed winning him.

First 5* (purchase): Katia

One of the first 5* i elected for my beginner roster. Won her at an auction, and still have her around.

First 5* (draw): Camille

Didn't use him since i've won him from a 4*+ ticket because i didn't knew which units could benefit his attack bonus, so he remains in my inbox ever since.

First 5* (rank): Annette

When i first saw her, i knew i had to win her, and our guild, weak yet united, was able to win her in the final rounds. She's one of my NFS units.

First 6* (purchase): Pregare

Obtaining a 6* at the time was paramount to have the trust of more powerfull allies, and i made my first purchase in this game to obtain her. Once i had her, everything became more accessible.

First 6* (draw): Coral

I was only hoping for a 5* from the pack, but she appeared before me, leaving me breathless. My allies congratulated me, bundles of offers were made, but i had an attachement over her and there was the fact that she was my second 6*. If Pregare was mellee instead of magic, i would have selled her, but seeing that her DC, demon speed and arena skills are really good, i'm glad i kept her with me.

First 6* (rank): Closer

My wish in the second Guild event was to go with a casual guild, but our teams and tactics were so good that we were able to reach Closer in the last rounds, just like Annette.
I don't know why, but the guild events is where i shine the best, even when during these last 4 events i was playing mild-spender (sometimes, only enough to get an event unit) with inbox potions.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:19 pm

First 3*: I really forgotten

First 4*: Achillea

My sister gave me this to me during the Venus Colosseum event just to help me a bit and she didn't need it.

Not bad at first when I tried it as a 4* XD

I still have it, btw.

First 5*: Melissa

Ahh, this one, I was stuck with this as a leader for a very long time, in fact, more than 5 months before I got Morticia as my 6*.

My allies keep complaining, eh, madman? XD

Somebody (ShockRift) gave me this as a Christmas Present in 2012. I still have this with me right now as well and not MLB because I'm just simply lazy  

First 6*: Morticia

I really regretted buying her at the time. I bought her before I quitted and she was around 80 TE when I bought her, I should have quitted and used those TE to buy something like Flores.

Oh well, at least I have Delfina and Dana so... I'll make do with it.


What are you looking at? Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:29 pm

I started right when Call of the Desert had begun. Good timing on my part! Desert was my first 4 star unit, ever. I was ridiculously happy to leave the 2 star land behind, and I liked the card's art and flavor text a lot. I held onto him all the way to Halloween Fiesta. Oddly enough, I still have Arena in my inbox. She was a more useful unit overall, but I still regret using Desert as a feeder... I wonder if I can still find one and buy him as part of a 4 star set.

I earned Desert before I got Vipere. Still used her for quests, she was my first and probably the only 3 star I used in earnest.

I barely earned Curious, my first 5 star unit, in the same event. I was still in 2 star land, so I couldn't grind the high end quests for BT, I had barely scraped by with 25-3. I still have Curious. I've gotten a LOT of work out of her. Dude, I felt suuuper special being a rook with a 5 star. Like, honest to goodness rook with a random 5 star. Which leads to...

Closer, my first 6 star unit, and one of my two cards that form my pride and joy, despite him being comparatively weak and completely disregarding the team with his Backstab skill. I signed up for a casual guild, despite being as active as possible and being a bundle of energy that qualified as a rook. I thought I'd go casual because I had no idea what I was in for and i didn't want to disappoint a ranking guild by running dry on potions. I was loving the strategies our guild cooked up, because I love me some strategy and tactics. Ask Vaati, he knows.

After this, I had barely enough trading power to buy Manfred, the knightiest knight in the land. I absolutely adore this card, no matter what people say of his effectiveness. I love that in a world of magical superbeings, enchanted weapons, very imposing beings, and what have you, that a knight who left the court to protect the citizens matches up to them with nothing but guts, manstrength, and steel. I regret losing Desert. I won't experience the same with Manfred.

The first 6 star I drew from a standard pack was... Alexander. BOO. I won't even try to sell the guy, so next guild battle or arena, get ready for Backstab fodder Alexander.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:39 am

TechBroManSir wrote:
I started right when Call of the Desert had begun.  Good timing on my part!  Desert was my first 4 star unit, ever.  I was ridiculously happy to leave the 2 star land behind, and I liked the card's art and flavor text a lot.  I held onto him all the way to Halloween Fiesta.  Oddly enough, I still have Arena in my inbox.  She was a more useful unit overall, but I still regret using Desert as a feeder... I wonder if I can still find one and buy him as part of a 4 star set.

I think i still have mine. Contact me in-game. If you have a 4* that i might not have in my album we could make the trade Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:53 am

I think I still have Desert as well.

My firsts.

4* Gleb. Pulled from the ticket finishing Mina's bootcamp. Hated his art and eventually fed him to another 4*

5* Joachim. Bought during the Color of Vengence event for Rage Fruit L's I'd gotten as event rewards.

6* Cherche. Cleared the Death Tree during the head start period of the Elder Tree Event. Was expecting to get the 5* then saw a message saying it was Cherche sent to my inbox and thinking to myself. "That wasn't the name they listed for the 5* tree clear reward" then ended up staring blankly for a couple minutes when I saw it was the 6*.

6* Purchase. Reinhard. Currently the only 6* I have purchased with TE. Hurleyvp helped me get one at a good price about a day before they popped out the spa girls series which tipped everyone off on the last GW.

6* GW reward. Skuld. We ended with 24 wins last GW. While to most ppl she's a subpar reward with very little value I had a great time with the guild I was with that GW and since I'm not swimming in 6*s like some ppl she still has a spot on my team as the only other 6*s I have that arent mentioned are Grace and Selina which were login campaign bonuses anyone could get unless they started too late to get the login count.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:27 am

First 4*: Partenope

I thought her art was hideous, so I quickly tried to get another 4*
UkyoSonoda wrote:
4* Gleb. Pulled from the ticket finishing Mina's bootcamp. Hated his art and eventually fed him to another 4*
Funny thing was that Gleb was my third 4*. Compared to my Scarlet and Partenope, I liked his art the best, so I maxed him first. I maxed Scarlet like...6 months later. Partenope got fed.

First 5*: Meg

Bought her at an auction for 10TE. I beelined her specifically, because she was LE and nobody was bidding on her for whatever reason. I wanted to be special and leader some card that absolutely nobody leadered. I ended up trading her 1:1 for my second 5* ever, Kiki, once I maxed Meg out. Still have that Kiki Very Happy

First 6*: Alvida

Pulled from step 3 of Step Up Packs Season 5 (Mandragora March!). I even got a new ally from it because she really wanted to buy my Alvida. I sold it to her 7 months later Razz. Though, Alvida is still severely overshadowed because of...

First Grindable 6*: Borage

...my Borage, who started my addiction in Fanta. From Mandragora March!, I got $200 worth of iTunes cards for my birthday from my friends, who were egging me on to pull more 6* (6 of us at the time, though 4 of them have quit). From that, I pulled the above Alvida, Clarissa, and Isis. Additionally, from the event items I got, I decided to attempt for Borage with 3 days left in the event, even though I didn't really want her (or like her art). And somehow, after staying up to 2am (I had to wake up for school at 5am), I got her with seconds to spare (with the help of some new allies who I still have to this date). Eventually, Borage really grew on me until she became my absolute favourite card, second only to Alsiel, who immediately became my dream card the second she was released in Japan. I would leader her whenever I had the chance for a full 7-8 months and always considered her to be my birthday present...

The Dream 6*: Alsiel

...until she was lost in the great battle for Alsiel a few weeks ago. Damn you, buyer-who-would-only-do-mix-if-I-included-the-Borage Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:42 am

First LE 2*: Lich

he is indeed an LE unit, exclusive in training events. In fact he IS one of the two first LE 2*s along with Hobgoblin, well, he's a gift from my ally.

First 3*: Julieta

Feeling surprised my first 3* isn't Harpy? Julieta is referral reward from pre-hero pts era, referral code was from my parent's unused device Arm-Storage (70732356), so Harpy isn't really my first 3*

First LE 3*: Lulubelle

from panel event, it takes zero effort to be fetched, Lulu can fire 3 arrows towards 1 to 2 enemies, much like Chris and Gibson's moveset.

First 4*: Mylene

my first pulled 4*, for now she isn't impressive because premium ticket can be found everywhere especially those with multiple device and parents nearby. But back then being able to pull a 4* was already very lucky.

First LE 4*: Tanith

The first robot in fanta universe (Gibson was my 2nd LE 4*), impressive knockback melee 4* which can actually hit a Bee. I lately sold her...

First Recruited Unit: Margot (Marguerite in Japan)

again, it isn't Harpy as well, this is my oldest LE 4* I kept for a year and she's still next to me, she shares similiar stat to Lv80 Harpy. I took a huge effort to get her. she's also my 1st LV80 female 4*, once again, not Harpy.

First 5*: Holly

the 5* which changed my fate entirely, the first event I used multiple devices on event, and I actually got her with pure luck, Holly introduced me to the world of 5*, brought me many victories, she's important member of my unit vault, as important as Harpy and Margot. Without Holly I wouldn't even have chance to get other 5*s.

First 6*: Pregare

everyone's entry class 6*, a "hefemale" pope with massive air damage, though ugly, she's the best anti-Devil weapon, a squad of Pregare can take town Devil swarm within few seconds. I bought her with five LV120 event 5*s (Holly was kept).

First beautiful 6*: Ombre

stuff I wanted to fetch for age, my ally sacrificed everything he had just to help me to find her, at that moment I can only repay him by giving him Pregare upon his return...

First Dream 6*: Benedicta

ranked 6* I managed to fetch by trading Ombre plus Papyrus, flat chest unit, yet quite cute and strong on melee. She is my very first step of entering elite class. I'm definitely keeping her.

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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:42 am

First 3*: Sage
I started playing during Dark Deeds panel even, so got her almost immediatly...

First 4*: Lingzi
... same goes for her

First 5*: Ixtab?
Don't really remember if it was my first 5*, but probably was... grinded in COLO <3

First 6*: Morticia
Grinded in event, was also my first 6* ever. ah where are these free-grindable 6*s....

First 6* "dreamcard":

This. I just have a thing to 20 DC B speed 6*s... Really happy I have them all.

Dreamcard: Ethel7
Still gathering TE for her... is my dreamcard and will be first 7* :3
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:33 am

I haven't been here that long but thought this was a pretty cool thread. I started at the tail end of "The Symphony of Rapture"... and i have to be honest, the card art was almost enough to make me quit... i didn't care for the event or the cards.

I don't remember my first 2* or 3* cards... they meant almost nothing to me, as for some reason i thought i wouldn't be any kind of contender until i had a roster full of 4*'s...

given my join date i believe Pendet was probably my first 3*

may have been my first 4*, unless i pulled my 4*+ ticket first... what is important is that i hated this card so much i kept it only cause it was 1 of the few 4*'s i had at the time and may have actually sold it for gold at some point.

HOWEVER, my first Pulled 4* was:
I wasn't sure how i felt at the time, but this little guy turned out to be a BEAST! he could take and deal a good amount of damage, even if he was a Poison unit.

I wish i knew then what i know how about how feeble an attempt i was making as we transitioned into my first GW1... i think my Noob Guild and i Barely got the 4* reward:
but she was awesome... and 15 dc!

From here i knew i needed to get my hands on some 5*'s... HOWEVER, at some point prior to this i traded in all my tradeable pots and TE's to Leana's shop.... i know, i am an idiot... but i didn't know... and i figured it would be easier to acquire 5*'s and 6*'s than it turned out to be... i figured i would just go solo and eventually get lucky pulling  them.... yeah... not so much.

I believe a Colo event soon followed and i read that AE units do like 150% more damage so i set out to get an affordable one:
shortly joimed my squad...

But at this point i found a 5* i HAD TO HAVE.... it was a card i wanted for Art, cause he was the coolest looking affordable card i had found:
i would still put him as my lead if i didn't think my allies would leave me.

My first 6* was:
Although i don't like the idea of Fanta just giving out 6*'s i was still grateful to get her!

I am also proud to say i just bought my first 6*
Quid x Quam
She wasn't my first choice, but i think i got a decent deal.... 40 TE....

I have a craving for: Benedicta, Chev, Baldo.... in time....

I still feel waaaay behind the pack, but am excited to acquire some more 6*'s... i am trying not to get my hopes up for anything higher, as i am not a spender... a few step-up packs every now and again....
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:07 pm


First 3★:
Cant Remember.. haha its being a long time..


First 4★:

got her at the starter pack and uses her for very long(since even 5* is hard to get those days.. lol


First reward 5★:

Lana - My Absolute Favourite still remember the days when I grind day in day out for her(with the help of my friend and brother, she is still with me FOREVER.. (just love tower event.. too bad)


First 6★ unit from reward:

Ok.. I had got Borage and Ombre before her.. but Eluit was my first rank 6* reward and like Lana , she will be with me FOREVER..  


First 7★:

ok.. I know she is not much to many ppl but I like her.. and its not like I can get any high tier 7* being a free player

First 7★ Wish List:

Lana again.. since I love Lana so much.. I'll like to get her 7* version too.. (still thinking how can I achieve it.. wish me luck Smile)
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:15 pm

Oh God, this was so long ago I barely remember it...

First LE 4* reward:

Gloria. I started in the middle of the Demon's Tower event. Had no idea what I was doing, fumbled around for a bit, then found my way to the tower. It was excellent for exp so I began running it and when I finished I got Gloria! Had no idea why but she was my first 4* and looked kinda cool so I ran with her.

First Pullable LE 4*:

Liesolotte. Pulled her from a single elves pack hoping for Edgar, but she was the coolest 4*, and in those days the 4* was cool. I remember this was back when people wouldn't even take TE in trades, they wanted Luna, and so did I, but I really wanted Minerva, so I grinded hard in training etc. to get luna and traded it for te so I could run the dragon tower and get her. I fell short of her and Laura, ended 218 because I fell asleep 2 hours before maintenance. But I got my

first 5*:

Sonia. Everyone thought she was pretty good because she was Area attack melee so you could use her to stop mummy rushes.

First pulled 5*:

Rem. She was terrible compared to Kyo so she ended up being really cheap. I liked her though. Coincidentally, I pulled a Sogno in the same pack.

First traded 5*:

Sofia. By this time I had actually been in the game for a while, but never traded for a 5*. I figured I had a few, so why bother with trading for more, but I eventually did, and snagged a Sofia during a colo event from a person I beat. I ripped that person off so hard but I was desperate and her 15 DC was great.

First rank 5*:

WWU. First event we got at the same time as Japan, and her stats Rivaled many 6* stats, plus her art was crazy and she was B speed when leaded. So I came, I saw, I won. I kept her forever lol.

First Pulled 6*:

Reinhard. I would like to point out that I was over $500 spent in the year playing the game without pulling a 5*. I had two allies, Majinkoba and SteamedBun5, and if it weren't for them, I would've already quit from frustration. I had a third ally, Apotropiac, and we were desperate for our first 6*. I pulled one last time and finally got it! Apo got his shortly after too. This was during the amazon event I remember.

First Pulled LE 6*:

Rouge. Wanted xmas Reamy, got her. was pissed. I remember the christmas event well. Majinkoba let me borrow a few units, then burned like hell for first place in the event, then never logged back on. So as far as I know, there were only ever 49 Christmas Francois on our server because he never even logged on to claim his.

First Traded 6*:

XmasReamy. Was gonna go for Fenrir, but I was loomin over 100 toward the end of the event and didn't want to risk my 400 te for nothing, so I gave up. I'm pretty sure this is the event I ended 108 in, my best rank ever. But after I cashed in my 400te for a Reamy.

First Grinded 6*:

Ami. I took a break for a few months after the Aragon fiasco, and when I returned 6*s were grindable. I don't think I'll ever grind for another though...


Wanna Know What I Do In My Free Time? Click here

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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:30 pm

First 3*: I think it was either geronimo or marlow from a premium ticket

First 4*: Robert - seemed awesome at first and then i grew to hate him when i kept getting more roberts from 4* tickets lol.

Fed the duplicates but still have my original one.

First bought 4*: Georgine - she's the first card I maxed too. I looked up stats and liked her cause of her max damage, didn't realize that she's a multi hit per attack character which diminishes her effectiveness...but she was still my favorite card for a while anyway.

First 5*: Emma - I think she was from a step up 4th or 5th step. I was pretty excited to have my first 5* until i looked her up and realized she's pretty much the weakest 5* and is weaker than some 4*.

Then there was soldado and ixtab and others, though I guess I don't really care much for my 5*.

First 6*: Alexander - I have a habit of covering everything but the bottom of the screen when i draw cards, so I was super stoked to see 6*...and then I saw it was Alexander...still cool at the time cause he's a 6*...but kinda bummed cause I got the least valuable 6* (this is before mina)

Only other 6* i've drawn is Dana, which was so much better than Alexander.

First earned 6*: Morticia

The satisfaction of grinding and earning a 6* was pretty cool, though I also reflected on how much of a time sink the game is for prizes like that. I think I burned out from that event and that's why I took a break from the game from mid-August until late November (missed out on grace  Crying or Very sad which actually isn't a huge loss, but for people like me that don't have a full team of 6* she could still be useful.

First 7*: Lierna~

Definitely didn't see this one coming. Woke up on the last day of the event at like 7:50. Signed on and used my 2nd to last Dream ticket(s). Did my usual screen covering ritual (was expecting a 3* like all the other cards) and saw the golden border  Shocked . Wiped my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things, took screenshots and immediately told my friend who got me into the game. Guess I can't quit the game yet...lol. Great way to end the year though!
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:35 pm

I started fantasica right at the beginning of the star maidens, when a friend randomly sent me a text saying, "Hey, play this game!"

So I used her friend code to begin the game and got:

First 3★ Julieta
I thought this was amazing, till I saw that everyone else had 6* lol.

First 4★: Maia
From 4★ card ticket in mina's trials for beginners. Meh, first 4★ couldn't complain.

First 5★: Lumiere
I was basically accepting the fact I could never grind correctly for a 5★ because I had no clue how the game worked, so after about 5 months of having only 4★ I was happy to get this card.

First event 5★: Calinica
Wow. I love how beautiful this card was. I was thinking of grinding for rendel but I didn't know how much I needed so with my 50 te I got Calinica. Unfortunately my account was soon banned (for an unfortunate action I wish I didn't do, and could have prevented if I had just read the rules) so there are days I just type in my old ID and look at Calinica. (I know I'm a sad person Razz)

First 6★: Mina
I don't think this counts...

Other First 6★: Grace
Yeah, but still....

Other OTHER traded 6★: Skuld
Technically my first official 6★, I know people say she's bad but I didn't care.

Dream 7★: Ethelred
Yup, one day...

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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:56 pm

Mhazard wrote:
First LE 2*: Lich

he is indeed an LE unit, exclusive in training events. In fact he IS one of the two first LE 2*s along with Hobgoblin, well, he's a gift from my ally.

The 2* Litch will drop from the regular training 46-5 and Hobgob drops in 49-3. aaaaannnnnddd iirc both are now pullable from the brave pack... making them, in every way, not LE
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:24 pm

This was done before.... but since I'm bored, I'll give in.

First 3*: Elvira

I never actually used her much, and since I was still a fresh noob a few weeks into the game, I had no clue she was better than my 2* Jane. Plus I wasn't familiar with the game back then and wasn't set to level up another card, so I ended up ignoring her.

First 4*: Gloria (Event)

Same with Elvira, and being the lazy person that I was then (and still am), I didn't bother to make her stronger. However, it was only until I got to experience my first Colosseum event that I appreciated her more for her usefulness. She then later got hidden away after I began taking interest in 5*s.

First 5*: Stefan (Purchase)

He also became the first 5* I ever gotten from the game. He was just a somewhat lucky draw out of the many 3*s & 4*s you get from buying a mega box, but getting him didn't make me happy. I wanted Cecilia then....

First 5*: Ignat (Trade)

Upon first sight, I knew I had to get him. My love for Date Masamune grows strong, so I ended up trading one of my multiple copies of Stefan for my beloved Ignat. He was practically my leadered unit for a long time.

First 6*: Dorothea (Purchase)

Back then, I didn't want to get into the hype of the 6* cards, so 5 minutes into receiving her from a mega box purchase, I was asked to trade her for 6 5*s & 4 4*s. Naïve as I was then, I took the trade, without knowing there was such a thing as values on the cards.

First 6*: Alexander (Trade)

He randomly appeared in the trade from my Dorothea, but was later taken back for a couple more 5*s. Thank god I got to taste what Alexander was like then. Never liked it and never wanted to see him again. Too bad I did from a box purchase, and ended up trading him for Sheryl & Joachim from an ally.

First 6*: Cecilia (Dream Card)

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have spent a dime on this game at all. I hate you, Cecilia! I hate you!
.......... ah nuts, I can't hate you. I love you for that sexy uniform you have and that pretty face of yours. Ah damn me....

First 6*: Ellen (Rank)

She was the first prize I ever got from the game, and is the trophy to my published 'Rank 2' on my profile. The amount of the money that went into it & as well as some of the TE spent to use the tickets for access to the quests for the points (which I was later told was pointless to do, but I don't know time management at all). I also got to make some reliable friends then as well. She will always be with me no matter what. Screw you, market crash! :3

A shame I couldn't do the same for B.Diana....
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:37 pm

First 2*: Alicia Very Happy I liked her more than Orlando and whoever the magic character was

First 3*: Matvei I think.....it was so long ago that I hardly remember

First 4*: Anton, took me so long to get him. I had to save up luna to buy a few te (<- LOL luna for te, those were fun days Razz) and then traded the te for Anton.

First 5*: Thrain or Sonia, I think Thrain though. I paid 34te for him :/. One of the worst trades I've ever made.

First 6*: Bear! I thought she was soo cute. I bought her for 50te two weeks ago when I first started playing again. I really liked Bear but I figured I resell for 60te. My trades went from Bear -> Eury + 32 -> Claudette + Bolidas -> Judith and Magnus. My trades have been going progressively worse :/

Dream 7*: Revere, so pretty. I'm probably never going to get her, so yeah.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about your 1st N★ card   

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Tell us about your 1st N★ card
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